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Grand Theft Auto III

open world action-adventure video game
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Grand Theft Auto III (2001) is a game in the Grand Theft Auto series by Rockstar Games.


Newscaster [Intro]: Liberty City is in shock today, as the police and Emergency Services deal with the aftermath of a devastating attack on a police convoy this morning. As yet, no details have been released about the prisoners being transferred in the convoy, and no group has claimed responsibility. The convoy left police headquarters early this morning for a routine transfer of felons to the Liberty Penitentiary. The attack took place on the Callahan Bridge, leaving few witnesses, and the bridge itself severely damaged. Some of the convicts are thought to have perished in the explosion that followed the initial attack. Revelations as to the professionalism of the attack struck police hours afterward, when identification of the missing felons were further hampered by an attack by computer hackers on police headquarter databases. With the Porter Tunnel project falling behind schedule, this disaster leaves Portland isolated from the rest of the city.

Colombian Cartel member: Señor dickhead! It's no problem to kill you!

Toni: You did good back there kid, real good. C'mon let's introduce you to the Don.
Salvatore: Hey Luigi!
Luigi: Oh, my girls have been missing you so much. Salvatore, you've been away too long.
Salvatore: You tell them, when this unfortunate business has been taken care of, we'll go down to the club and celebrate. There is my boy.
Joey: Hi, Pop!
Salvatore: Have you got yourself a good woman yet? You know your Momma, god bless her soul would be turning over in her grave, if she ever saw you without a wife.
Joey: I know, I'm working on it.
Salvatore: TONI! How is your Momma? She's a great woman, you know! Strong, firenze.
Toni Cipriani: She's good... fine.
Salvatore: Terrific, Terrific. Now listen you guys, you go inside while I talk to our new friend here. I have nothing but good things for you, my boy...

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