Kota Rani (died 1344) was the last ruler of the Hindu Lohara dynasty in Kashmir. She was also the last female ruler of Kashmir. She was regent for her new husband because of the minority of her son in 1323−1338, and ruled as monarch in 1338−1339. She was deposed by Shah Mir, who became the second Muslim ruler of Kashmir after Rinchan who converted to Islam and ruled as Sultan Sadr-ud-din.


  • Kotarani decided to play the last trick of diplomacy of her life. She sent a message to Shahmir offering her the throne and her hand for marriage. When Shahmir learnt that he was getting both the throne and Kotarani as his wife he gladly accepted the offer. And he invited the Queen to his palace.. On receiving Shahmir's invitation, Kotarani was ready to go to him. She dressed and decorated herself fully. She looked like a bride in her lovely attire. Decked in beautiful gold ornaments Kotarani hid a sharp dagger under her garments before moving to the palace. She reached the palace of Shahmir. Shahmir invited her to his bedroom. The moment, the Queen entered into the bedroom she became alert. The Queen had gone inside the bedroom to kill Shahmir with her dagger but the thrust of her dagger proved in vain. The moment Shahmir stepped forward to embrace her, Kotarani ended her life with the same dagger. She did not allow Shahmir to come close to her body.
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