British synthpop duo

Erasure are an English synth-pop duo formed in London in 1985, consisting of singer/songwriter Andy Bell with songwriter, producer and keyboardist Vince Clarke, previously known as co-founder of the band Depeche Mode and a member of electropop duo Yazoo. From their fourth single, "Sometimes|" (1986), Erasure established themselves on the UK Singles Chart, becoming one of the most successful acts of the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s. From 1986 to 2007, the pair achieved 24 consecutive top-40 entries in the UK singles chart. By 2009, 34 of their 37 chart-eligible singles and EPs had made the UK top 40, including 17 climbing into the top 10. At the 1989 Brit Awards, Erasure won the Brit Award for Best British Group.

Erasure (Vince Clark and Andy Bell) in 1992.

Song lyrics

  • There's something going on,
    Something not quite right.
    There's something stranger
    Happening to me.
    There's someone at the door,
    I hear voices in my head.
    It seems things aren't the way
    They ought to be.
  • Oh l'amour (Oh l'amour)
    Broke my heart
    Now I'm aching for you
    Mon amour (Mon amour)
    What's a boy in love
    Supposed to do?
  • I don't wanna look
    Like some kind of fool.
    I don't wanna break
    My heart over you.
    I'm building a wall,
    Everyday it's getting higher.
    This time I won't end up
    Another victim of love.
  • Ooh, sometimes
    The truth is harder
    Than the pain inside, yeah.
    Ooh, sometimes
    It's the broken heart
    That decides.
  • Father worked in industry,
    Now the work has moved on.
    And the factory's gone
    See them sell your history
    Where once you were strong
    And you used to belong.
  • I try to discover
    A little something to make me sweeter.
    Oh, baby, refrain
    From breaking my heart.
    I'm so in love with you.
    I'll be forever blue.
    That you give me no reason
    Why you make a me work so hard.
  • And if I should falter,
    Would you open your arms out to me?
    We can make love, not war
    And live at peace with our hearts.
    I'm so in love with you.
    I'll be forever blue.
    What religion or reason
    Could drive a man to forsake his lover?
    • "A Little Respect"
  • I close my eyes and I try to imagine
    What you're dreaming.
    Why can't you see what you're doing to me?
    My world is spinning.
  • She was a shy girl from the lonely streets;
    She had no job to do, no friends to meet.
    She'd sit in silence in her empty room,
    Dream of her childhood and invented truths.

    And in her mind she'd drift away,
    A secret place to steal away.

    • "Phantom Bride"
  • Come to me, cover me, hold me
    Together we'll break these chains of love.
    Don't give up (Don't give up)
    Don't give up (Don't)
    Together with me and my baby
    Break the chains of love.
  • My home is where the heart is
    Sweet to surrender to you only
    I send my love to you.
  • One rule for us,
    For you another:
    Do unto yourself
    As you see fit for your brother.

    Is that not within your realm of understanding?
    A fifty-second capacity of mind, too demanding?

  • God is love, God is war,
    TV preacher tell me more.
    Lord redeem me, am I pure?
    Pure as, pure as heaven.
    Sent you money, sent you flowers,
    Could I worship you for hours?
    In whose hands are we anyway?
  • Don't ever let me take you for granted,
    You've got your finger on the pulse of my soul.
    Let me place a kiss in the small of your back,
    Love and protect you from the evils of this world.

    Oh baby don't ever leave me stranded.
    Whoever said that the streets were paved with gold?
    Well I'm afraid that we're all sadly mistaken,
    There's nothing here 'til we have someone to hold.

  • Go ahead with your dreamin',
    For what it's worth.
    Or you'll be stricken bound,
    Kickin' up dirt.
    For when it's dark,
    You never know what the night it may bring.
  • Never had a point of view
    'Cause my mind was always someone else's mind.
  • Look at all the lonely people
    Walking miles around the town.
    I can see the old cathedral,
    But I have to play it down.
    Boats along the river
    Setting up their sails.
    And life carries on as normal
    Although you're not around.
  • I'm crazy flowing over with ideas,
    A thousand ways to woo a lover so sincere.
    Love and hate, what a beautiful combination,
    Sending shivers up and down my spine.
  • If they'd ever told me
    That I'd find true love in every way,
    Would I cry till tomorrow?
    Would I keep the non-believers away?
    Was I shy?
    Was I good with this foolish heart?
    Did I try to deny we would fall apart?
  • That I should fall from grace
    Implies a twist of fate,
    But I'm open to the joys and woes of passion.

    And who shall take the wheel
    When it's time for overkill?
    There's no release when destiny is calling.

  • Open your eyes, I see
    Your eyes are open
    Wear no disguise for me
    Come into the open.

    When it's cold outside,
    Am I here in vain?
    Hold on to the night,
    There will be no shame.

  • Don't know what you've got 'til it's gone,
    A hint of the scent then it's gone.
    Look at the state of you, you're all fingers and thumbs.
    So, who's your latest flame,
    Drivin' 'em wild in the fast lane.
    Won't say I told you so, but the boy has no shame (no shame).
  • Past five in the morning,
    Feeling worse for the weather it seems.
    But what a feeling,
    What an endless night this has been.

    And we can't stay here
    'Cause we won't be forever young.
    We'll have to go down
    Before innocence is lost.

  • Weep for me
    And I will set your wheels in motion.
    Keep with me
    And like a roller on the ocean
    Stand by me
    And I will fill you with devotion
    Walk with me
    The inner reaches of emotion.
  • My world in light, saving all as one
    A love that no-one can deny
    My one true light, same for everyone
    A love we dare you to defy.
    Only rain.
  • And walls come tumbling down,
    We'll be forever calm.
    And you'll be here in my arms,
    I'll keep you away from harm.
  • My eyes are closed
    And I've nothing more to say.
    But I was so willing
    To give it all away.
    And what a show
    I've loved you all I could
    When will I see you?
    Is nothing understood?
  • Don't know why we cry
    Run away from the truth
    Children of new men
    Colors of human kind, in shadow Good is your loving
    Growing and sharing storms.
  • All of a sudden it's gone,
    Too late to wish a friend farewell.
    Heard the sea in a shell.
    Said we would meet in other worlds
    See how the moon, she cries,
    Cool how the tears fill up the sky as snow.
  • How am I supposed to know what's in your head, what's on your mind?
    I'm searching for your love that's in your heart; I need it.

    Here I go impossible again
    Should I hold you close to keep the night from ending?

  • Breathe, and I breathe
    It's bitter without you I can't live without you
    And I'm in love with you.
  • With the light coming in,
    My desire to give in runs away with me.
    If I'm not good enough and my love is too much,
    Then forget it.
    Now I am strong,
    Carry me home.
    You can take it or leave it.
  • Call me,
    Any time just call me.
    Tell me that you want me,
    Feel it everywhere.

    Hold me,
    Never let go of me.
    I love it when you haunt me,
    Tell me that you care.

  • I'm talking 'bout the soul inside,
    Every thought and word and deed.
    We're running and we don't look back,
    Some people never see the light.

    Every particle of time,
    It will be a healing one.
    We only dream in black and white,
    Blind to the beautiful one.

  • Everybody seems to have their own point of view,
    In time my friend there'll be another.
    Everybody wants to tell me what I should do,
    But I don't know if I'll recover.

    What did I do? Did I deserve it?
    Have I been careless with you baby?
    What can I do to make it better?

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