Last words in Saw media

Following is a list of last words from various Saw media.

Films edit

Saw (2004) edit

  • It's the Rules.
    • Who: Zep Hindle
    • Note: Said before he tries to kill Dr. Gordon to get the antidote to a poison in his bloodstream. He is beaten to death by Adam just after saying this.

Saw II (2005) edit

  • No no no no no NO NO NO NO NO!
    • Who: Michael Marks
    • Note: Said just before the Venus Flytrap Death Mask closes on his head.
  • Yeah, fuck this. That's a good idea.
    • Who: Gus
    • Note: Agreeing with Xavier to ignore a warning not to use a key. He is shot through his right eye when a gun is fired through the peephole he is looking into which is triggered by the key turning.
  • Open the door!
    • Who: Obi
    • Note: Said after trying to retrieve an antidote which locks him in a furnace.
  • It doesn't matter. All I want is the number on the back of his neck, and then yours.
    • Who: Xavier
    • Note: Said before he cuts the flesh off the back of his neck, revealing his own number. His throat is then slit by Daniel.

Saw III (2006) edit

  • You!
    • Who: Kerry
    • Note: Said to Amanda upon realizing her trap (which rips out her ribcage seconds later) has been rigged to kill her.
  • She's nothing.
    • Who: Amanda
    • Note: Said just before she shoots Lynn. Is then killed by Jeff in retaliation for killing Lynn.
  • Live or die Jeff. Make our choice.
    • Who: John/Jigsaw
    • Note: Said as Jeff approaches him with a power saw, which he uses to slash his throat.
  • Jeff...
    • Who: Lynn
    • Note: Said after her husband Jeff kills Jigsaw, which had the collar around her neck destroy her head.

Saw IV (2007) edit

  • Please!
    • Who: Brenda
    • Note:
  • Oh, you're dead! You're fucking dead! Fucking dead!
    • Who: Cecil
    • Note: After escaping John's rudimentary trap, Cecil charges John and is promptly entangled in barbed wire.
  • I can do it!
    • Who: Ivan
    • Note: Said after blinding himself in one eye to survive a trap. He is promptly ripped to pieces.
  • Where is my daughter, you mother--?!
    • Who: Jeff
    • Said after Agent Strahm finds him seconds after he had just killed Jigsaw and learns his daughter is in danger. Strahm shoots him mid-sentence as Jeff tries to shoot him.
  • Don't open the door!
    • Who: Eric Matthews
    • Note: Said while warning Rigg not to activate a trap by entering the room. Rigg does so one second before the timer expires, causing two ice blocks to crush Eric's head.
  • Jigsaw's fucking testing you!
    • Who: Art Blank
    • Note: Said while reaching for a tape player that explains to Rigg how he failed his test. Rigg mistakes it for a weapon and shoots him in the head.

Saw V (2008) edit

  • I did it!
  • I did what I was supposed to do...
    • Who: Seth Baxter
    • Note: First line is said in theatrical cut before he is cut in half by the pendulum. The second is said in the unrated director's cut after he has been cut in half.
  • Wait!
    • Who: Charles
    • Note: Said when he is left in the bomb room when it explodes.
  • I know who you are! I know!
    • Who: Agent Peter Strahm
    • Note: Said to Hoffman (who tricked Strahm into throwing him into the only safe part of the room) before he is crushed to death by the walls.

Saw VI (2009) edit

  • I'm not dying for you, bitch!
    • Who: Eddie
    • Note: Said to Simone before he begins tearing some of his skin off. He is killed when Simone cuts off more flesh than him (her arm versus three layers of his flesh), which causes the device on his head to pierce his skull.
  • I need that fucking key!
    • Who: Debbie
    • Note: Said while attacking William to get the key (which had been implanted in his torso) to release a device which will fire a rod into her head. She fails to get it in time and the trap activates.
  • Follow the policy!
    • Who: Aaron
    • Note: Said trying to convince William to spare his life (he can only spare two on a trap of six people) claiming he is better at his job than the rest. He is shot to death.
  • Push the thing!
    • Who: Gena
    • Note: Said trying to convince William to spare her life (she is in the same situation as Josh) while claiming she is pregnant.
  • Look at me! When you're killing me, you look at me!
    • Who: Josh
    • Note: Said after William saves the second person on the Carousel trap, making him the last to die.
  • In other words, when he left his fingerprints on the latest victim, Strahm was already dead!
    • Who: Agent Erickson
    • Note: Said to Hoffman while a Jigsaw tape voice (revealed to be Hoffman's seconds later) is being decoded while revealing they had discovered Strahm's death. Hoffman promptly slashes his throat.
  • Everyone!
    • Who: Agent Perez
    • Note: Said to Hoffman after being stabbed several times by him and being questioned if anyone else knows about him. Hoffman then stabs her one last time.
  • Please...
    • Who: William Easton
    • Note: Said while begging for his life to the wife of a man whose health insurance he voided. Though she ultimately spares him, her son activates the trap, which crushes and pumps hydrofluoric acid into him.

Saw 3D (2010) edit

  • What are you doing, you fucking asshole?!
    • Who: Dina
    • Note: Dina is suspended above a circular saw blade with two men (Brad and Ryan) she had previously coaxed into committing crimes for her fighting against each other. In the end, they decide to leave Dina to die. Ryan replies, "I think we're breaking up with you, Dina!" before she is dropped onto the saw.
  • Oh, fuck me.
    • Who: Cale
    • Note: Cale has been forced to cross several high and narrow beams blindfolded to get a key from Bobby. Bobby throws him the key to a noose around his neck, but Cale fails to catch it and it drops to the floor below, resulting in a winch hanging him.
  • Listen, you get every available officer back to the station! Right now!
    • Who: Matt Gibson
    • Note: Gibson has just realized that Hoffman has switched places with a corpse from a previous trap to enter the police station where Jill Tuck is being held. Gibson manages to alert Detective Palmer before being gunned down by a hidden machine gun.
  • Bobby!
    • Who: Joyce Dagen
    • Note: Bobby Dagen, her husband, has been forced to haul himself up to a series of cables by jamming hooks into his pectoral muscles to disengage her trap. He fails when the hooks tear through his skin, resulting in a large capsule closing around Joyce, under which a large fire starts and burns her alive.
  • Oh, my god! No! Help me! Help me! Someone help me! No!
    • Who: Jill Tuck
    • Note: Hoffman breaks into the cell Jill is being held in and, after she jams a pen into his neck, chases her through the station before finding her and putting the original Reverse Beartrap on her, which kills her. These are her last spoken words in the film.
  • What do you think you're doing? What the fuck do you think you're doing?! Huh?! No! You can't fucking do this to me! Fuck you! No! NO!
    • Who: Mark Hoffman
    • Note: Hoffman has found himself restrained by the ankle in the bathroom from the first film by Dr. Gordon, who proceeds to throw a hacksaw (the same he had used to sever his own foot) out of the room, denying him the only chance to escape. He then declares, "Game over!" and locks Hoffman inside the bathroom.

Jigsaw (2017) edit

  • The game… It’s started…
    • Who: Edgar Munsen
    • Note: Forced to trigger the beginning of one of "Jigsaw"'s games, he is shot in the chest by Logan. He survives the bullet wound, but is poisoned in the hospital.
  • Fuck, I'm not gonna pick!
    • Who: Carly
    • Note: Injected with the saline solution, the cure to the poison, and the acid by Ryan.
  • No, no, no!
    • Who: Mitch
    • Note: Torn to pieces by the Motorcycle Death Trap.
  • I'm sorry...
    • Who: Anna
    • Note: Shot in the face by the Reverse Shotgun.
  • No, no, no... We could've been free, Anna! I'm sorry...
    • Who: Ryan
    • Note: Presumably left to starve in the farmhouse.
  • No!
    • Who: Detective Halloran
    • Note: Trapped in the laser cutter, Halloran has his head cut into ribbons by Logan. Logan then declares, "I speak for the dead," and locks Halloran's corpse inside the farmhouse.

Spiral (2021) edit

  • Please--!
    • Who: Marv Bozwick
    • Note: Kidnapped by a Pig Mask and placed into a trap where he is forced to rip out his tongue. He fails and is eviscerated by a subway.
  • I'll testify, Officer Dunleavy. I'll do it.
    • Who: Charlie Emerson
    • Note: Promises to testify in a case of police brutality before he is shot and killed by Officer Pete Dunleavy.
  • Fuck you!
    • Who: Angie Garza
    • Note: Fails her test and has boiling wax poured over her face.
  • Zeke! Zeke!
    • Who: Pete Dunleavy
    • Note: Killed by the Glass Bottleshards Trap.
  • The fuck's going on?
    • Who: Marcus Banks
    • Note: Gunned down by a SWAT Team as part of Zeke's trap.

Saw X (2023) edit

  • No! No! No!
    • Who: Valentina
    • Note: Fails her test and is decapitated by razor wire.
  • No! No!
    • Who: Mateo
    • Note: Fails his test and is burned alive.
  • No, no, no! Stop it! Please...
    • Who: Gabriela
    • Note: Succeeds in her test, but her spinal chord is severed by Cecelia.
  • No!
    • Who: Parker Sears
    • Note: Stabbed by a piece of rebar and succumbs to poison gas.
  • John! John...!
    • Who: Cecelia Pederson
    • Note: Not seen dying onscreen, but presumably left to starve inside the poison room. A deleted post-credits scene shows the room's door unlocking at the end, indicating her survival, but her words will be left here until she is officially announced to appear in another installment.
  • Please... John, please. Please don't kill me!
    • Who: Henry Kessler
    • Note: Presumably mutilated by the Belly Scratcher.

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