Garfield Gets a Life

1991 film directed by John Sparey

Garfield Gets a Life is a half-hour animated television special based on the Garfield comic strip written by Jim Davis. It features Lorenzo Music as the voice of Garfield. The special was first broadcast May 8, 1991 on CBS and has been released on both VHS and DVD home video. It was the final Garfield television special, in spite of the success of Garfield and Friends animated series as CBS cancelled new animated specials in 1990. Odie only appears twice in this special. Unlike the other Garfield specials, despite the title, this one focuses mainly on Jon rather than the titular fat cat.


  • [at the video store] Can we get "Old Yeller"? I just love movies with happy endings.
  • Hey, Monsieur Dumb Guy, remember me? What am I, chopped liver? Duck pate? Foie-gras? Why am I getting so hungry?


[Jon has just performed a goofy dance]
Man: Hey, jerk! Disco is DEAD!
Jon Arbuckle: What? When? [to himself] Boy - you learn a dance and then zango, 14 years later, they change it!
Garfield: Go figure.

Lorenzo: Our motto is, "If you can get a pulse, you can get a life".
Garfield: [to Jon] Ah, maybe they'll take you anyway.

Jon Arbuckle: Garfield, did you know the living room ceiling has 144 tiles?
Garfield: The living room has 214.
Jon Arbuckle: I'm bored.
Garfield: Why don't you organize your sock drawer?
Jon Arbuckle: I'd organize my sock drawer but I already did it last night.
Garfield: I'll be the judge of that.
[Garfield opens the drawer and finds the socks organized]
Garfield: Whoa, I'm impressed.


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