Four Brothers

2005 film by John Singleton

Four Brothers is a 2005 action crime film about four men who investigate and avenge the murder of their adoptive mother.

Directed by John Singleton. Written by David Elliot and Paul Lovett.
Jack Mercer will do violence to get justice. (taglines)

Bobby MercerEdit

  • She's got a boyfriend, she's got hard dick in her right now. She screaming somebody else's name and the last thing she's doing is thinking about is your black ass.(teasing Angel Mercer)
  • You missed mother's funeral too, jarhead. (talking to Angel)
  • ....Nitro got Midnight in a headlock!Get him!!....(as soon a Jeremiah and Angel starts a brawl in the house)
  • (talking to Jack while playing ice hockey)There you go!Shit,I gotta make a man outta you!
  • wanna make a Evelyn Mercer...the greatest mother four degenerate bastards ever had.
  • (in an annoying voice) yea...we gonna do the gas thing...
  • (in an annoying voice) the PO-POs are here....ya'll better run,man these white cops are crazy.
  • No,no,no,no,no (stuffs a shirt into a gangster's mouth)...this is not the talking part, okay?This is the listening part.So shut your mouth!
  • It'S ten,O,2(10:02)and the light is still on...let's pop this motherfucker out.
  • it's a Mercer family tradition.
  • Fowler: you know what this is??(showing Bobby a hair sample)
    Bobby: a hair from your wife's tit?
  • ay, Sofi! Why don't you give me a favor cleanin' some of those shot? Make yourself useful!
  • (pouring petrol on Douglas's car)I'm gonna turn your ass into a black gingerbreadman now!
  • he thinks I'm an idiot...he thinks I don't know what the fuck is goin on...
  • good timing, Jerry... just when it seems when it's all lost for you,she got shot by some gangsters and now you hit the fucking lottery??
  • thank god? you killed my mother,my little brother,motherfucker!thank Victor Sweet!!! (shoots the hoodlum's head)
  • It doesn't count as a plan if it takes you longer to say it than it does to think it up, Jerry.
  • police?cops love the Mercers, Jerry...

Jeremiah MercerEdit

  • close your mouth Angel.Think you're a cow or something?
  • ya'll stick around...might give ya'll ass a job!
  • don't call me if ya'll got shot up...this is Detroit in case if ya'll forgot!
  • somebody gotta look after ya'll clowns..
  • no! you don't know who ya'll fuckin with!
  • ya'll trippin cause I made an insurance payment?!! WHAT?!!(stands up) I paid all her(Evelyn Mercer) bills!!!(pushes Bobby,punches Angel in the face) What the fuck with ya'll?!! HUHH?!!! How many years I had to take care of her my goddamn self?!!! Ya'll around doin nothin! Bullshit!! And you gon' tell me I killed her?! C'mon man!

Angel: We heard you pay off a killer like Sweet!And what the fuck did he do for you,Jerry?! Jeremiah: Wh-What he do for me?? He killed my fuckin life!!

  • he'll deal, he's a businessman.
  • we cant kill a cop,even if he is dirty.
  • a whole new proposal.


  • Jack Mercer will do violence to get justice.
  • Jeremiah Mercer will take the law into his own hands.
  • Angel Mercer wants to know who killed his mother.
  • The Mercers want mercy.
  • Two black, two white. To avenge their mother, they must unite.
  • They came home to bury mom... and her killer
  • Bobby Mercer is not the kind of man who asks twice


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