Edmond van Eetvelde

Belgian diplomat (1852-1925)

Stanislas Marie Léon Edmond van Eetvelde (Postel, April 21, 1852 - Brussels, December 8, 1925) became one of the closest associates of the Belgian King Leopold II of Belgium, in his capacity as head of the Congo Free State.

Edmond van Eetvelde

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  • You would remember that when I decided that the state would exploit its domain and that any vacant land would be claimed by it as its own, you found me absolutely absolute. You have nevertheless very vigorously and very skillfully supported me. For the Nile, I also ask you to follow my instructions faithfully. I will not lead you to the shipwreck, I promise you. For the time being, I want to be as powerful as possible on the Nile.

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