John Gotti

American crime boss (1940–2002)

John Joseph Gotti, Jr. (27 October 1940 – 10 June 2002) was the boss of the Gambino crime family until his death after a conviction for crimes.

You should stay off television. You should stay off the book covers.



The Smoking Gun videos (2004)

I'm gonna die in here before you have a toothache.
"Blowing Up Gotti" at The Smoking Gun (13 August 2004)
  • Hey, when Vicky sends you the picture, send it to me. Listen to me, listen to me, Vicky, I don't wanna hurt you. I know you got a condition, and I don't want you to feel bad, but I'm gonna die before you have a toothache and that's the truth, you understand. I got nothing. I got no group picture. I got group picture. Let me tell you where I got the group pictures from. I got a group picture from Maria DeMaria. She sent me all her four grandchildren together in a picture. I got it from Georgia Corozza, she sent me her group picture. You want me to go on. I didn't get nothing from mine.
    • To his daughter
  • I told you not to bring these people no more. I told you Pete. I laugh all day and in a good frame of mind until I see them.
    • To his brother Peter, after the group picture incident.
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