Earth 2

television series

Earth 2 was a short lived television series on NBC from 1994 to 1995 and consisted of 21 episodes. The show was about a crew of colonists who get stranded on an alien planet 22 light-years from Earth. Their ship, along with most of their supplies and crewmates, is destroyed while entering the planet's atmosphere. Seventeen people survive, but crash thousands of miles from where they should be with limited supplies.

Earth 2 episodes (production order)
01: "First contact (2-part pilot)" 08: "The Church of Morgan" 15: "The Greatest Love Story Never Told"
02: "The Man Who Fell to Earth (Two)" 09: "The Enemy Within" 16: "Brave New Pacifica"
03: "Life Lessons" 10: "Redemption" 17: "After the Thaw"
04: "Promises, Promises" 11: "Moon Cross" 18: "The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King"
05: "Natural Born Grendlers" 12: "Better Living Through Morganite, Part I" 19: "Survival Of The Fittest"
06: "A Memory Play" 13: "Better Living Through Morganite, Part II" 20: "Flower Child"
07: "Water" 14: "Grendlers in the Myst" 21: "All About Eve"
22: "Natural Born Grendlers"
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The Enemy Within

[Reilly is trying to convince Julia Heller to betray the colonists];
Reilly: Who knows; when you do, maybe the Council will name an entire continent after your family.
Julia Heller: Yeah. Maybe they'll call it "Hell".

Moon Cross

Alonzo Solace: It seems like Terrians, but it's not.
Morgan Martin: What's that supposed to mean? You seem coherent, but you're not.

[Yale tells Mary about how people ask God for forgiveness "for the harm that they have done."]
Mary: The Terrian way is better. Don't harm.
Yale: And don't forgive.

After the Thaw

[The colonists experience numerous problems shortly after finding a 300,000 year-old frozen alien]
Morgan Marin [to Julia Heller]: ...or are you finally going to admit that the iceman shouldn't have cometh?

Yale: I certainly would be perturbed if I heard that someone had dug up my grandfather.

[The colonists are being tested to see who is being controlled by the alien]
Morgan Martin: Oh God, what if it is me? You'd lock me up, right? Y-You'd make sure that I didn't hurt anyone...
Morgan Martin: Or worse, hurt myself.

The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King

Officer: Looks like we moved for a rook and captured the king.

[True is hiding a dangerous alien animal. Again]
Yale [to True Danziger]: God, child, will you never learn?

Survival Of The Fittest

[Heller, J. Danziger, Solace, want to continue on the search for food, risking death. Morgan Martin wants to go back to camp.]
Morgan Martin: I can't believe this! ... [the decision to go on] Gotta be unanimous, right?
John Danziger: Right. Let's go.
[The other three start to get in the vehicle to drive off while Morgan stands there]
Alonzo Solace [calling back to Morgan]: Let's go, Morgan.
[Morgan stands there for a moment, then gets into the vehicle]
Morgan Martin: Next time I volunteer for something, remind me how unsuited I am for this kind of stress.

Walman: We have every right to defend ourselves!
Alonzo Solace: That doesn't give us the right to go blasting our way across the planet!

Flower Child

Alonzo Solace: Fear is a door, beyond it is the unknown.

I might be wrong about the episode or the character that said it, but this BS line is so perfect, so stupid. I went around randomly quoting it to strangers.



Main characters


Other characters

  • Richard Bradford as Broderick O'Neill
  • Rockmond Dunbar as Baines
  • Marcia Mangus as Magus
  • Walter Norman as Walman
  • Kirk Trutner as Cameron
  • Danielle Fisher as Denner
  • Fredrick Lopez as Mazatl
  • Erin Murphy as Eben Sinh
  • Tim Curry as Gaal
  • Kelli Williams as Mary
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