Giant (1956 film)

1956 American epic Western drama film

Giant is a 1956 film that is a sprawling epic covering the life of a Texas cattle rancher and his family and associates.

Directed by George Stevens. Written by Fred Guiol and Ivan Moffat, based on the 1962 novel by Edna Ferber.
The legendary epic that's as big as Texas.taglines

Jordan 'Bick' Benedict Jr.

  • You want to know something, Leslie? If I live to be ninety, I will never figure you out.

Jett Rink

  • You sure do look pretty, Miss Leslie. Pert nigh good enough to eat!
  • Everybody thought I had a duster. Y'all thought ol' Spindletop Burke and Burnett was all the oil there was, didn't ya? Well, I'm here to tell you that it ain't, boy! It's here, and there ain't a dang thing you gonna do about it! My well came in big, so big, Bick and there's more down there and there's bigger wells. I'm rich, Bick. I'm a rich 'un. I'm a rich boy. Me, I'm gonna have more money than you ever thought you could have - you and all the rest of you stinkin' sons of... Benedicts!


  • Uncle Bawley: Bick, you shoulda shot that fella a long time ago. Now he's too rich to kill.


Dr. Horace Lynnton: [they pull up to the Lynnton estate and stop as horses jump over the fence in front of them] There he is, there's the stallion. That's War Winds.
Bick Benedict: Beautiful.
Dr. Horace Lynnton: That's my daughter riding him, Leslie. [turns to Bick] Leslie's my daughter. She's riding him.
Bick Benedict: [slyly referring to Leslie instead of the stallion] Doctor, that sure is a beautiful animal.
Dr. Horace Lynnton: Yes she, well we'll get to the hoses first thing in the morning. Right now you're coming up to the house and get ready for dinner.

Bick Benedict: Leslie... don't behave like that... making a fuss o'er those people. You're a Texan now.
Leslie Benedict: Is that a state of mind? I'm still myself...
Bick Benedict: You're my wife now honey, you're a Benedict.
Leslie Benedict: I still have a mind of my own. Elsewhere being gracious is acceptable.
Bick Benedict: Uh, well, but... we're gracious.

Leslie Benedict: Money isn't everything, Jett.
Jett Rink: Not when you've got it.

Jett Rink: I don't know what it might just be a good idea... to gamble 'long with ol' Madama.
Bick Benedict: How do you mean?
Jett Rink: Jus' gamble 'long. Just... keep what she give me. [beat] I'm sentimental too, Bick.

Leslie Benedict: I said I was sorry about the name calling. It was very impolite, I know, but in principle I was absolutely right.
Bick Benedict: You come down here and you try to tell us how to run things, insultin' my friends and everything. Now, you look here Leslie, you're my wife, Mrs Jordan Benedict, and I'm asking you right now, when are you gonna settle down and behave like everybody else?
Leslie Benedict: Never!
Bick Benedict: Who in Hohenzollern do you think you are, anyhow, Joan of Arc or somethin'?

Bick Benedict: Just remember, one of these days, that bourbon's gonna kill you.
Uncle Bawley: Okay, it'll be me or it. One of us has gotta go.

Adarene Clinch: Why, Luz, everybody in this county knows you'd rather herd cattle than make love.
Luz Benedict: Well, there's one thing you got to say for cattle... boy, you put your brand on one of them, you're gonna know where it's at!


  • The legendary epic that's as big as Texas.
  • Sometimes any man can be a giant...
  • A picture of proud people. A love story. A cavalcade -- A conflict of creeds -- A personal drama of strong longings -- A story of big things and big feelings. This is Giant!
  • Leslie Lynnton--whether you loved her in the open or hid it inside you--you hungered...
  • Bick Benedict was big, but he was biggest the one day when he crawled.
  • Jett Rink was made to get to the top -- so he could have the fun of falling all the way down.



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