Henry Carey

English composer and playwright (1687-1743)

Henry Carey (c. August 26, 1687October 5, 1743) was an English poet, dramatist and song-writer. He is remembered as an anti-Walpolean satirist and also as a patriot. Several of his melodies continue to be sung today, and he was widely praised in the generation after his death.


  • God save our gracious king!
    Long live our noble king!
    God save the king!
  • Genteel in personage,
    Conduct, and equipage;
    Noble by heritage,
    Generous and free.
    • The Contrivances (1715), Act i. Sc. 2.
  • Of all the girls that are so smart,
    There's none like pretty Sally.
    • Sally in our Alley (c. 1725). Compare: "Of all the girls that e’er was seen, There's none so fine as Nelly", Jonathan Swift, Ballad on Miss Nelly Bennet.
  • Of all the days that's in the week
    I dearly love but one day,
    And that's the day that comes betwixt
    A Saturday and Monday.
    • Sally in our Alley (c. 1725).
  • Aldeborontiphoscophornio!
    Where left you Chrononhotonthologos?
    • Act i. Sc. 1.
  • His cogitative faculties immersed
    In cogibundity of cogitation.
    • Act i. Sc. 1.
  • Let the singing singers
    With vocal voices, most vociferous,
    In sweet vociferation out-vociferize
    Even sound itself.
    • Act i. Sc. 1.
  • To thee, and gentle Rigdom Funnidos,
    Our gratulations flow in streams unbounded.
    • Act i. Sc. 3.
  • The king shall eat, though all mankind be starved.
    • Act ii. Sc. 4.
  • Go call a coach, and let a coach be called;
    And let the man who calleth be the caller;
    And in his calling let him nothing call
    But “Coach! Coach! Coach! Oh for a coach, ye gods!”
    • Act ii. Sc. 4.
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