Larry Elder

American talk radio host and attorney (born 1952)

Laurence Allen Elder (born April 27, 1952) is an American conservative talk radio host, author, politician, and attorney who hosts The Larry Elder Show. The show began as a local program on Los Angeles radio station KABC in 1993 and ran until 2008, followed by a second run on KABC from 2010 to 2014. The show is nationally syndicated, first through ABC Radio Networks from 2002 to 2007 and then Salem Media Group since 2015.

Larry Elder in 2018

Elder has written nonfiction books and a nationally syndicated column through Creators Syndicate. In his first run for public office, Elder was a Republican candidate in the unsuccessful 2021 California gubernatorial recall election of Democrat Gavin Newsom. The recall was defeated by a wide margin, with Elder placing first among the replacement candidates.




  • I got a phone call [after Obama got elected] from someone from the UK and they said 'President Barack Obama just got elected, the first African-American president. Yet you did not support him. Wasn't that a bit awkward?' And I said 'For him or for me?'
  • [About Barack Obama being elected president in 2008:] I didn't think it made some deep statement about America. I'm in Los Angeles and in, I think it was 1969, LA, which was the third largest city at the time, voted for a black mayor and voted for him four times. He ran twice for governor of California, the largest state in the union, and barely lost both times. And so I thought a statement was made a long time ago of how fair America is and Obama just came along and benefited from it. [...] [According to a 2007 Gallup poll examining prejudice against race, gender, age and religion], Obama had a lower hurdle, an easier path to the White House than [his opponents Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Mitt Romney], who were far more well funded and far more experienced and far better known. So don't give me this crap about how Obama somehow made a statement about how fair America is. America has been fair for a very very long period of time and he simply benefited from the changing racial attitudes that Americans have been engaging in for decades.
  • [My father] was a life-long Republican [...] My father used to always say Democrats want to give you something for nothing. And when you're trying to get something for nothing you almost always end up getting nothing for something.
  • As long as, every night, a black child does less homework than a white child, and substantially less homework than an Asian-American child, we're always going to have this problem. Which means it comes back to the home.
  • I argue the left is the problem. They don't want to hear thoughtful disagreement whether its about climate change, whether its about racism, whether its about what the welfare state has done to the family. [...] So I urge my friends on the left to look into the mirror and ask yourself: Do you really want to have a conversation or do you really want to just denounce the other side?
  • I like where the ball was landing under [Donald Trump's presidency]. Don't look at his swing! I didn't follow him on Twitter [...] because I thought he tweeted too much on stuff I didn't care about. But I care about where the ball landed on immigration. I care about where the ball landed on the economy, on regulation, on putting conservatives on the courts. I cared about all that stuff and for my money he deserves an A+, in the face of relentless hostility. 91% of the media: negative news. Much of his own party: negative. And still this guy persevered and barely lost the election. Americans didn't repudiate Trump's policies, they repudiated Trump's personality.
  • Let's all watch Alec Baldwin blame the gun.
    • 22 October 2021 tweet the day Alec killed a woman with a gun


  • Poor, Paul Pelosi. First, he’s busted for DUI, and then gets attacked in his home. Hammered twice in six months.


  • Larry Elder is a dangerous idiot. And I mean Trump level dangerous.
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