1996 television film directed by Robert Harmon

Gotti is a 1996 film, aired on HBO, about John Gotti, the head of a small New York mafia crew who breaks a few of the old family rules, and rises to become the head of the Gambino family and the most well-known mafia boss in America.

Directed by Robert Harmon. Written by Steve Shagan, based on the novel The Last Gangster: Winning the War Against John Gotti and the Mob, by Jerry Capeci and Gene Mustain.

John Gotti

  • JoJo walks into the bar. He's wearin' a solid gold belt buckle this big: says JoJo on it, he's got a bracelet on his arm: says JoJo on it, he's got a fuckin' necklace: says JoJo on it, he's got solid gold cuff links: they all say JoJo on 'em. So this little chink waiter walks over and says, "Excuse me mister JoJo." He said, "Shut the fuck up, I don't want anyone to know I'm here."

John Gotti: Makes you think. Makes you think about the people in your life. And I think of Neil; and If he would sit here right now what`d he say to me? He`d say "John! what's it about? What's life about... if you don't go through it as a man's man?". He'd say "Suck it up, take the fall do the time. Thats made you who you are. That makes you what you are. How long we`ve been around this thing of ours? This Cosa Nostra? 120 years... 'I mean what's it about? It's about the rules, parameters. You take the beating for the friend, you don't run, you don't lay down, you don't betray who you are... what you are.
Frank Locascio: Self Esteem...
John Gotti: Self Esteem is basic. You pick it up on the street, that goes with the street, you gotta remember Angie here. I loved this guy, I loved him and he was stupid, he never listened to me, he always wanted that god damn dope money... He never rolled, do you know that? HE NEVER ROLLED! My brother Gene, Joey DiMig,they dont roll they're doing a thousand years now, they don`t roll, they don`t rat. Why? Thats the rule. You don't break, you don't rat. Basic rules. Gives you a lil of power right? Not the kind of power these FEDs have. God forbid,right? God forbid we pull their chain in public. Fuckin dress better than them and they take it personal likes its a fuckin vendetta. Right? There supposed to act better than the rest of us. They just wanted me to be something I wasn't even born to be.
Frank Locascio: Humble, they want you to be humble.
John Gotti: Yeah so you humble me. What you got now? You got a war. You got a global war. You got the Chinks, you got the Dominicans, the Asians, the Russians, the Columbians, Jamaicans. What they doin? They desecrate the nation. You got your variable fuckin' snowstorms of cocaine and smack -- whatever the hell else they shove in their veins. You got a worldwide crime syndicate now. There's no rules. There's no parameters. There's no feelings. There's no feelings for this country.
Frank Locascio: Anarchy.
John Gotti: You got anarchy. So... 5-10 years from now, they gonna wish there was an American Cosa Nostra. 5-10 years from now....they gonna miss John Gotti.

Angelo Ruggerio: By the time the fence takes his cut, it's small potatoes. We're breakin' our balls for peanuts.
Gene Gotti: Not for nothing, but the guys don't have two nickels to rub together. What are we doin' here, policy slips? It's bullshit.
John Gotti: [suddenly ranting] All you's do, you cry like babies all day long, you bite my ass around the clock. If I'm not in here havin' my famous espresso with Tony Ducks by ten, I'm back by noon to check the numbers. But I'm the one that goes down to Mulberry to check it out with Mr. Neil, right? I'm the one that goes to Staten Island to pay respect to that lay-down cazzo Paulie. And then I I gotta drink bitter coffee, 'cause his spic maid cannot even run a fuckin' espresso machine. I gotta sit with that zombie Bilotti, doberman my ass!
[John stands up]]
John Gotti: I gotta go out to the island now to talk to Bobby about stolen watches? Are you fuckin' kiddin' me? You know I could've been a meter maid? I could've worked for U-P-fucking-S, and made more fuckin' money! Where the fuck you come cryin' to me about empty pockets? Why don't you just say what you want? You want a piece of DiB's porn? You want a piece of Sammy's construction? What do you want - demolition, cement, or garbage, which? You want trucks, meat, fish, garments? SO THE FUCK DO I!


  • Carlo Gambino: These FEDs, they tolerate certain things. CERTAIN THINGS. Not Drugs.


F.B.I Agent: Mr. Gotti, I am with the F.B.I
John Gotti: You know what F.B.I stands for don't you?
F.B.I Agent: Why don't you tell me.
John Gotti: Forever bother the Italians.

Aniello Dellacroce: I've been negotiating all night.
John Gotti: [to Ruggiero] Just take a walk. [back to Dellacroce] Negotiating what?
Aniello Dellacroce: Your fucking life!
John Gotti: For taking out a fuckin' cokehead?
Aniello Dellacroce: BE QUIET! Sit down. I said, sit down.
[Gotti takes a seat]
Aniello Dellacroce: You know, I've clipped a lot of guys in my life. Close friends. Guys I didn't know. I didn't always agree that the guy should be clipped. But I never questioned the orders. And I never went off half-cocked, and clipped somebody I wasn't supposed to!
John Gotti: Neil-
Aniello Dellacroce: Now, you shut up! You just listen. Big Paul went down to Don Carlo for permission to have you whacked! It came this close. [gestures with forefinger & thumb] I told Don Carlo you were like a son to me. That touched the old man; he told Paul to give you a pass. But if Don Carlo had said you gotta go, I would've come here today with these two zips, and you would go. John, you cannot whack a made man on somebody else's crew! There are rules! You break the rules, and this whole goddamn thing of ours cracks and crumbles! You never break the rules. Capisce?
John Gotti: Capisce.
Aniello Dellacroce: Let's drink to that.
[Dellacroce pours liquor into two glasses]
Aniello Dellacroce: Wipe your face, John. You're sweating up a hundred-dollar shirt. Don Carlo says you'll do some time, but he's gonna take care of your family. Here. La familia, and the rules that hold us together.
John Gotti: La familia...and the rules that hold us together.


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