Jerry Sadowitz

Scottish comedian

Jerry Sadowitz (born 4 November 1961) is an American-born Scottish stand-up comic and card magician, known for his frequently controversial "sick humour".

Jerry Sadowitz in 2011



The Pall-Bearer's Revue (1992)

  • How do you give a woman an orgasm? Who cares!
  • My mother thinks I'm at Kings cross right now buying drugs off a prostitute. If she knew I was on the BBC, she'd kill me.
  • My idea of Comic Relief is switching Victoria Wood off.
  • I only hate two things - living things, and objects.
  • I'm actually a bisexual necrophiliac - I'll shag anything that doesn't move.
  • I used to think I was great in bed until I discovered that all my girlfriends suffered from asthma.
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