Rick Dyer (video game designer)

American video game designer and writer

Rick Dyer is an American video game designer and writer.


  • If I have one thing over other people in this industry, it's this: I've made more mistakes than anyone else. You're seeing people repeat the same mistakes we'd already made years ago.
  • Showing characters is where 3-D animation comes up short. It's hard to create lifelike figures that move in a realistic, believable manner-unless you're going to go into "dummy dolls." But when you take 3-D animation and put it into a first-person perspective and create a fly-through environment-well, that is where it shines. So what we're doing is using both mediums for their respective strengths.
  • If there's such a thing as an evergreen video game, I would say Dragon's Lair comes close to that.