Dragon Ball: Tien Shinhan Saga

season of Dragon Ball: Piccolo Saga

Dragon Ball is a Japanese anime that originally aired in Japan from February 26, 1986 - April 12, 1989 on Fuji TV. It is based on the original manga series established by Akira Toriyama. The English dub started in 1995 by FUNimation, which has partnered up with Trimark, for the first 13 episodes, then redubbed in August 20, 2001, along with the other 140 episodes, for a total of 153 episodes.

Tien Shinhan Saga

Rivals and Arrivals

Master Shen: Nice to see you've come out of your shell, Master Roshi.
Bulma: Uh?
Puar: Huh?
Yamcha: Huh?
Oolong: Huh?
Krillin: Uh?
Turtle: Eh?
Master Roshi: Hm. Hermit Crane, what a surprise. After all these years, you're still alive.
Master Shen: Heh heh heh. The lines on your face are just as deep, old friend.

Master Shen: Inadequacy is always such a tough pill to swallow, but it sure beats public humiliation.

Krillin: (to himself, about Goku) So he's grown a few inches. Big deal. Most of it's hair anyway.

Yamcha: Just between us, how much stronger do you think Goku's gotten in these last three years?
Krillin: Uhh... I'd say he's somewhere between tough and invincible.

Jackie Chun: (to himself) As Master Roshi, I could never get an accurate measure of your true strength, but as Jackie Chun, I know you'll give me everything you've got.

Preliminary Peril

Tien: It's a shame some people confuse technique with bravado. This time, the turtle will defeat the hawk.

Anton the Great: And who are you supposed to be?
Krillin: Uh... I'm your opponent.
Anton the Great: Yeah, that's funny. You look more like toejam to me. You're lucky I can see the shine off your bald head, otherwise, you'd be dust right now.

Krillin: I'm ready to begin now. Care to make the first move?
Anton the Great: The first move I make will be your last, kid.
Krillin: Ehhh... I doubt that.
Anton the Great: When you squish, don't forget to scream!

Krillin: (pretending to be hurt while in Anton the Great's grip) How's my acting? Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.
Anton the Great: Huh!?
Krillin: Before I became a great fighter, I considered pursuing a career in acting.

King Chappa: Don't be afraid, little one. I'll stop before I kill you.
Goku: Thank you.

Then There Were Eight

King Chappa: The fear inside you swells. But I'll replace it with pain.
Goku: I can handle it, but thanks.

Jackie Chun: (to himself, about Goku) Could it be possible the boy is stronger than me? Has the student surpassed the master? If so, what good am I?

Jackie Chun: This years elimination round is tough, don't you think?
Krillin: Perhaps, if you're not as good as we are. I'm not worried.
Jackie Chun: Krillin! Only a fool would presume such arrogance!
Krillin: Huh?
Jackie Chun: There's no room in the ring for overbearing pride! Closing your mind to the prospect of failure will only ensure your defeat!
Krillin: Too bad. But you sound more like Master Roshi than Jackie Chun.
Jackie Chun: Huh?
Yamcha: Yeah, you do. I'd swear you were him if you didn't have so much hair.
Jackie Chun: Me? Master Roshi? Heh heh. Oh, I'm flattered. That's a good one. No, I'm just an old man trying to impart some of my wisdom to you upstarts. Besides, I'm not that handsome.

Tien: After a hard days fight, I expect a decent meal!
Yamcha: So go cook one!

Krillin: (after Tien defeats Nam) Is he alright?
Tournament Aid: He sustained severe injuries and head trauma but he should live.
Krillin: Poor Nam.
Tien: That's unfortunate. I should've hit him harder. Oh well, no one's perfect. An amateur like that has no business in a ring. He may live, but he'll never fight in another tournament again.

Yamcha vs. Tien

Tien: I don't know how you do it. I don't think I can do what you do... survive on blind luck...? It's a shame you don't have any real skills of your own.
Yamcha: Heh! You're the lucky one, bozo! You've only gotten this far because you haven't fought me yet!
Tien: Heh. Poor Yamcha. Only thing more pathetic than a loser is a loser who thinks he's born to win.

Goku: Hey, nice suit!
Announcer: Yes, exquisite, isn't it? I had it custom made.
Goku: Neat!
Announcer: Nice to see the new generation taking an interest in good taste.

Yamcha: It's a shame you're not gonna get past the first match.
Tien: Tell yourself whatever it takes to get you in the ring, but then you're mine.

Master Shen: I can't help it if all of Roshi's qualities are bad.
Oolong: Hm. He has got a point. The old man is creepy.

Yamcha: I'll start off real slow, Tien. You just try and keep up with me.
Tien: Heh. Do what makes you feel good, Yamcha. It's your funeral.

Yamcha's Big Break

Yamcha: What? What was that? I'm sorry, I can't understand you. I don't speak pain.

Tien: What you lack in skill, you more than make up for in amusement. Though I do think your one-liners are just a bit over-the-top, don't you?
Yamcha: You want over-the-top? I'll give you over-the-top!

Tien: (after pounding Yamcha) For someone who doesn't speak pain, you sound very fluent.
Yamcha: Y-y-you got...three eyes. Use them and read my lips! (Tien laughs.) I'm no quitter. I've trained too hard to lose this match.

(Yamcha comes at him again.) This one's for Nam!

Announcer: (after Tien breaks Yamcha's leg) Why do the psychos always come out on my shift?

Goku: Are you nervous?
Jackie Chun: Uh-huh. I wouldn't be here if I wasn't. Every day brings new challenges. And not all of them are confined to a ring.

Full-Moon Vengeance

Man-Wolf: I've been waiting for this moment a very long time, Chun. Heh heh heh. A punch for every day I've been waiting.
Jackie Chun: You must be confusing me for someone else. There's no possible reason for you to hate me, considering we've never even met before!
Man-Wolf: You fool! Don't insult me! Do you expect me to believe you don't remember what you did in this very ring just three years ago!?
Jackie Chun: Three years ago?

Man-Wolf: Moon! You destroyed the moon!
Jackie Chun: Oh, yes. Of course. So, uh, what did it cost you?
Man-Wolf: Countless insults! (sarcastically in a ladylike fashion) "What a horrible beast!" "Quick, look away! Don't make eye contact!" (normal voice, whimpers) The indignation no one understands!
Jackie Chun: I can't imagine why. Now that you're done sharing your feelings, can we fight?
Man-Wolf: (shouts spitting at his face) You took away the moon and robbed me of my humanity! I think I deserve some of your precious time!
Jackie Chun: But it's hard to stay awake. (yawns in sarcasm) Come and get me when you're ready to fight. (yawns and walks away)
Man-Wolf: Big mistake!

Tien: Given that I can't view myself, it's rare I see such exceptional ability in the ring. Jackie Chun is as close to perfect as is possible without being me. He'll be a worthy adversary.
Chiaotzu: He doesn't stand a chance.
Tien: Of course. But he'll try. His strength is matched only by his control. The mark of a great warrior. It's going to be an immense honor to break him!

Man-Wolf: You stole everything from me! But you won't rob me of my revenge!
Jackie Chun: You tried fighting me. That didn't work. What next? Are you going to try to slay me with more of your witless banter?
Man-Wolf: Not quite! (pulls out a knife) I'll just use this big sharp knife!
Announcer: Attention! All knife-wielding Man-Wolves! It is a violation of tournament policy to bring weapons onto the premises.
Man-Wolf: I don't care about the tournament! I'm here to make you pay!
Jackie Chun: Well then, why don't you quit whining and get this over with! I've got autographs to sign!

Jackie Chun: You don't need a knife to bring attention to your discomfort.
Man-Wolf: What are you saying?
Jackie Chun: I sympathize with your situation and agree that you have a genuine grievance.
Man-Wolf: What!? You agree with me!?
Jackie Chun: You have issues. But I want you to calm down and play nice.
Man-Wolf: No! Don't patronize me! I'm not a dog you can order around!
Jackie Chun: I recognize your intelligence. You are in complete control of your faculties. Hand me your paw. Now.
Man-Wolf: (after instinctively handing over his paw) Hey, what's the big idea!? Stop fooling with me!
Jackie Chun: We're just talking. Now, sit.
Man-Wolf: (after instinctively sitting) Scoundrel! You did that on purpose! (the tournament crowd is laughing) Listen to 'em! They're all laughing at me!
Jackie Chun: (pulls out a bone) Want a bone? Come on, boy. Here you go. Fetch! (Jackie Chun tosses the bone out of the ring and Man-Wolf jumps out to grab it, getting disqualified)

The Dodon Wave

Krillin: (to Chiaotzu) Despite what you may have heard, fighting requires movement.

Oolong: (about Chiaotzu) I never would've suspected that cute kid as being the psychotic type!

Goku: That's the same technique Mercenary Tao used!
Tien: Eh?
Goku: Huh?
Tien: What did you say!? Who has the same technique as Chiaotzu!?
Goku: Dodon. That was the name of the technique Mercenary Tao was using when I defeated him.
Tien: If you say you beat Tao, you're a liar.
Goku: It's the truth. Tao killed my friend's father!
Tien: He was a great man. When did it happen?
Goku: Hm. About three years ago, I guess.

Master Shen: Let me get this straight. You're saying my little brother Tao was killed by one of Master Roshi's feeble-minded students!?
Tien: Well...uh... yes, Master, but I...uh... I assume it happened on accident.
Master Shen: Someone killing Tao is no accident! It's impossible! Especially if you're assuming it was one of Roshi's scum!

Jackie Chun: I fear defeating Master Roshi's students will no longer be enough for Shen. He wants them dead!
Goku: Uh? Do you think he feels that way because I killed his brother?
Jackie Chun: Yes.

Counting Controversy!

Jackie Chun: (to himself) I must admit, I'm impressed by Krillin's strength. It has improved a greal deal. I wish the same held true for his patience. If he had bothered to learn the Kamehameha wave properly, Chiaotzu would be dust right now.

Krillin: You think you're clever huh?
Chiaotzu: Well, I'm no genius, but I'm smart enough... to know you're stalling.

Jackie Chun: (to himself) I think Krillin enjoys the crowd's adulation for him more than the victory itself.

Goku: Why did you attack me back there?
Master Shen: Grr! My motive is obvious! You murdered my brother!
Goku: Not on purpose! He attacked! I defended myself!
Master Shen: Tao is dead! I don't care how it happened. You're still going to pay!

Master Shen: (Tien interferes, not allowing Master Shen to kill Goku) Tien Shinhan! Tien, I don't remember inviting you.
Tien: My apologies, Master. But I didn't want you to kill Goku.
Master Shen: Explain.
Tien: With all due respect sir, this shouldn't happen here. No one wants vengeance for this crime more than I. But there is no satisfaction in killing Goku here. A quick death is too good for him. He deserves to suffer as we do now.
Master Shen: What did you have in mind?
Tien: Tao was slain by Goku's hand, but Master Roshi guided it. He should watch his pupil die in the ring, broken, and publicly humiliated.
Master Shen: Your heart is cold and ruthless. It warms my own. Proceed.
Tien: I am honored, Master. (to Goku) And you, the next time we fight, it will be for Tao's honor.
Goku: I'll fight! But it's not about Tao. This one's for Yamcha!
Tien: Whatever gets you there! Just don't lose any matches between now and then!
Goku: I'll do my best!

Goku Enters the Ring

Manager: They worship you. It's love.
Pamput: They don't love me. They love the movies and the press. They don't know the first thing about me. To them, I'm nothing but a product.
Manager: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! What does it matter as long as they buy it? The name of this game is zenny. I'm glad to see you're taking this fight seriously. I've got some interesting news about your opponent.
Pamput: I know. He came in second at the last tournament.
Manager: Yes, but that's not all. You see, according to my research-
Pamput: I couldn't care less. Of all my fights, how many have I lost?
Manager: Uh...?
Pamput: Exactly. Now why don't you make yourself useful and leave. I like to sweat in private.
Manager: Sure, Pamput. Sure. Whatever you say. I just want you to look your best, that's all.
Pamput: I always do. After all, I'm Pamput and my best is the best.

Bulma: Where is Launch?
Oolong: She could be anywhere.
Turtle: Just listen for gunshots.

Tien: Well, I'm convinced Pamput can win the tournament... If he had a stunt double.

Announcer: Well, he's extremely late.
Pamput: It's expected really. I'm used to my opponents running away.

Tien: He's no ordinary fighter.
Master Shen: Indeed. I no longer have any doubt that he killed Tao.
Tien: That's all I needed to hear. Now I'm getting excited.

Tien Shinhan vs. Jackie Chun

Goku: I could use something to eat.
Krillin: Are you hungry again already? How is that possible? We just ate an hour ago.
Goku: An hour? No wonder I'm hungry.
Krillin: Do you mind telling me where you keep your spare stomach?

Yamcha: I've had my share of tough opponents, but none have been as cunning or dangerous as Tien. He ripped through me like a ragdoll. No one can stop him. Not even Jackie Chun.
Puar: Ahh!
Yamcha: (to himself) I hope I'm wrong. I hope Jackie Chun does win. For Goku's sake.

Jackie Chun: I just went somewhere to warm up for the fight.
Launch: That's right. Your match is next. I'll be rooting for you.
Bulma: Me too. Get in there and clobber that guy for Yamcha!
Krillin: We're not asking for much. Just rip out his spine.

Tien: (to Jackie Chun) I'm disappointed. Are you so scared of me you have to hide behind that second-rate trick? Three eyes are better than eight Chun's anyday.

Tien: (to Jackie Chun) What good's a third eye if it can't help you out from time to time, right?

Stepping Down

Jackie Chun: You are one of the most gifted fighters I've ever faced, yet you undermine your own potential with your rotten ethics.
Tien: You're not my master, gramps. I don't care what you or anyone else thinks. I'm here to win this match!
Jackie Chun: Take the chip off your shoulder and get serious!
Tien: Be careful what you ask for, old man. You don't wanna see me serious.

Tien: Old man... How did you recover so fast?
Jackie Chun: Look. Such knowledge is beyond your reach until you leave your evil ways behind. You've allowed yourself to be led down a short and destructive path. You bow to a false master.
Tien: That's enough!
Jackie Chun: Listen to my words, Tien. The truth is always upsetting when you choose to live a lie!
Tien: No! You're just trying to confuse me! I won't listen to the ravings of a lunatic!

Jackie Chun: Careful, my boy. You run the risk of getting sloppy. That last charge was weak, even for you.
Tien: It was enough to catch you off guard, old man!
Jackie Chun: But not to defeat me. And that is your objective, isn't it? You are not focused on the present. The here and now. Your mind is scattered like dust.

Jackie Chun: All of your values have been tainted and jaded.
Tien: Grr...!
Jackie Chun: It's not your fault, really. The Crane Hermit has always excelled at deception.

Tien: As you just witnessed, there's no technique which I cannot master. You're fighting a losing battle. Anything you use on me, I can throw right back!
Jackie Chun: You could do with some humility. I could teach you that, too. It all comes so easy to you, but you must keep a level head if you want to succeed. I can show you how.
Tien: You sound like a broken record.

Goku vs. Krillin

Tien: (to himself) Why did he give up? Why didn't he finish the fight? I'd like to believe Master's story about Roshi being scared. But I know better. There was no fear in his eyes. He was in top form. It doesn't make sense.

Tien: (about Master Roshi) Curse you. You gave me a victory, but you stole my resolve. I want it back.

Oolong: (as Goku and Krillin enter the ring) Goku! Oh no... uh... wait... Krillin!
Puar: Hey! Are you trying to push the odds in favor of Krillin!?
Oolong: You sound like a Goku sympathizer! How could you turn your back on Krillin? I thought you were supposed to be his friend!
Puar: Ah! But I didn't say that!

Master Roshi: I know you're looking for answers, Tien. But don't place too much importance on this tournament. It is merely a checkpoint by which to evaluate your skill, not substantiate it. There is no greatest. Awarding a young man a title which declares him master of martial arts is very dangerous. It does nothing more than feed one's ego. That is why I decided my students would compete in the tournament but never win. And Jackie Chun was my insurance.
Tien: Heh heh heh heh heh. No more. Thanks to Master Shen. To be honest, I found your monologue stale and a little boring. The subject. But your performance was quite good. I didn't know you were so theatrical. You should give Pamput a call. Maybe do a buddy picture. I'm sure he's got the time. (Roshi turns his back to Tien) Roshi! It's a good thing Chun retired. While he still had a choice.
Master Roshi: You're right. It was time for Chun to step down. But it had nothing to do with Shen's little stunt. It was timing. Since you're going to take his place.

Tien: So you quit because you thought I'd take your place.
Master Roshi: I have been waiting for you a long time. Or someone like you. The point is, there's a whole new generation coming up that needs guidance... and frankly, I'm just too tired. I need a replacement. You fit the bill nicely. The world could use a few new heroes.
Tien: A new hero...?
Master Roshi: You're still rough around the edges, to be sure. But you hold promise.
Tien: Uh!?
Master Roshi: You're not ignorant. And for your generation, that's saying a lot. We definitely need to work on your issues... like that killing thing. But you know that. It's why you're questioning your path. It's what brought you to me now.
Tien: Wrong! I wanna be a killer! I like it!
Master Roshi: A fish might want to walk on land. That doesn't mean it's going to happen. It's getting late and I'd like to enjoy the sunset. Did you have any more questions?
Tien: You fool!
Master Roshi: Goodbye.
Tien: Everything you talk about is a joke. What could you teach me, huh? How to hide? How to walk away? Who are you to judge me or my master? So I don't walk the straight and narrow, at least I'm not a quitter. You talk about truth and goodness as if it's the path to enlightenment. Well all it really is, is a choice. And I've made mine! You don't get it, do you? What you choose to label as evil, I call a good time. I'm a killer, like Tao!
Master Roshi: Ah, yes. Mercenary Tao. He was a killer. Some say a natural. However, your skills in that department are mediocre at best. You'll never measure up to him because you have a conscience.
Tien: Uh!?
Master Roshi: But don't take my word for it. You know what's best. Go get 'em... killer.
Tien: Grr! I...I will! You'll see. I'll... I'll be better than Tao ever was.

Tail's Tale

Master Shen: (about Goku and Krillin's fight) Why is everybody cheering? All they're doing is talking to each other. I've seen more action on a playground.

Master Shen: (about Goku and Krillin's fight) What is this, the happy fight? It's like watching a bad reunion!
Bulma: If your pupils weren't mal-adjusted freaks, maybe they'd be happy too!
Chiaotzu: I'm happy. See?
Master Shen: Of course. Pay them no mind. Those underlings are jealous.
Launch: Jealous!? Our boys are gonna take yours down, and you know it!
Master Shen: Yeah, sure. Whatever you say, schizo. (yawns)

Krillin: (to himself) Get control o' yourself. You can do this. All you need is good strategy. Why am I talking to myself in the second person?

Chiaotzu: Why don't I have a tail?
Master Shen: Because you're a buffoon, not a monkey.

Puar: Hey, that wasn't fair!
Oolong: Fair is not on today's menu.

Man: It's over?
Bear: The fight was anticlimactic and completely devoid of any cathartic experience.
Tiger: (pauses) I didn't understand a word you just said!

Bulma: Listen, I just want to let you that I think both of you did an exceptional job.
Krillin: I don't know about 'exceptional', but thanks!
Bulma: You're exceptional. Don't argue -- I'm bigger than you!

Final Match: Goku vs. Tien

Turtle: You really shouldn't sit so close to the television.
Master Roshi: Oh, be quiet! How I choose to ruin my eyes is my business! Now if you don't mind, I'm trying to work out here!

Announcer: Let me provide a little background on our contestants! First up, Tien Shinhan! This skilled performer has become the fighter to watch during the tournament! Prized pupil of the Crane Hermit Master Shen, it is widely regarded that Tien Shinhan's abilities rival if not surpass those of his master! We've already witnessed an incredible display of his strength as he left Yamcha with a broken leg and forced previous champion Jackie Chun out of the semi-finals! Combine that with the fact that his average fight time is 32.5 seconds, and you have a glimpse into the awesome power that is Tien Shinhan!

Announcer: This pint-sized warrior serves the Turtle Hermit, Master Roshi, who coincidentally just happens to be the archrival of Master Shen! Aside from the fact he received second place in the last tournament, Goku's list of victories would leave even the most veteran fighter green with envy! He most recently dazzled the audience with his one punch dismissal of world-renowned champion Pamput and the unique disappearing act he used to unceremoniously remove Krillin from the ring in the previous match! His average fight time is 35.7 seconds!

Tien: (to himself) Relax. Just calm down and relax. Forget about that crazy old man. He's just trying to confuse you. Focus on your objective. Tao must be avenged. Goku must pay for his transgression. Hold on to the memory of Tao. Hold on to the memory of Tao. Anger feeds strength and strength is power.

Master Shen: My brother was no saint, but he deserved better than to die at the hands of a child...Roshi's child. Retribution won't bring Tao back, but it will certainly brighten my day.

Tien: Now you'll learn what it means to suffer the wrath of Tien Shinhan!

Master Roshi: (as Tien quickly pummels Goku) I've never seen punches like that. It's like a machine gun!

Tien: The only thing more gratifying than watching you suffer, is knowing that somewhere, Tao is smiling right now...

Victory's Edge

Tien: (to Goku) Don't die on me yet. I've got a special special technique I've been saving just for you.

Tien: (to Goku) Well, you're resilient. Stupid, but resilient.

Master Shen: Tien has that look in his eye. Nothing can save Goku now.

Tien: Thank you. That was the most exhilarating rush! I haven't felt this alive in a long time! It feels wonderful!
Goku: So... what you're saying is you like getting beat up?

Master Shen: Tien had better get it right this time! I want that brat to suffer! If I could, I'd get on that stage and wring your little neck myself!

Tien's Insurrection

Tien: (to Goku) When you meet Tao, be sure to tell him I sent you!

Tien: (Tien speaks to Chiaotzu and Master Shen telepathically about their interference in the match) Chiaotzu! Is this your doing?
Chiaotzu: Umm...
Tien: How dare you!? This is my battle! I did not ask for nor do I require your help! Set him free!
Chiaotzu: Uh... I'm sorry, Tien.
Master Shen: Grr... Chiaotzu was acting on my orders since you seem unable to complete yours!
Chiaotzu: Uh...
Master Shen: Every breath that child takes is an insult to our house. Or have you forgotten your promise to avenge the murder of Tao!?
Tien: I will never forget Tao. Or my duty.

Tien: (to the battered Goku) I could crush you where you lie. End you right now as you ended Tao. Why should I bestow mercy upon the merciless? You've earned this!

Master Shen: He must die! I am your master! Obey my command!
Tien: I have done as you asked. I have defeated your enemies and defended the honor of our school. The success of this match is in my hands alone. I do not need assistance!
Master Shen: Then prove it! Destroy him at once!
Tien: No, I won't kill Goku. Doing so would cause me to lose this match.
Master Shen: Grr... grr... grr... Nevermind the stupid match! Make no mistake! You are a killer! Or do you forsake your destiny!?
Tien: No master. My destiny is not what you'd have me believe. I'm no killer.
Krillin: Oh...
Master Roshi: Eh?
Master Shen: Grr... grr... grr! You weak coward! Insolent fool! You have allowed that senile Turtle Hermit to warp your mind!
Announcer: Uh... excuse me, but I can't allow you to disrupt the-
Master Shen: I'm speaking!
Announcer: Ah!?
Master Shen: I made you, Tien! All that you are has sprung from my generous hands! And now, your insubordination has clenched them into fists! Now you'll pay! Chiaotzu, paralyze them both!
Chiaotzu: Uh!?
Master Shen: Chiaotzu!
Chiaotzu: I'm sorry, master. I will do anything you ask of me, but I cannot hurt Tien Shinhan.
Master Shen: Come here! (Master Shen angrily grabs Chiaotzu) Grrrrrr! Grr! Grr! You dare defy me! So, the dissent spreads throughout the ranks! Then you, too, can share in Tien's fate!
Tien: Chiaotzu!
Master Roshi: Get back! (Master Roshi charges his Kamehameha wave) Haaaaa! (Master Roshi blasts Master Shen from across the arena)
Master Shen: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! (Master Shen is blasted far away)
Tien: Master Shen!
Master Roshi: Don't worry about him. That bird will be sore for a while, but he won't perish. There will be plenty of time to discuss all of this later. Let's get back to the fight!

Tien: I have forsaken my master. All that is left for me now is this fight.
Goku: (nodding) Hmm.
Tien: Let me make one thing clear. This isn't about the rivalry between our schools. Or revenge. I fight for one purpose only. To win. Never again will I be led astray from my goal!

The Spirit Cannon

Master Roshi: (about Tien) Perhaps, he realizes the futility of their struggle... or maybe it's the pain.

Announcer: (as Goku has Tien in a stranglehold and is pulling his legs, the Announcer approaches with his microphone) Could you tell the audience how you feel?
Tien: My legs are being pulled from their sockets! How do you think I feel!?

Goku: You're strong.
Tien: That's obvious.
Goku: Hmm...
Tien: Thanks for the stretch. I'm feeling much better. Should you get tired of losing, you'd make a great chiropractor. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.
Goku: What's a chiropractor?

Tien: (Tien prepares to perform his Tri-Beam Cannon) Goku! You cannot escape!
Goku: No problem. I don't plan on going anywhere.

Krillin: (to Master Roshi) But Master, why would Tien Shinhan use a technique that could destroy his own life!? Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of winning!?
Goku: (to Tien) I don't know what you're planning to do! But get on with it! I can take it!
Master Roshi: (to Krillin) Ambition seldom gives way to reason, my boy. Tien would gladly forfeit his life for honor!

The Fallen

Tien: Lucky for me, I just happen to know sky-dancing. I could stay up here for hours!

Goku: With all my energy focused, there's no telling what I can do!
Tien: I think the thin air has affected your brain! You're defenseless up here and you know it!

Launch: (pulls out her machine gun and shoots so she can open up a path out of the World Tournament crowd) The number one leader in crowd control! (people scream as Launch shoots) Move it, twinkle-toes! Yo! Watch out, people! We're comin' through!
Guy: Cool. It's an armed escort!

Master Roshi: (to Tien, telepathically) That's right. All this noise is for you. You've won. I know cheering is a relatively new response to you, especially since you're used to hearing screams. But you'll get through it. Adulation has a funny way of growing on you. So, how does it feel to win... the right way? You should be proud of yourself. I am. But be warned. This new turn may bring with it unexpected consequences. People may actually like you. Heh heh. Enjoy.

(a man picks up Tien and carries him on his shoulders
Man: A champion should be seen in style! Relax, I'm your biggest fan!

Tien:Goku, listen, I've been thinking about it and there's something I want you to have.
Krillin: Tien, that's your prize money, isn't it?
Tien: Look, it's no big deal. I just think you should take half. We both know if you hadn't hit that truck, you would have won. You are stronger.
Goku:No thanks! I appreciate the offer, but I wouldn't know what to spend it on anyway!
Tien: Yeah, but--
Master Roshi: Heh heh, Tien, it's true -- luck helped you win today. But you shouldn't let that discount your achievement. In fact, luck and strength go hand in hand!

Yamcha: You fought well. Really.
Tien: Thank you. Sorry about your leg -- I did a lot of terrible things.
Yamcha: No big deal. Bones heal, just like anything else! [pause] But at the next tournament, I expect a rematch, got it?
Tien: Of course!
Master Roshi: What will you do until then? Three years is a long time! Where will you go? You're more than welcome to stay with me, though you'll have to put up with Launch's cooking!

Launch: I could tell you like me, Tien!
Bulma: Huh?
Tien: Uh?
Launch: If you come to Roshi's island, I'll be sure and take care of you... for good!

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