Farid A. Malik

Farid A. Malik is an Pakistani academic, columnist and professor of operations management. He is former Chairman of the Pakistan Science Foundation.


It is about sharing and caring, 2020Edit

It is about sharing and caring (January 23, 2020), Daily Times.
  • With hunger, famine and poverty on the rise for the many, the party has to end for the few. An orderly sharing and caring is much better than disorderly snatching, rioting and plunder. Greed and excessive accumulation of wealth has challenged the gains of civilized societies. Hopelessness is becoming the hallmark of the 21st century.
  • All is not well in the flourishing world of plenty. The rat race for glory has been carried too far. Fundamental human rights have to be revisited and re-defined. Freedom of action without economic emancipation is meaningless. In the 21st century every human being should be entitled to a basic living. No one should have to sleep hungry at night unless advised by the doctor. Hunger has to be addressed, food should be included as a fundamental right to be ensured by the state. Violation should carry UN sanctions.
  • Today an agricultural country like Pakistan is unable to ensure food autarky whether artificial or real only time will tell. Without sharing and caring for humanity there is no way forward. Humans need humans to grow and flourish. There has to be hand holding for humanity to advance. Our destiny is intertwined. As a human race we must seek commonalities not divisions and conflict. The world can be made a better place for all of us where there is peace and happiness. Instead of arms buildup there should be peace and prosperity networks to lift the human race.
  • Humanity must come first to make the world a better place to live for all of us. Let us learn to share and care as it used to be before the information age hit us to spread disinformation.

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