Ginza Rabba

holy scripture of the Mandaean religion
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The Ginza Rabba is the most important holy scripture of Mandaeism.

An Arabic translation of the Ginza Rabba published in Baghdad, Iraq


I am the Life that was from the beginning.
I am the Truth (kušṭa) which existed even earlier in the beginning.
I am radiance; I am light.
I am death; I am life.
I am darkness; I am light.
I am error; I am truth.
I am destruction; I am construction.
I am light; I am error.
I am blow; I am healing.
I am the elevated man who is older and who was there before the builder of heaven and earth.
I have no peers among kings, and there is as yet no crown in my kingdom.
There is no human being who can give me a message in the foggy clouds of darkness.

– Translated by Buckley (2002)[1] from Lidzbarski (1925), Right Ginza 6, p. 207, lines 34–42.[2]

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