Yazoo (band)

British synthpop duo

Yazoo (also known as Yaz in the United States) are a British synthpop duo from Basildon, Essex, formed in late 1981 by former Depeche Mode songwriter Vince Clarke (synthesizer) and Alison Moyet (vocals). They had a number of Top 10 hits in the UK charts in the early 1980s.

Song lyrics


All songs written by Vince Clarke, except as noted.

  • Came in from the city walked into the door
    I turned around when I heard the sound of footsteps on the floor.
    Love just like addiction now I'm hooked on you.
    I need some time to get it right.
    Your love gonna see me through.

    Can't stop now don't you know I ain't never gonna let you go.
    Don't go.

  • I stand alone and watch the clock.
    I only wait for it to stop.
    And in the room locked up inside me,
    The cutout magazines remind me.
    I sit and wait alone, in my room.
    • In My Room.
  • Looking from a window above, it's like a story of love.
    Can you hear me?
    Came back only yesterday,
    Moving farther away.
    Want you near me.

    All I needed was the love you gave.
    All I needed for another day.
    And all I ever knew,
    Only you.

  • Blue eyed dressed for every situation;
    Moving through the doorway of a nation.
    Pick me up and shake the doubt,
    Baby I can't do without.

    Move out, don't mess around.
    Move out, you bring me down.
    Move out, how you get about?
    Don't make a sound, just move out.

    • Situation, written by Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet.
  • For the times we've had I don't want to be - a page in your diary babe,
    For the good, the bad I don't want to see - a page in your diary babe,
    For the happy, the sad - I don't want to be another page in your diary.
  • Winter sounds the crying,
    Like an old man slowly dyin.
    And the only sound, the wind that fills the trees.
    Even colder comes the moon,
    And though it never seems too soon,
    A sudden stillness as the rainfall starts to freeze.

    I'm Mr. Blue.
    I'm here to stay with you.
    And no matter what you do,
    When you're lonely - I'll be lonely too.

    • Mr. Blue.
  • In his face age descends on youth, exaggeration on the truth.
    He caught me looking then but soon his eyes forgot.
    And everything he seems to do reflects just another shade of blue.
    I saw him searching into you and ached a while.
    • Ode to Boy, written by Alison Moyet.
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