Khalid A. Al-Falih

Saudi businessman and manager

Khalid A. Al-Falih, (Arabic: خالد الفالح Ḫālid al-Fāliḥ born 1960) is Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia and chairman of Saudi Aramco. He has previously served as the Saudi Arabian Health Minister

Khalid A. Al-Falih



Interview with Financial Times (18 November 2016)

In an interview with Financial Times [1] (18 November 2016)
  • At his heart President-elect Trump will see the benefits and I think the oil industry will also be advising him accordingly that blocking trade in any product is not healthy.
  • The US is sort of the flag-bearer for capitalism and free markets, the US continues to be a very important part of a global industry that is interconnected, that is dealing with a fungible commodity which is crude oil. So having equalisation through free trade is very healthy for oil.
  • It is common that once presidents start governing then a lot more substance comes out.
  • We need to address climate change, we need to limit the temperature rise globally to the maximum extent but we cannot do it at the expense of keeping people in poverty and stopping their economic development.
  • If you think of economies like India and China and other energy intensive economies, I think the US has a lot more flexibility to meet Paris with less sacrifices, the US already enjoys a competitive advantage in terms of its energy costs and I think, given what is happening in technology and renewables, especially in the US capabilities in that regard, I think the US will find that provided everybody lives by Paris, the US would retain if not improve its global competitive position.
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