Dora and the Lost City of Gold

2019 film directed by James Bobin

Dora and the Lost City of Gold is a 2019 American adventure film based on the television series Dora the Explorer. The film stars Isabela Moner as Dora, Eugenio Derbez, Michael Peña, Eva Longoria, with Jeff Wahlberg as Diego, Nicholas Coombe, and Madeleine Madden. It also features the voices of Danny Trejo as Boots, Dee Bradley Baker, and Benicio del Toro.

Explorer is her middle name.(taglines)
Directed by James Bobin. Produced by Kristin Burr. Screenplay by Nicholas Stoller and Matthew Robinson.

Dora MárquezEdit

  • Hi! I'm Dora! And I'm being chased by a herd of angry pygmy elephants. [to camera] Can you say "angry pygmy elephants"? [ then swung on a vine and luckily ended up out of the way as she came behind the elephants as they charged away from her] Better luck next time, angry elephants.
  • Golden poison frog. Its skin is lethally toxic and can cause full-body paralysis. [to camera] Can you say "severe neurotoxicity"? Bye, deadly frog. Have a nice day.
  • Come on, Boots. If you just believe in yourself, anything is possible.
  • I have to keep going no matter what.
  • [to Alejandro] You were wrong about me, Alejandro. I'm not a know-it-all. But by now, I do know you. I knew that you would follow us in here, and I knew that you wouldn't let us take all the risk for you. I knew the final Inca test would carry dire consequences for those who should fail it, which is why we are over here, and you well you're standing right there.
  • [during the animated sequence] Everyone is here! [the Grumpy Old Troll, Isa the Iguana, Tico the Squirrel, The Fiesta Trio, and Benny the Bull appear]

Diego MárquezEdit

  • [to Dora] You are way more energetic than I remember.
  • [Dora: I don't think this is a jungle puzzle. This is a puquio.] [Sammy: What the flip is a puquio?] It's an ancient underground aqueduct. Inca engineers built some of the most elaborate irrigation systems ever devised. Water, from above, using gravity.
  • [during the animated sequence] [Dora: I'm sure this will pass, it's fine!] Fine? Are you kidding me? This is incredible! [swings on a vine]

Randy WarrenEdit

  • [first lines] You... into astronomy?
  • I can hold my breath for 7 minutes.
  • Why did I take Mandarin? What are you guys saying?
  • We're gonna die out here.
  • [Sammy: What is happening?!] It's the curse! The curse is gonna perish us! We're gonna perish all over the place!
  • I'm hit! They hit me! I'm bleeding out! I'm losing life force! [Diego: Oh, no, no, no! No, it's a juice box. It's just a juice box.]
  • Excuse me.
  • It's a jungle puzzle.
  • Look, I was wrong about jungle puzzles. Okay? There's no such thing as a jungle puzzle.
  • It's a jungle puzzle. It's a real... freaking... jungle puzzle. That is so awesome! I'm sorry I doubted you, movies.

Sammy MooreEdit

  • There's something really icy between you two. Was it the Disco Dork-a Dance? [Dora: Well, I'm glad you brought it up.] I'm just kidding. I don't actually care.
  • Who are you? Why are you smart? And what are you doing in my school?
  • Not sure if I made myself clear earlier, but if you're going to take a shot at the queen, you better not miss. There's nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal. [Dora: A lot of things are more dangerous than a wounded animal. A healthy one for a start.] Stop. Just stop. I'm watching you.
  • My parents did not sign a permission slip for the jungle! Why are we here?! Where's the museum?! Why, why, why?!
  • [Alejandro: Are you kids okay?] [Randy: (throws up off the side of the van) Not really.] "Not really"? Understatement of the century. I was just kidnapped by bad guys and a fox with a mask. Everyone saw that, right? Like, why does that fox have to remain anonymous? Who is gonna recognize one specific fox?!
  • "Okay"? Okay? No, I'm not okay, okay? I want to go home! I want to be staring at my phone, in an ice-cold room, drinking a frozen coffee beverage! And I know that makes me sound real basic, but that is what I want! Oh, and by the way, the poo song lied. Yeah, it was totally dangerous, arrows rained down on me. I hate it here! Uh! Uh! And I can't even storm off 'cause this jungle will eat me!
  • No more songs!
  • Look, I'm really sorry, for having yelled at you Dora.
  • [Randy: It's the Lost Guardians of Parapata.] [Alejandro: Ridiculous! There are no Lost Guardians! I made them up!] No, they're super real, bro.

Swiper the FoxEdit

  • [repeated line] Oh, man!
  • Everything you are about to see is true. Except that foxes don't swipe. That is a hurtful stereotype. Brought to you by... The Fox Council of Americas. Thank you. Gracias.
  • Swiper at the ready! [Powell: Whatever happens, get that map.] Swiper, yes, swiping.
  • Hola.
  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... man! I'm stuck upside-down.
  • [Powell: Good job, Swiper.] I know, man. [Powell: Get her!]
  • Open this door, man! I'm not joking, man!
  • [singing] Guarding the gate, I'm guarding the gate, Swiper is guarding the gate.
  • Say goodbye to your little friend!
  • Adios, losers!
  • And you'll never find it now!
  • Get off me, monkey!
  • Oh, man, the indignity.

Alejandro GutierrezEdit

  • [first lines] Dora, it is you! [Dora: Who are you?] I'm a friend of your parents. I'm rescuing you, Dora. Come with me if you want to live!
  • All those that seek Parapata... shall surely perish.
  • I ate chile con carne!
  • I don’t need these clothes anymore! [strips from his clothes and runs off in the forest, completely naked]
  • Stop pulling levers, Randy! [Randy: I'm trying to find the off switch!]
  • Can you all shut up back there?! I've had to listen to your mindless positivity for three days! Your relentless good nature spirit is a holy nightmare! So just shut up. Shut up! [Elena: We're so sorry about that...] SHUT UP! No more talking! And definitely no more singing.
  • [Randy: It's the Lost of Guardians of Parapata.] Ridiculous! There are no lost guardians! I made them up! [Sammy: No, they're super real, bro.]
  • [last lines, singing during the ending song Hooray! We did it!] Can someone get me out of here?


  • English teacher: Where did you transfer from, Dora?
  • Mean Kid: Oh, hey, look. The Dork-as multiplied.
  • Boots the Monkey: You're not a kid… but you're not a grown-up either, Dora. You're a teenager. It's a super confusing time. But the fact is you're right - you can't do it by yourself. Good news is you have friends now. And together, anything is possible.


[Dora, Diego, Elena, & Cole eat dinner at the table]
Young Dora and Diego: Mmm. ¡Delicioso!
Young Dora: [to the camera] Can you say "delicioso"? [Cole and Elena both turn to see who she's talking to] Say "delicioso"!
Cole: She'll grow out of it.

[After being kidnapped and taken from Los Angeles to Peru, Dora, her cousin Diego and their friends Sammy and Randy wake up in a crate...]
Randy: [wakes up and wakes up his friends] What's happening? Where are we?
[Diego and Sammy wake up, realize their heads are touching and they jump back]
[Dora wakes up, peers at the side of the crate and sees they're being unloaded from a plane]
Dora: I think... we're being unloaded from a plane.
Sammy: We're not on a plane. We can't-- [peers at the other side of the crate and realizes they're on a plane] Oh, my God, we're on a plane! [searches her pockets] We've left the country without ID. We need to alert the U.S. consulate.
[the crate jolts and a forklift carries the crate to the back of the truck. It's morning at a dusty airport. All the mercenaries are gathered.]
Diego: Dora, what happened?
Dora: [in Spanish] Vinieron por mi! Estan tras mis padres! De Parapata! [transmitting: "They came for me! They're after my parents, after Parapata!"]
Diego: [in Spanish] En serio? [transmitting: "Are you serious?"]
Sammy: They're treasure hunters?
Randy: [confused] Why did I take Mandarin? What are you guys saying?
[the forklift drops the crate on the truck]
Diego: We gotta get out of here.
[Dora opens her backpack and brings out a large knife]
Sammy: [sarcastically] Oh, look, Dora brought a knife on the field trip, everybody.
Dora: [prys open the lid with the knife and peers out] I see 3 mercenaries. Armed. [sees someone] Wait, there's a fourth. [drops back in] I think he saw me. [puts away the knife] He's coming for us.
[the kids brace themselves]
Randy: [closes his eyes] Okay, I am not here. I'm an avatar. [whimpers and screams]
[A bearded man opens the crate with a crowbar and looks in]
Alejandro: Dora, it is you!
Dora: (How do you know who I am?) Who are you?
Alejandro: I'm a friend of your parents. I'm rescuing you, Dora. Come with me if you want to live! [the truck revs and drives foward, causing Alejandro to fall off the truck]
Sammy: Where did he go?
Randy: Did-did he die?
Alejandro: [reopens the crate] I'm okay, I'm okay! I need your help, but we have to run, now!
[while a female mercenary is driving the truck, she looks in the mirror and spots the kids running off with Alejandro]
Christina X: Boss!
Powell: [he and Viper turn around and see them running off] Get them!
[Christina X pulls the brake, stopping the truck]
[Dora, Diego, Randy, Sammy and Alejandro are running to a hanger]
Sammy: My parents did not sign a permisson slip for the jungle! Why are we here?! Where's the museum?! Why, why, why?!
Dora: How do we get out of here?!
Alejandro: I don't know! Getting you out of the box was as far as my plan went.
[Powell whistles for Swiper the Fox and he quickly shows up]
Swiper: Swiper at the ready!
Powell: Whatever happens, get that map.
Swiper: [salutes] Swiper, yes, swipe.

Alejandro: Are you kids okay?
Randy: [throws up] Not really.
Sammmy: "Not really"? Understatement of the century. I was just kidnapped and chased by bad guys, and a fox with a mask. Everyone saw that, right? Like, why does that fox need to remain anonymous? Who is gonna recognize one specific fox?!

Randy: We're on a field trip.
Cole: And where are the mercenaries?
Dora: Alejandro saved us from them, and he's with us.
Elena: Who?
Dora: Your old friend, Alejandro, from the university. You sent him your journal.
Cole: My journal was stolen days before the expedition.
Alejandro: Bravo Team, this is alpha leader. (I told you earlier I was really a bad guy.)
Dora: [to her parents] You don't know him… do you? [Alejandro chuckles] Oh, miercoles.
Alejandro: We found them.
Elena: Honey, come here. Get back, kids.
Alejandro: You have my location.
Dora: You lied to me. (Why would you do this?)
Alejandro: No, no, no, no, no. No, I outwitted you...
Cole: That's the same thing.
Alejandro: ...As I have outwitted every adversary that came before you. Who would have believed that my greatest achievement, the final act in the prosperous treasure hunting career, would find me squaring off against a socially inept jungle nerd...
Cole: Hey, hey, hey!
Alejandro: ...And 3 high school losers?
Cole: I don't know them, so whatever.
Alejandro: Now if you please, you will lead me to Parapata.
Cole: But you can't get inside. It's impenetrable.
Alejandro: [laughs] Impenetrable.
Cole: That means you can't get inside.
Alejandro: I know!
Cole: Okay.
Alejandro: Shut up! You wouldn't want anything happen to her, no, would you?
Cole: Of course not.
Alejandro: Good. Good, good. So, if everyone just plays nice, I'll get my gold, and you'll be on your way safe and sound. You're a smart family, right? So, make the smart choice, hmm? We're moving out! Let's go!

Sammy: What did the Incas fear the most?
Alejandro: That's easy. The same as me. Gold.
Randy: Oh, crud.
Alejandro: Thanks for getting me through the tough stuff for me. Once again, I had to follow Miss Know-It-All, and she led me straight to the gold. [laughs] Gold, gold. Lots and lots of gold! The answer to the puzzle is obvious. The Incas built monuments and their gods with it. Gold is as close to touching the sun as the Incas could get. [places a gold coin on a statue and it moves] It's happening. It's happening! IT'S HAPPENING! I beat you, I won. I beat you, I won, I beat you, I won! The treasure is going to be mine!
Dora: You were wrong about me, Alejandro. I'm not a know-it-all, but by now, I do know you. I knew that you would follow us in here, and I knew that you wouldn't let us take all the risk for you. I knew the final Inca test would carry dire consequences for those who should fail it, which is why are over here, and you... well, you're standing right there.
[A noise is heard and Alejandro steps back. It appears he has set a trap and falls in screaming.]
Alejandro: I'm still alive! Powell, Viper, help me! Get in here now! My mercenaries are on their way! This isn't over yet!

Randy: It's the Lost Guardians of Parapata.
Alejandro: Ridiculous! There are no Lost Guardians! (Are there?) I made them up!
Sammy: No, they're super real, bro.


Cole and Elena's daughter / Sabrina and Nico's niece / Diego's cousin / Randy's love interest / Sammy's friend
Dora's cousin / Cole and Elena's nephew / Sabrina and Nico's son / Sammy's love interest / Randy's friend
Diego's love interest / Dora and Randy's friend
  • Nicholas Coombe as Randy Warren


  • Madelyn Miranda as 6-year-old Dora
  • Malachi Barton as 7-year-old Diego
Cole's wife / Dora's mom / Diego's uncle
Elena's husband / Dora's dad / Diego's aunt
  • Joey Vieira as Nico Márquez
Sabrina's husband / Diego's dad / Dora's uncle
Nico's wife / Diego's mom / Dora's aunt


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