Jenny Longuet

Karl Marx's eldest daughter (1844-1883)

Jenny Longuet (May 1 1844 – Jan 11 1883) was a politicial journalist writing under the pen name "J. Williams". She was daughter to economist and political philosopher Karl Marx and theatre critic Jenny von Westphalen.

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Frederick Engels: Obituary of Jenny Longuet, neé MarxEdit

  • Jenny Marx was born on May 1, 1844, grew up in the midst of the international proletarian movement and most closely together with it. Despite a reticence that could almost be taken for shyness, she displayed when necessary a presence of mind and energy which could be envied by many a man.[1]
  • The proletariat has lost a valiant fighter in her. But her mourning father has at least the consolation that hundreds of thousands of workers in Europe and America share his sorrow.

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