Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941 film)

1941 American horror film directed by Victor Fleming

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a 1941 film about a doctor who unleashes the evil within himself with a serum.

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Directed by Victor Fleming. Written by John Lee Mahin and Percy Heath, based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson.
It CHILLS you! Half-MAN! Half-MONSTER!  (taglines)

Dr. Henry Jekyll

  • Let me put it this way: good and evil are so close as to be chained together in the soul. Now, suppose we could break that chain, separate those two selves - free the good in man, and let it go to its higher destiny and segregate the bad.
  • I think the man had been shocked from normal good into complete evil. Now, when I say he was a good man, I don't mean that he hadn't had a bad thought, now and then. Or, that he hadn't committed ordinary transgressions against society. But, after all, that's the problem of civilized man's soul, isn't it? That good and evil are constantly fighting one another?

Mr. Edward Hyde

  • The world is yours, my darling, the moment is mine!
  • Ivy, my darling, you belong with the immortals. Come with me to Mount Olympus. Drink nectar with the gods. Sing the ancient songs of pleasure. And put Athena and Diana to shame.
  • As you were leaving the room, you turned at the door, didn't you? And you said, "For a moment, I thought..." What did you think? What did you think? Did you think that Dr. Jekyll was falling in love with you? You, with your cheap little dreams? Or did you think, perhaps - that in him, you saw a bit of me, Hyde?

Ivy Peterson

  • He ain't a man. He's a devil, he is. Why, he knows what you're thinkin' about, he does. Why, if he knows that I've been here today, I don't know what he'll do. It won't be nothin' human, I can tell you!
  • It's Hyde, sir. It's a man I know, Mr. Hyde. It's him that's done it and more. More I can't tell you. He ain't a human. He's a beast! And he won't let me go, sir, and I am afraid to run away.
  • Here's hoping that Hyde rots - wherever he is. Burn slow when the time comes.


Ivy Peterson: What are you going to do?
Mr Edward Hyde: Something so simple. I'm going to put an end to all that confusion.

Dr. Heath: I can't allow you to experiment with - why, after all, the man's a human being!
Dr. Henry Jekyll: You mean he was a human being - and he may be again, if you'd keep high-fouled ethics out of this! Sometimes we have to gamble!

Dr. John Lanyon: What's the matter?
Dr. Henry Jekyll: Don't worry, John. The bull is leaving the China shop.

Dr. Henry Jekyll: We've all had thoughts that we didn't want published or shouted out loud. And we certainly have had desires that are not confined to a drawing room. Why, as Christians, we admit that man is created weak. That's a perfectly honest problem. Why don't we face it?
The Bishop: Suppose we believe that man's soul has not yet reached its fulfillment. Is it wise? Is it right to tamper with the problem until the Creator himself has solved it in his own mysterious way?

Beatrix Emery: Oh, Harry. Tonight at dinner, I understood what you said about the good and evil in people and how it's that way in all of us. But, why isn't - why isn't the way you and I feel about each other? I mean, there's nothing evil in that, is there?
Dr. Henry Jekyll: Do you think there is?
Beatrix Emery: No. No, Harry.
Dr. Henry Jekyll: Bea, we're in love, aren't we?
Beatrix Emery: Yes, we're very much in love.
Dr. Henry Jekyll: That's all the difference.

Dr. Henry Jekyll: Maybe I better send you to the hospital.
Ivy Peterson: No. No, look. Here. Feel! Feel.
Dr. Henry Jekyll: [feels her side] Where? Here? Hmm, just as I thought: Cirrhosis pectoris.
Ivy Peterson: What's that mean?
Dr. Henry Jekyll: That means your eyes are twin pools of desire.
Ivy Peterson: [smiles] Oh, doctor. That's nice. The things you do say.

Ivy Peterson: So, good luck.
Mr. Edward Hyde: I make my own luck, my dear. Yes, and tonight - tonight I follow the rainbow.

Dr. Henry Jekyll: I've done nothing. I'm Dr. Jekyll. I'm Dr. Henry Jekyll. I've done nothing. I'm Dr. Jekyll. I'm Dr. Henry Jekyll, I tell you. I've done nothing. You're looking for a man named Hyde. Hyde! I'm Dr. Henry Jekyll. I'm Dr. Jekyll, I tell you! I tell you, I'm Dr. Jekyll! I'm Dr. Henry Jekyll!
Mr. Edward Hyde: I've done nothing. You're looking for a man named Hyde. Hyde! I'm Dr. Henry Jekyll. I'm Dr. Jekyll, I tell you! I tell you, I'm Dr. Jekyll! I'm Dr. Henry Jekyll!


  • It CHILLS you! Half-MAN! Half-MONSTER!
  • A Good Woman! A Bad Woman - who needed the love of both!