Eragon (film)

2006 film directed by Stefen Fangmeier

Eragon is a fantasy film, directed by Stefen Fangmeier, based on the book Eragon released on December 15, 2006.

You are far stronger than you realise . . . far wiser than you think . . . what was once your life . . . is now your legend. taglines


  • (About Saphira) Some friends can't be replaced. But luckily, some don't have to be.
  • (About Morzan) A son doesn't choose his father. I hated that man till the day he died.
  • (To Eragon) "I guess we're even then!"


  • I didn't ask for any of this!
  • (To Brom) I've got skills!
  • I'm the Rider, and I say we go!
  • We fight as one!
  • Caleb is the best and he ha s read all the books
  • (on Saphira, looking over a cliff) It's not so bad up here. (Saphira takes off) Wylyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
  • (watching Saphira hatch) Look at you. What are you?
  • Are we together, Saphira? (Saphira nods)
  • Fire!
  • I know your story is true.
  • I eb ggkjbbj,bhjgbhjbghj
  • Into the sky, to win, or die!


  • (To the soldiers) Take care of the little bones, hate to see you choke.
  • (To Eragon) Let's see these skills of yours.
  • Magic comes from dragons; it flows through the Riders who command them.
  • Our beautiful lands have been ravaged by a ruthless king, and our people live under the shadow of tyranny. [...] But it wasn't always like this, was it? There was a time when the world lived in peace, protected by warriors astride mighty dragons. They are nothing but stories now - all we have is hope that a dragon will be born again, and one will rise to lead us to freedom.
  • There was a time when our land flourished without fear and cruelty. A time of dragons and dragon riders. Dragons gave their riders magical powers. No one could defeat them! Until one of their own, a Rider named Galbatorix opposed them, and cut down any Rider who opposed him-
  • One false move, one reckless decision, and everything is lost.
  • The time of dragons and Dragon Riders will come again.
  • (Upon seeing Eragon's gedwey ignasia) You!
  • The king won't rest until your dragon is killed.
  • My story was about you, Eragon. [...] The Varden need a Rider if they are to defeat Durza and the King.
  • I always say, better to ask forgiveness than permission.
  • That's the spirit... one part brave, three parts fool.


  • Be strong, Eragon. [...] They will follow you wherever you want them to follow.
  • You're the only one who can save us.
  • I am Arya, princess of Ellesmera.
  • Only yesterday, you were a, you are a hero.
  • Poor Durza. How will he tell the King - he failed?


  • We choose a leader for his heart.
  • Without fear, there cannot be courage. But when we are together, it is our enemies who should be afraid!
  • (about Brom) Eragon, let him die with a Dragon Rider.
  • (after the final battle) We did it...together. Eragon, no. Even you don't have a heart strong enough for both of us.
  • Careful old man, only my voice is gentle.
  • I am Saphira. And you...are my rider.
  • (angrily) You're ridiculous! Hold on!
  • (enraged) YOU STUPID BOY!!!!!
  • You're giving me no choice!


  • As long as I am king, disloyalty will be punishable by death.
  • When they learn that the legend is real, they will challenge me.
  • I can't let them have hope.
  • Gather my army and follow them(...) leave no one alive.
  • Beyond these borders are remnants of the Resistance; Dwarves, Elves, the Varden.


  • There's no one left for you to fear, my king.
  • I will find the boy, and kill him before he becomes a man.
  • As you feared, the dragon has hatched...but to a mere farm boy.
  • I expected something a little more...well, more.
  • Congratulations, you've just been promoted!
  • A young magician! How quaint!
  • RAZAAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (last words) Hear her scream!


Garrow: Your day will come too, Eragon, and you will decide for yourself the kind of life you wish to lead.

King Hrothgar: Tell all our people that the battle we have prepared for has come to us.

Angela: Great battles rage around you.


Eragon: If you help me, won't the king kill you too?
Brom: The king'll kill us all if you don't survive.

Eragon: I barely recognize myself.
Arya: You've come a long way, Eragon.
Eragon: They still doubt me.
Arya: They will doubt you until you prove otherwise.
Eragon: And then?
Arya: Then they'll follow you wherever you want them to follow... believe anything you want them to believe. That's how legends go.

Arya: Did you know that people already tell stories about you?
Eragon: Well, you know how legends go.

Arya: The search for a Rider has been a long one.
Eragon: But why me? I'm just a farmboy.
Arya: Because that is who Saphira chose.

(Repeated lines)
Eragon: Be careful.
Saphira: You be careful.

Eragon: I didn't ask for any of this!
Brom:You were chosen, nevertheless. A dragon will only hatch if it feels the presence of its Rider, even if it has to wait forever. Now it's found you. It will serve you and only you...

Arya: Yesterday you were a farmboy. Today you are a hero. Tomorrow may see us together again.
Eragon: Then I'll be waiting for tomorrow.
Saphira: Tomorrow may come sooner than you think.

Murtagh: You'll learn to trust me, Dragon Rider.
(Saphira roars)
Eragon: I'm not the only one you need to convince.

Eragon: We need to get closer to his heart.
Saphira: This time, rip it out of his chest!


  • One boy.. One dragon... A world of adventure.
  • The next great fantasy.
  • When darkness falls ... A hero ... Will ride.
  • Set the world on fire.
  • This Christmas, the next generation will be born.
  • As darkness falls, the last dragon will choose its rider.
  • This year, the next Dragon Rider will rise.
  • Riders Wanted
  • You are stronger... Than you realize... Wiser... Than you know... What was once your life... Is now your legend


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