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Kung Fu Panda 2

2011 American animated film directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson

Kung Fu Panda 2 is the 2011 3D sequel to Kung Fu Panda. The cast of the original movie reprised their roles, while new bad guy Lord Shen is voiced by Gary Oldman. The film was released on May 26, 2011 in Real D 3D and Digital 3D. It opened to positive reception and became an international success.

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  • Whoa! Awesome! How ... did you ... DO THAT?
  • Ah. My old enemy ... stairs.
  • My fist hungers for justice. [His stomach belches and the Furious Five stare at him; embarrassed] That was my... fist.
  • I'm not freaking out, I'm freaking in.
  • Skadoosh!
  • [to Master Ox and Croc] You stay in your prison of fear, with bars made of hopelessness... and all you get are three square meals a day of... shame! [Croc: ...With despair for desert.] We'll take on Shen, and prove to all those who are hungry for justice... and honor... that kung fu still lives!
  • Did you guys see that? It's called being awesome.
  • Tigress! Monkey! Viper! Mantis! Bunny! Wha? Oh, sorry.
  • Got it ... stealth mode.
  • [From a deleted scene] You guys, did you see that? I just was like, WA-TIIIIIEEEEEE!!! Yeah! [Tigress faceplams]

Master ShifuEdit

  • Po, the day you were chosen as Dragon Warrior...was the worst day of my life. By far. Nothing else came close. It was the worst, most painful, mind destroying horrible moment... [Po: Okay.] ...I have ever experienced.
  • It seems that you have found inner peace ... [frowning] at such a young age.

The Furious FiveEdit


  • The mast is not a worthy opponent. [lands on the bow of the boat; puts out her paw] I am ready.
  • Apologies. I used to punch the ironwood trees by the palace to train. Now, I feel nothing.
  • I hope this turns out better than your plan to cook rice in your stomach by eating it raw and then drinking boiling water...
  • The hardcore do understand. But I can't watch my friend be killed.
  • Impressive, Dragon Warrior! What's your plan?


  • At the first sight of trouble, I'll give you a signal: Ka-kaw! Kee-kee!
  • And... she's back.
  • Here's your New Year's gift!
  • Return it! Return it!
  • We cannot give up hope. Po would want us to remain strong. Hardcore. Right, Tigress?


  • Excuse me, when have I ever made that noise?
  • You can chain my body, but you will never chain my [a cuff is put around his neck; muffled] warrior spirit!
  • Hey, uh... maybe you can't watch me be killed? [Tigress: Stop being a wimp.]
  • Wings of Justice! KA-KAW!


  • [to Po] Oh, sweetie, are you okay?
  • Po's having daddy issues.
  • Mantis, this isn't about you! Po is the one freaking out.
  • Take that!
  • Sorry, Po. It's just me.
  • What's step two?


  • Po! Incoming! [Flings three cymbal discs to block the arrows]
  • Man, I'm so lucky. I don't have any problems with my dad! Maybe it's 'cause Mom ate his head before I was born. I don't know.
  • What are you doing? This place is crawling with wolves.
  • CUTE?!
  • Did you just call me little guy?!
  • Fear the bug!
  • Hope you like it, 'cause you can't return it!
  • Honestly, guys, I never thought I'd die like this. I always thought I'd meet a nice girl, and settle down, and then she'd eat my head. So sad.


  • [to Boss Wolf] Search the farthest villages! Find more metal! China will be mine!
  • [to the Soothsayer when she eyes his robes] Don't even think about it.
  • My father's throne. He used to let me play here at his side, promising one day, this throne would be mine. [throws his father's throne out the window]
  • Greetings, panda. We meet at last.
  • [To his gorilla army] Bring it down!
  • [as the tower starts to collapse] Goodbye!
  • [Soothsayer: Goodbye, Shen. I wish you happiness] Happiness must be taken, and I will take mine.
  • [While departing Gongmen City; to the Five] Such sad, sad faces. But now is a time only for joy. You are going to be a part of something beautiful. [Tigress growls] Once we reach the harbor, in front of all the world, you and your precious Kung Fu will die, and China will know to bow before me. [to his wolf army] Set sail!
  • [referring to Po] How many times do I have to kill the same stinking panda?!
  • [to Po, then to his wolf army] As you wish. Let's finish this.
  • [last words before his death] You're right. Then I choose this!


  • Li Shan: [sensing Po] My son is alive!
  • Master Croc: Vengeance is served!
  • Mr. Ping: Oh, Po, your story may not have such a happy beginning, but look how it turned out. You got me, you got kung fu, and you got noodles!
  • Wolf Boss: I'll tell you what's gonna be yours - my fist in your plush, cuddly, super-soft face! [Monkey and Crane knock out his companions] ...Uh-oh. [flees]


Shifu: Po, the day you were chosen as Dragon Warrior...was the worst day of my life. By far, nothing else came close. It was the worst, most painful, mind destroying horrible moment...
Po: Okay.
Shifu: ...I have ever experienced. [shudders at the thought] But once I realized the problem was not you, but within me, I found inner peace and was able to harness the flow of the universe.

Shen: [enters the courtyard of his family palace] Good afternoon, gentlemen! Now that we've got the pleasantries out of the way, please leave my house.
Master Ox: Your house?
Shen: Yes, didn't you see the peacock on the front door? [spots the Soothsayer] Ah, there you are, Soothsayer. It seems your fortune-telling skills are not as good as you thought.
Soothsayer: We shall see, Shen.
Shen: [under his breath] No, you shall see, old goat. [aloud, to the Council] Where were we?
Thundering Rhino: What do you want, Shen?
Shen: What is rightfully mine... Gongmen City!
Thundering Rhino: Gongmen is under the stewardship of the Masters' Council and we will protect it, even from you.
Shen: [laughs] I'm so glad you feel that way! Otherwise, I'd have dragged that here for nothing. [indicating his wolf army dragging a rather large box on a cart]
Master Ox: What's in the box, Shen?
Shen: You want to see? It's a gift. It's your parting gift, in that it'll part you; part of you here, part of you there, and part of you waaaay over there, staining the wall!
Master Ox: You insolent fool!
[Ox attacks, but is quickly brought down; Croc moves in, deflecting Shen's fan of blades. Finally, Rhino pushes Shen back with his hammer, knocking several of his fan blades away.]
Shen: [sneering] Showoff.
Thundering Rhino: That is a warning. You are no match for our Kung Fu.
Shen: I agree. [grins wickedly] But this is! [flips backwards onto the box, revealing a massive cannon. Rhino takes a defensive stance... as Shen fires it.]

Shifu: [to Po and the Furious Five, reading from a scroll] Are you familiar with the master of Gongmen City?
Po: Master Thundering Rhino?
Shifu: Yes.
Po: Son of the legendary Flying Rhino?
Shifu: [hands Po the scroll] Yes.
Po: And the slayer of the 10,000 serpents in the Valley of Woe?
Shifu: [sadly] He's dead. [Po and the Five look at the scroll in horror]
Po: Whoa.
Crane: That's impossible!
Tigress: Rhino's horn defense is impervious to any technique!
Shifu: It was no technique! Lord Shen has created a weapon - one that breathes fire and spits metal! Unless he is stopped, this could mean the end of Kung Fu.
Po: But I just got Kung Fu!
Shifu: And now, you must save it! [points out with his staff] Go! Destroy this weapon and bring Lord Shen to justice!
Po: [starts running with the Five] Okay, here we go, here we– [as the Five leave, he turns back to Shifu] Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait... How can I do this? I mean, how can Kung Fu stop something that stops Kung Fu?
Shifu: Remember, Dragon Warrior, anything is possible when you have inner peace.

Po: [training with Tigress on the boat] So, um, this punching with ironwood trees? How long do you have to do that?
Tigress: 20 years.
Po: Oh! 20... 20 years. Is there any... you know, a faster way, you know, until you'll, you know, don't feel anything?
Tigress: No. Besides... [twists Po's fist, spins him in the air and lands on the floor; then smiles, watching Po's belly bounces to stop] I don't think hard style is... your thing.
Po: Oh.
Tigress: Po, why are you really out here?
Po: I just found out that my dad... isn't really my dad.
Tigress: Your dad, the goose? [Po nods] [deadpan] That must have been quite a shock.

Shen: Well, Soothsayer, why don't you tell me my...?
Soothsayer: Fortune?
Shen: Future. I was going to say future. Look into your bowl and tell me what glory awaits.
Soothsayer: [peers into her bowl] If you continue on your current path, you will find yourself... at the bottom of the stairs.
[Shen looks down and is annoyed to see he has indeed reached the bottom of the stairs leading to his throne.]
Soothsayer: [still looking] I see... I see... [Shen comes closer] I see... pain.
[She plucks out one of his feathers.]
Shen: OW!
Soothsayer: And anger.
[She chews on the hem of his robe.]
Shen: How dare you! This is the finest silk in the province!
Soothsayer: Followed by denial.
Shen: This is not fortune-telling! You're just saying what's happening right...!
Soothsayer: Now? The most important time is now.

[after the Soothsayer predicts - again - that Shen will be defeated by a "warrior of black and white"]
Shen: [laughs] That's impossible, and you know it!
Soothsayer: It is not impossible, and he knows it.
Shen: Who?
Wolf Boss: [running in] Lord Shen! I saw a panda!
Shen: A panda!? [knocks him to the ground, gripping him by the throat]
Wolf Boss: [nervously] A Kung Fu warrior. He fought like a demon! Big and furry, soft and squishy... uh, kinda plush and cuddly...
Shen: There are no more pandas.
Soothsayer: Even with his poor eyesight, he can see the truth. Why is it that you cannot?
Shen: [to the Wolf Boss, angrily] Find this panda, and bring him to me! (pushes him away)
Wolf Boss: Yes, sir! [hurries away downstairs]
Shen: [chuckles] So, one panda lives. That does not make you right!
Soothsayer: You're right. Being right makes me right.
Shen: Then I will kill him, and make you wrong! [turns and sees her chewing the hem of his robe again] WILL YOU STOP THAT?!

Po: They must be close. I can feel a Kung Fu chill riding up my spine.
Viper: [slides out the barrel] Sorry, Po. It's just me.

Wolf Boss: Is that all you got? 'Cause it feels like I'm fighting a big old fluffy cloud!
Po: Well, this cloud is about to bring the thunder!

Po: [after Shen shows off his Feathers, causing Po to have another vision about the Massacre of the Pandas] You-- you were there.
Shen: Yes. Yes, I was. [escapes]

Shen: Call in the wolves! All of them! I want them ready to move! The Year of the Peacock begins now!
Wolf Boss: Right now? 'Cause, it's the middle of the year, so you'd only get like, uh, half the Year of the Peacock. [Shen glares furiously at the Wolf Boss and points one of his blades at him] And this is the Year, of course, of the Peacock. Happy New Year, sir.
Shen: Get the wolves ready. We're loading the ships now. NOW!!! NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW!

Shen: [triumphantly] You were wrong, Soothsayer! [wields sword] We sail to victory tonight. Your magic panda is clearly a fool!
Soothsayer: [angrily] Are you certain it is the panda that is a fool?! You just destroyed your ancestral home, Shen!
Shen: A trivial sacrifice... [sticks the sword's tip into a nearby fire, then pokes the burning tip to a map of China, which bursts into a spreading flame] when all of China is my reward.
Soothsayer: Then will you finally be satisfied? Will the subjugation of the whole world finally make you feel better?
Shen: [sneers] It's a start. I might also convert the basement into a dungeon.
[Her anger spent, Soothsayer approaches the peacock, who is standing at the balcony with his back to her.]
Soothsayer: The cup you choose to fill has no bottom. It is time to stop this madness.
Shen: [chuckles] Why on Earth would I do that?
Soothsayer: So your parents can rest in peace.
Shen: [bitterly] My parents... hated me. Do you understand? They-- they wronged me. And... I will make it right.
Soothsayer: [sadly] They loved you. They loved you so much that having to send you away killed them.
Shen: [pause] The dead exist in the past. And I must attend to the future. [to his gorilla guard] Set the Soothsayer free. She is of no use to me.
Soothsayer: [heartbroken] Goodbye, Shen. I wish you happiness.
Shen: Happiness... must be taken. And I will take mine.
[The gorilla guard leads the Soothsayer out]

Shen: Oh, you want to know so badly? You think knowing will heal you, eh? Fill some... crater in your soul? Well, here's your answer: your parents didn't love you, but here... let me heal you. [jumps back to reveal a cannon aimed at Po, and lights the fuse. Po raises a wok as a flimsy shield, and the cannon blasts him back and out of the factory]
Tigress: NO!

Soothsayer: Your story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn't make you who you are. It is the rest of your story, who you choose to be.
[Realizing the truth in her words, Po remembers all the happy times he's had with his loved ones.]
Soothsayer: So, who are you, panda?
[Po slowly stands up.]
Po: I am Po... and I'm gonna need a hat.

Po: [standing on a rooftop] Shen, a panda stands between you and your... [Cut to where Shen is standing, and can barely hear Po; faintly] ...Destiny!
Shen: WHAT?! [Cut back to Po]
Po: Prepare yourself for a hot serving of– [Cut back to Shen; faintly] ...Justice! Your reign of terror comes to an end!
Shen: [still not hearing] What...?

Shen: Why aren't we firing?!
Wolf Boss: They're taking out our gunners, sir! They're getting close!
[Shen sees Po marching at him]
Shen: Fire! FIRE AT THEM!
Wolf Boss: But, sir, we'll kill our own!
Shen: [shouting] I SAID FIRE AT THEM! FIRE!
[Po keeps fighting the wolves, Wolf Boss looks at Shen then flings down his torch]
Wolf Boss: [last words before his death] No.
[Shen kills Wolf Boss with one of his knifes]

[After Po destroys Shen's weapons]
Shen: [trying to catch his breath] H-- how did you... how did you do it?
Po: [shrugs] You know, you just gotta keep your elbows up and keep the shoulders loose--
Shen: Not that! How did you find peace? I took away your parents, everything! I-I-- I scarred you for life!
Po: See, that's the thing, Shen. Scars heal.
Shen: No, they don't. Wounds heal.
Po: Oh, yeah. What do scars do? They fade, I guess?
Shen: I don't care what scars do.
Po: You should, Shen. You gotta let go of that stuff from the past, 'cause it just doesn't matter! The only thing that matters is what you choose to be now.
Shen: [last words before his death] You're right. Then I choose THIS!
[A duel ensues between them, lasting until Shen is crushed to death by his own cannon; Po is flung off the boat and into the water. Everyone watches worriedly; Po emerges]
Po: Whew... [looks at the dock next to him]
Tigress: [appears and helps him up] That... was pretty hardcore.

Mother Pig: What do you mean he's not here?! It's my son's birthday! All he wanted was to meet the Dragon Warrior!
Mr. Ping: How about some tofu birthday cake, instead?
Mother Pig: You know what... we'll try again some other time. When do you think he'll be back?
[The words break Mr. Ping's heart. Before they know it, he's in tears]
Mr. Ping: I don't know, okay?! I DON'T KNOW! Maybe never! I mean, I worry, okay, I'm his dad... or at least I was his dad... [flings himself across the table] Why did he have to go and save China...? I know why, but why? [sniffs] My little panda...
[The mother pig's son starts laughing; Mr. Ping gets up, turns around and sees Po with two radish baskets. Mr. Ping approaches Po and hugs him]
Mr. Ping: So, how did it go, did you save China?
Po: Yep.
Mr. Ping: I knew you would... that's why I had these new posters made... [He pulls out a poster of Po] "My son saved China. You too can save, buy one dumpling get one free!"
Po: Hey, that's a pretty good deal. But first... [sets down the baskets] ...There's something I should tell you. [Mr. Ping gulps] While I was gone... I found the village where I was born... I found out how I ended up in that radish basket.
Mr. Ping: You did?
Po: I know who I am.
Mr. Ping: [Barely speaking] You do?
Po: I'm your son. [The two embrace] I love you, dad.
Mr. Ping: I love you too, son.

[Last line; in a location far from the Valley of Peace, a large circular shape is sitting in a shrine. It gets up and is revealed to be a male panda]
Li Shan: My son is alive. [steps out of the shrine and looks down upon a small farming village, which is populated by pandas just like himself. The pandas below catch his gaze]


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