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Hetalia - Axis Powers

Hetalia - Axis Powers is a manga and anime series created by Hidekaz Himaruya. The story is based off world history, mainly the events of World War I through World War II. Each main character is a personification of an actual country. Each character is normally referred to as their country name, such as America or Spain, but they also have human names like Alfred or Antonio. The series started as a webcomic, and later became a web series, which is the reason for each episode being only five minutes. It was originally made in Japanese, but English subtititles and an English dub is available.

Season 1Edit

Episode 1Edit

[English version]

America: Dude, I think the World Conference can convene. Solving all of today's problems by talking excessively! No matter how hard it seems, we can fix anything with enough meetings and photo ops. Feel free to speak honestly while protecting your chances for re-election. I'll go first! About that whole using global warming to enslave humanity thing, I think we'll be okay if we genetically engineer a huge hero and have him protect the Earth - I give you the super hero, 'Globoman'!
Japan: I agree with America.
Switzerland: Man up or I'll beat you with my peace prize!
England: There's no way some hero will help global warming or humanity's enslavement.
France: If Britain and America don't agree, how can I be superior by dissing them both?
America: You Frenchies just love to hate America. Why not go back to making us hot green chick statues like you used to?
China: Western nations are so immature. I doubt they ever grow up. Maybe I can try appealing to the only organ of theirs that seems to work. Would you guys like to sample some Chinese tasty treats?
France and Britain: We'd just get hungry again!
Spain: Hey, why don't you say something Russia? They'll stop fighting if you go over and step in.
Russia: What? Why me? No thanks. I want to see Lithuania get in big trouble and come crawling back for help. Then Latvia will be right behind.
Estonia: You're so tough, next you'll try to pick a fight with Haiti.
Poland: If you take one step closer to Lithuania I'll whip out a minature Lech Wałęsa and go all Solidarność on you!
China: Please everyone, calm down!
Germany: Everyone shut up!
England and France: Germany?!
Germany:We've called this conference to solve the world's problems, not to fight about the problems of our past. And since I'm the only country who seems to know how to run a meeting, we'll follow my rules from here on out. Eight minutes each for speeches, no chit chat about side deals, and absolutely no going over the time limit. Now if you want to go, make sure you're prepared and raise your hand, but do so in a way that does not mock any salute of my country's past. [Italy's hand goes up] Germany recognizes his friend Italy!
Italy: ... PASTA----!
  • que opening theme*

Episode 3Edit

[English version]

Italy [singing a song about Germany] Germany! Germany! Germany is a really, really nice place. Even though I'm your prisoner you give me food, and it doesn't suck like English food. Sausages with cheeses always taste so good. It'd be heaven for a dog. Yeah that's Germany. Tell me, how is it you Germans are so robust. You're crushing me with your intimidation. My fragility causes me to openly weep out of fear. Your women terrify me. Is it the norm to drink a barrel of beer and then bust it on somebody's head? Please don't come to my place in large mobs; German tourists are scary. Even the girls that are from Germany are more rugged than I am. Yahoo!

Italy [pops up as Germany is busy making cuckoo clocks to settle a debt towards France] Germany! Help me find a job. My family has become extremely poor. [is promptly kicked out]
Germany Don't come bothering me about a job! I can't do anything except work all day to pay back France!

Episode 8Edit

[English version]

Ring. Ring

Germany: Hmmmmm.

Hetalia Opening Song

Italy: Germany, Germany, a stranger said he would take me to a tasty dinner so I went to go get the pasta, but it turned out he only had hamburgers the whole time!

America: Yo Britain, I totally just caught Italy.
Italy: Please, but, but, oh.
England: Nicely Done. Let's hit him violently and get what we can out of him.
Italy: No need, I'll tell you everything I know.
America: This dude is lame. Maybe we should make him work
Italy: [Crash] My bad, oopsy.
America: Okay, so what now.
England: I wrote a letter to Germany. This is what it said 'Please prepare him good food, a cute girl and a foot/soccer ball. Also, he will die if he accidentally learns French, so be careful'

Italy: They said they sent me back because I was to much work!
Germany: Welcome back, Italy.

Ring, Ring

Italy: Germany, Germany, there was a pretty girl so I hit on her, but it tuned out the pretty girl was France in disguise!
France: Honnnn, guess who just captured us a little Italy.
America: What?!
England: What?!
America: He's such a pain, let's put put him in jail or something.
Italy: Woof Woof!
England: Alright, I'll just feed him
Italy: Woof Woof!
England: It's terrible...? You think my food bland...?
America: You're not helping.

Germany: Welcome back, again.

Ring. Ring

Italy: Germany, Germany, I'm in north Africa right now and I can't tie my shoe laces. What's even worse, Britain is here!
Germany: Ugh. *High blood pressure*
England: Come see, I've captured Germany by using Italy as a decoy
Germany: Damn, I should have know it was a trap.
America: Rock out, Britain!
France: Oui! Now you will tell us everything you know, or else.
Germany: Before I tell you, there is something I want to say. It goes a little something like this, LICK MEIN BALLS!
Italy: Ahh! Why are you pointing a gun at me I already told you I would tell you everything I know which is pretty much everything I know!Please don't kill me, please!
Germany: Do your worse, compared to my everyday life your kind of torture would be like bites from a mosquito.
Italy: Germany kind of a sadist, actually he's a dead super kind of sadist with a lot of hardcore books and DVD you can't guess what I have seen living with him! There was this one video I saw that had dogs in it! He really likes tying people up too and I'm sure you know what means! Up until recently his government enforced bestiality with all it's soldiers!!!
Germany: Breathing heavily ... I hate you and your ass face.


Female voice over: Although Italy is small, he's kind of a pig. So the meals he's getting just aren't enough.

Italy Uhhhh. Pasta, you hiding here?
HRE: Huh?
Italy: Hmmm, no way I'm eating this crap.
HRE: Hmm
Italy: I'm so hungry. Hold on, is that food? Is it there for me? ahah~! Thank you, who ever you are! nom nom nom This sucks.
HRE: ah!
Austria: What do I do with you? You steal food whenever I turn my back.
Austria: You think about what you did, you got it?
Italy: I'm starving in here! AHHH!


Ring. Ring

Japan: Hai. Japan.
Italy: Japan, Japan, Help me. Help me! Help me! Help me!Help me!
Japan: We shall see.

Episode 12Edit

[English version]

France: Sir Britain... I have something important to say to you. ...I would like... for you to marry me.
England: T-That's very funny, France. I don't believe it's April Fool's day yet. ... What's the matter old chap? Can't even afford to buy a calendar anymore? *nervous laugh*
France: You are wrong, mon ami, and this is not so funny.
England: Right, what the hell is wrong with you?!
France: [pushes a piece of paper across the table to England] Here, take this.
France: [grabs England's hand] No it's not. Can't you see it is a calendar?
England: ...
France: IT'S FOR YOU! IT IS A CALENDAR! [grabs England's hand while holding a pen] You shall sign it!
England: I will do no such thing!
France: I said sign it!
England: No! [frees himself from France's grasp; scribbles all over the form] Here's what I think of your damn form! That's what happens when you try to force someone to marry you! [laughs]
France: You fool! Damnit! Don't you even care if I die?! Come on, help me! Please, I can become England's quaint little French village if you want me to.
England: No! Why on Earth would I want to marry you? First off, you need to learn to deal with and accept your failures.
France: [hooks his arms up under England's arms; he gets a creepy pleasure face and starts laughing a French laugh]
England: [being dragged backwards by France] Release your grip! Are you listening? I said let go this minute, France, this is rather undignified!

Season 2Edit

Episode 42Edit

[English version]

Russia: Oh privyet. I'm Russia. I'd like to be introducing my big and little sister now. First, please say hello to my big sister Ukraine. She's nice but not much to look at. This is my little sister, Belarus, she's pretty, not nice. The important thing is that they're both very weird... [saddens] So weird...
Russia: This is Ukraine, when I say big sister I mean big sister. Apparently her breasts are so giant they make her back hurt. Also she's poor, so those are real.
Russia: This is Ukraine. She's my big sister. With those collosal knockers of hers, she ends up being a target a lot. She's goofy which is fun. But she's also a crybaby which is weak.
Russia: This is Belarus, my little sister. She's very pretty isn't she? She says she loves me but sometimes I'm not so sure.
Russia: This is Belarus. She's my little sister. She has got a lot of inner strength and is very tenacious. But... not in a good way.

Episode 29Edit

[English version]

[Russia and China are in a plane above the Russian border]

Russia: Ok... So all I have to do is jump out of this plane and attack them, right?
China: That's right. Put on your parachute now.
Russia: Don't be silly! There's plenty of snow on the ground. It'll break my fall because it's soft.
China: What? I don't think that's right!
Russia: I am Russian! I know everything about snow. Well, see you around! [jumps out of the plane] Vodkaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

[Title sequence; France is reading a newspaper at England's house]

France: Hey, see this? It says here Russia broke his back jumping from a plane without a parachute.
England: Hm... Oh yeah? HEY! Why don't you go surrender to the maid or invent some new cheese?! Why are you here?!
France: Because. I like to mess with your needlework.

[cut to Russia's house]

Russia: Here I am, yay!
Lithuania: Welcome home Mr. Russia! I heard that you had very important meeting today. You must be tired now. Everyone one was there today, right? Did America say anything stupid?
Estonia: Hey, word of advice, friend. Never mention America to Russia, it makes him mad! Ah ha ha! We've prepared cold cabbage stew soup, with a nice vodka dipping sauce! He he!
Latvia: I'm glad you're home! I hope that everyone treated you well! We were taking bets on whether or not you'd be called a drunk or if they'd bring up Lake Placid on a Miracle on Ice!
Lithuania and Estonia: That hasn't happened yet!
Estonia: Well, I'm going to leave the room! [exits]
Lithuania: [thinks] Curse Estonia's brilliance, it's allowed him to slip away again!

[Russia is at the coat rack; Latvia is behind him]

Russia: Hey, do you know where the coat I left hanging here went to?
Latvia: I moved it, sir. I knew we couldn't leave such a valued museum piece hanging around. The pure absurdity of that stupid coat would be studied for insight into your history. From the early days of overbearing Czars and opulence. Your currents in like minimalism, fraternity and sheer force of power.
Russia: Bad choice. I like to wear that absurd coat almost every day of the week.
Latvia: WHAT?! I'm sorry, I didn't know you still wore it!
Lithuania: [to Latvia; fearfully] Oh... Shut up!
Latvia: What I really meant, Mr. Russia, is that I think it's a great sacrifice for you to share your history. These days too many kids know nothing of the old ways your coat represents. And, see, clothes are for insight into the past.
Russia: I just bought that coat last week. [puts hand on Latvia's head and applies a bit of pressure] I was wondering what makes you such a itty-bitty guy, Mr. Latvia.
Latvia: Well, it could be because of you. I mean because of your hand. Every time you see me you crush my cervical vertebrae a bunch. Perhaps if you weren't so affectionate, the blood could continue to flow to my brain when you're around.
Russia: [looks at Latvia with a close-eyed smile]
Latvia: [looks back at Russia with a fearful expression, wondering what Russia is thinking]

[cut to the kitchen; kettle steams]

Russia: [holds Latvia by the head and foot] Streeetch! [laughs] Streeetch! [laughs again]
Estonia: [smiling for once] Wow. Would you look at the time?

[cut to different room; The Baltics are chatting]

Lithuania: Man, what's up with zhe constant diary of zhe mouth, Latvia? You want to go to zhe guilloche?
Latvia: I can't take all this pressure! Why don't we switch sides and go live with Germany?
Lithuania: What?! Have you gone crazy?! Do you think Auschwitz is better than Siberia?
Estonia: I think I'm gonna have to go in alone for a while and see if that's any better.
Latvia: NO! I'm scared of him and I don't want to be alone! It feels so safe in his hairy arms!
Estonia: You should really try keeping your mouth more close-ed.
Lithuania: Let's ignore out pain. And food is the surest path to blissful procrastination. I'm sinking about making Cepelinai.
Latvia: But I want some Putra.
Estonia: I'll just have a snack, maybe some Piirakka.

[each of the three is shown smiling; cut to the dining room; The Baltics are eating]

Lithuania: We're really very different, aren't we?
Latvia: It's not just our food, it's like we're different races.
Estonia: It gets little old being lumped together as the Baltic states.

[cut to the island; England is seen in front of a large, wooden crate]

England: [pulls a small pint of ice cream out of the crate; holds a partially eaten banana in the other hand] Hey, America! There's some pints of ice cream in this care package. I won't touch the stuff but I thought you might like it.
America: [looks behind him; turns completely around suddenly] Whoa, ice cream?! Dude I'm totally coming over there to hug you! *slips on a banana peel* Ice creeeeeeeam! [lands right in front of England] Oof!

[cut to the hospital; America is in a bed with a broken foot and bandages on his head]

America: [has one of the pints of ice cream now; moves a spoonful to his mouth] Om!

[Marukaite Chikyuu plays]

Lithuania: I'm Lithuania.
Estonia: I'm Estonia.
Latvia: I'm Latvia.
Lithuania: I'm Lithuania.
Estonia: I'm Estonia.
Latvia: I'm Latvia.
Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia: [in unison] Together, we're the nervous trembling trio.

Season 3Edit

Episode 9Edit

Spain: Listen up, in spanish, Kiss me is Dame un beso.
[Chibi Romano (nicknamed "Chibimano") ignores him and eats pizza]
Spain: Romano! So, how are those lessons coming along?
Chibimano: Spanish is stupid and hard to learn cuz the words are all wrong
Joanna of Castile: So Spain, how is your education of Italy coming along?
Spain: *sweatdrop* Ehehe, kinda bad actually.
Chibimano: *flirty* I know this! Besame mala chica!
Spain: Her highness is not a bad girl you twit!

Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint It WhiteEdit

[English version]

Iceland: How skit. what the cripes? I hardly get any tourists any more. I don't care what it takes, I gotta get popular again...Hi. Nice to meet you, I'm Iceland, a new character.

America: Dudes, this is an emergency! As the paper in front of you with those crazy drawings that are supposedly words says, a majority of humanity has been turned into a noppera ghosty blobs by the freaky beam of light that shoots out of other noppera-bo-ba or baaa I don't really know how to say it. Tony, my righteous alien friend told me they're pictonians from the planet Picto. For reals dudes, Picto's way in like, way far outer space.


America: Dude, they're born looking like noppera and they want everybody else looking just like what they're doing, HELLO! Listen up! we can't just let these noppera dudes make earth all freaking boringly white, right? This is wack! We gotta stop these dudes ! Who's with me?... Also, what's a noppera?

Japan: Oh yes, I know what they are. It is a Japanese monster without a nose, eyes, or a mouth. It's proper name is nopperabo, okay?

England: Wait a tick, are you trying to say this is all your fault Japan?

Japan: No! I was simply explaining what noppera means! No more, no less.

China: Why do I have to be turned into noppera because of stupid Japan and scary story...

Japan: It's not my fault!

America: Focus countries ! Japan may have screwed things up, but we still have time to fix it ! Now, your ideas will all suck so listen to me. We'll combine all our military strength! I'll be in command so you can all wear the colors of my flag! All heroes wear red, white, and blue!

Italy: I think we should gather under the white flag!

England: Why in God's name would we put you in charge?

America: Duh, I be the hero, everybody knows that!

England: I beg to differ...

France: Everybody knows I've got the biggest--

England: No one asked you, cheesy monkey!

France: Shut up, black sheep of Europe!

England: I told you not to call me that!

China: Ugh. They never stop talking...

Italy: White flags! Come on, I made a whole lot of them! See! We can each wave our very own!

America: Japan, you think I'm right, right?

Japan: Uh, well, this is why I sense the mood and refrain from speaking.

America: Russia! What are you gonna do, dude?

Russia: I'm going to do fighting!

America: Rock out my dog, I've got the perfect job for you to have then! Back-up sidekick!

Russia: What?!

America: Yeah, every super-hero needs a sidekick, I should know that, I'm the hero! They even make big-budget Hollywood crazy good movies about it!

England: We also have top-notch productions in the UK!

France: Um, time-traveling phone booths can only go so far.

England: Shut it, Pépé le Pew, just because you invented movie-making doesn't mean you're any good at it! All your films are good for are putting me to sleep!

China: Just have you know, my movies have been very popular lately.

America: Dude, you can't compete with Michael Bay sequels.

China: That attitude is why I restrict your films!

Japan: Mine are more quietly artistic with cultural story-telling.

Italy: My movies are the most fun ones if you want to ask me!


America: Ha ha ha. No need to argue, 'cause I'm right!

Russia: I know my ideas are best because otherwise I kill them.

China: I'm only allowed to hear my thoughts and those are the ones I like.

Germany: Alright then. I'm done here. I don't know why I even thought that we could have a simple discussion. That's not how we work, is it? What a waste. This entire meeting has been pointless. I will do what I have to do and you do what you have to.

(Germany leaves the room; soon followed by everyone else)

Russia: That's exactly what I was going to say.

China: There's too much fighting together to figure out if we should even fight together anyway.

France: I am far too gorgeous to have been in a stuffy room for so long.

England: I am far too gorgeous to- Shut up France!

America: Ha ha ha ha! I was just trying to help! I don't need you guys, I'm the hero!

Japan: Ah. My belly. It hurts.

Italy: Uhuh! Hey, wait up you guys! Come on, don't leave me here by myself!

[Camera shoots to Canada, who is sitting alone.]

Canada: I'm still here. And I hate to complain, but no one even bothered to ask my opinion.

Kumajiro: Who are you?

Canada: I'm Canada.


China: I'm hit! Oh noo!

America: China!

England: America!

Italy: Look! I drew a face!



"About that whole using global warming to enslave humanity thing, I think we'll be okay if we genetically engineer a huge hero and have him protect the Earth – I give you the superhero 'Globoman'!"

"Hey wait! S'mores are supposed to have chocolate! Let's teach 'em a lesson!"

[To England] "Since we're all sharing our feelings, those pastries you served me when I visited your house the other day? They tasted like petrified couch stuffing."

"Dude! Christmas rocks! We know how to do it right here! First we 'x' out the 'christ' part to make it extreme! Then we shop and eat stuff 'til we're sick! Wanna shovel down some Xmas cake to get in the spirit?!"

"I'll do what I always do best! And that means... I'M THE HERO!"

"Okay. So I've, like, designed a really sweet attack plan that I'm calling Attack Plan Alpha, like 'Alpha Dog.' WOOF!"

"China! I choose you!"

"Both my beef and my dreams are super-sized!" (Said during Marukaite Chikyuu.)

"Dude I even SMELL like a hero, check it!"

"I guess being bloodthirsty kinda gets distracting... and by that, I mean bringing democracy to the rest of the world. Man, it sure takes a lot out of you being bloodthirsty and all... And by that, I mean spreading democracy to the world!"

"Britain totally got a star stuck in his head! That's bad ass! Hahahahaha!"

"What's a 'cold'?"

"Okay so here's the plan, Britain is going to go and be a distraction, he might not come back from it. Then France and Russia will try to kidnap Italy. China will go and bust out some awesome ninja moves-" [England: And you America?] "-Oh, well I'll stay here because that means, I'm the hero!"

[To Canada] "Your Grandma sounds hot!"

"I say we hit Italy first because Italians can't drive and are usually drunk!"

"Winter can suck on my jingle bells."

"Somebody told me my elevator doesn't go to the top floor, but I don't even have an elevator!"

"You Frenchies love to hate America. Why not go back to making us hot green chick statues like you used to?"

"And the hero is me!"


"I will now express my anger through the piano."

"My manly tract of land has been seized and occupied by that demon douche Prussia!"

"Stop pulling on Mariazell!"

[while being smacked in the face by France] "You are an ass."


[shouting at Greece and Spain while waiting in a grocery line] "Hey you! Stop your chatting! We are all trying to get through the line here!"

[While talking to Prussia] "Un-Unhand me!"


[To Russia] "If you marry me then our souls will be bonded for all eternity."

[Paint It: White!] "Big Brother Russia, where are you? Why you leave me here with double D meets double dumb?" [In her mind with a malicious smile] "Hurry up and come out or I'll find you."


[To Russia] "The doorknob that separates us is gone... Isn't that niiiice...?!"

[to Russia] "Marry me, marry me, marry me, marry me, marry me..."

(to Russia) "Big brother, big brother lets become one I know you want to, why do you have to be such a jerk all the time?! Big brother open this dang door right this instant open up brother let me iiiiiin."

[to Russia] "Big brother that door that was keeping us a part is now gone~ Isn't that great?~ Now.. Marry me. Marry me. Marry me."


[Day dreaming] "I have the silkiest hair in the whole world!"

[To France] "America is my little brother!"

"No surprise...the meeting ended once again without any resolution. Blast all. I really do wish there was someone around here who I didn't always fight with. ... Flying Mint Bunny! Did you come to try to cheer me up, huh? ... This is great! All my magical friends at the same time! But let's have no murders this go around, okay? I'm serious guys! Hey, no fair chewing on my sleeve, Uni! I'm too ticklish, so stop the snuggling! You're naughty, Captain Hook, Tinkerbell's not big enough. Take that big, goofy, kissy face back to your little leprechaun friends, since they're the only ones who care! Kidding! Seriously, you're all nutburgers! What am I to do with you?"

[while drunk] "Am I Catholic...or Protestant? God, I don't know..."

[With a creepy tone] "Santo Rita Meata Mater Ringo Jonah Tito Marlon Jack LaToya Janet Michael Dumbledora the Explorer..."

[To Russia] "I wasn't calling you!"

[Singing] "Bring on the fire, bring on the hell. Set everything ablaze so that no trace remains..."

[Narrating] "Busby's chair. Anyone who sits in this chair will be cursed with a quick, and often painful death... except, apparently, for Russia."

[To Sealand] "Why don't you go home and watch anime?"

[To China about America] He's 90 percent soda and 10 percent water.

"Shut up! I felt bad about how old frog-face was treating you so I saved your ass. I thought maybe we could be friends and bond over our mutual hatred for France. But uh-uh. You didn't want to be friends with me! You just wanted to tell me what to tell you what to do, and you didn't know what to do anyway! I think that's total bollocks!"

[When hung-over] "Why won't the light just shut up...? I swear I'll never drink again...someone please kill me..."

"I'm so hot I can kiss myself"

[To America] "You tit!"


"I'm Canada!"

"Why doesn't anyone remember me?"




"I'm still here."

"Maple Hockey!"

"And that's why I tattooed a maple leaf to my forehead!"

"I'm still here. And I hate to complain, but nobody even asked my opinion.."

"My grandma taught me the true spirit of the maple leaf!"


[after labeling a map of Europe as his own] "China take all. You can go home now. "



"Suck ball!"

[opening a Christmas present] "Kitty!"

[to Russia] "Whaaat? I don't think that's right!"

[to Russia] "Who are you?! Go away, now!"

[to America after he draws terrible pictures] "You an ass!"

"But I don't wanna be the princess..."

"Don't be so racist!"

"You young, why you walking slow like you old woman?"


[to Britain] "Britain I have something important to say to you...I would like...for you to marry me."

"Love is something that shouldn't be forced on others."

"It's a cloak, non?"

"Everybody knows I've got the biggest-" (Is then cut off by England.)

"Smack~ smack~ smack~ smack~"

"Oh crap, my fish!"

[to Britain about Canada] "DUH! He is Canada! I recognize him from his sexy hair because it is so much like my own. But not as good."

"What the world really needs is more love."

[to America and Britain] "When you two are done releasing sexual tensions, we have got a meeting to finish!"

[to England] "I enjoy messing with your needlework."


[To England during the Olympics episode] "Take off those silly clothes, or I'll take them off for you!"

"Those who call themselves ‘ugly’ don’t realize that someone out there thinks they’re the most beautiful person in their eyes."


[Mocking Russia] "You're so tough, next you'll try to pick a fight with Haiti."

"Well, among these students, I'm called the Singing Revolution"


[To Latvia] "You should really try keeping your mouth more close-ed"

"Wow, would you look at the time?"

"I won the Carry your wife competition today. Of course , it was obvious I would."

"To think that they put such a cute drawing of Mr.Russia... To think that my site got hacked...A culprit who's this self-assertive... It must be...'"

[To Russia]"Let me say it clearly! I'm doubting you, Mr.Russia! You're the only one that i can think of!"

"This is strange...According to my calculation, the culprit was... "


"Everyone shut up!"

"Hey look at how the door just opened. You could totally run away if you wanted to."

"[Germany recognizes his friend] Italy!"

"Friends? Ja, this could work...we don't have to kiss do we?"


"I will punch you in the throat!"

[to the Roman Empire] "With that kind of attitude, my only option is to shoot you in the head!"

"I once killed a man in his sleep with his own mustache and a grape."

"Are you WANTING me to gas you?!"


[to Japan] "Well, don't do what Italy does, ja?"


[to Prussia] "Shut up, someone who was afraid of the ghost of a doughnut has no right to judge!"

[internal dialogue while attempting to hit France with her skillet] "Jeepers God! Why do have to stress me out like this?! I don't know what to do!"

[to Prussia] "Of all the parts you could have torn, why did you have to tear the cloth from that area?!" [to Prussia] " NO!! GET AWAY FROM ME!" [to Prussia] "NO MEANS NO! I DON'T VANT WHAT'S BEEN DOWN THERE CLOSE TO ME!" [to Prussia] " GET THAT NASTY TAINTED FABRIC AWAY FROM ME RIGHT NOW!"





[on what to do if the enemy asks you to surrender] "That's an easy one, sir! Surrender immediately, form an alliance, kiss their butts, sing, eat and go to bed."

"I know I'm not strong, but I'm cute!"

"Why are you pointing a gun at me? I already told you I'd tell you everything I know, which is pretty much everything I know! Please don't kill me, please!"

"Hey Japan! Want to see my butt?"

[on Germany] "He's strong and pretty and wider than anybody, and that has got to count for something in this day and age, at least in keeping liquor stores out of your neighborhood. Also, Germans sound real funny, and laughing is good for the heart."

"Germany! Germany! There was a pretty girl so I hit on her, but it turns out the pretty girl was France in disguise!"

[Chibitalia to Austria] "By any chance, do you serve pasta?"

(to Japan) "Next time, I'll show you my famous butt driving trick!"


[on what to do if the enemy asks you to surrender] "Yes sir! I respond Japanese way! Be unclear! Say one thing but mean something else completely opposite like 'I'll think about it'! Lie to them!"

[to Italy when he asks Japan if he wants to see his butt] "Not if you pay me million dollar."

"I am very pleased to meet you."

"I live alone, you know."

"If we are to be stranded here we are lucky to be near so many fish."

[to China] "Konnichiwa. It's nice to meet you, China where the sun sets. My name is Japan. I'm from where the sun rises."

"Perhaps. We shall see. All my answers mean no."

(to Russia) "Leave my friend alone!"

[to Greece] "You need to seek professional help"

[To Germany] "I respond Japanese way! Say one thing, mean another like 'I'll think about it' Lie to them!"



"Quotes were invented in Korea, you know!"

"Japan's breasts belong to Korea!"

"These are broken, so Korea didn't make them."


"Oh great and powerful Russia! I brought to you some hot tea!"

[to Latvia with a fearful tone] "Oh.. Shut up!"

[After waking up from a memory with Poland] "POLAND YOU'RE A TRAITOR AND A BAD FRIEND!!!"



"Risking my life for European politics would make me gassy."

"I got a good deal on 10,000 ponies to add to my arsenal, right? Picture it: they'll shoot right over our heads!"

"I'm thinking of painting my house a wicked hipster pink."

"You will never believe who I ran into yesterday~"


[To Hungary] "You don't mean that! * laughs creepily * You know you're dying to be wrapped in my crotch cloth! Who wouldn't be? *laughs like a maniac*

"Hey, Austria! It must suck balls to have Silesia taken away by force, huh?"


"I am the awesome Prussia!"

"Suck it, loser!"

"This so called army that Austria has put together would make my grandmother laugh like this: [high pitched laugh] 'Ha-ha-ha!'."

"You know, part of the reason of why I'm so awesome is because I drink beer. The awesome taste of this stuff almost brings awesome tears to my awesome eyes."

[to Hungary when she tells him to get the cloth away from her] "Why? It's just an innocent crotch cloth!"

"It's time to wrap your wounds!"

(letter to queen of Austria) "Hello, little girl, I am Prussia and you are not! my awesomeness is exploding at a alarming rate even for someone as awesome as the great Prussia! Any way super happy la,la to you and your anovulation however we consider it nothing more than dried squirrel poop. Perhaps filling your loan and giving us Austria's Silesia Region, it's pronounced Silesia right? Otherwise we will attack you with awesomeness and have my army destroy you!~ From Prussia with love P.S I am awesome!"

[To the Queen of Austria] "Hello, little girl. I am Prussia and you are not!"

[To Hungary] "Show me to your wounds! I'll wrap it!"

[To Hungary] "Come on! I'm going to help, like it or not"

[Staring at Hungary's chest] "Boobies."

"I can't wait to see you weep like a baby girl man boy"


[onomatopoetic laugh in the original Japanese] "KOLKOLKOLKOLKOL"

[as he jumps out of a plane] "VODKAAAAAA!"

"I have dark secret no one will guess because of my sweet face"

[to China] "I'm Russian, I know everything about snow."

[to Latvia] "Hey, do you know where the coat I left hanging here went to?"

"When I look into all of your stupid faces, I think of how much fun it will be to pound them into dust."

[to China] "Ok... so all I have to do is jump out of this plane and attack them, right?"

"HEAVENS TO THE BETSY! What strange and terrifying news is this?!"

[holding Latvia by the head and foot] "Stretch! *laughs* Stretch! *laughs again*"

"It make me pleasure smile to think how they will all be destroyed by my overwhelming power."


[to Spain] "What? Why me? No thanks!"

"I was wondering what makes you such a itty-bitty guy, Mr. Latvia."

"Magic metal pipe of pain!"


"I may be small, but I've got a big heart!"

"Sometimes I ride the goat while swabbing the deck; and that's not a euphemism for anything."

[to England after he pulled his self-made curl off] "That stung, you bully, and not only was unnecessary it was quite rude."

"That's right, you British jerk of jerks!"

"I'm sealand! I'm the smallest country of them all!"

South Italy (Romano)Edit

[to Germany] "Suck my balls, you damn potato eater."

[to Germany] "This weatherman's predicting a 99% chance on shit-storm and it's coming right at you!"

[to Germany] "Haha! You look-a so very stupid, with your big bushy mustache like some hipster at a high school party."

[To Germany] "Che palle! Don't play dumb with me, that's my brother's job!"

[to Spain] "You tomato bastard!"

"What the crapola happened here?!?! And what where's my stupid brother anyway! [Gets turned into a Picto Alien] Ah Balls!"

[To Italy]"I hate you so much!"


[To Italy] "Would you stop it with your hug-therapy already?!"

[About the "I'm too lazy to go home club"] "Going home is too much of a ballsuck."


[To Chibi Romano] "YOU PEED ON THE FLOOR?!"

[to Chibi Italy] "Just ignore them. You'd like to have some churros, no?"

[To Romano] Fusosososo


"Christmas is about family and loving people. Now get bent!"

"I think... it tastes like sandwich."

"I'm going to kill you until you are dead!"

"I don't care about the price... I just like how this one tastes. It's better than the others, if you ask me."

"Man up or I'll beat you with my peace prize!"

(to Liechtenstein) "Pick whatever color you like"

(after France states he wants to start a bank) "You have farmland, so you don't have to sell your soul to Satan!"

"And if you do take two because they deserve to have friends!"

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