Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge

2001 film directed by Mary Lambert

Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge is a 2001 Disney Channel Original Movie released for the holiday of Halloween. It is the second installment in the Halloweentown series.


Gwen: [after hearing that Kalabar is Kal's father] So Alex is what? Some actor he hired?
Dylan: Sophie has a theory.
Sophie: I think he's a golem.
Gwen: A golem?
Sophie: Made of frogs.

Gwen: [after seeing Alex catch a fly with his tongue and eat it] Oh that's not normal! You're... not human!
Alex: Well nobody's perfect.
Gwen: You... golem! [zaps Alex into a pile of frogs]
Dylan: Does anybody know where we can find a swamp?

Kal: Hey, I still need a date to the costume party.
Marnie: Forget the party, I want to know why... [remembers receiving the rose from Kal] Kalabar...
Aggie: What did you say, dear?
Marnie: The rose.
Gwen: [in a flashback from the first movie after receiving a rose from Kalabar] You always did let your magic do the talking.
Marnie: I should've known when he gave me the rose. Kal, you're Kalabar's son!
Kal: And I guess inherited my father's attraction to Cromwell witches.
Aggie: I didn't know Kalabar had a child.
Kal: He didn't want people to know. Dad and I didn't always agree, but he was the only one that stood in the way of the Cromwell's domination of Halloweentown.
Aggie: That's absurd, Cromwells dominate no one.
Kal: Then, why'd you let the mortals take charge of the earth while we had to hide like rats in another dimension?
Aggie: (chuckles) We all voted to create our own world so everyone could live in peace.
Kal: And when my father tried to bring the creatures of Halloweentown back as rulers of the human race, you Cromwells brought everyone against him, and then you destroyed him!
Marnie: So, that's what this is about: Revenge!
Kal: Just say the word, and I'll open up the portal.
Marnie: Say what word?
Kal: Stop doing everything your mama tells you, and I can show you things that Aggie could not teach you in a million years.
Aggie: (chuckles)
Marnie: I'm not interested in your kind of magic. All you do is destroy.
Kal: Oh, the Gray Spell's just the first act, Marnie. The finale will come at midnight in the mortal world.
Marnie: What finale?

Aggie: So this world wide web I've heard about...
Marnie: Mhmm?
Aggie: Does it involve spiders?
Marnie: Grandma, I think it's time we started *your* training.
Aggie: Oh goody!

Marnie: Where's the time travel spell?
Gort: It's lost.
Marnie: Well that's okay, right? Because everything lost just ends up here.
Gort: Things that are lost somewhere else end up here. Things that are lost here go 'poof'!


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