Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie

2017 American animated television film

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Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie is a 2017 American children's animated television film based on the Nickelodeon series Hey Arnold!. Arnold and his friends find nonstop adventure when they travel to San Lorenzo, Argentina, to find his missing parents.

Arnold Edit

  • I think your heart is more pure than you know.
  • Helga, I've known you for my whole life practically and you've always been angry and kind of you know mean but I've also seen you be really loyal and super brave, so I always wondered if maybe you were mean to me because well you loved me...

Gerald Edit

  • You're a bold kid, Arnold.
  • Isn't that the same San Lorenzo where your parents disappeared?
  • We call him "Arnold", friend to all, force for decency, doer of good.
  • Man, why can't I ever be "the chosen one"?

Helga Edit

  • All I wanted to do was tell that stupid Arnold... (takes out her locket) ...that I'm here for him!
  • you know what I'm talking about your like some weird wise old man
  • Everybody LOVES Olga

Dialogue Edit

Grandpa Phil: Arnold, you're going to the jungle. So don't catch any tropical diseases like malaria or diphtheria, or cholera or yellow fever, or hookworm or elephantitis, or leprocy or tennis elbow...
(Arnold opens the shade, and yelps as he sees Grandpa Phil outside the plane window)
Grandpa Phil: Or itchy armpits, or boom-boom fever or Alder's neck rash!
Crewman: Hey, crazy lady! Get outta my stair truck!
(Grandma Gertie laughs dementedly)
Grandpa Phil: Or Palmer's knee or Borneo's disease, or... I don't know... athlete's foot!
Arnold: Y'know, I'm really gonna miss Grandma and Grandpa.

Eduardo: Did you think you could get away with this, Lasombra? Miles and Stella protected the Green-Eyed People from you, and now their son will, too!
Lasombra: Always so presumptuous. [pulls the poison dart out of his forehead] They're not safe yet!
[Lasombra attacks, attempting to stab them with the dart. As Helga covers his face with a bag, Arnold & Gerald hold him down, but he kicks them all away]
Lasombra: Give it to me! It's mine!
[In a struggle, the Corazón falls down the cliffside. In a fury, Lasombra grabs Arnold by the shirt and lifts him in the air]
Lasombra: You pest! Just like your parents! I'm going to throw you over the cliff! Go get it!
[Suddenly, his eyes widen, and he makes a large gasp. Closing his eyes, Lasombra falls down the cliffside, tearing off the amulet off of Arnold's neck]
Eduardo: He died the way he lived - full of poison.
Arnold: The Corazón! It was sacred to them! Now it's... gone!

[Arnold is led to a room where his parents lie, completely incapitated.]
Arnold: [gasps] Mom? Dad? It's me.
Helga: Arnold...
Arnold: Are they...
Eduardo: No, no. It's the sleeping sickness, from over nine years ago.
Arnold: But... they had a cure.
Gerald: Yeah, and it had something to do with that big stone wheel thingy in the temple.
Helga: Ol' Whatsername's gotta know about it!
Girl Queen: Nasi kotu do kui-ui.
Eduardo: They believe that you are the one to open the Corazón, and with the Heart of Gold inside, you would awaken the sleeping parents and reunite them with their children.
Arnold: The Corazón... was the cure?
Gerald: But... it went over the cliff.
Arnold: We have to tell her what happened.
Eduardo: Posamari marisamore Lasombra.
[The Girl Queen immediately starts crying, as do the rest of the Green-Eyed children. Arnold starts crying too, and Helga looks distraught.]
Girl Queen: Mi coreda...
Gerald: But... they're alive! There's gotta be a way to wake up your parents!

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