Fingersmith (TV serial)

2005 film

Fingersmith is a three-part BBC mini-series that was televised in 2005. The story, which is an adaptation of Sarah Waters' Man Booker Prize nominated novel of the same name, follows the meeting of two very different young women and what madness ensues. Directed by Aisling Walsh, it stars Sally Hawkins, Imelda Staunton, Elaine Cassidy, Rupert Evans and Charles Dance.

Sue Trinder: Country! I never knew there was so much of it. Mile after bleedin' mile.

[Sue & Maud discussing Maud's impending wedding night in bed.]

Maud Lilly: I...I know some things from books.

Sue Trinder: How can you know it from books?

Maud Lilly: You're right, I know nothing, nothing, nothing.

Maud Lilly: It's...a curious...wanting thing. [after Maud and Susan's first kiss]

Sue Trinder: If I'd have said I love you, she'd have said it back. And then everything would have been different. I might have saved her... I might have found a way to keep her from her fate.

Dr. Christie: ...the overexposure of women to literature breeds unnatural fancies...

Sue Trinder: [caressing Maud's manuscript that has fallen to the floor] What's it say?

Maud Lilly: They're full of words I want love you.

Maud: Sue, leave now!

Sue: You'd like me to do that, wouldn’t you?

Maud: You don't know what's really happened.

Sue: I know you've got my clothes! You've got even my bleeding bangles! Why? Isn’t your fortune enough? Isn’t what you did to me enough?

Maud: Please go...

Sue: They put me in the mad house, Mrs. Sucksby!

Maud: You planned to put me there!

Sue: Oh, I wish I had!

Maud: To cheat me…to kill me?

Sue: I will, I will, I will kill you!

Maud: Have you come to kill me?

Sue: No, Maud. How could I harm you? I know everything.

Maud: No, you know nothing, you don’t know me at all. I’m not the good, sweet girl you thought I was… This…is what I am.

Sue: You pearl. You pearl.

Maud: [guiding Sue's hand to her crotch] You done it before. For the sake of tonight, we weren't dreaming, were we? Sue: That was only to start you off Maud: [kissing her] Were we?

Richard "Gentleman" Rivers: [to Maud] You think life is hard with money? You should try it without!

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