Ghost Adventures

American paranormal docuseries

Ghost Adventures is a weekly American paranormal television series that premiered on October 17, 2008 on the Travel Channel. The program follows and stars ghost hunters Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin as they investigate locations that are reported to be haunted.

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Zak - There are things in this world that we will never fully understand. We want answers. We have worked years to build our credibility, our reputation. Working alongside the most renowned professionals in the field. Capturing groundbreaking proof of the paranormal.

“It’s climbing up you!” “I can’t give you an explanation.”

This is our evidence. Our Ghost Adventures.

Documentary film (2006)

[During the investigation in the Goldfield Hotel, Zak and Nick navigate through a dark basement and hear mysterious noises.]
Zak: Okay, we hear you!...We hear you! And we don't think that you're a very nice spirit because you're-you're making not-noises—you're throwing shit!...But we have no fear of you!...Okay? We have absolutely no fear you!...Nick, you're going in there first?...You want me to go in?...Is that you, making all that noise?
Nick: This is the room.
Zak: What room?
Nick: Been talking about.
[Zak enters the room first.]
Zak: Is that you making all the noise?
[Apparently, a brick on the floor takes flight, and wooden boards leaning on a wall tip over and land.]
Zak: Holy s**t! Holy s**t! Oh, my God! Holy s**t!...Stop! Stop!...Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!...

Season 1 (2008)

[During the investigation, Nick gets startled and runs from the restroom twice.]
Zak: Stop! Stop run-stop running!...Do not f***ing run!...Do not run! Stop running!...Do not run from this....We’re not running from you!

[During the investigation, the crew stands near a well in the basement of a former slaughterhouse.]
Zak: If this is the portal to hell...if this is the portal to hell, then why don't you come up out of that ground and get us?!

[During the investigation, Zak is scratched by a demonic entity that he provoked.]
Zak: I bet you're saying to yourself, "Wow, what a tough guy this guy is. I scratched the hell out of him, and he's still coming for more." Well, damn right, I'm coming for more! I want to talk to the piece of shit who scratched me on my back, Come and do it again! Why did you do it on my back? Do it on my face!...Scratch Aaron's forehead! Why is it me? Because I'm the one talking all the shit.
[During the daytime walkthrough, the crew heads up to the attic with Sheila Powell, a middle-aged psychic female medium.]
Sheila Powell: [pointing and wiggling her finger at Aaron] But you know what is funny is that he really doesn’t like you the most....and that’s why he doesn't like men at all. And I am very, very adamant when I say he does not like men at all.

[During the investigation, Aaron is left "alone" in the attic where a man is said to hang himself.]
Aaron: I heard you didn't like me very much....Why don't you like me?...Why did you hang yourself? Hoh-I’m gonna ask another bad question: Phew-do you know hanging yourself’s a cowardly way to go?
[During the investigation, the crew tries to navigate through a dark, dirty, and wet tunnel.]
Aaron: Sorry, dude. I didn't see. I was trying to see where I was going....Oh, God! Oh! Whoa. Whoa, my God.
Nick: Stop, stop, stop! You’re making me do that.
Aaron: [giggling] How would I make you do that?! How would I make you do that?!
Zak: [whispers] shhhhh I'm trying to film here.

"Nick" well I'm trying not to fall. "Zak"[smiling] All I hear is splashing behind me.

Season 2 (2009)

[Near the end of the investigation, Zak behaves unusually and later claims to be partially possessed by a spirit.]
Aaron: [whispering] Nick, Nick, Nick. Nick. Dude, he’s kinda creeping me out, bro, like no joke.
Zak: [singing gibberish while walking away]

(later zak is in a room said to belong to an old murdered maid.)

Nick: hey Zak why don't you come out into the hallway?
Zak: (leaning against doorframe smiling) no, why? i dont want to, or i dont want to come out there.. (turns head to listen) what?.... ok i'll come back in. (turns and walks into the darkness.)
Aaron: Dude, one thing the guy said is you don’t taunt voodoo.
Zak: Am I taunting?
Aaron: Dude, you’re taunting the crap out of it!

Zak: I am sorry, I am not taunting you I am just talking...Talking loudly.

[During a daytime walkthrough, Zak explores a sealed tunnel, awakens a stray cat sleeping in it, is startled by the cat screeching and lunging at him, yelps, and backs away.]
Aaron: [looking on, clapping, and chuckling] Dude! Yeah! That was awesome!
[The fleeing cat scurries away past Aaron and across the street.]

Season 3 (2009–2010)


Ghost Adventures Live [3.01]

Zak: Happy freakin' Halloween!

Remington Arms Factory [3.05]

[During the daytime tour, Zak finds an old telephone and quotes a line from the Ghostbusters theme song.]
Zak: [pretending to answer a call] "Who you're gonna call?" Ghost Adventures!...Yes?

[During the daytime tour, Zak summarizes his greatest fears while climbing an aged staircase inside a shot tower.]
Zak: [climbing] Heights, snakes, and crazy-looking dolls…Those are on Zak's top three I-don’t-like list.

[During the investigation, the crew hears and feels strange phenomena.]
Zak: Listen.
Nick: Jesus!
Aaron: Oh, my God!
[During the investigation, Aaron hears and captures a noise near him in a hallway.]
Aaron: [gasping] Whoa! Whoa, whoa. Oh, my God! No! No, no, no, no, no, no... Oh my god dude oh oh god."
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