Dragon Ball: King Piccolo Saga

season of Dragon Ball: Piccolo Saga

Dragon Ball is a Japanese anime that originally aired in Japan from February 26, 1986 - April 12, 1989 on Fuji TV. It is based on the original manga series established by Akira Toriyama. The English dub started in 1995 by FUNimation, which has partnered up with Trimark, for the first 13 episodes, then redubbed in August 20, 2001, along with the other 140 episodes, for a total of 153 episodes.

King Piccolo Saga

Enter King Piccolo

Turtle: (after walking a long distance) That's it. From now on, this turtle's taking a taxi.

Roshi: His name may sound funny, but I can assure you, there's nothing humorous about that savage beast. With him came darkness and chaos. His minions of terror wreaked havoc upon the land, destroying all in their path with indiscriminate fury. No one knew what they wanted or why they had come. But they were here, laughing as our world crumbled around them. Piccolo and his army destroyed one city after another with little opposition... except for one temple. It was in this secluded sanctuary the beast faced a meager but determined school of martial artists. As the horde invaded the temple, the young fighters banded together for a final assault. Though hopelessly outnumbered, they were united. And with their combined strength, they offered a formidable defense. Many demons fell that day and alongside them, even more great men. When the battle was over, only two of the warriors were left standing... Myself and Crane Hermit. Unfortunately, the skirmish had barely made a dent in Piccolo's forces. Desperate and out of time, we concentrated our remaining energy into a shield that absorbed the enemy fire. And, with a breath of luck, reflected it back at them. One bright light. That's all I remember. But somehow, it worked. The horde was vanquished. It was finally over, or so we thought. Apparently, the monsters were just an opening act for King Piccolo himself. We barely got a glimpse of his ugly mug before he dismissed us with a wave of his hand. Against his might we were but ragdolls caught in a storm. Shen and I were young and in our prime. We gave everything we had and still King Piccolo prevailed. All those lives lost and we didn't lay a scratch on him. He was immune to everyone, even Mutaito.
Bulma: Who's Mutaito?
Master Roshi: He was my master.

Mutaito: Why have you attacked? This massacre was completely senseless.
King Piccolo: Do you want the truth? That it was mere amusement. Or do you need a higher purpose, perhaps fate.
Mutaito: But we pose no threat. We are seekers of peace.
King Piccolo: And you shall find it. In death.
Mutaito: I tried to be nice. Now we'll do it the hard way.

Tien: Wait a minute. What's all this talk about dragons... radars... balls? What's that got to do with anything?

Emperor Pilaf: It is marvelous. Born leaders, like us, only need one wish... to rule the world!
King Piccolo: Ha ha. Ha ha ha. I don't need magic balls to rule this Earth. It has fallen at my feet once before!
Shu: Then what do you want?
King Piccolo: The greatest prize of all! Eternal youth!
Emperor Pilaf: Huh?
King Piccolo: Just think. With eternal youth, I could master time itself. Why would would I want to rule this planet for a lifetime when I could rule it for all time?

Tambourine Attacks!

Goku: It was you! You killed my friend!
Tambourine: Your point?

Tambourine: (about killing Krillin) He was human. I did him a favor.
Goku: What did you say? Taking his life was a big mistake! Nobody messes with my friends!
Tambourine: One thing I find tolerable about your species, barely, is the sound you make when you die!
Goku: Grr! Grr! Grr! Grr!
Tambourine: What's wrong? Did I make you cry!? (As Goku tries to punch, Tambourine grabs Goku's arm in a tight grip) Your bodies are soft and fragile. Hardly suitable for fighting. But perfect for pain!

Tambourine: (to Goku) If your muscles were as tough as your talk, this wouldn't be so boring!

Tambourine: (to Goku) Really. What do you hope to accomplish here rather than to prove the fact that your species deserves extinction?
Goku: I don't know what you just said but I'm not here to prove anything. You're going to pay!
Tambourine: Heh heh. You are a conceited one. I think someone should take you down a notch.

Tambourine: Unlike other lifeforms, humans are worthless. They don't even make good pets.

Mark of the Demon

Piano: (after King Piccolo gives birth to one of his offspring) So, does it have a name?
King Piccolo: His name is Cymbal. My child of darkness.
Piano: A musical instrument. Didn't see that one coming, Piccolo.

Shu: (whispering to Emperor Pilaf) Pilaf, can I have a word with you? Shouldn't we be the ones givin' out the orders? After all, who revived whom here? He should be servin' us.
Emperor Pilaf: Shhh... Quiet. He hears everything. I'm sure that when Lord Piccolo takes over the world, he'll give us half of it out of gratitude.

Master Roshi: Pale. Pale grey.
Puar: What? Who is pale grey?
Yamcha: Wait. Is this pale grey a great warrior, master?
Master Roshi: No. N-nothing like that. Pale grey is the color of Bulma's panties.
Oolong: Hm?
Bulma: Hm? Ah! You were staring at my underwear this whole time!?
Master Roshi: No. I... I started at your knees.

Oolong: (after watching the news to see that World Martial Arts Tournament participants are being executed one by one) I hear flights to the Caribbean are cheap this time of year.

Goku: I know you're there! Come out and face me, you coward!
Yajirobe: I'm not a coward! You're the sneak that stole my food!
Goku: Huh?
Yajirobe: That's right! That fish was my dinner and you ate it!
Goku: But somebody left it. There. On that stick.
Yajirobe: Oh, man. I was cooking it on that stick, you idiot!

Here Comes Yajirobe

Yajirobe: Ya thief!
Goku: Huh? What's that?
Yajirobe: You heard!
Goku: I'm not a thief! I didn't steal anything of yours!
Yajirobe: Oh yeah!? Well, I don't recall inviting you to eat my breaktice!
Goku: What's breaktice? It sounds awful.
Yajirobe: My fish.
Goku: Look, I don't steal. Can you prove it's your breaktice fish?
Yajirobe: Uh...hey wait a minute... are you calling me a liar!? If so, you better be prepared to fight!
Goku: Okay.
Yajirobe: I don't know where you're from, big hair! But around here, it's not polite to steal other people's food!
Goku: Oh, I see. But you're fine with throwing giant boulders at strangers, is that it?

Launch: That's enough o' that! Don't talk like you're not comin' home. If any of you get splattered, I swear I'll fill you with so many bullets, you'll jump back to life just to beg me for mercy!

Launch: (about Krillin's dead body) Heh. He looks happy. Probably loves the attention.

Cymbal: How long you live depends on your answer to my question.
Goku: It looks like him, but that's not the monster I fought.
Yajirobe: Alright, be quick. What do you want from us?
Cymbal: I seek a little orange ball with stars on it. If either of you have seen one, you better tell me or suffer the consequences.
Yajirobe: Grrr... If you want someone's help, you should learn to ask nicely.
Cymbal: Hmm? (Cymbal sees the Dragon Ball around Yajirobe's neck) Ha ha ha. I don't believe it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Score. Nice necklace. Give it here.
Goku: Uh!? If you're interested in the Dragon Balls, that means that you must be partners with the same monster who destroyed my friend Krillin... and that makes you my enemy!
Cymbal: Ah? You better talk some sense into your friend.
Yajirobe: Choose your words carefully, monster. He's not my... friend.
Goku: Monster! Do you have a friend with a mouth like this and eyes like this and he's got big wings and he's mean and ugly, but he's not as big as you.
Cymbal: Hmm... that sounds like... Tambourine.
Goku: Then he's the one I'm after.
Cymbal: I couldn't care less. I'm here for the Dragon Ball. Period.
Yajirobe: Sorry. I like it. If you want one, go find your own. This one belongs to me.
Cymbal: So what? I like yours just fine, boy. Heh heh heh heh. Since you're so cocky, I'll be happy to crush every bone in your body to get it.
Yajirobe: Heh. Try it. I'll break you in half.
Goku: No way. I'll take care of this creature.
Yajirobe: Stay back. He's mine.
Goku: I'm fighting him. His ally killed my best friend.
Yajirobe: I don't care. Your problems don't concern me. This green thing insulted me and now he's going to pay.
Goku: Why are you so stubborn?
Yajirobe: He's my new breaktice.
Cymbal: Ah?

Cymbal: If you're so eager to die, who am I to stand in your way?
Yajirobe: I'll be eating you soon. (Cymbal knocks Yajirobe away)
Cymbal: Ha ha ha ha! You were saying? It looks like the only thing that you'll be eating is dirt! (Yajirobe gets back up) Ah?
Yajirobe: It's been a strange day. I keep meeting strong enemies.
Cymbal: Ha! It's not the enemy's strength. You're just weak.
Goku: Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Yajirobe: There is no weakness in me, monster!
Cymbal: Big words for small prey.

Terrible Tambourine

Emperor Pilaf: I sympathize with your loss.
Mai: He seemed like such a nice beast. Aw...
King Piccolo: Silence! You fools!
Mai: Ah?
King Piccolo: How could your feeble, inadequate brains possibly comprehend how I feel!? He was of my scales and blood! Grr! I gave him life! Watched him hatch and spit his first slime!
Emperor Pilaf: Why, you're... you're right. I couldn't begin to understand.
Mai: Exactly. Cymbal means nothing to us.
King Piccolo: Grrrr!!!!

Giran: (after Tambourine knocks Giran away) Big mistake.
Tambourine: It's you who made the mistake of calling yourself a warrior.

Bear Boy: (after Tambourine kills Giran) You saved us!
Bear Father: I'm appreciative beyond words. By slaying Giran, you have liberated our village. Thank you so much. (Tambourine slices the Bear Father) Uh! Oh!
Bear Boy: Papa!
Bear Father: Oh... (the Bear Father dies)
Bear Boy: Papa, say something!
Tambourine: Now he's truly liberated!
Bear Boy: Grr! Grr!
Tambourine: Giran was just a job. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Your father I killed for fun.

Launch: Don't worry about Piccolo! If he's dumb enough ta show up, I'll be glad ta introduce him ta my lead army!

Yamcha: That must make you King Piccolo's yes-man.
Tambourine: Yes. I-I mean... uh well... you don't... you... shut up!

Tien's Atonement

Tien: Small world.
Fighter: Yes it is, as bad luck would have it. I thought I could forget your face, but I'm reminded of it every time I move. (The fighter remembers how Tien ruthlessly breaks his bones in a fight)

Fighter: I had to be rushed to the hospital. I don't remember much, except the pain from thirteen broken bones. It took me two years to get back to this house... and my beautiful wife!

Tien: I'm sorry about your injuries. I was a different person back then.
Fighter: So was I. I could walk without using a cane!
Tien: The reason I've come is I need your Dragon Ball.
Fighter: Dragon Ball? What the hell is that?
Tien: A ball with a star mark. We know that you have it here somewhere. Will you give it to us?
Fighter: No. Now go.
Tien: Unnacceptable.
Fighter: I don't know of what you speak. Hmph. What's more, I think you're lying.
Tien: Uh?
Fighter: Even if it did exist, help is the last thing I'd give you!

Fighter: Unlike the police, it didn't take us long to identify the killer, Tien Shinhan! Who else is as strong and delights in maiming martial artists!?
Tien: No! That's a lie.
Fighter: You would kill anyone if it suited your needs. I'm living proof.

Tien: The Dragon Ball?
Fighter: Why do you bother asking? Just tear the place apart. That is your style, isn't it, Tien? Just hurry up and get it over with!
Tien: (Tien kneels and begs for forgiveness from the fighter) I beg you. We desperately need that ball.
Fighter: (surprised) Ah?
Tien: I apologize for the wrong I've done you. If you want revenge, break an arm or two. Whatever you want. But please, give us the Dragon Ball.
Fighter: Uh...ah...?
Chiaotzu: Oh...
Tien: Eh...
Fighter: I've dreamed of revenge longer than I can remember. (sighs) I forgive you. Get up.

Goku's Revenge

Yajirobe: (after Goku pummels Tambourine in the name of revenge) I sure hope I never end up on that kid's revenge list.

Tambourine: (after mouth-blasting Goku) Fool! He was obliterated! I told you! We are superior to the human race!

Emperor Pilaf: (after hearing Tambourine has been killed) What kind of creature is out there that could defeat these people?
Mai: I'm not sure I want to know, sir.

King Piccolo: Two of my finest warriors were destroyed as if they were mere amateurs! I don't know who is responsible for this outrage but I will personally see to their destruction for interfering with my plans!

King Piccolo: We will turn our immediate attention on finding those responsible for the deaths of Cymbal and Tambourine.

Goku vs. King Piccolo

King Piccolo: I thought I was looking for a great warrior. And now I find it is you who has killed two of my greatest soldiers. Heh heh.
Goku: That's right. And you're going to follow them. But first, you are going to give me back my grandpa's Dragon Ball.

King Piccolo: For some reason, every time I meet a martial artist, I have this incredible urge to destroy them. Even one as tiny and pathetic as you! Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.
Goku: I might surprise you!

King Piccolo: You're good. It's obvious my minions were no match for your level of skill. Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Goku: Grr...
King Piccolo: You are the reason I have exterminated the martial arts society. Anyone with your level of skill... Deserves to be terminated!
Goku: Grr...
King Piccolo: You have such great strength. I shall do my absolute best to try to keep up.

King Piccolo: Now, let's try this once more. (King Piccolo kicks Goku in the chin, sending Goku flying into the air) Haaaaaa!!!! (King Piccolo then jumps into the air after Goku and punches him back down to the ground)
Goku: Uh!
King Piccolo: (After Goku slams into the ground, King Piccolo picks him up by the neck) Heh heh heh heh heh. Nice. You're still alive. I was hoping this would last a good while.
Goku: (clearly in pain) I'm... feeling fine. (King Piccolo promptly punches Goku in the face) Oh! Ow!
King Piccolo: What's wrong? No witty comeback?

Goku: You're tougher than I thought, but it doesn't make any difference, you big meanie! I'm still gonna destroy you!
King Piccolo: Ha! Ha ha ha ha! Your misplaced confidence is refereshing.
Goku: Ah...uh...
King Piccolo: Though I find this amusing, you must know. There is no escape. The only choice left is how you will meet your demise.
Goku: Uh...uh...uh...uh...eh...eh... No!
King Piccolo: Aha ha ha ha! Well, despite your shortcomings, you are a defiant one. It's been a long time since I've seen that kind of spark in someone's eye. I'm fortunate. I'm stronger.

Piccolo Closes In

Piano: (after King Piccolo defeats Goku) Good show, your majesty.
King Piccolo: Vengeance is most refreshing. It's what keeps up my youthful appearance.

Emperor Pilaf: Excuse me.
Piano: Hm?
Emperor Pilaf: Eheh heh heh. Heh heh heh heh. Heh. Once rejuvenated, will he be stronger?
Piano: Yes. What you just witnessed will seem weak by comparison.

Yajirobe: (after King Piccolo defeats Goku) I'm sorry things had to end this way, Goku. I'm sorry I couldn't help you. But you will receive a hero's burial.

Yajirobe: I admire your courage, but it was foolish for you to go up against King Piccolo by yourself.
Goku: I'm surprised, Yajirobe. You didn't even lend me a hand.
Yajirobe: Of course I didn't! I like you, Goku. But not as much as I like living.

Yajirobe: What could someone as powerful as King Piccolo possibly ask for?
Goku: Uh... a better personality?

Roshi's Gambit

Yamcha: What could o' happened to them?
Oolong: It's possible they've been destroyed.
Bulma: And it's possible you're stupid!

King Piccolo: Fool! Why do you stand in my way?
Master Roshi: Because you are in mine.
King Piccolo: How so?
Master Roshi: With you threatening the world, how am I supposed to enjoy my exercise programs? Huh?

Master Roshi: (to King Piccolo, after the Evil Containment Wave has failed to trap the demon in the jar) You haven't won. Your dark dreams will never come true. Somehow, someone will succeed where I've failed. Until that day, live in fear. You will fall. We're only human but... but we will survive. We will survive. (Master Roshi falls and dies)

King Piccolo: The seven Dragon Balls are mine! At last, I will reclaim my youth and with it, all my glory of power!

Mai: The Eternal Dragon will soon appear.
Emperor Pilaf: Shu, please tell me you brought my camera. I have to take pictures.

King Piccolo's Wish

King Piccolo: (after Chiaotzu tries to interfere and gets killed by King Piccolo) I despise uninvited guests!
Shenron: What do you wish for?
King Piccolo: I wish to be made young again. Restore my youth and power! Return to me what time has stolen! Can you do this?
Shenron: As you wish.

Yajirobe: (about Korin) This is a friend of yours? He doesn't sound nice to me. He's not going to try and eat us for breaktice, is he?
Goku: Eheh heh heh heh. You're funny, Yajirobe.

King Piccolo: Reports tell me that the present king is nothing more than a bleeding-heart peace-lover. Ha ha ha ha. It's the sentimental ones who are always my favorite to destroy, don't you agree?
Emperor Pilaf: Oh, yes. I... heh heh heh heh heh...
King Piccolo: My reign over this planet is close at hand. With my ascension, I shall create a magnificent kingdom in my own image! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! However, before I can rebuild, I must first tear down!

Emperor Pilaf: We worked so hard for you! Don't forget. I'm the one who brought you back to life! I'm your savior!
King Piccolo: You're nothing but an inept clown surrounded by amateurs!

Mai: (after King Piccolo throws down Emperor Pilaf, Shu, and Mai from his hovering ship) From here on, I think we should choose our allies with more scrutiny, sire.
Emperor Pilaf: Be quiet!

Siege on Chow Castle

Piano: We've arrived at King's castle.
King Piccolo: Then let's go. It's time to take our first step in creating a new world order.

Yajirobe: He nearly got himself killed... by a terrible monster named King Piccolo. Goku decided to try and fight him all by himself. It was a dumb thing to do.
Upa: Hey, I don't know who you are... but you better stop talking that way about Goku, or you'll be sorry!
Yajirobe: Quiet down before I step on you.

King Piccolo: All that I see before me is now mine. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Not too bad.

Goku: Aren't you having fun?
Yajirobe: (sarcastic) Oh, sure! This is great! I love climbing towers with my bare hands!

Bodyguard: Hold it!
King Piccolo: Hm?
Bodyguard: You can't go in there!
King Piccolo: Oh. Are you the welcoming committee?
Bodyguard: Afraid not. I handle the goodbyes. And you've worn out your welcome. You're fairly adept when fighting against machines. How about pure muscle, you green freak!?
King Piccolo: Ha! I thought you'd never ask. But rather than fight, why not work for me? You could shine my shoes, big boy.
Bodyguard: Enough! Either you surrender immediately, or I'll do my worst!
King Piccolo: Surrender? Why should I surrender? You're the one who's losing all his men. Before you die, tell me... where's the king hiding?
Bodyguard: Ah! Forget the king! Settle for my fist! (the bodyguard punches at King Piccolo only to have his hand grabbed) Uh...uh...uh...uh...uh...
King Piccolo: Oh my. Is this how we throw punches? (King Piccolo knocks the bodyguard away, grabs him again by his chest, and raises him up) Where is the king?
Bodyguard: Where you'll never find him!
King Piccolo: Ha! We'll see. (King Piccolo slams his hand clean through the bodyguard's chest and lets him fall to the ground, dead)
Soldier: (King Piccolo appears in front of another soldier who was trying to run away) Ahhhhhhh!!!!
King Piccolo: I hope you have an answer for me.
Soldier: I get paid by the hour!

Conquest and Power

King Piccolo: Well, well. I went searching for a king and found a coward.
Officer: How dare you talk to the king like that you animal!?
King Piccolo: Wait your turn!

King Piccolo: From the expression on your face, I can tell that you're a visual learner. But this is just a miniscule example of my power. I trust you won't need another.
King Furry: Uh...
King Piccolo: Whether you're staring at one crater or an entire wasteland is entirely up to you. I can do this all day.

Tien: (to himself) If anyone else is going to die, it will be me. And only me.

Oolong: (about the Eternal Dragon) Well, so much for being eternal.
Turtle: This means master will never be able to return.
Bulma: I wonder if we're ever going to see Goku again.
Puar: He will come back, you'll see. Goku is alive. I just know it.
Yamcha: I feel the same way about it, Puar.
Oolong: I mean... why call him eternal if he's not gonna be around.
Turtle: Oh...
Oolong: That's just false advertising.

Korin: That monster even killed Master Roshi.
Goku: What!? King Piccolo killed Master Roshi!!!?
Korin: Yes.
Goku: You... you mean I'll never get to see him again just like my grandpa?
Korin: Well in these cases, that's what normally happens.
Goku: Oh no. But I never even got to say goodbye.

Awaken Darkness

Goku: (about entering a maze to retrieve the ultra divine water) You'll go with me, won't you, Yajirobe?
Yajirobe: Uh! You've got to be kidding! No way!
Goku: You won't?
Yajirobe: Of course not! Why in the world would I voluntarily go to such a terrible place? You're crazy! Count me out of this one!

Korin: The days of impetuous youth. I'm glad that I'm old.

Yajirobe: I'm not getting stuck in an ice maze for anybody! I don't even like cold food!

Piano: Like I was saying before we were interrupted sire, the cooks are completely inadequate. They can't even perform the simplest of tasks.
King Piccolo: Hmph. Then eliminate them all. Things taste better from scratch.

Goku: (after gliding through an icy cavern on top of Yajirobe's body) Wow! That was great! We escaped the snow beast thanks to you! I haven't gone that fast since I last rode my Nimbus! Too bad you can't fly.
Yajirobe: Would you be quiet! What are you thanking me for!? It wasn't like I had a choice! Is there a sign on me that says "passengers welcome"!?

A Taste of Destiny

Yajirobe: You really think you have a chance against King Piccolo? Man, you're dumb.
Goku: I have to try, don't I?
Yajirobe: Didn't you say he killed some of your friends?
Goku: My best friend Krillin and Master Roshi.
Yajirobe: So why don't you just be happy you're still alive... and get on with living?

Goku: (while holding Yajirobe so he doesn't fall down an endless pit) Please! Let him go! Your fight is with me!
The Darkness: (disguised as Master Roshi) Eheh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh. Why don't you let him go?
Yajirobe: Ahh! Nobody let go!

Yajirobe: (while Goku hangs onto him while he dangles off the edge) This is your fault, Goku! You killed me! And on an empty stomach too! I'm too young to die!

The Darkness: Only those with the special power become stronger. The others will die.
Yajirobe: Say... uh... darkness... how many people have drank this water stuff?
The Darkness: Thirteen.
Yajirobe: And... uh... how many people survived? Uh... like six... or... uh... three?
The Darkness: None survived.
Yajirobe: Uh!?
Goku: None survived!?
Yajirobe: Hey, that's not fair! What kind of a chance does that give us!? If no one survives it, then it's just poison and there's nothing special about dying from poison, is there!?
Goku: I'll do it!
Yajirobe: Uh! Are you nuts, Goku!? I mean it's one thing to play the hero but drinking this stuff is just plain suicide!
Goku: Then I'll risk it!
Yajirobe: Grr! Goku, please, I'm begging you! For some dumb reason, you always wanna do the right thing! But I'm telling you there is nothing in that pot but poison. You drink that stuff and you will die!
Goku: We'll see.

King Piccolo: (speaking from a TV station live) In fact, you will find that I will encourage your freedom. Every freedom. Heh heh heh. By now, you all know how powerful I am. But what you may not know is what a loving king I could be. So, my first decree will go out to the ones I love the most... of course that's the criminal element. We will begin by eradicating the police. Those wicked people who would stomp on your freedom and put you in chains for merely seeking the life that you desire. Theft, violence, murder, nothing will be illegal in this grand new world. Come out from the shadows. Your new king understands your pain.
Criminal: All hail King Piccolo!
King Piccolo: This is your time! This is our time! Order is dead and chaos reigns, thus says King Piccolo!
Yamcha: This guy's a madman!
Launch: Eh. I don't know. It doesn't sound that bad.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

King Piccolo: My first decree is to abolish the police and release all criminals! I want riots! Order is legally dead!

Suno: Won't you help us?
Thug: Ha. You kiddin' me! Ah man, get real!
Thug 2: They don't know who they're dealin' with!
Thug 3: Ha ha! They're about to!
Thug 4: Dude, you have the great pleasure of running into loyal followers of King Piccolo's tribe of evil. The great one doesn't want us helping people.
Android 8: Grr...
Thug: Ah...ah... no offense.
Android 8: Piccolo makes good speeches, but I'm pretty persuasive myself.

Tien: (through a transmission) I've mastered the Evil Containment Wave. It's time to put it to the test.
Launch: I'm proud of you, Tien. So proud.
Tien: Don't be. This is not about me. Or rather, this is about the bad things in my life that made me no better than King Piccolo. This is about atonement. And I only hope it's enough. Goodbye, my friends.
Bulma: Goodbye, Tien!
Launch: Farewell, Tien Shinhan. You're the bravest.

Goku: (flying around on a new Nimbus cloud) Do you wanna go for a ride, Yajirobe?
Yajirobe: What!? No way, Goku! I like living too much!

Goku: (Goku and Yajirobe are still in the dark dimension) Could you let us out please?
Yajirobe: Yeah, it smells bad down here and I'm hungry.
Korin: Okay. Hold your horses.

Prelude to Vengeance

King Piccolo: (from a TV broadcast) Good afternoon, my loyal citizens. I have more news of terror and mayhem. As members of my new order, you should all prepare for destruction.
Yamcha: Lousy monster! Who does he think he is!?
King Piccolo: Get ready as I unleash the most glorious terror imaginable.
Oolong: Is he serious?
King Piccolo: No need to worry, however. I've taken care of all the arrangements. I know that all of you share my enthusiasm... Because it is a privilege and honor to be a part of this event. You're gonna love this. Your planet... heh... my planet... is divided into forty-three sectors. Each is represented by a slip of paper which has been placed in this box. To commemorate the anniversary of my rule, I declare this day, May thirteenth, as Piccolo day. As part of this annual celebration, I'll draw a slip from the box each year. And guess what, folks? There's more. Heh heh. The chosen sector will host that year's celebration, which will culminate in its destruction and I will do the honors.
King Furry: No! You wouldn't!
King Piccolo: I am not without mercy. The sector's annihilation will be instantaneous! There will hardly be time to feel any pain.
King Furry: That's horrific! Why would you do something so cruel!?
King Piccolo: Heh! It's nothing new. This world celebrates occasions with explosions in the sky. Mine are just a little more dangerous. Besides, I can't wait to see the terror on people's faces! And after all, it is my celebration! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha!
Yamcha: That maniac!
Launch: He's an a-one sicko!
King Piccolo: Please... don't worry. This is meant to be happy fun time. The drawing will only be held once a year. That means if you're lucky... some of you may live another forty-three years! Aha ha ha! Or not! Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!
Bulma: Forty-three years? Oh, how generous! I'd rather be destroyed now than have to live my life in fear!
King Piccolo: But seriously, I wish to maintain an open dialogue with my subjects. So, if, for any reason, you're displeased with my plan or any of my policies, please feel free to pay me a visit. My door is always open. Tell me what's on your tiny little minds, I'm here for you. And once you've unloaded all of your emotional baggage, I promise to remove your troubles... permanently!

Korin: The outcome rests in the hands of fate. Goku has the necessary skills. However, that's not always enough.
Yajirobe: That doesn't fill me with confidence. Anyway, at a time like this, I'd rather be filled with food. I'm gonna stuff my belly with everything I can fit into it!

Dr. Brief: The plants! I forgot!
Miss Brief: Huh!
Dr. Brief: I completely forgot to water them this morning!
Miss Brief: Well then, you know how upset the chrysanthemum's get when they go without the morning sprinkle.
Dr. Brief: Thank you, sweetheart... for reminding me of the important things in life.

Oolong: This is the end o' the world! Everything's spun outta control! Goku, Master Roshi, Chiaotzu, Krillin. Everybody's gone! Even Tien Shinhan!

Piano: (after Tien challenges King Piccolo) This world certainly has a bountiful supply of idiots, sire.
King Piccolo: Quite true. But they're so amusing. Even so, we can't have upstarts running amuck! I'll make an example of this one. A live broadcast of this destruction should do the trick.
Piano: Yes, sire.

Battle Cry

Dr. Brief: Let's go.
Miss Brief: Don't rush! This isn't easy!
Dr. Brief: But, we have to go!
Miss Brief: Stop being selfish. I wanna look nice for our doomsday.
Dr. Brief: Nobody cares.

Goku: You guys are working for King Piccolo, aren't you?
Soldier: Yes, we are... but reluctantly. Look, if we don't obey his orders, he'll destroy us as well.
Goku: You should do what's right, not what you're told! And don't worry about Piccolo anymore, because I am going to destroy him!
Soldier: What can you do? You're just a child! He decimated half of my force. You have no idea how strong he is!
Goku: You're wrong! I will beat him!

King Piccolo: Relax, Piano. There's always time to enjoy a good slaughter.

King Piccolo: (about Tien) Finish him off and make it as painful as possible.
Drum: Yes.

Drum: You're not goin' anywhere, runt! No one treats me like that and gets away with it!
King Piccolo: Exactly. Drum, teach these fools a lesson they won't forget.
Drum: (cracking his knuckles) Heh heh heh. Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo.
Tien: Goku, move! He's faster than he looks!
Drum: Heh heh heh.
Goku: (Drum phases away and reappears behind Goku) Haaa!!! (Goku instantly kicks Drum directly in his face, popping out his eyes along with his brains)

Goku Strikes Back

Yamcha: I wonder how well Tien is doing?
Bulma: Uh?
Launch: If that dirtbag Piccolo hurts him in any way, I'll make him pay!

King Piccolo: Of all people, I never thought I would see you again. How tenacious. You dare get in my way?
Goku: You bet I do! I will never stop until I've defeated you!
King Piccolo: You can try if you're feeling suicidal. For you will die. You think you're going to be able to stop me? Bigger and smarter adversaries than you have tried and failed.
Goku: You'll see just how much I've changed!
King Piccolo: Ha! As tempting as it is to disprove your boast, I don't have the time. There are people awaiting their destruction in West City.

King Piccolo: His eyes... so full of hatred. He really thinks he can beat me! Little does he know how horrible I can be!

King Piccolo: Poor deluded child. It's a shame your human brains are so small. Your ignorance almost takes the fun out of killing you.

King Piccolo: It feels good, doesn't it? We're no different, you and I. We both love inflicting pain. It's an intoxicating feeling, isn't it?

The Biggest Crisis

King Piccolo: (after King Piccolo blasts Goku's knee with his eye laser blasts) Without the use of that leg, you can't avoid me much longer!
Goku: Grr... ow! I only need one leg to finish you!

King Piccolo: (after Tien saves Goku from one of King Piccolo's enormous blasts) Your friend's heroics shall prove to be in vain.

King Piccolo: (to Goku and Tien) I will send you away from this world together!

King Piccolo: (to Goku) You should've given up a long time ago. Now you're going to regret the day we ever crossed paths!

King Piccolo: I don't believe it.
Goku: Aha ha ha ha. No way you're going to get rid of me that easily.

Final Showdown

King Piccolo: (to Goku, while holding up Tien by his head) Don't move. Take one more step closer, and I'll give this guy a headache he's never gonna forget.

King Piccolo: Look at you. You're crying like a baby. You'll have to learn to be tougher than that. If you were more like me, you could overcome anything, even pain.
Goku: There's no way I'd ever wanna be anything like you.

King Piccolo: Haven't you heard! I already killed the Dragon! Ha ha ha ha ha!
Goku: What!? That can't be! That can't be true!
King Piccolo: Ha! Why would I lie about that? Even the Eternal Dragon was no match against my power!

King Piccolo: (after Goku flies through King Piccolo, leaving a huge hole in his stomach) I don't believe it. He flew right through me. How could he defeat me like that? So... I underestimated his strength. He's won for now, but my legacy on this planet will survive. (King Piccolo lets go of one last offspring as an egg) Good luck, my son. Get revenge for my demise. Destroy all of my enemies. (King Piccolo explodes and dies in midair)

Yajirobe: Hey, Goku. Did you know I was thinking about going after Piccolo myself?
Goku: You were? Yeah, right. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Yajirobe: Hey, what's so funny about that?
Tien: Yeah. That's not nice. Don't forget, Yajirobe saved your life. You should at least show 'im some respect.
Goku: Yeah, you're right. Sorry, Yajirobe.
Yajirobe: No sweat.

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