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Degrassi: The Next Generation is a Canadian television show which follows students in middle and high school. It is a continuation of Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High which originally showed in the '80s.

Season 7Edit

Standing in the Dark (1) [7.01]Edit

Peter: I'm a jackass. Sorry. Jackbutt.

Darcy: You know I took a vow of abstinence!
Peter: Yeah? Well, the problem is, I didn't!

Standing in the Dark (2) [7.02]Edit

Jane: Get a room, you two. Oh, wait, you already did that, you sly dogs.
Darcy: (looks at Peter) You told her?
Peter: No!
Jane: Those two fuzzhead twins won't shut up about it.

Darcy: You said every girl was entitled to a secret, you said it, Manny.
Manny: I didn't mean getting raped!

Derek: Come on, dude, you can tell us what happened.
Danny: Yeah, I mean, we're practically friends!

Darcy: I remember me and peter having sex, I remember the whole thing, it was beautiful.
Manny: Thats not what you said yesterday.
Darcy: memory came back.

Love Is a Battlefield [7.03]Edit

Paige: This is the right thing to do. But it still hurts.

Paige: Oh. My god. Take off the dress now!
Alex: I wanted to surprise you...
Paige: Well, congratulations!

It's Tricky [7.04]Edit

Ashley: I was always Craig's sidekick. I don't want to be Jimmy's. Does that make me a bitch?

Emma: He wrote all those songs in rehab?
Ashley: Except 'My Window'.
Spinner: It's not that bad, actually. Not like the other songs.
Ashley: That's because I wrote it.

Death or Glory (1) [7.05]Edit

Jimmy: Shouldn't you see a doctor?
Spinner: Nah, I'm just backed up. Need me some loving from sweet, sweet Jane!

Jimmy: Uh, yeah, but what did the doctor say?
Spinner: She said I might maybe, possibly, have cancer of the nuts.

Death or Glory (2) [7.06]Edit

Spinner: Look, we gotta stop this Lakehurst-Degrassi crap, okay?
Johnny DiMarco: Look, who cares about that, all right? We're famous.

Spinner: You want some? You want some? You got some.

We Got the Beat [7.07]Edit

Manny: How can I respect someone who thinks every descision I make is wrong?

Manny: You ever been to a debut?
Jay: A debut?
Manny: Yeah, it's kinda like a big debutante ball thing. Listen, be my escort.

Jesse's Girl [7.08]Edit

Jesse: You know I like my redheads with blue eyes.
Ellie: I have green eyes!

Jesse: I can't believe I'm actually going to interview the Caitlin Ryan.
Ellie: Oh, actually, Caitlin thought it'd be great if I did the interview. Mentor...
Caitlin: I think with our history together, it'd be fantastic.

Jesse: Ellie, can we just talk? Please?
Ellie: My boyfriend-slash-boss making out with my mentor. What's to discuss?

Hungry Eyes [7.09]Edit

Emma: What, you don't think I can wear a tiny dress and sell energy drinks?
Liberty: Everyone knows you never would.

Holly J: I hate to have something in common with you, but we both need men, not boys.
Derek: Hey ladies, are your legs tired?
Danny: You've been running through our dreams all night!

Emma: I Am Not Going To Shut Up! (Pushes The Purple Dragon Leader And Takes Off Her Dress)

Manny: So you busted out the birthday suit early this year. Tell me, how does that feel?
Emma: Massively embarrassing, but at least I had control over what people saw.
Manny: Too bad you can't control what they think. Or dream. Or fantasize.

Pass The Dutchie [7.10]Edit

Spinner: Ms. H, I made a vow: Jimmy and I are gonna graduate TOGETHER. Please, don't send me home.

Jimmy: So this your thing now? Spinner Mason, chronic stoner.
Spinner: So this is your thing now? Jimmy Brooks, guy who loves to bust balls. Or in my case, ball.

Jane: You kinda hurt me, dude.

Spinner: I really like you.
Jane: I really like you too.
Spinner: Cool. (pause) One more thing. (leans forward, kisses Jane passionately)

Owner Of A Lonely Heart [7.11]Edit

Marco: This is what you do?! You have sex with people for money?!

Joseph: Manuela, what is going on?
Jay: We were just celebrating-
Joseph: I can see that. Come on, Manuela. Goodbye Jason, don't come here again.
Manny: We were celebrating that we're engaged!

Live To Tell [7.12]Edit

Darcy's Mom: So can I pick you up or will you have another detention today?
Darcy: I can walk home by myself, like I have since I was a kid.
Darcy's Mom: Well when you were a kid, I didn't have to worry about what kind of trouble you were getting into.
Darcy: Well sorry for changing. It's a good thing you've still stayed the same. You're still a bitch.
Darcy's Mom: [appalled at what Darcy just called her] EXCUSE ME, YOUNG LADY! I HEARD THA- [she stops speaking, livid and lost for words]

Peter: I really tried to help. But you're, like, hopeless.

Darcy: (grabs scissors) Let's just talk. Can't we just talk?
Mr. Simpson: Darcy, put the scissors down.

Bust A Move (1) [7.13]Edit

Jay: I'm gonna need this. One day, you'll be famous and forget all about me...
Manny: What makes you think I'll wait 'til I'm famous to leave you?
Jay: So I'm here for a good time, not for a long time?
Manny: That's my little trooper.

Bust A Move (2) [7.14]Edit

Manny: I knew I never should've trusted you! Jay Hogart brings nothing but disappointment and failure to life!

Jay: (notices Manny's car attached to the tow truck) Manny? How did you-?
Manny: I've seen you do it, like, a thousand times.

Spinner: It's Craig?! We drove this far to see a guy I can call? (to everyone) I was his drummer!

Manny: Where ever you're going, I'm going.

Got My Mind Set On You [7.15]Edit

Derek: So Rachel, I was thinking maybe we could go out sometime.
Rachel: Derek? Maybe we should focus on the project.

Emma: You wanna walk him together? He would be like ours.
Damien: Whoa, like ours? But we just started going out.

Sweet Child 'O Mine [7.16]Edit

Lucas: You can't avoid me forever.
Mia: That's the plan.

Manny: So, you wanna have lunch together?
Jay: Can't. I'm going to Hooters with your dad.

Teacher: Looks like Manny's got a real diamond here.
Manny: (shocked) I, uh, must've got lucky raiding my mom's jewelery box.

Lucas: So you'll take my money, but you won't even talk to me?
Mia: Why now, Lucas? Please, humor me. Why now?

Lucas: I was fourteen, okay? I was scared.
Mia: I was THIRTEEN! You don't think I didn't wanna walk away? Sometimes I still do!

Johnny: Macking on the golden boy while Lucas is with the kid? Real classy.

Mia: Did you see an envelope in here?
Holly J: Sorry Momma Mia, no money from baby daddy today.

Talking In Your Sleep [7.17]Edit

Griffin:Are you sure?

Paige: Why all the talking and not the kissing?

Paige: What's your problem. I hate you!

Season 8Edit

Uptown Girl Part 2 [8.02]Edit

K.C.: Clare
Clare: What? Didn't get your digs in class? (referring to a joke that was referring to Clare singing a hymn in the cafeteria)
K.C.: alli was only joking ... Are you alright?
Clare: I was until you had me make a fool of myself.
K.C.: I'm sorry ... I was trying to prove that you care what people think.
Clare: Mission accomplished. Now i know they think I'm a dork. (begins to walk away)
K.C.: So now it's back to only hangin' out with the smart kids.
Clare: (pauses, slowly walking back to K.C.) They get me, okay? They don't think I'm weird, or .. laugh at me.
K.C.: So it's not that you don't care what people think.
Clare: My sister Darcy is the "pretty" and "popular" one. I'm good at being the smart one.
K.C.: ... You're so much more than the smart one.

(both smile at each other)

Fight the Power [8.03]Edit

Jane: I just want to play football.
Spinner: Is playing football really worth all this?

Jane: Those two just jumped me in the hall, you gonna do something now?

Didn't We Almost Have it All [8.04]Edit

Holly J.: How many girls have you slept with?

Holly J.: I look...
Blue: Beautiful.

Man With Two Hearts [8.05]Edit

'Alli and Clare: It's hers.

Clare: You're talking about underwear in Media Immersion and I'm the one with the problem?

Riley: Easy, all star!

Riley: Give it up, you can't beat me!
Peter: Oh, yeah? Watch me!

Peter: AAH!
Mia: I told you not to do that!
Peter: I'm just trying to put some color in your cheeks before the big shoot.
Mia: It's been postponed, so do you wanna go to a movie?
Peter: Yeah. Oh, wait, I have a project with Riley.
Mia: Should I be jealous?
Peter: Ha, ha, yeah. Hey why don't you come hang out with us?

K.C.: And I need brain food. Why dont you show me where you keep the peanut butter.

With or Without You [8.06]Edit

Sav: Do you know what your new nickname is?
Alli: No?
Sav: Backwoods Bhandari. They think you hooked up with Johnny.
Alli: That's awesome!
Sav: You WANT them to call you that?!
Alli: Well, it's better than 'Sav's Little Sister' or 'Niner Geek'.
Sav: [ now losing his cool] You know what, you better go to your tent.
Alli: Why? I didn't do anything. You are such a hypocrite. I saw the pack of condoms you brought.
Sav: [realizing what she means, Sav is lost for words] You have no idea what you're talking about.
Alli: And you're worried about what people might think about me?
Sav: [now angry] Go to your tent NOW!
Alli: [grumbles while walking away] So unfair.

Anya: And now we'll be able to say we went out for exactly six months.
Sav: I'm not following.
Anya: Your last family gathering didn't include me. We're done.
Danny: Do they have refunds on condoms?

Money for Nothing [8.07]Edit

Spinner: Why, daddy won't spend for the expensive Channel bag?
Holly J.: It's Chanel. And no.

Mia: I'm so sorry you had to find out like that.

Lost in Love Part 1 [8.09]Edit

Connor: What was K.C. doing with that heart? What was K.C. doing with that heart?
Alli: Sending Clare a rose to ask her to the dance. Don't you dare tell her.
Connor: She should go with me, we're better friends!

Jay: A month ago, Manny wouldn't return my calls. Now, she... answers, and then hangs up. That is love at work, buddy!

Lost in Love Part 2 [8.10]Edit

Clare: I wanted to go with you.
K.C.: Prove it. By dancing with me.

Kelly: No, I came here to kiss you.

Manny: You can't have everyone like you all the time. Sometimes you have to choose, and this time you chose wrong. (about Kelly supposedly choosing Gweneth over Emma)

Connor: You're my date to the dance! You're supposed to dance with me.

Bad Medicine [8.11]Edit

Peter: Don't they give you boobs and make you all paranoid and stuff?

Riley: I'm on a date with Anya, and I like her. A lot.

Anya: C'mon! What type of bread would you be?
Riley: I don't know!
Anya: Okay, I'll go. I would be...a Pop Tart.
Riley: A Pop Tart? Is that even a kind of bread?
Anya: I don't know!
Riley: You're way too cute when you laugh.

Sav: We went out for six months! That's way more important than some stupid gay picnic!

Causing a Commotion [8.12]Edit

Clare: What, should we just kick out everyone who's not a jock?
The Shep: Don't tease me.
Clare: You're a terrible principal!
The Shep: And you're a little bitch.

Clare: You can't give me detention for having a point of view.
The Shep: Sure I can. I'm the principal.

Sav: It's my life, and I want you in it.

Heat of the Moment [8.12]Edit

Alli: You're not breaking up with me.

Holly J.: If I wanted to ruin your life, I would create an I Hate Alli group, have 400 people join, and talk about how much they hate you and want you dead.

Sav: The Sinclairs called the police.

Jane Says Part 1 [8.13]Edit

Jane: He put me to bed every night.

Mrs. Valieri: Are you okay with him being around more?

Lucas: You and your stupid backwards pajamas.

Jane Says Part 2 [8.14]Edit

Spinner: Talk to me.

Jane: Urination is key to a healthy diet. Besides, who doesn't love that "fresh from yourself" taste?

Touch of Grey [8.15]Edit

Emma: Wanna blaze?

Emma: I'm tired of everyone calling me blonde Emma. I'm not even blonde anymore!

KC: You had this idea that I was a good guy. I kind of liked it.

Clare: KC you didnt punch him did you?

Emma: [on her cellphone while in class] Kelly! Are you in the room?
Kelly: Yes, what's up?
Emma: I didn't get rid of it! There is still brownies and weed in the room. They're doing searches.

Heart Of Glass [8.16]Edit

Clare: I think you should zip your jacket back up.
Alli: I think Johnny won't agree.

Grace: Are you and Johnny gonna seal the deal tonight?

Clare: My 12th birthday, totally like this!

Clare: It's a political allegory of the Russian Revolution!
Bruce: Pigs started the Russian evolution?

Johnny: (after Alli puts her hands over his eyes and he turns around) You're not Bruce.

Danger Zone [8.18]Edit

Clare: I think the reason we fight all the time is because we're afraid if we don't... we'll do this [Clare tries to kiss KC]
KC: [Pulls away from Clare]
Clare: Or maybe I had it all wrong .[Clare tries to leave]
KC:no You had it right. [KC pulls Clare in for a kiss]

Holly J: (Blocking Spinner from Chris[the Guy with the Gun]) Don't shoot!

Chris: (looking at Spinner) This guys playing tricks with me.
Holly J: No, he's just trying to be a stupid hero!

Holly J: I got kicked off the squad, my dad lost all his money, and (checks to see if Spinner is still listening) ... I'm in love with the stupid hero over there.

Mia: (to Peter) Look, it's Holly J. (Everyone claps for her. She smiles)

Season 9Edit

Just Can't Get Enough Part 2 [9.02]Edit

Spinner: I'm a one armed drummer.

Close To Me [9.04]Edit

Spinner: Remember, I love you.

You Be Illin [9.05]Edit

Jenna: Hey Johnny DiMarco. I've noticed you, around school.
Johnny: Your eyes work, good.
Jenna: [touches his hair] You know what they say about guys with big headphones.
Johnny: Big ears?
Jenna: You and Alli broke up right? You're... available?

Johnny: You want the truth? Your friend, the only girl I want.

Jenna: Alli, he loves you!

Wanna Be Startin' Something [9.06]Edit

Holly J [to Jane about Declan]: I saw you two sucking face outside the Everhart's! I know, Jane.

Jane [to Holly J]: You know what friend, I don't care what you think you saw, stay out of my business!

Bruce: You're a dead man, Dave!

Beat It Part 1 [9.07]Edit

Ms. H: Larissa's the head of our LGBT club.
Riley: What's that? A sandwich?

Beat It Part 2 [9.08]Edit

Fiona: You can't cure homosexuality
Riley: Yes, you can. It's like a disease.
Fiona: Wow, you must really hate yourself.
Riley: [to Fiona] Too bad you can't cure bitch!

Heart Like Mine Part 1 [9.11]Edit

Clare: Jenna, your butt crack is showing!

Clare: What are you doing here?
KC: Just tell me what happened at the car wash.
Clare: You really don't know?
KC: We were all having fun, and you lost your mind. What's up with you?
Clare: Jenna's trying to edge me out of your life and you're letting her.
KC: Clare, no one's edging anyone out. I'm allowed to be friends with other girls, you know.
Clare: And flirt with them too?
KC: You know, Coach thinks it's normal to look at other girls.
Clare: Really, so do you do everything the coach says?
KC: No, but we just make each other mad.
Clare: What do you mean?
KC: If we can't be happy, maybe we shouldn't be together.
Clare: So we're breaking up?
KC: Yeah. I guess we are. I'm sorry.
Clare: Just tell me one thing. How long have you liked her?
KC: I tried not to, Clare.
Clare: Sure Whatever Loser.

KC: When I want something, I go after it. [kisses Jenna on the lips]


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