Gorillas in the Mist

1988 film directed by Michael Apted

Gorillas in the Mist is a 1988 American drama film which tells the true-life story of naturalist Dian Fossey and her work in Rwanda with Mountain Gorillas.

Directed by Michael Apted. Written by Anna Hamilton Phelan (screenplay and story), Alex Shoumatoff (article), Tab Murphy (story), Harold T. P. Hayes (article) and Dian Fossey (work).
At the far ends of the Earth she found a reason to live, and a cause to fight for. (taglines)

Bob Campbell Edit

  • The tub's for me. A daily scalding might just make this climate bearable.

Dialogue Edit

Dian Fossey: You mean we go now?
Dr. Louis Leakey: Yes, to make it by sundown.
Dian Fossey: Dr Leakey, I just spent 35 hours on 4 different airplanes. I should at least take a shower.
Dr. Louis Leakey: No one will mind dear.
Dr. Louis Leakey: There. I've put something in there for you.
Dian Fossey: Thank you, that's very nice of you. You forgot the rest of my luggage.
Dr. Louis Leakey: No room. They'll be sent up next fortnight with the rest of the gear.
Dian Fossey: Now wait a minute! I quit my job, left my fiancé, to say nothing of my appendix and flew halfway around the world. Those cases contain my hairdryer, my makeup, my underwear and my brassieres. If they don't go, Dr Leakey, I don't go.

Dr. Louis Leakey: Choose your man.
Dian Fossey: What?
Dr. Louis Leakey: Your top man. Your tracker.
Dian Fossey: You speak English? The priest?
Sembagare: Saint Christopher. Patron saint of travellers, and me too.
Dian Fossey: What's your name?
Sembagare: Sembagare
Dian Fossey: Sem-ba-ga-re
Sembagare: I am the finest tracker. This man is not as good as me. Him is a great liar. Me - I'm the best.
Dian Fossey: Okay, okay. Sembagare you're on.
Sembagare: Thank you.

Sembagare: Your hair is color of fire. They think you are a witch.
Dian Fossey: Oh yeah? They wouldn't be the first.

Dian Fossey: How big are these night nests?
Sembagare: I don't know.
Dian Fossey: You mean you've forgotten.
Sembagare: How can I forget? I never knew.
Dian Fossey: Night nests, Sembagare. George Schaller's book says we count the gorillas' night nests to get the census.
Sembagare: I don't know about gorillas.
Dian Fossey: Of course you do. You're a tracker.
Sembagare: Yes, of buffalo, antelope and elephant.
Dian Fossey: What? Hey! Hey! That's great. That's just great. [pause] What the hell have you been doing for the last five hours?
Sembagare: I've been waiting for you to show me.

Dian Fossey: [voiceover] "March 23, 1967. "Dear Dr. Leakey, Sembagare and I are doing our best to track the gorillas. We're covering a lot of ground, but making very little progress. The only guide we've got is Schaller's book. So far, we haven't had any luck. I'm not discouraged, but I'm starting to think I'll spend my six months in Africa without ever seeing any."
Dr. Louis Leakey: [voiceover] "April 22nd. Dear Miss Fossey, surely you didn't expect the beggars to come out and line up so you could count them. These animals are being methodically wiped off the face of the Earth. They hold a clue to the way man adapted to his environment. That's why it's essential we discover...
Dian Fossey: I know that. I'm not an imbecile.
Dr. Louis Leakey: I know you're not an imbecile, but we must remember the elementary steps one overlooks in situations like this.
Dian Fossey: Maybe I'm just no good at this. Six weeks. Six whole weeks, and not a single gorilla... Shit. Shit. I sat in shit. Oh, my God. It's gorilla spoor.
Dr. Louis Leakey: And it's fresh.
Dian Fossey: It most certainly is.

Dian Fossey: It's nice to see a married man who can sew.
Bob Campbell: How did you know I was married?
Dian Fossey: The night you arrived, you shook the rain off your parka outside the door so you wouldn't get the floor wet.
Bob Campbell: Does it matter?
Dian Fossey: Apparently not.

Dian Fossey: I need eight more Halloween masks - only red ones. Or ones with red hair.
Bob Campbell: I won't even ask why, but I'll try to get some for you in Nairobi.
Dian Fossey: What else will you do in Nairobi?
Bob Campbell: What do you mean?
Dian Fossey: Nothing. Never mind. It looks bad for flying.
Bob Campbell: It'll pass.
Dian Fossey: I don't think so.
Bob Campbell: Those puddle jumpers can fly in anything.
Dian Fossey: I know these storms. You shouldn't be flying. I'm right about this.
Bob Campbell: Yes, you are right. I will be seeing my wife.
Dian Fossey: I know.
Bob Campbell: I know. I love you.
Dian Fossey: What?

Bob Campbell: You, my beautiful, are becoming a legend. Would you like to go to the movies?
Dian Fossey: Can I have a bath first?
Bob Campbell: You can have a bath second.
Dian Fossey: Why am I in this movie so much?
Bob Campbell: You're the story. You're what people are interested in. The gorilla girl.
Dian Fossey: It makes me look like some real weirdo.
Bob Campbell: Crawling around the mud in this climate after a bunch of gorillas might be perceived as weird.
Dian Fossey: Do you think I'm weird?
Bob Campbell: I do. Absolutely. Without question. I also think you are wonderful.
Dian Fossey: Which comes first, weird or wonderful?
Bob Campbell: Weird.
Dian Fossey: The gorillas look great. Look at that.
Dian Fossey: You see anyone you know?
Bob Campbell: I've asked my wife for a divorce. Did you hear me?
Dian Fossey: I'm scared.
Bob Campbell: You're scared? I'm about to marry a girl who's liable to have gorillas for bridesmaids, and you're scared?
Dian Fossey: You should be scared.
Bob Campbell: You know what I want? I want to get this film finished, be well paid for it, go to a warm climate, and be around to make love to you on your 64th birthday.

Sembagare: How could you do that? I don't care what that man did. This isn't your private kingdom. That was sick.
Dian Fossey: You think I'm sick? Am I a murderer? Did I do this? This won't stop until those butchers are stopped! What are you crying about? I have been wasting my time with you. Sembagare!

Dian Fossey: Kim? Kim, I'd like to talk to you, please. May I come in? [enters tent and catches Brendan and Kim in bed together] Oh, God. This isn't a summer camp. If you want to crawl into each other's beds, you can do it somewhere else, all right? You're fired!
Brendan: You can't fire us! We work for the Leakey Foundation!
Dian Fossey: Get off my mountain! [to the others] What are you staring at, you stupid, lazy wogs? If you'd done your job, none of this would've happened.

Dian Fossey: Nice ring, Van Vecten. Zoo sale profits?
Van Vecten: Miss Fossey, where did you see your first wild animal? The zoo, wasn't it?
Dian Fossey: You like this ring? You want to keep the hand this ring is on? If I see or hear or smell you anywhere near my gorillas, you'll be writing with your other hand, and I'll have a new ashtray, understand?
Van Vecten: You are mad.
Dian Fossey: Yes, I am mad. I am crazy.
Van Vecten: You go too far.
Dian Fossey: Good! Don't push me. I'll push you off the Earth, you murderer!
Van Vecten: Mukara was here this afternoon. He is very angry with you. He says you're telling people there's typhoid here on the mountain. Mademoiselle, the government needs money from the tourists. They get very mad if you scare these people away. Mukara also said last week you shot a tourist in the meadow.
Dian Fossey: Now, that is not true. I shot way over their heads. They are not going to turn this mountain into a big damn zoo.
Van Vecten: They're not. Mademoiselle, Mukara told me to tell you if you continue to do this, they will not give you a new work permit.
Dian Fossey: Did he, now? [holds up a paper] A three-year work permit issued 10 days ago. They can't touch me now.

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  • In a land of beauty, wonder and danger, she would follow a dream, fall in love and risk her life to save the mountain gorillas from extinction.
  • At the far ends of the Earth she found a reason to live, and a cause to fight for.
  • They were beautiful.

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