Henry Howard Brownell

American writer and historian

Henry Howard Brownell (February 6, 18201872) was an American poet and historian.


  • Up the River of Death
    Sailed the Great Admiral!
    • The River Fight (published 1864).
  • You might have deemed our long gun-deck
    Two hundred feet of hell.
    • The River Fight (published 1864). Compare: "War is hell", attributed to William Tecumseh Sherman; "This is the soldier brave enough to tell, The glory-dazzled world that 'war is hell'", Henry van Dyke, On the St. Gaudens Statue of Sherman.
  • Since what unnumbered year
    Hast thou kept watch and ward
    And o’er the buried Land of Fear
    So grimly held thy guard?
    • The Sphynx (published 1864).
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