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King of the Hill (season 10)

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The following is a list of quotes from the tenth season King of the Hill.

Hank's on Board [10.1]Edit

Bystand Me [10.2]Edit

Hank: I still can't believe Bobby cheated on his paper route. I don't even know know how to punish that.
Peggy: Well, the pressures of journalism can be very intense, even I have felt it. But today, I really knocked one out of the park.
Hank: Well, good for you, what's the hint?
Peggy: Okay, get this. I combined two common items in a powerful new way. I told my readers to harness the cleaning power of ammonia with the whitening power of bleach.
Hank: Ammonia and bleach? You told people to mix ammonia and bleach?
Peggy: Only if they want bathroom fixtures that shine like the sun.
Hank: Peggy, that's the recipe for mustard gas. Arlen will be covered with a cloud of poison
Peggy: BWAH!

Bill's House [10.3]Edit

Harlottown [10.4]Edit

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Clown [10.5]Edit

Orange You Sad I Did Say Banana? [10.6]Edit

Kahn Souphanousinphone: I will now tell stories of my childhood in Laos. Growing up in the village, I had two chickens. One of these was named "Phouma." I don't recall the name of the other chicken. Sometimes I would put both chickens in the wheelbarrow. This was very funny.

(Meeting a famous Laotian soldier named Nguc Phong)

Kahn Souphanousinphone: Hey, Minh, this guy serious butt-kicker! Anyway, I sorry they kill all your friends.
Nguc Phong: Yes, that was unhappy for me.

(Kahn gives Ted Wassanasong his parading clothes back) :Ted Wassanasong: I don't understand. How do you expect to parade around without your uniform?

Kahn Souphanousinphone: Oh, my parading days are over. (Ted Wassanasong stares at him) It's like this, if you want someone to play golf with, give me call. If you want someone to feel guilty about the way they choose to live, call someone else!

You Gotta Believe (in Moderation) [10.7]Edit

Business Is Picking Up [10.8]Edit

The Year of Washing Dangerously" [10.9]Edit

Hank Fixes Everything [10.10]Edit

Church Hopping [10.11]Edit

24 Hour Propane People [10.12]Edit

The Texas Panhandler [10.13]Edit

Hank's Bully [10.14]Edit

Edu-macating Lucky [10.15]Edit


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