Kathleen Wynne

25th premier of Ontario

Kathleen O'Day Wynne (born May 21, 1953) is a Canadian politician who served as the 25th Premier of Ontario and Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party from 2013 to 2018. Wynne is the Member of Provincial Parliament for Don Valley West. Wynne was the first female premier of Ontario and the first openly LGBT premier in Canada.

Kathleen Wynne (2012)



Quotes about Wynne

  • They had beautiful kids, and affluence but the sexual energy had become muted, and Kathleen knew ‘there had been a wild woman in me that hadn't been around for a while,’
    • 2007, Cate Cochran, "Reconcilable Differences: Marriages End. Families Don't" page 16
  • “I waited 18 years for her,” says Rounthwaite. “Basically, from the time I met Kath in 1973, I was just waiting — through her marriage, through my (own) relationship (with a woman) — I just waited all those years.”
  • It was during a “group therapy” organized by Wynne that she realized she had “feelings” for a woman in the group who had a crush on her. It was during a weekend getaway with her best friend Jane Rounthwaite to examine a cottage the family wanted to purchase that Wynne began a homosexual affair, breaking her marriage vow to Phil .. After the weekend at the cottage, Rounthwaite moved in with Wynne, while her husband moved down to the basement. To the adults this “made sense,” the author writes, but to the three little children “whose lives were being turned inside out, it didn’t.”
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