Hikaru no Go

Japanese manga series

Hikaru no Go is a manga series, a coming of age story based on the board game Go written by Yumi Hotta and illustrated by Takeshi Obata with an anime adaptation. The manga is largely responsible for popularizing Go amongst the youth of Japan since its debut, and in other areas such as China, South Korea, and Taiwan. More recently it has gained much popularity in the United States. The title is sometimes abbreviated as "HnG".

Season 1


Eternal Rivals [1.01]

Sai: The gods before me, I thank you. I... I... I will now once again return to the living world.

Hikaru: Who are you?
Sai: I am Fujiwara no Sai.

Discovered Weakness!! [1.02]

Sai: In the Shusaku era, there was no such rule.
Hikaru: When you played as black didn't you think you had an advantage?
Sai: I never lost when my stone was black.

Sai: [referring to the television Hikaru's watching] Hikaru, what is this? A man is playing Go inside a box...

Akira: Shindou!
Hikaru: Touya?
Akira: I found you. I finally found you. Shindou Hikaru!

Akira Bares His Fangs

Hikaru: There were kids younger than me…and they were all so serious about the game. It kinda touched me.

Hikaru: Haven't you ever been serious before?
Akira: Huh? Serious. May I see your hands?
Hikaru: My hands?
Akira: His nails aren't worn down…this can't be a hand that's in contact with Go stones very often...
Hikaru: What was that about?
Akira: Oh sorry.

Akira: Do you plan on becoming a pro?
Hikaru: Pro? Me? Pro? I've never even thought about anything like that. Touya do you intend on becoming a pro?
Akira: I will.

Hikaru: Huh? Oh, so you are aiming to become a pro... how much money does a pro at Go make?
Akira: If you enter a title match... then the Meijin matches is $360,000... and the Kisei match is $420,000.
Hikaru: Wait... How many titles matches are there? How much can you get if you win all of them?
Akira: 8 titles in all... the total prize value is around $1.8 million.
Hikaru: A... A million?

Kaga of the Shogi Club [1.04]

Hikaru: [to Kaga] You probably just ran away to Shogi because you couldn't handle Go.

Kaga: Who cares about Touya Akira? Who cares about some kid that lost to me?

Hikaru: Sai... You didn't... just... Take over... my body?

Akari: I dropped by your house a little while ago. Where did you go for so long?
Hikaru: Playing Go.

Hikaru: Let me try the hardest one so I can get the 'Tsumego' book.
Kimihiro Tsutsui: The hardest one? Alright then. If you answer this one, you're the same level as Touya Akira.

Prediction of an Awakening [1.05]

Kaga: [after Hikaru makes another bad move] Hey you! Are you trying at all?
Hikaru: Yup. I'm trying.
Kaga: This isn't your real strength! Or are you just playing around?
Hikaru: I am playing.
Kaga: What?
Hikaru: Because... Look... There are nine stones on the Go Board. This is the universe! And I'm placing stones one by one on that. Like I'm increasing the number of stars one by one... I'm making the universe. It's like I'm a God. I'm going to become a God! On this Go Board.

Hikaru: Sai! Why didn't you say anything? You could've told me about the clock.
Sai: Things like that didn't exist in Shusaku's Age.

A Game Of Beauty [1.06]

Sai: I have so much trouble judging Hikaru's potential... Sometimes he makes some really insightful moves... and then he makes a real stupid move...

Kaga: If you don't hurry up and move, you'll lose on time.

Sai: Don't worry, if we combine our strength we can still win. Wipe your tears, make sure you don't place the stone in the wrong spot. Let's do it.

I'm Not Going to Play You! [1.07]

Kimihiro Tsutsui: Ms. Tamako, the chemistry teacher gave a Go board and some stones. And if it's available after school, we can use the chemistry lab too.

Akari: Are you talking about the one where Hikaru entered pretending to be a Junior High student? Is Hikaru really that strong?
Hikaru: Be quiet.

Akira: Shindou... Why is someone like you in the school Go club? Are you not coming to the Go Salon anymore? I'm usually there. No matter who I play with, I'm constantly thinking about you... How would you respond to each of my moves? I've become stronger since then so that I won't be embarrassed by you again. I'm waiting for you. I came to say that.
Hikaru: I'm not gonna play against you.

Akari: What? Are you blaming me for your loss?
Hikaru: Well, it is your fault!

Rainy Day Strategy [1.08]

Akira: Shindou! I'll make you wait... until I catch up with you. There's no reason for you to fear me. I should be the one fearing you.

Akira: Shindou Hikaru... If that's what you intend to do... I will...

An Irritating Presence [1.09]

Akira: Oh wow, it's Kifu... and an old Go magazine. Wow! There are things here from the beginning of the Shouwa period. Wow, this book is old too!

Akira: Make your first move. But... I won't give up so easily.

Each of Their Decision [1.13]

Hikaru: [referring to his next match with Akira Touya] Sai, you should play him.
Sai: Are you sure? You were so eager to play in this tournament.
Hikaru: He's all yours. Good luck.

The Third Match [1.14]

Akira: When I last saw you, I thought that maybe I had seen a vision of the "divine move". I was wrong!

The Match of Revelation [1.17]

Hikaru: Zelda. He's Japanese. He might be a child.
Sai: Child?
Zelda: Who is this?
Hikaru: Well Sai, how is he?
Sai: He's strong. Stronger than anyone we've played so far.

Zelda: Sai? It has to be. They're all talking about Sai.

Li Lishin: Nice to meet you, I am Li Lishin from China. I played Sai and resigned.
Ogata: Then is he a pro?
Li Lishin: I doubt it. Sai appears often, and doesn't choose his opponent. A pro wouldn't waste time like that.
Ogata: Sai...

Akira vs. Sai [1.18]

Sai: He's made the same moves as last time, so far.
Hikaru: Last time?
Sai: Yes... the second match against him when I cut him in two. It's the match from then.

Akira: A child... It can't be! It can't be... It just can't...

Hikaru's Strength [1.19]

Hikaru: Mitani, if you're giving up you should say "I resign."
Yuuki Mitani: Why you! Don't get cocky – I'm still better than you are.
Hikaru: That doesn't matter. Even with a handicap, a win is a win.

Hikaru: I can't go on the internet anymore... I guess we have no choice... Sai, you wanna play me?
Sai: Really? Hikaru, you never mentioned that before!

The Road to Becoming a Pro [1.20]

Hikaru: What do you want to know?
Kishimoto: Your real strength.

Kishimoto: Quite a gap between you and Touya... No, I'm not talking about your strength. I'm talking about your attitude towards reaching your goal. You don't know what Touya was like in the Kaiou Go Club, do you? Touya really chased after you full strength, not caring about the people around him.

The Haze Jr. High Go Club [1.21]

Akari: There's no way Hikaru would quit the Go club! He was just talking about how great the tournament's going to be! Right, Hikaru?
Hikaru: I... I... just... Touya...

Kimihiro Tsutsui: Kaga, Shindou-kun says he wants to take the insei exams.
Kaga: Oh? Insei! Do it! Do it! Just do it!
Yuuki Mitani: He's lying.
Kaga: What'd you say? You little brat!
Kimihiro Tsutsui: Kaga!
Kaga: I'm gonna crush you!

Kaga: Huh? What's with the sad face?
Hikaru: Well… I... forgot that I can't go to the tournaments if I become an Insei.
Kaga: Tournaments? Those don't matter.

Kaga: You chase Touya... But Touya won't be an easy goal. Do you understand?
Hikaru: I understand.

Yuuki Mitani: I resign…
Sai: No one heard but…I was here so I heard you. Sorry.

Hikaru: I can't win.
Kaga: Like I said! I'm really good!

Kaga: I told you, playing multiple games is different.
Hikaru: Will I pass the insei exam?
Kaga: I don't know, I'm not an exam official.

Hikaru: Oh…! If it's one on one, I can beat Kaga as well!
Kaga: No one said that!

Hikaru: I have to bring in kifus for three games I played. Perfect, I'll write the three matches I just played. Can you teach me how?
Kaga: H-Hey… the matches you just played… Do you remember all three games?
Hikaru: Yeah, of course.

Yuuki Mitani: I hope he fails the exam.
Kaga: How childish are you? How long are you going to whine about this?

The Insei Examination [1.22]

Hikaru's Test Instructor: Is it true you're not studying under anyone?
Hikaru: Yes sir. [To self] Well, I am studying under someone, but he's kind of annoying.
Sai: Hikaru!

Ouza vs. Akira [1.24]

Sai: We played Touya four times till today.
Hikaru: Yeah, but we've never seen him play anyone else. And his opponent is the Ouza! Ahh! I wanna watch!
Sai: Hikaru! Hikaru! I'll play just this game for you! I'll finish it in the blink of an eye!
Hikaru: Idiot.

Hikaru: Touya... Touya! He came to see if I was here.
Zelda: What are you talking about? He completely ignored you. How are you guys rivals?
Hikaru: He said he'd never appear before me again... he's waiting for me. He's waiting for me to rise up to him.

The Wakajishisen [1.28]

Hikaru: The stones flow easily. The teacher complimented me on my three board match, so maybe I'm better at fast go. I won by a half a moku! Yes – two straight wins!
Fuku: I lost!
Hikaru: Oh, sorry.

Zelda: I resign.
Sai: You won...
Hikaru: I won... three straight games... Just when I thought "I'm gonna have all wins from now on!" I started getting straight losses, and I started to doubt whether I was getting stronger at all.

Ogata vs Honinbo [1.30]

Kuwabara: Did you get a good night of sleep?
Ogata: Hmm...

Ogata: [telling Kuwabara his thoughts] Time for the new generation to take its place.

Season 2


Team Formed! [2.03]

Zelda: Shindou, you've really never played adults at a Go salon before?
Hikaru: Go salon? I haven't played but I've watched before.

Zelda: Think of it as a team match!
Isumi: Team match?
Zelda: Yeah! I'm sure it'll be a lot more fun that way than just playing.

Hikaru: It's been a while since I've played a team match... I've always been third board. I was in the Go club, and I am today too...

Whereabouts of the Win [2.10]

Isumi: It's already difficult for Shindou to come back. Don't worry about the shadows of Touya and Su-Young that I see behind Shindou. I went to atari in the wrong place...

Hikaru: Didn't his fingers leave the stone just now? Playing somewhere else after your fingers leave the stone... that's an automatic loss.

Hikaru: Sai... Didn't Isumi-san's fingers leave the stone just now?
Sai: It did look like his fingers left, but I didn't see it clearly. It is against the rules to take back your move but... Hikaru...
Hikaru: Isumi-san isn't saying anything. Is it because his fingers didn't leave the stone? Or... Should I ask Isumi-san? If his fingers left just now?
Sai: You're going to ask him? Hikaru!
Hikaru: Isumi-san is undefeated, I have one loss... Only three people can become pros.

Sai: Hikaru! What I'm talking about is your...
Hikaru: Is...
Isumi: I resign.
Hikaru: His... fingers really did leave the stone. But I picked up a big win! A big win...

Ochi: Shindou won? From that board? It can't be! What happened?

Three Weeks Isn't Enough! [2.11]

Hikaru: It's all because of my match against Isumi-san yesterday! I couldn't concentrate today!
Sai: Hikaru, Hikaru!
Hikaru: I want to become stronger. I'm never going to play a match like yesterday or a match like today ever again!

Ochi: [talking to Isumi] Was it because you were scared of Shindou? So you got scared of him, and made a careless mistake. Is that what happened?
Hikaru: Waya... Isumi-san... lost again today... against Fuku...
Ochi: Honestly, I'm disappointed. You're too worried about Shindou. I kind of regret ever seeing you as a rival. Though thanks to all this...

Isumi: Shut up.
Ochi: He's coming in this deep? I'll be short on territory if he survives here. I won't let you survive that easily. Just you watch.
Isumi: Ochi. Though I respect your skill, I never once thought that you were stronger than me. So that's what you did.

The First One to Pass [2.12]

Isumi: Ochi. Though I respect your skill, I never once thought that you were stronger than me.
Ochi: I resign.
Isumi: Ochi... Thank you. You helped me get back on my feet.

Akira: Have you seen this game? Black is a Korean Kenkyuusei Hong Su-Young. Shindou Hikaru is white.
Ochi: This... White is Shindou? If this Shindou's strength right now... Three weeks... isn't going to be enough!
Akira: Not at all. That's what I'm here for.

Waya vs Shindou [2.13]

Sai: [referring to Hikaru] I can't believe that he once hesitated because he feared my moves.

Season 3


I Won't Play Anymore [3.03]

[Hikaru running away with Akira chasing him]
Akira: Shindou! Wait, have you forgotten why you became a pro in the first place?
Hikaru: [thinking while running] Why did you have to leave me, Sai? Why?
Akira: You became a pro so you could play me! Hey, Shindou... Shindou.
Hikaru: [yelling] SAI......

The Fated Encounter [3.06]

Akira: I just think I should get a little better first...
Mr. Ashiwara: You're bored, right?
Akira: N-No, not at all!
Mr. Ashiwara: See? I'm right. Well, there's no one around Akira's age that can become his rival in Go. I'm sure that's really boring. There are a lot of guys like that for me, so it's a lot of fun.
Akira: I don't really... want... a rival. I'll make Ogata-san or my father my rival some day.

Forfeits [3.08]

Akari: Hikaru!
Hikaru: What is it, Akari?
Akari: Can you explain this to me?
Hikaru: Weekly Go? Where did you get it?
Akari: From Koike-kun. But more importantly, explain this to me. They list the records for all the pros in the scores section, but yours is filled with forfeits.
Hikaru: I told you, I'm not playing anymore.
Akari: Huh? Weren't you talking about me? I thought you weren't going to play with me anymore because I suck.

Akari: So what do you mean you're not going to play anymore? Are you going to quit being a pro?
Hikaru: If Sai doesn't come back... Maybe. I might quit.
Yuuki Mitani: What a jerk?
Akari: Mitani-kun.
Yuuki Mitani: I don't know what happened, but you quit the Go club to become a pro.

Akari: But Hikaru... what are you going to do?
Hikaru: I probably need to study for high school entrance exams. Akari, stay after school with me and teach me.
Yuuki Mitani: Fujisaki doesn't have time! We have a tournament coming up!
Hikaru: Tournament, huh?
Yuuki Mitani: What do you mean by 'Tournament, huh?'! Don't you dare look down on us! You were much more passionate when you were striving to beat Kaiou!
Hikaru: Mitani...
Yuuki Mitani: I'm going to be in this next tournament. Natsume, Koike, and I, the three of us, we're going to challenge Kaiou again!

Ochi: He asked whether Shindou was sick, or if he needed to file for a leave, but he couldn't get a clear-cut answer.
Zelda: That idiot.
Ochi: I wonder if he going to quit being a pro!
Zelda: I dunno.
Ochi: And to think people thought he could be Touya's rival.
Zelda: Genius is meaningless if you don't play.

The Determined Visitor [3.09]

Zelda: Isumi-san! You haven't changed at all. You would look more like you just came back from training if you had a beard or something. I was surprised when you called. How was China? Huh? What is it?
Isumi: Le Ping! You grew up so quickly!

Zelda: So that's what you were doing.
Isumi: Yeah, it's good that Le Ping started following me around and studying, but... he was always glaring at me.
Zelda: What a brat?
Isumi: He's just a kid, but he's really good. But I did end up becoming good friends with him.

Isumi: All thanks to the Waya medicine.
Zelda: Waya medicine?
Isumi: I gave him some medicine when he got a stomach ache. Remember? The kind you always take when you have one. I figured since he looks just like you, the medicine would work on him, too.
Zelda: That makes no sense!
Isumi: Anyway, it worked like a charm, and we became good friends.

Hikaru: If I were to play Go again... Sai would be gone forever... That... I... I'm afraid of that.

Isumi: I was wondering what's wrong. Is he sick? I wanted to see him again before the pro exams, so... Waya?
Zelda: That's not the only match Shindou has a forfeit on, Isumi-san. It's been like that since May. Don't trip now. I don't understand. It seems like he doesn't want to play Go anymore.

Sai was here... [3.10]

Did you know that Go is a two-player game? You can't play Go by yourself. You need two people. A masterful game cannot happen with just one genius. You need two people with equal genius. Two. When you have two, you can finally take a step towards the divine move.
Isumi: [to Hikaru] It seems like you've been struggling with something all this time.

Kuwabara: [to Hikaru] Your rival is on the fifth floor.

Akira: Why are you here?
Hikaru: Touya... I... I'm not giving up on Go. I'll keep walking down this path! That's what I came to tell you.
Akira: Come after me!
Hikaru: Yes.

Kuwabara: Sakamaki-san, did you know that Go is a two-player game?
Sakamaki: Of course I know that.
Kuwabara: No, you don't. You can't play Go by yourself.
Sakamaki: I said, I know that.
Kuwabara: You need two people. A masterful game cannot happen with just one genius. Right, Sakamaki-san? You need two people with equal genius. Two. When you have two, you can finally... take a step towards...
Sakamaki: Take a step towards...?
Kuwabara: The divine move.

The First Comeback Match [3.11]

Akari: The Haze Jr. High Go club is changing. Everyone's changing… Even Hikaru, who was about to quit being a pro, has started playing again.

Ogata: So he's back...
Akira: I just need to wait. They've already prepared a match between us.

And so they began to run [3.12]

Amano: The new wave may really be coming. With Touya Akira in the lead!
Kuwabara: We can't let these young ones take the world yet.
Amano: Yoshikawa?
Yoshikawa: Yes?
Amano: Doesn't it feel like the Go world is moving? The whole Go world...

Shindou vs Touya [3.13]

Hikaru: The reason Touya's still in the first preliminaries this year is because you beat him last year, Kurata-san. He's moved on in the preliminaries for every other title. I can't reach him.
Kurata: [laughing] Well, he is Touya Akira!
Hikaru: And since he's so busy, our match still hasn't been scheduled. Well, bye.

Hikaru: Kurata-san! What am I doing? Master Morishita's study session is today.
Kurata: I looked at the tournament pairings for the first preliminaries for the Meijin match. You're playing Touya Akira in the first round!
Hikaru: Yeah, it's all thanks to you Kurata-san!

Hikaru: You've changed, too.
Akari: Really? How? How did I change?
Hikaru: Hmmm… You've gotten smaller.
Akari: [angry] You got taller!

Hikaru: [thinking about Akira] The Sai that you wanted to play is gone, but…Sai is in my Go, so... I don't know if you'll notice him but... I'll get to be as strong as you are and play you from now on. Is that enough for you?

Akari: Do you always get nervous on the day before a match?
Hikaru: Why do you ask?
Akari: Well... you had a such a stern face, Hikaru...
Hikaru: A match against Touya is special.

Forever Inside You [3.14]

Hikaru: Touya. We finally get to play.
Akira: I haven't played you since the third board match in the Go club. It's been two years and four months.
Hikaru: It's been that long?
Akira: Yeah... it was a long time.
Hikaru: Today I will show you my strength.

Hikaru: Touya... let's play. We can't start until we play. Sai, who you wanted to play, is no longer here. I don't know if you'll notice or not, but Sai is in the games I play. I'll become just as good as you, and play against you from now on.

Amano: We have Touya-kun. We have Shindou-kun. And with Ochi-kun and Waya-kun and the others thrown in, they form a new wave.

Akira: [about Hikaru] There's no doubt about it. You will become my lifelong rival.

Akira: I thought of Sai from the Internet when I was playing you.
Hikaru: I'm not Sai, unfortunately.
Akira: It's you.
Hikaru: Touya...?
Akira: It's the other you. There's another one of you. The Shindou Hikaru when we first met…He is Sai!
Hikaru: T-Touya...
Akira: There's someone else inside you!

That Same Old Smile [3.15]

Sai, someday I will play the divine move... with you.
Hikaru: Touya found Sai... Only I knew of Sai until now. But Sai... Touya's found you! He's found you!

Akira: So there is something behind you? Tell me!
Hikaru: Tell you? No way. You said that the game I play is what I am, and that's all you need.
Akira: Y-Yeah... I did...
Hikaru: Then don't ask.
Akira: But you just said you'd tell me everything!
Hikaru: Someday! Someday far in the future! You idiot!

[Hikaru storms out after a fight with Akira]
Man: That Shindou really needs to learn his place. A mere first-dan pro shouldn't argue against the young master. After all, he is already in the Honinbo league.
Akira: [angrily] I'm a mere third-dan, too! No matter how good you are, you're a first-dan when you start off. We all have to climb up from there. There's no correlation between your ranking and your strength. Don't look down on Shindou just because he's a first-dan! [Storms off]
Man: Weren't they just fighting a minute ago?

Hikaru: [to Sai] How did you feel when you disappeared? Were you sad? Or were you smiling, just like you are now? I hope you were smiling…

Hikaru: Sai, someday I will play the Divine Move... with you.
(Last line of the series)

2004 New Year Special [3.16]

Hikaru: Sai, I'll get stronger... And I'll definitely play the divine move one day... The divine move that you've been seeking the whole time. Just wait, Sai!




  • I wanted to learn Go, so I paid a go school and started to attend classes once a week with a pro. He was mean, and never let the students win the teaching games. This was frustrating to me, because I was thinking "Why am I paying to lose all the time?" I wished that I had a guardian angel or a ghost that could help me beat him really bad. It was at that moment that Hikaru no Go was born.
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