European migrant crisis

2010s migrant crisis in the European Union

The European migrant crisis, also known as the refugee crisis, is a period beginning in 2015 characterized by rising numbers of people arriving in the European Union from across the Mediterranean Sea or overland through Southeast Europe. See also: Refugees

I tell Europe if you don't want refugees, then you should help us get rid of this regime. ~ Muhammed Faris

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  • In 2015 Merkel in Germany made a radical gesture. After the failure of an EU plan to absorb refugees from the Syrian civil war flowing into Greece, she decided to offer them sanctuary in Germany. Over a million accepted. The reaction was fierce. An unashamedly right-wing group, Alternative for Germany, emerged in the 2018 German elections as the third largest party, strongest in the former East German provinces. Merkel, so long the queen of Europe, was almost toppled. A charismatic French president, Emmanuel Macron, elected in 2017, swiftly moved into lead position in the EU and promptly initiated yet another attempt to concentrate and reform the eurozone. Germany disagreed. Europe looked ever more divided and confused.
    • Simon Jenkins, A Short History of Europe: From Pericles to Putin (2018)

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