Dragon's Lair (1983 video game)

1983 video game developed by Advanced Microcomputer Systems

Dragon's Lair is an interactive film LaserDisc video game.

Princess DaphneEdit

  • Save me!
  • Please save me. The cage is locked, with a key. The dragon keeps it around his neck. To slay the dragon, use the magic sword.


  • Dragon's Lair: The fantasy adventure where you become a valiant knight, on a quest to rescue the fair princess from the clutches of an evil dragon. You control the actions of a daring adventurer, finding his way through the castle of a dark wizard, who has enchanted it with treacherous monsters and obstacles. In the mysterious caverns below the castle, your odyssey continues against the awesome forces that oppose your efforts to reach the Dragon's Lair. Lead on, adventurer. Your quest awaits!


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