Jacqueline Muhongayire

Rwandan politician, Senator in the second legislature of the Rwandan Senate

Jacqueline Muhongayire She was a senator in Rwandan parliament beginning in July 2014 as a member of Social Democratic Party (PSD). Prior to that she worked as EAC Minister for a period of one year. She was in East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) for five years. For 12 years (beginning in 1995), Muhongayire worked as a lawmaker representing the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in the Transitional National Assembly. From 1997 to 2000, she was its vice-president. From 2008 to 2013, She next became a member of Rwandan President Paul Paul Kagame ’s Cabinet from July 2013 to July 2014, serving as Minister for East African Community. In July 2014, he named her to the Rwandan senate.

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  • The ideas (from Leader) were needed as a contribution towards strengthening the country’s democratic process.
  • Democratic principles are universal but every country applies them in its historical, cultural, and developmental context. We want to hear from you on what you think about how democracy, based on various concepts, is exercised in Rwanda. Building democracy is a continuous process.
  • There are discussions at the regional level, I think that the time will come when the borders will not be important and the people will live in peace and security, so don't give up, we are trying to help those who have returned, but there are also Rwandans who are there and we must ensure that their lives are in good condition.

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