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Degrassi: The Next Generation is a Canadian television show which follows students in middle and high school. It is a continuation of Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High which originally showed in the '80s.

Season 10Edit

What a Girl Wants: Part 2 [10.02]Edit

Anya: What other way out do I have? I either fake a miscarriage, or I fake a baby to term, and... who would adopt a fake baby?

Breakaway: Part 1 [10.03]Edit

Anya: Best news ever!
Sav: You told everyone that you're not pregnant?
Anya: Better! You are up in the polls!
Alli: You guys are so weird.
Sav: So I was crapping my pants for nothing?
[Holly J grabs Connor]
Holly J: What's going on here?
Connor: Assualt?
[Holly J lets go]
Holly J: Over there!
Connor: Oh, Sav got Anya pregnant and now he's some type of hero or something.
Holly J: That doesn't make any sense.
[Connor leaves]
[To Anya]
Holly J: Benedict Arnold, you switched sides!
Anya: I need to protect my family.
Holly J: You don't have a family!

Breakaway: Part 2 [10.04]Edit

[After Clare's laser eye surgery]
Wesley: So, are they like, sore?
Clare: You noticed! Well, at first, a little bit, but now they're good as new.
Wesley: Wow. Can I touch them?
Clare: Wesley, that's... weird.
Wesley: For proof. Just to see how they feel.
Clare: Well, I'm sure they feel the same, but... okay.
Wesley: Really?
Clare: Yeah, just be gentle.
[Wesley touches Clare's breasts]
Clare: What are you doing?!
Wesley: I'm sorry, are they tender?
Clare: Wait... you think... I got a boob job?!
Wesley: Everyone does.
Clare: I got my eyes fixed, dummy!
Clare:who started this rumor?
Anya :super bummer

99 Problems: Part 1 [10.05]Edit

Owen: Is... uh... princess here bothering you?
Zane: Namecalling, really?
Owen: Nice pants.
Zane: Like them?
Owen: Oh, they're fabulous! You borrow them from your sister?
Zane: What, you don't do yoga?
Owen: As if.
Zane: It helps build upper-arm strength. Maybe you should give it a try Oh, we could go shopping first.
Clare: Try again, this time with more words.
Clare: What do you do when life gives you lemons?
Alli: You throw them at Chantay?

99 Problems: Part 2 [10.06]Edit

[Drew gets taped to a pole]

Coach Armstrong: Don't go anywhere.
Drew: Very funny.

Zane: Doesn't Drew know who did it?

Jenna: If you forgot where the new caf is again, I'll draw you a map.

Jenna: Who is this?
Lisa: You called me.

Drew: I didin't do it for you, dumbass.

K.C: Don't worry, I didn't leave it at Marisol's house or anything.
Jenna: It's ok, I'm done being jealous.

K.C: My family's off limits Jenna. So is my stuff. No wonder I can't trust anyone.

Bianca: Jess fell twice.

Alli: And getting Drew or someone like Drew as my boyfriend.

Zane: All this drama because you think gay guys can't play football.

Clare: Aw, should we go rescue her?
Dave: I think she's beyond that point.
Wesley: What kind of friends would we be if we didn't try?
Clare: Ugh- I can't believe I'm doing this.

Zane: Should be you out there. Or at least football you.
Riley: Hope someday it can be all of me.

Better Off Alone Part 1[10.07]Edit

Ms. Dawes: We may have a very special patnership on our hand people. (gasp) Like Sylivia Plath and Ted Hughes.
Clare: Sylvia Plath killed herself.
Clare: Well, better come up with one fast.
Alli: Has anyone ever died of humiliation?
Clare: Mm, no. Just permanently scarred.
Alli: See this? (holds up her phone) This is a phone, best friends answer it.
Alli: So who's gonna give me guy advice?
Clare: I don't know, try a guy.
Dave: Soon as the queen bee runs out of honey, she'll go flying back to the hive.
Alli: Hey Dave, can I talk to you? Privately.
Wesley: He should write a book.
Clare: So? What do you think?
Eli: It's uh...
Clare: Awkwardly constructed, filled with hyperbole, and generally sloppy.
Eli: The title's centered.
Eli: So don't hand it in.
Clare: And tell her what? The dog ate my homework?
Clare: Well are you coming?
Eli: Wow, this is a first. Skipping school to do work.
Clare: I don't understand how you got an A and I got a C.
Eli: Simple, I'm dating Ms. Dawes.
Eli: Wow contraversial.
Eli: You care too much what people think.
Clare: That is not true.
Eli: Then prove it. Scream at the top of your lungs.
Sav: Yeah if mom and dad find out about it, I'm dead.
Drew: Never have I ever...sexted.
Alli: [after taking her braclets off] Long story.
Drew: It always is. It's your turn, Long story.
Drew: I seem to be missing a watch.
Alli: Oops.

Better Off Alone: Part 2[10.08]Edit

Fitz: Did your basketball coach really hire a hooker? Cause I want on that team.
Eli: Missed you last night, was Twilight on TV?
Clare: She thinks she protecting me by lying but she's just making it worse-
Eli: Wait, stop, rewind,
Eli: Wow, how did it feel to write this?
Clare: Good, really good.
Eli: I think it deserves a larger audience, like at the student showcase tomorrow.
Clare: You can interfere every once in a while, but I'm still gonna do what I want.
Eli: Whouldn't expect anything less.

I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself Part 1 [10.09]Edit

Bianca: Have you ever heard of deodorant Dr. Doom?
Eli: Yeah, but instead of Ocean surf I used Day Old Trout.
Eli: How exactly do you propose we split four passes three ways?
Adam and Eli: [at the same time] Yeah alright. I got places to be anyway.
Sav: I can't believe you got it in there.
Adam: That's what my ex-girlfriend said.

Awkward silence

Adam: What?
Eli: Gross.
Adam: Booyah!
Sav: Dude, booyah?
Eli: Who are you?
Adam: Sorry.
Sav: Your screwed without me right? [Adam and Eli nod their heads]
Jenna: Nah, internet people are weirdoes.
KC: Not a skelator girl who runs around like I'm so full of that mineral water and breathmint.
KC: I just really like Christmas.
Eli: Oh no you told him the truth didn't you?
Sav: How was I supposed to know that honesty stopped being the best policy?

I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself 2 [10.10]Edit

Alli: People at school, people at the Dot,. I even heard some lady mention it in line at the grocery store.
Alli: The lady at the grocery store almost dropped her cantalopes.
Mr. Perino: Fine then stay. But I'm warning you I have a hankering for bacon.
Jenna: Hey Anya, guess what.
Anya: Um... you got a pony? [Jenna looks at her funny] Sorry, I'm more of a multiple choice kind of girl.
Sav: Well I know it's solitarie, but what kind of solitarie?
Sav: I was just thinking about my mom.
Adam: Aw sweet.
Sav: She's all like, honey we trust you.
Eli: Well they should trust you.
Sav: And I'm totally taking advantage of that.
Eli: You're not chickening out are you?
Sav: Just get in the truck.
Adam: Really?
Sav: Before I cange my mind. Get in the truck.
Eli: Think I would touch my dad's MGB? That's why I have my own car."
Sav: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait! So you mean I risked my ass doing something you guys wouldn't even think of doing?
Sav: Ok, um, can you shut your drunk ass up for one second ok?

Try Honesty: Part 1 [10.11]Edit

Clare: I just don't see the point of getting caught up in a cycle of violence.
Eli: Turn the other cheek, right?
Clare: Worked for Jesus.
Eli: Really? That's a matter of opinion.
Adam: I thought taking Fitz down would be more... you know, awesome.
Eli: Trust me. I've got a plan.

Try Honesty: Part 2 [10.12]Edit

Declan: If you're hooking up with some high class skank?
Eli: When check Fitz's ID and mistake him for an escaped arsonist, hilarity ensues.
Eli: Ah grasshopper. There are ways to expidite the process.
Fitz: What's up my brotha [hits Eli's arm and looks at Clare] and sista?
Eli: That neandrathal started something, and I'm gonna end it.
Dave: What's wrong with my singing?
Connor: It's terrible.
Eli: Eh moron, the ID worked eh? [looks at cigarettes] Those things'll kill ya.
Chantay: Holly J gets diamonds, you get tuna salad? You're getting ripped off dude.
Holly J: I also have to help my parents move.
Declan: That's boring!
Chantay: Just drop it Preppy.
Fitz: You had enough?
Eli: You punch like my grandma.
Fitz: Oh really?
Fitz: Let go it's the cops man!
Eli: And somebody put the name of a convicted arsonist on Fitz's fake ID-OOPS!
Clare: I was just on my way to Simpson's office to express concern over your mental stability.
Fitz: Good one Eli, you got me.
Eli: You realize that ID was for novelty purposes only?
Eli: Hope you learned your lesson.
Fitz: Too bad for you I'm a slow learner.
Clare: So what now? You two at war?
Eli: I'm in his head. Right where I want to be.

My Body Is A Cage: Part 1 [10.15]Edit

Adam: Third compartment in their dedicated to hair mousse? So uh, when are we practicing our moves?
Bianca: Are you flirting?
Adam: What if I was?
Bianca: Bro, you're not my type.
Adam: Why? Cuz I avoid spray tanning?
Bianca: (Chuckles) Funny.
Adam: I think I could be your type.
Bianca: Don't look at me with those eyes. (Lightly touched Adam's chest, then notice something odd.) Well what's going on there?
Adam: (Chuckles) Nothing.
Bianca: You're too skinny to have man boobs.
[Adam tries to walk away but Bianca grabs him.]
Adam: STOP!
[She rips open his front shirt and gasped.]
Bianca: What the hell?! Are you a girl?!
[Adam did not answer.]
Bianca: I've seen you freaks on Oprah.
[Adam runs away.]

My Body Is A Cage: Part 2 [10.16]Edit

All Falls Down: Part 1 [10.23]Edit

Eli: Now, let's talk about something important, like how you're gonna thank me for throwing Simpson off your scent.
Clare: Well, what did you have in mind?
Eli: Well...I don't know...
[ Eli kisses Clare.]
Eli: I have a French Exam
Clare: I think you just passed it

All Falls Down: Part 2 [10.24]Edit

Fitz (to Clare): Shut up, bitch.

Audra Torres (to Alli): What's the matter with you, young lady? Trading favors like some common whore?

Eli (to Clare): You're gunna sleep with him?!?

Eli: Having fun on your date, Judas? I bet Fitzy's a real dreamy kisser.

Bianca (to Alli): Your boyfriend and I got intimate in the boiler room, but all my clothes stayed on. Deal's off.

Drew (about Bianca): It's all that slut's fault!

Snake: Someone explain what happened?
Clare: Fitz was gonna fight some kids at school. So to stop it, I set off the stink bomb. When you questioning people, I panicked.
Eli: So I blamed Fitz. Guess he got mad, decided to teach me a lesson.
Snake: So you lied to me.
Clare: Yes sir.
Snake: Well there will be consequences.
Female Officer (to Snake): Excuse me sir, I found this one stripping in an empty classroom.
Holly J: Mr. Simpson, I am so so sorry.
Snake: I don't want to hear it! I trusted you, all of you. I've never been so disappointed in my life.
Holly J: We didn't mean for any of this to happen.
Sav: Yeah, there must be something we can do to make it better.
Snake: Oh it's too late. There's gonna be some changes, BIG changes. When you all get back from break, you won't recognize this school at all.

Don't Let Me Get Me Part 1 [1025]Edit

Clare: (about the new uniforms) I look like Barney the Dinosaur!

Alli: (sees Drew) Oh no.
Clare: You didn't think he'd disappear?
Alli: Spent all break hoping he would. How can you miss someone and want to tear their organs out?

Chantay: Apparently, I have Boiler Room Bandhari to thank for my hideous, not-my-color shirt!

Jenna: Well, my whole high school's voting for me, so I'm pretty lucky.
Haley: Hmmm, good for you. You know my Twitter feed has like 32,000 followers?
Jenna: 32,000?

Bianca: If I could smack you in the mouth right now, I would, Bandhari!
Alli: If I didn't think you would risk your income, I'd smack you in yours!
Bianca: I have never accepted money for my services.

Season 11Edit

"Boom Boom Pow" It's spring break, and despite his mother's warnings, Drew continues to see Bianca; later at a concert, they find themselves in the sort of trouble that changes their lives forever. Meanwhile, Fiona decides to take an art class with Holly J. where she meets a sexy model. Sav is still heartbroken when he runs into Keke Palmer.

"Love Game" Clare is worried that Eli is taking their break-up too calmly but there's also the question of new guy Jake Martin whom her mom wants her to befriend. Meanwhile, Jenna is dealing with the demands of new motherhood and feels that KC isn't contributing his fair share of help.

"What's My Age Again?" Anya's 18th birthday is coming up which means she can finally date Dr. Chris, but her world soon starts crashing down as she gets bad news from every corner. Meanwhile, Drew worries about Vince coming after him and reflects on his relationship with Bianca. Also, K.C. grows tired of his parental responsibilities and vies for a way out. And due to his Asperger Syndrome, Connor begins to grow curious about girls in inappropriate ways.

"Idioteque" Drew is paranoid over the fact that Vince and his gang are coming after him and comes to the conclusion that all of his problems are connected to Bianca. Meanwhile, Anya grows worried about people finding that she had sex with Owen. Also, Connor continues to steal women's underwear.

"Cry Me a River" Part One Dave and Adam vie for a position on the school's radio system and realize that they make a good team, but Dave soon has problems with Adam's being transgender. Meanwhile, ready for a semester devoid of boy drama, Clare wants to join the school newspaper. Also Fiona has trouble making friends in an eleventh-grade drama class.

"Cry Me a River" Part Two Dave receives backlash from the student body due to his insensitive comments, but instead of helping him, the censorship and persecution drive him further into intolerance. Meanwhile, Clare continues to harass a stubborn Katie for a position on the newspaper. Also, Fiona continues her attempts at reaching out to a distant Charlie.

"Dirt Off Your Shoulder" Part One Eli faces the enormous pressure of writing the school play when he encounters writer's block. Meanwhile, Riley is relieved when his mother begins talking to him again but grows upset when he finds out her intent. Also, K.C. picks up another shift at work and spends time with Marisol.

"Dirt Off Your Shoulder" Part Two Eli receives help in writing the play from the outlandish Imogen, who encourages him to quit his anti-anxiety medication. Meanwhile, Riley realizes that neither his family nor Zane is going to change and must make a difficult decision. Also, the flirtation between K.C. and Marisol continues to grow, which worries Jenna.

"Paper Planes" Part One When Anya begins to feel pressure to telling her parents that she didn't get into college and into choosing between Holly J. and Owen, she decides to experiment with cocaine. Meanwhile, Fiona discovers bed bugs in her loft and assumes it is from her new roommate Charlie. Also, Connor claims his underwear fetish is over and focuses on a contest.

"Paper Planes" Part Two Anya grows increasingly worried about her college interview while the urge to do more cocaine becomes stronger. Meanwhile, after the whole bed bug incident, Fiona struggles to tell Charlie that she is a recovering alcoholic. Also, Alli, Wesley, and Hannah come together to put an end to Connor's obsession.

"Should've Said No" Part One Clare's hormones begin raging when a shirtless Jake helps his father with renovations at her house. Meanwhile, after returning to Degrassi, Drew begins to suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder while trying to get used to things. Also, Dave tries to convince himself that it is ok to be friends with Alli.

"Should've Said No" Part Two Clare discovers a shocking secret about her parents' divorce that causes her to question her casual relationship with Jake. Meanwhile, Drew thinks the only way to escape his constant terror is to leave Degrassi, which upsets Adam. Also, Dave's feelings for Alli intensify, which doesn't sit well with his girlfriend Sadie.

"U Don't Know" Part One Holly J.'s health is getting worse, leading her to look for a kidney donor within her family. But in the process, she gets the shock of a lifetime. Meanwhile, Adam is attracted to Katie and thinks she may be reciprocating this feeling. Also, Imogen wants to play the role of "Clara" in the school play and begins shadowing Clare.

"U Don't Know" Part Two Holly J. tracks down her birth mother but struggles in mustering up the courage to ask her to be a kidney donor. Meanwhile, Adam worries that Katie is not attracted to him because of his growing breasts and contemplates chest reconstruction. Also, Imogen attempts to make Eli her boyfriend.

"Lose Yourself" Part One Jenna wants desperately to come back to Degrassi but doesn't have enough money for child care. Meanwhile, Sav, who has a crush on Ms. Oh, competes to write the score for the school play. When Clare finds out Eli has hired Jake to construct sets, she worries Eli is out to harm Jake.

"Lose Yourself" Part Two Following Tyson's accident, Jenna and K.C. expect a visit from Child Protective Services. When Jenna finds out about K.C.'s infidelity, they begin to wonder if they are ready to be parents. Meanwhile, Mo helps Sav with his crush on Ms. Oh. Also, Clare attempts to keep Jake safe.

"Mr. Brightside" Part One Drew's mixed martial arts training is the only thing keeping him together, but when a school exposé forces him to quit, he is left stranded without his remedy. Meanwhile, Alli tries to make Dave the perfect boyfriend before she presents him to her family. Also, Holly J. finds out exchanging money for organs is illegal.

"Mr. Brightside" Part Two Drew tries to find other ways to cope with his fear and joins the school newspaper until he finds out about an underground MMA fighting ring. Meanwhile, Alli talks to Dave, and they agree to start over and introduce Dave to her parents as her boyfriend. Also, Holly J. continues regular meetings with her birth mother.

"Extraordinary Machine" Part One Eli is off his medication and unstable. He is convinced that he can use the play to repair his relationship with Clare. Meanwhile, K.C. and Jenna prepare to interview a couple who wants to adopt Tyson. Also, Anya, still rebellious and without any post-graduation plans, jeopardizes her relationship with Owen due to her constant drug use.

"Extraordinary Machine" Part Two Eli has met his match in Imogen, who is someone just as willing to go to extraordinary and highly questionable lengths to get what she wants. Meanwhile, Anya has her mind set on joining the Canadian Air Force, but her drug use may ruin her one chance of getting in. Also, K.C. realizes he must do what's best for the people he loves.

"Drop It Like It's Hot" Part One Alli needs to break the news about her summer program to Dave sooner or later, so she plans a special night for them. Meanwhile, Wesley is threatened by another male student when he joins him and his girlfriend in a science project. Also, Bianca is threatened by Vince into peddling drugs at Degrassi.

"Drop It Like It's Hot" Part Two Alli finds an underground poker group and becomes addicted. She begins gambling her relationship with Dave--and her future. Meanwhile, Wesley digs himself in too deep with his lie about being able to drive, which could ruin Hannah's trust in him. Also, Bianca's side job could ruin her newly built friendship with Imogen.

"Don't Panic" Part While running for student council president, Katie keeps her relationship with Drew a secret from long time friend Marisol, who also harbors a crush on Drew. After being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, Eli attempts to apologize to the people he's hurt. Sav and Ms. Oh flirt over music.

"Don't Panic" Part Two Student council candidates Katie and Marisol are in an all-out war as rumors about Katie's bulimia begin to circulate around Degrassi. Meanwhile, Eli desperately tries to get Jake and Clare to confess their love for each other. Sav and Ms. Oh's secret relationship puts her job in danger when rumors begin flying.

"Take a Bow" Part One After Holly J. and Anya get dates to prom, a lonely Fiona decides to ask her ex-girlfriend Charlie, which could be detrimental to her sobriety. Meanwhile, Anya is accepted into the army and begins physical training with her ex-boyfriend Owen. Also, Katie assumes that prom night with Drew will lead to sex and begins preparations.

"Take a Bow" Part Two As Graduation Day arrives, Fiona has to face her demons when her loneliness and guilt over her relapse, which forces her to push her loved ones away. Meanwhile, after being dumped before prom, Riley makes the decision to come out to his mother again. Also, Katie realizes that she isn't quite ready to take the next step with Drew.

"Dead & Gone" Part One When Bianca shows up to volunteer at Niner Orientation in Vince's car, Drew suspects that he's in danger again and that Bianca's to blame. Meanwhile, Clare and Jake continue to keep their relationship secret from their parents, until their parents announce their engagement. Also, now that school is finished, Sav hopes to have a night alone with Ms. Oh.

"Dead & Gone" Part Two It's prom night, and Drew invites Bianca, which makes things awkward between her and Katie. Meanwhile, Jake has to make a decision about his future with Clare. Also, Sav and Ms. Oh sneak back to Degrassi for some alone time, and Riley and Zane talk for the first time since their breakup. And Vince shows up and lets out an array of gunshots into the unlucky students.

"Nowhere to Run" The Degrassi students return from the summer break a week before the new school year. Meanwhile, Jake and Clare are still not talking, and the arrival of their parents' wedding sends Jake looking for some space away from her. He invites Katie, Drew, Marisol and Alli to his family's remote cabin in the woods. Also, Katie is concerned that Bianca has been spending too much time with Drew, and after finding some weed, she gets high with Marisol. And after Dave breaks her heart, Alli commits a betrayal that could end her friendship with Clare for good, and creepy things begin to happen around the cabin that scare them all.

"Underneath It All" Part One Fiona is ready for a fresh start as a new school year begins at Degrassi and realizes that she gained quite a reputation with the younger students. Meanwhile, Clare and Jake's secret relationship grows, and Clare considers having sex. Also, Katie's little sister, Maya, shows a liking to Zig, but new classmates Tori and Tristan warn her that he's bad news.

"Underneath It All" Part Two After letting Imogen take the blame for the senior prank, Fiona's guilt opens her eyes to the kind of people Katie and Marisol really are. Meanwhile, when Clare tells Jake she is ready to have sex, Jake begins to worry about the commitment he is making. Maya decides to help Tori find closure to her broken relationship with her ex-boyfriend Zig.

"Can't Tell Me Nothing" Part One After injuring her knee at the National Soccer Team tryouts, Katie searches for a quick fix that will allow her to play through the pain. Meanwhile, Jenna is still reeling from her break-up with K.C. and decides to pour all of her emotions into her songs. Also, Tristan feels like Zig is taking Tori away from him.

"Can't Tell Me Nothing" Part Two With soccer tryouts and the new event to plan at Degrassi, Katie pushes her limit and continues taking her mother's codeine, which has disastrous results. Meanwhile, after K.C. overhears Jenna's song about him, he writes a poem making Jenna's character a monster. Also, Tori, Tristan, and Zig decide to make their own musical act, but they can't see eye-to-eye.

"Not Ready to Make Nice" Part One Clare realizes that she can't be around Jake after he invites Jenna to his birthday supper and opts for other living arrangements. Meanwhile, Connor makes it onto the football team but has trouble fitting in, especially with Mo. Also, when Fiona realizes she has feelings for Imogen, she attempts to get Imogen and Eli together.

"Not Ready to Make Nice" Part Two Clare continues to find comfort in the group of friends with whom she has found a home, as they encourage her away from her past life. She later finds out that she is living with very dangerous people. Meanwhile, Connor plays a prank on Mo in order to make him skip a football game. Also, Fiona puts her plan in motion.

"Need You Now" Part One Eli feels like his bipolar disorder is under control as his relationship with Imogen grows. When Imogen shows Eli her mural about mental illness featuring his portrait, he lashes out at her. Meanwhile, when Tyson's adoptive parents invite K.C. and Jenna to his christening, K.C. decides to be in his son's life. Also, Tori joins the power squad but struggles in balancing practice and being a good girlfriend to Zig.

"Need You Now" Part Two Eli catches Imogen in a lie and thinks she must be cheating on him and becomes obsessed with finding out the truth. Meanwhile, KC has trouble dealing with the fact that Tyson has a new life that doesn't involve him. Also, after an angry Marisol makes her the mascot, Tori realizes that Zig doesn't put any effort into their relationship.

"Smash Into You" Part One Desperate to get Alli back, Dave volunteers to help her organize the Model UN. When Dave's summer fling, Jacinta, tries to reconnect with him, he decides to remove all connection with her. Meanwhile, Marisol is stuck with Mo as a partner for Model UN. Also, Adam receives a note from a secret admirer and assumes it's a prank.

~~cast (Season 10-12) Season 10 Raymond Ablack as Sav Bhandari, Charlotte Arnold as Holly J. Sinclair, Stefan Brogren as Archie "Snake" Simpson, Annie Clark as Fiona Coyne, Sam Earle as K.C. Guthrie, Jahmil French as Dave Turner, Judy Jiao as Leia Chang, Argiris Karras as Riley Stavros, Landon Liboiron as Declan Coyne, Jajube Mandiela as Chantay Black, Samantha Munro as Anya MacPherson, Aislinn Paul as Clare Edwards, A.J. Saudin as Connor Deslauriers, Melinda Shankar as Alli Bhandari, Jessica Tyler as Jenna Middleton, Luke Bilyk as Drew Torres, Munro Chambers as Eli Goldsworthy, Alicia Josipovic as Bianca DeSousa, Cory Lee as Ms. Oh, Jordan Todosey as Adam Torres, Spencer Van Wyck as Wesley Betenkamp,

Season 11 Raymond Ablack as Sav Bhandari, Charlotte Arnold as Holly J. Sinclair, Luke Bilyk as Drew Torres, Stefan Brogren as Archie "Snake" Simpson, Munro Chambers as Eli Goldsworthy, Annie Clark as Fiona Coyne, Sam Earle as K.C. Guthrie, Jahmil French as Dave Turner, Alicia Josipovic as Bianca DeSousa, Argiris Karras as Riley Stavros, Daniel Kelly as Owen Milligan, Shannon Kook-Chun as Zane Park, Cory Lee as Ms. Oh, Jajube Mandiela as Chantay Black, Samantha Munro as Anya MacPherson, Aislinn Paul as Clare Edwards. A.J. Saudin as Connor Deslauriers, Melinda Shankar as Alli Bhandari, Jordan Todosey as Adam Torres, Jessica Tyler as Jenna Middleton, Spencer Van Wyck as Wesley Betenkamp, Shanice Banton as Marisol Lewis, Justin Kelly as Jake Martin, Chloe Rose as Katie Matlin, Cristine Prosperi as Imogen Moreno, Ricardo Hoyos as Zig Novak, Olivia Scriven as Maya Matlin, Alex Steele as Tori Santamaria, Lyle O'Donohoe who plays Tristan Milligan, Jacob Neayem who plays Mo Mashkour,

Season 12 Shanice Banton as Marisol Lewis, Luke Bilyk as Drew Torres, Stefan Brogren as Archie "Snake" Simpson, Munro Chambers as Eli Goldsworthy, Annie Clark as Fiona Coyne, Sam Earle as K.C. Guthrie, Jahmil French as Dave Turner, Ricardo Hoyos as Zig Novak, Alicia Josipovic as Bianca DeSousa, Daniel Kelly as Owen Milligan, Justin Kelly as Jake Martin, Cory Lee as Ms. Oh, Jacob Neayem as Mo Mashkour, Lyle O'Donohoe as Tristan Milligan, Aislinn Paul as Clare Edwards, Cristine Prosperi as Imogen Moreno, Chloe Rose as Katie Matlin, A.J. Saudin as Connor Deslauriers, Olivia Scriven as Maya Matlin, Melinda Shankar as Alli Bhandari, Alex Steele as Tori Santamaria, Jordan Todosey as Adam Torres, Jessica Tyler as Jenna Middleton, Craig Arnold as Luke Baker, Dylan Everett as Campbell Saunders, Sarah Fisher as Becky Baker, Demetrius Joyette as Mike "Dallas" Dallas,