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Dawson's Creek (1998–2003) is an American television series, that aired on The WB, about four friends in a small coastal town that help each other cope with adolescence and beyond.

The Kiss

Pacey: You know I can't believe this. After years of gratuitous self-examination, you finally did it, you acted. I mean, I thought you and Joey were going to draw out this 'will they-won't they' drama for at least another couple of years. Sam and Diane didn't get together for at least 4 seasons and Mulder and Scully...they haven't even kissed! If you and Joey can get across this romantic checkmate thing you've been in for GOD knows how many years...anything is possible!

Joey: Me not going to France...you and me talking dirty in the halls...I mean, do you think we're making some massive, monumental mistake? I mean, things have always been so complicated between...
Dawson: I think we'll be fine. I mean granted we'll be entering some uncharted boy/girl territory but I honestly think regardless of how complicated things are on a day to day basis, we'll be fine. We'll concentrate on the simple stuff.
Joey: Like what?
Dawson: Like a date.
Joey: A date?
Dawson: Mm-hm.
Joey: You and me on a date?
Dawson: Yep.
Joey: I don't know Dawson. I was gonna watch TV. I hear Luke Perry is returning to 90210.

Bessie: Oh, the first date. This will be interesting. Hey, what's wrong?
Joey: I don't know it just seems weird. I mean, Dawson and I on a date? Doesn't that seem weird to you?
Bessie: Well was it weird when you kissed?
Joey: No, that felt pretty right. But the thing is, it hasn't happened since then and it was yesterday.
Bessie: Well, that's not unusual, because the way I see it, the second kiss, it's always tougher than the first one.
Joey: We actually kissed more than once that night.
Bessie: Yeah, but it only counts as one and that first kiss...it's the passionate one. It's the one filled by desire and attraction, and all of that, but the second kiss is rational. You got time to worry, and over analyze and most women....they prefer that first kiss, but I'm partial to the second one because it's about something more. You'll get that second kiss Joey and when you do it'll be great. It'll be real. It'll be meaningful.

Dawson: I'm really glad we've already bypassed the end of the evening "Will she kiss me?" drama. So, um, it should pretty much me smooth sailing from here on out.
Joey: Yeah, but now you have to endure the agony of "Well, I've already kissed her so should we just check into a motel and go at it like porn stars?" anxiety.
Dawson: I, um, I think I can handle that.
Joey: Good because I know a good motel.

Joey: Do you want to know why I didn't go to France? 'Cause I wanted to so badly. I mean, in France I could have started over, you know. I wouldn't be Joey the waitress, or Joey the daughter of a convict, or Joey half of the "will they/won't they" couple of the century. I didn't go to France because it just seemed like the easy way out, you know? The easiest escape from my life, which in spite of a few highlights is pretty pathetic. But I didn't want to take that easy way out, Dawson. It just seemed like sticking around here would only make me stronger. Then there was you too. Dawson Leery, who finally got a clue. But I have to tell you Dawson, as complicated our friendship was, it doesn't even compare to how complicated whatever you and I have here is bound to be.
Dawson: Really? What you and I have may never be simple...but that doesn't mean that we're not going to be scorching. Besides, who's to say that you can't have some of France right here in Capeside, hum? Here we are along the river Seine, a tour of the il de la city, the favorite spot of lovers and friends. And from here we also have a view of the magnificent structure that we simplists here in Capeside like to call....ze swingset. Granted, It's no Eiffel Tower, but it's all we got. But don't forget about the other francophile opportunities in town. French fries.
Joey: French toast.
Dawson: French doors.
[They kiss]
Joey: French kiss. The second kiss, the rational one. The one that requires thought.


Pacey: I've got a big case of the Molly Ringwald syndrome.

Joey: [Talking about what she wrote in her diary] The truth is, Dawson, I've had these feelings for you, for so long. And some days, it would just make me so mad, at me and us. And I had to take it somewhere and unleash it. And it was my way of coping.

Dawson: I forgot Pacey's birthday. I'm his best friend, and I forgot his sixteenth birthday.
Joey: Is he alright?
Dawson: No. He's really hurt, angry, not speaking to me. And I'm all to blame.
Joey: Sorry Dawson.
Dawson: Yeah, I pretty much suck.

Jen: Oh hell.
Grams: Don't swear dear. God is listening.
Jen: If he's listening, then he should realize that you're allowed to say it if it's heard on Network TV.

Pacey: So what? I mean at least she didn't tell you that the sight of you gives her dry heaves or that you're a self-centered, self-absorbed, selfish...
Dawson: Yeah, but she obviously has opinions about me that she hasn't been honest about. She said I was a..a talentless dreamer with no cinematic future.
Pacey: Okay, no offense, Dawson, but I don't think anybody cares.
Dawson: I care. And Pacey I could honestly use some advice here.
Pacey: Oh, you want some advice? How about this? Your life is not that interesting.
Dawson: What?
Pacey: You know I am so sick and tired of hearing about you and Joey's boring little mini dramas I'm going to start tearing out my fingernails for relief. Get over yourself, Dawson! Deal.

Alternate Lifestyles

[Pacey and Andie are married for a school project]
Andie: I want a divorce.
Pacey: Granted. You know what, we split the cash. You can have the kids. I'll keep the car.
Andie: That is so typical, doesn't it sicken you that you're living up to the most common and base of male stereotypes? You don't care about your wife and kids; all you care about is this overpriced absurd piece of metal.
Pacey: Hey, it's got passenger side airbags! Look, I want a Viper, end of story.

Pacey: This is just one assignment. Its not like your flunking out of school.
Andie: Yeah, I know that. But you get behind by one day, and then you're always struggling to catch up. And you become more and more confused, and then the next thing you know, you're out on the streets drunk and pulling around a shopping cart.
Pacey: Andie, you're rich. Rich people don't end up on the street. They end up in Florida.

Pacey: Is Andie on any kind of special medication? Because she just went psycho on me.
Jack: Why, what'd you do?
Pacey: Oh, nothing. I just called her a spoiled princess.
Jack: Andie, a spoiled princess? I don't think anything could be further from the truth.
Pacey: Oh, come on. Are you telling me your family's not totally loaded?
Jack: You think I work here for kicks?

Abby: I can't believe I'm friends with someone who only has eyes for Dawson Leery.
Jen: Guilty as charged.
Abby: Please, you're making me eww. [Jen smirks] Jen, look at me. I have three words for you. Make it happen.
Jen: Abby...
Abby: No, don't Abby me. Make it happen.

Tamara's Return

Pacey: Listen, I know it's over. It has to be, but I just need to know... Do you miss, um, teaching.
Ms. Jacobs: Yes. Very much.
Pacey: Good, because I miss you teaching. Very much.

Pacey: Hey, I've got nothing going on now. So how about we go for a walk around town together.
Andie: Yeah, what's the joke?
Pacey: No joke, I've got no plans. And believe it or not, but I'd rather spend my time with you, than than flying solo. So pinch yourself, its your lucky day. You in?
Andie: Well yeah, I might as well.
Pacey: Unless you've had your heart set on watching Dumbo.
Andie: Nah, I've seen it about 700 times. You're not gonna throw me in front of a bus are you?
Pacey: Thats not such a bad idea McPhee.

Joey: Jack, ever since we hired you, its been nothing but a slapstick comedy. I mean you break dishes, you misplace orders, and you fall all over yourself.
Jack: Why don't you just terminate me, if I'm such an incompetent moron?
Joey: We don't want to terminate you Jack. Its just... [pauses] Alright, you can open. Bessie will be relieved and it will be like a test run. But [pauses] just don't set the kitchen on fire.
Jack: Well, thanks for that unqualified vote of confidence.

Joey: You've been everything to me. And I have been your sidekick, your confidant, your other half for so long and that's how our relationship works. And it's a nice place for you, but for me it's scary. Cause I realized that aside from you, I don't have anything. My entire life is attatched to you.

Full Moon Rising

Jack: What other time in your life are we gonna be exposed to so many walks of life? People who randomly cross your path, telling you their stories, hopes, dreams.
Joey: Ways to blame us for their food being cold, not enough clams in their chowder.
Jack: Why are you so angry.
Joey: It's just the full moon, it's got me freaked.
Jack: Not just tonight. All the time.

Pacey: Have you ever noticed how the most interesting thing about a porn film is the title? I mean think about it. You've got your Sperminator, Romancing The Bone.
Andie: I don't know why they try to be so clever. I mean they should all have the same title, "Woman Pacey will never do."
Pacey: Ouch. You know McPhee, all this verbal sparring we're doing is getting a little dangerous, so we should just go on a date before someone gets hurt.
Andie: Forget it.
Pacey: Oh come on, you know you want to.
Andie: Well, maybe if I was asked politely.
Pacey: OK. Andie, would you like to go on a date with me tonight?
Andie: [Shrugs her shoulders] OK.
Pacey: Well, don't sound so enthusiastic.

Abby: Look, let's never let a guy come between us again. Men will come and go, but you and I are kindred spirits. We're rebels bonded by the common need to break out of this small town abyss.
Jen: Okay, are you sure you're okay with this whole guy thing?
Abby: Absolutely.
Jen: Good, because I've been dying to tell someone. I've got a date with Vincent.
Abby: You bitch!
Jen: What?
Abby: After everything I've done for you, how could you steal him from me?
Jen: Are you out of your mind? He doesn't even know that you exist, Abby. (
[Jen begins to walk away and Abby starts following her]
Abby: You might want to stop and pick up some condoms. You're in the big leagues now, babe. I mean that guy probably has illegitimate kids scattered up and down the eastern seaboard.
Jen: Shut up, Abby.
Abby: Yeah, he probably likes it kinky. After all, you are the girl from New York City, right?
Jen: I'm warning you, back off!
Abby: Yeah, old Vince probably knows an easy lay when he sees one!
[Enraged, Jen suddenly turns and slaps Abby hard across her face, almost knocking her down]
Jen: Don't you ever talk to me again, ever!

Grams: I do not know what to do about you, child!
Jen: Please, don't preach to me right now.
Grams: No, there'll be no talk about God. You leave him out of it. This is between you and me. What I witnessed tonight is something I never want to see again!
Jen: I had the situation under control. You don't have to get upset at me.
Grams: I am not upset, I am sick! I will not allow you to slide back into your reprehensible, New York behavior. Not while you're under my care. You will not disrespect me.
Jen: Wait a minute, I...
Grams: No, you wait a minute, Jennifer! This behavior will not be tolerated. You will treat me with respect, and you will act like a lady. You will not degrade yourself, not under my roof, and not in my lifetime! Have you no respect for yourself?

Abby: I cannot believe you would hit me. Me! You're my best friend!
Jen: Best friend? Abby, need I remind you that in the past two days, you have called me a bitch, a slut, and a loser?
Abby: Yeah. But I would never physically hit you.
Jen: You're warped! Why don't you just go home?
Abby: Why? Is the dork from the docks comin' a callin'?

The Dance

Andie: You guys are a bunch of cynics, you know that? I mean, what kind of high school memories will you have if all you did in high school was bitch and moan about everything?
Joey: Bitching memories.
Dawson: Moaning memories.

Jack: [to Joey] You don't blame me for kissing you, you blame yourself for kissing me back. ...

Pacey: Dawson, turn the movie back on. I want to know who is responsible for Kevin Bacon's roguish devil-may-care hairdo.

Pacey: [about Andie] Oh my God, we're hanging out with Marcia Brady.
Joey: For so long, all I've thought about was you, all I dreamed about was you...
Dawson: What happened?
Joey: I got my dream, and now I don't have anything else.

The All-Nighter

Jen: [to Joey] You know, I used to think that it was our mutual feelings for Dawson that kept us apart. I never really considered the fact that maybe you were just a bitch.

Pacey: Alrighty. [reading] Question number one, "Have you ever been intimately aroused by a relative?" So, it's a southern test, huh?

Andie: Why do you insist on undermining me at every opportunity you get?
Pacey: Think of how boring the alternative is.

Chris: Jen, is there a particular reason why you're not receptive to my wily charms?
Jen: Other than the fact that you emit them regularly to any skirt within a 6-mile radius?
Chris: Actually, I have a car so it's more like the tri-state area. [Jen smiles] Ah-ha! A smile. Mission accomplished.

Joey: The two times I fell in love Dawson, they were both with you. The first time I fell was for my friend, the boy down the creek, the one I grew up with. And the second was after you kissed me. I fell in love all over again. Just because we aren't together doesn't change my feelings for you.

The Reluctant Hero

Pacey: Hm-mm. You're an endangered species, my friend. Last of a dying breed, and this movie is killing you softly with its song.

Jen: [to Dawson] How's this for irony? Bad girl throws up on the white picket fence.

The Election

Pacey: No one is gonna laugh at you Andie, everybody comes from a dysfunctional family. It's the 90's, the only happy families are in TV syndication.

Chris: I'm gonna go kiss some babes.
Abby: It's babies, you moron.
Chris: My way's more fun.

High Risk Behavior

Dawson: Alright, I'm sorry if my confidence and convictions discombobulate you.
Pacey: Discombobulate, how many syllables is that?

Pacey: [to Dawson] Only you could take your virginal insecurities and fear of deflowerment and turn them into risky, edgy behavior.

Dawson: [notices her drawing of a naked man] I see you've graduated from fruit bowls.
Joey: We're doing life-sketching...nude models...so..we're supposed to see the human form, a mass of lines and shadows.
Dawson: Really?
Joey: I'm working on it.
Dawson: And he does poses for you?
Joey: Yeah.
Dawson: Don't you find that uncomfortable? Just sitting in a room with some guy completely in the buff right in front of you?
Joey: No..
Dawson: Does he like talk or anything?
Joey: Oh, yeah. He sings, tells jokes, does a little softshoe. No, he doesn't talk, Dawson. He's a model. He sits there. He just takes breaks every now and then.
Dawson: And Little Joey Potter doesn't blush?
Joey: No.
Dawson: Not even a little?
Joey: Maybe a little...
Dawson: [raises eyebrows] Just a little?
Joey: [Smiles, embarrassed] Okay, I've broken 12 pencils.
[Dawson laughs]
Joey: But it's getting better. You'd be surprised, I'm changing. I'm not Little Joey Potter anymore.
Dawson: No, you're certainly not.

Sex She Wrote

Joey: [about sex] Dawson, it's not about the perfect place or the perfect timing, it's about the perfect person.

Dawson: You are definitely a mystery.
Joey: I like the way you see me.

Abby: Jen, it's written all over your post-coital glowing face...you finally wooed the wonder-boy into the dark side, so was it worth all the pining, all the feeling that you weren't good enough?

Jen: [to Abby] I don't know where you come from or just who has the misfortune of being responsible for your existence, but you're a lying manipulative and cruel person and the fact that you are only 16 years old makes me feel more sorry for you than any of the people in this room whose lives you're so intent on destroying...you're pathetic.

Andie: It's okay to be scared, Pacey. I mean, the world is a scary, scary place. Pacey, I don't want you to be scared of me.
Pacey: How can I not be, Andie? You're the one who's opening up this whole life for me and I'm just afraid that...
Andie: What?
Pacey: I'm afraid because you're the single most important being to ever grace my existence. Andie, I am falling hopelessly in love with you.

Uncharted Waters

Pacey: This sucks, dad.
John Witter: Lots of things in life suck, Pacey! That's why it's my job to prepare a loser like you for that inevitability.

Dawson: Pacey how could you forget to tell me that Jack was coming with us? Come on, I need some preparation time before facing my adversary who stole Joey away from...
Pacey: [Interrupting] You know what? Screw you, Dawson! This world does not always revolve around you. We can't all be the fair-haired embodiment of perfection. Not all of us have wunderkind and genius attached to their names. Some of us, like my father and myself, are just simple-minded folk trying to make it through the day without breaking something.

[Pacey has just won a first place trophy for catching a large blue marlin fish]
John Witter: Well, be proud of yourself. Enjoy this moment. A loser like you probably won't have many more like it.
[John Witter walks off as Pacey angrily sits and Dawson walks over having heard everything]
Pacey: Do you have any idea how many times I set myself for that line, over and over and over again? I just can't stop myself from just trying to get one qualified, "good job, son", out of that bastard. He must be right. I really must be a simpleton.
Dawson: I know it's not the same, but there are other people in your life who recognize and respect your talent and intelligence. One of them is standing right in front of you. The other one is probably sitting in her bedroom having a perky coronary in anticipation from your return from sea.

[The girls are watching a porno video found in Dawson's room]
Abby: You are aware that where this tape begins, Dawson finished?
Andie: Finished what?
Jen: Shaking hands with the unemployed.
Joey: Boxing the bald-headed bishop.
Abby: Test-firing the missile.
Andie: All right, I get your point, guys.

Pacey: [to his drunk, passed out father] So I guess this is as good a time as any to have that father/son talk. [Imitating his father] So, How you doing in school, Pacey? [Himself] Well, actually dad, I'm doing alright. You know, I'm really turning things around. Turns out I'm pretty smart. Maybe I'm college bound. [His father] Good man, Pacey, I always knew you'd turn out to be something. How the ladies treating you? [Himself] Well, I met this woman. [His father] Is she cute? [Himself] Cute? Man, Andie's beautiful. She's smart, she's funny. Tell you, this girls really something special, dad. Whatever reason, she seems to think I'm pretty special, too...so why can't you see that? Hmm? What can't you see me? When did you give up on me, when I was five? Hmm, ten, twelve? I'm sixteen years old, dad! And I'm here and I'm not perfect, dad, but I try so hard for you! [Starts to cry] I just...[Sobs] And it's your job! It is your job to love me, no matter who I am or what I become! Because you're my father '[Sobs]...you're my dad. [Sobs more] You're supposed to love me, you son of bitch. I can't do this by myself.

His Leading Lady

Pacey: You know, I think I forgot to mention that I'm actually the charter member of the Andie Mcphee fan club and as a matter of policy our adulation never waivers, through the good times...or the bad.

Jen: Hey! Being a good boy?
Ty: Always.
Jen: I'm disappointed.

Jen: Ty, is there a problem?
Ty: Jen, I would like to say that this accident could have been avoided, but with you standing nearby, I lose all ability to concentrate on the job at hand.
Jen: Down boy.

Dawson: You recognize Devon from art class?
Joey: Oh, yeah. The clothes threw me at first but you know...

To Be Or Not To Be...

Jack: [His Poem] Today. Today was a day. The world got smaller, darker. I grew more afraid. Not of what I am but of what... I grew more afraid. Not of what I am but of what I could be. I loosen my collar to take a breath. My eyes fade. And I see... Him. The image of perfection. His frame strong. His lips smooth. And I keep thinking. What am I so scared of... I wish I could escape the pain, but these thoughts invade my head. Bound to my memory, they're like shackles of guilt. Oh God, please set me free...

Pacey: [To Mr. Peterson] What is it about you that gets off on tormenting your students? Because let me tell you, they may all live in fear of you, but I don't. I see you and your miserable scare tactics for what they really are; the misguided lashings of a bitter, lonely old man who only feels good when someone else in the room feels worse.

Pacey: This isn't fair.
Mr. Peterson: Fairness is overrated.

Pacey: I want to say that I am more ashamed of what I did in that classroom yesterday than I have ever done in my life. It was flat wrong and I have no case here. And I'm sorry, for the event. But not now, not ever, will I ever be apologetic for its intention. Every day, we, the students of Capeside, come to a place where you guys are in charge. You tell us when to arrive, when to leave, when to move rooms, when to eat. You tell us when we're doing well, when we need to be doing better and we never ever question it because we're afraid to. To question it is to go against the belief that the entire system is built upon, the belief that you guys know what's right, and I'm not afraid to tell you that what happened in that classroom yesterday was not right. To make a student cry, to embarrass him, to strip him of his dignity in front of the entire class is not right. While I do respect the system I do not respect men like you, Mr. Peterson. I don't, I can't, and I never will.

...That Is The Question

Dawson: Here I am single, sandwiched in-between two women who both dumped me. I am pathetic.
Jen: Hey, look at me, I'm dating a bible thumping hypocrite, okay?
Joey: Hey, my boyfriend may be gay.

Grams: [To Ty] If Jack is gay, he doesn't need your judgment, young man. The Lord above will be the one to judge him as he will judge all of us. What he needs from you and me and everyone else in this world is love and tolerance. If anything, that boy must feel scared and alone and it will take the understanding of his fellow man to help him through. Let's save judgment for someone much more experienced than you.

Andie: Um, it's just that, I molded you into this person who I thought you should be. I did it to my father too. I thought it was what I needed. You know, I place this unfair burden on people just so they can save me from myself. But I realize that I don't need a knight in shining armor, what I need is a partner. Someone who I can be proud to love and who's proud to love me back in spite of all my faults. And...it's you, You're the one Pacey. I'm really sorry.
Pacey: How come your apology was so much better than mine? I always lose to you Andie. [they kiss] You know, I take that back, I'm definitely the winner here.

Mr. McPhee: You are not gay.
Jack: Yes, I am! You know it. I see how you look at me, and I know you know. Think about the way that you treated me and the way that you treated Tim. Because he was the real son, and I was different. And as hard as you've tried to stamp it out and to ignore it, I have tried harder. I've tried harder than you, to be quiet, and to forget it, and to not bother my family with my problem. But I can't try anymore, because it hurts. I'm sorry Dad. Andie, I'm sorry. I don't want to be going through this, but I am.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Kelly: Oh my God! Jack...you look...amazing.
Abby: Wow. It's like a transformation from John-boy to John-John, all in a sharp, dippity-do.
Jack: It's no big deal. I put a little gel in my hair. That's pretty much the extent of it.
Abby: I guess when you get gay, you get style. I wish I would have nabbed you one sexual preference ago.

Pacey: Whoa! Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend?
Andie: She's been here all along. Just trapped beneath the bondage of Gap clothing and a good-girl complex.

Dawson: [Singing the Blues] My name is Dawson Leery.
I'm feeling kind of weary.
Today is my birthday.
It all looks a little bleery.
The girl that I cared for,
Left me and ran away,
Straight into the arms of,
a guy that turned out to be gay!
I got the blues!
Yeah. Today I woke up feeling like I was born to lose.
Yeah I got the blues.
Somedays you're born to lose!
Here's my friend Andie, and she's going to sing you a song because she's got the blues.
Andie: [singing] My name is Andie.
And my brother's the one that's gay.
My other brother died.
And my daddy ran away!
But I'm still Andie.
And my boyfriend makes me randy.
His name is Pacey,
And my mom's gone completely crazy!
Yeah, I've got the blues!
Dawson: [singing] Oh, I've been restless, hopeless and confused.
This girl that I told you about;
she's been on the move.
She's at my surprise party where everyone I know is right now.
And when I show up late they're all gonna have a cow!
Yeah I got the blues.
I swear sometimes we were born to lose!
Andie: No, brother man, we got the blues!
Dawson & Andie: We got the blues!
Sometimes you, you were born to lose.
Ohhh yeah!

Dawson: [drunk] Time to make a wish, okay...let's make a wish. I wish..I wish that my mom never slept with her co-anchor. I wish that my father would stop talking about actually getting a job and go out and get one! I wish the two of you would stop your petty bickering and at least pretend to be the adults around here! I wish that my friend Pacey would just end this transformation of this A-student, do-gooder, all-around sanctamonious angel and would go back to what he does best which is make me feel good about my life when his is supposed to be worse. And then there's Jen Lindley with her drunkedness and her revolving boyfriends and her wild, wicked ways. I want to party with you! Ah, and then there's Jack McPhee. Jack McPhee who likes guys but doesn't mind stealing my girlfriend! Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, starring in his very own version of In & Out. He's in, he's out! He's in! He's out! In, out! Nice hair by the way. And then, of course, there's my Joey. My sweet, precious Joey. The only 16-year-old in the world that needed to find herself. But you know what? That's okay. I accept it. You need to find yourself, and I accept it. So Joey! Joey? [looking everywhere, under tables, around people] Excuse me? Where's my Joey? Joey! There she is! There's my Joey!

Dawson: God, I am so lonely. I'm 16 years old and I'm so hopelessly lonely.
Joey: Is that why you got drunk?
Dawson: Yeah...Jo, why did you break up with me and run straight to Jack?
Joey: Because he wasn't you. Look, it was never about looking for something better, Dawson. It was about looking for someone who wasn't so close to me. Where I could tell where I ended and he began. I mean, our lives have always been so intertwined that in many ways I feel like you partially invented me, Dawson. And that scares me so much. I need to find out if I can be a whole person without you. I need to find out if I can be a whole person....alone.
Dawson: Well, do it quickly, okay? Because....God, I love you.

Psychic Friends

Whit: Evelyn Ryan?... It's me... Whit, Whit Hubley.
Grams: Lord in heavens. I thought you were dead.
Jen: [under her breath] Great pick-up line.

Jen: Grams, I'm serious. I saw the look in his eyes. He was having impure thoughts about you.
Grams: Oh you stop it, you stop that talk right now.

A Perfect Wedding

Joey: So, thank you.
Dawson: For what?
Joey: For being my friend, for understanding me better than anyone, and for putting up with me for the last 16 years...I love you.
Dawson: I love you, too.

Dawson: Joey... these past 3 years you have been so...unbelievably strong. I mean you've let the -- the petty gossip and judgments of this town roll right off you. Don't let them get to you now. Now is the time to dig in your heels and to show them you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, and you're not alone in this, you have your father now, you have a family again... and you will always have me.

Andie: Okay, I admit it, you're right, I'm a sucker for taffeta. The site of the little flower girl makes me weepy. I'm a wedding fanatic... there are you happy? Huh?

Pacey: You know, I wish I had money like these people. When somebody in my family gets married, you end up wearing polyester, they serve fish sticks for appetizers and the whole thing winds up in a drunken brawl.

[w:Jack McPhee|Jack]]: Hey guys, did uh, Joey talk to you yet?
Dawson: About what?
Jack: Well the Ice House is catering a wedding on Saturday and we need some extra hands, it's 60 bucks for the day.
Pacey: Sold! For 60 bucks I'd cater your ass.
Jack: [laughs] Well, that won't be necessary.

Rest in Peace

Joey: I just, um, I hope wherever she is, she's happy.
Dawson: She's happy. She's looking down on you...and she's very happy.

Andie: Um, there are people who give me comfort in my life. Um, when the going gets rough as it invariably does I can count on them as a shoulder to cry on. And they will pick me up when I fall and hold me in their arms as I cry, and tell me that everything is going to be alright. I am so thankful for these people they are priceless... But there's another group of people, just as important, and just as priceless. They are the people who challenge me, who push me to my breaking points, and who force me to muster courage I never thought I had. Abby Morgan was one of those people. In her own truth-telling way she gave me strength, I'm a stronger woman because of her, stronger than I ever thought that I could be. She gave me that gift. She's was one of a kind. There's no one like her and she will always hold a special spot in my heart.

Jen: Well then you obviously didn't know Abby too well, because Abby is probably down there with Beelzebub doing tequila shooters and laughing at all of us.

Andie: [In Abby's room] OK, dear diary that new girl Andie is such a...psycho?! How many ways can you tell a person you don't like them...What?! She just won't take a hint. God, and that boyfriend of her's is a...
[Pacey grabs the diary from her hands]
Pacey: Okay, you know what, I don't want to know, I don't want to hear it.

Pacey: Hey, what if Abby's mother saw us come in here together? She probably thinks I'm trying to get lucky in the middle of her daughter's memorial.


Pacey: Let's face it, guys, we are this far away from the Peach Pit.

Jen: You know what? I happen to agree with Joey. I mean, sure we've all grown to tolerate each other, but I still think we're a long shot off from 90210-land of best friends forever.

Pacey: You have to Andie, you have to choose, and I'm begging you from the bottom of my heart to please choose me... Open this door, come out here and choose me, please. You are so special and you give so much to everybody around you, and you know what Andie? I need you more than Tim does, so does Jack.
Andie: That's not true.
Pacey: Yes, it is. My life began when I met you Andie, and you never gave up on me so I'm not gonna give up on you. So, please, Andie, for the love of God, come out here and choose me, please.

Joey: Well I have to admit I am a little surprised that you are okay with this considering that it is our one month anniversary for whatever we are, or were, or are.
Dawson: Joey, we are boring, trite people okay? We're absolutely incapable of spontaneity. We do things like plan, and organize, and make reservations weeks in advance at top notch restaurants to celebrate one month anniversaries of whatever we are, or were...or are.

Pacey: Well, I think you look fantastic sweetheart you just don't look like...you...
Andie: Ha ha...keep digging. You're approaching China.


Dawson: Why is it that we're so ridiculously intent on pleasing the people who dislike us the most?

Dawson: [to Joey] Because I'm afraid okay? I'm afraid that I'm not enough for you and that I never will be alright? And if I do this that you're just going to realize that you've grown way beyond me and then I'm... I'm just going to lose you again.

Mr.McPhee: If I'd just been around more.
Jack: It wouldn't have made a difference. I'm gay for the same reasons that Tim wasn't. It just happened that way.
Mr.McPhee: But there are people who change, they go back.
Jack: I'm hardly the encyclopedia of the gay experience but, I'd wager to say that their change is skeptical.
Mr.McPhee: How do you know? Unless you try.
Jack: I don't want to try. Why do you want me to try?
Mr.McPhee: Because I can not understand why anyone would choose that kind of life.
Jack: I didn't choose it. The only thing I chose was to be happy. Look, I can't go back for you because slowly but surely I'd be going to sacrifice my happiness for yours because I want you to be proud of me. But not under your terms. It just, it won't work.

Jack: [to Jen] Look, I often wonder how my mom would act if she was aware of what was happening to me, if she was capable of comprehending it. I don't think she'd have a problem with it because my mom loves me for the best reason possible... no reason at all. Because that's the way our parents should love us Jen. Unconditionally. Sadly, most parents don't. But as much as it hurts... it's worse for them. It is worse to be incapable of loving than to not be loved.

Pacey: I don't want to say goodbye. I just want to look at you... I wish I had some eloquent parting words for you but... all I could think of was this. Thank you. Thank you for everything you've given to me. Thank you for forcing me be the man you made me. Just thank you. I am so grateful to you, Andie.
Andie: Oh, I don't want to let you go, Pacey.
Pacey: Just remember your promise okay? You and me, together again, happy, healthy and more in love than ever
Andie: I'll remember.
Pacey: Go get better McPhee, and then you hurry back to me.

Parental Discretion Advised

John Witter: You have a test to get to. Don't screw up!
Pacey: Isn't there any positive words you can ever say to me?
John Witter: I'm positive that you will not screw up!

John Witter: [about Joey's father] That bastard was lying to me. He's in it up to his neck and he knows it.
Pacey: Come on, you don't even know if this has anything to do with him.
John Witter: A random arson incident in the middle of Capeside? Let's consider the chances of that, Pacey. If God hadn't blessed ya with my good looks, I wouldn't know whose son you were. Why don't you drive yourself home before you make another embarrassing comment?
Pacey: I think I'll walk.
John Witter: As if I care.
Pacey: Nobody assumed you did, Pop.
John Witter: You'll have to excuse my son, boys. His girlfriend moves away and all of a sudden it's his time of the month.
Pacey: Screw you, okay?
[Mr. Witter grabs his arm and Pacey quickly removes it]
Pacey: Get your hands off me, you don't touch me again, ever!
John Witter: Finally my boy gets a pair, and all it took was getting his heart broke by some little girl with a few screws loose.
[Pacey throws a punch at Mr. Witter]
Pacey: Andie did more for my life in six months than you did in sixteen years you rotten son of a bitch. So If you wanna make fun of me? You wanna bust on me? That's fine. But you so much as make one more even slightly disparaging comment about the women I love, and I swear to God, you're gonna be policing this town from a hospital bed. You understand me? And one more thing, even if Mr. Potter was involved in all this, he's still 10 times the father you ever were!

Jen: I have three conditions.
Grams: What are they?
Jen: One - that we address the reality of why this didn't work out before. I know I made some mistakes. But even on my best behavior I never felt that I was comfortable living here with you. I never felt I was good enough.
Grams: Oh, Jennifer.
Jen: Two - I need you to acknowledge that I've been through a lot in my life, more than most girls my age, and what I need is your support, not your judgement. Especially not His judgement.
Grams: Okay, I think I can manage that.
Jen: What you need to understand, Grams, I don't need a legal guardian to be able to survive and I can handle a lot more than you think. But what I want is to live here with you. I want a family. I want us to take care of each other and I don't want to be alone anymore.
Grams: Neither do I. [They hug] Was there a third?
Jen: Yes. There's somebody else who doesn't want to be alone anymore either.
[She motions towards Jack]
Grams: Well, I've been meaning to clear out your grandfather's room for awhile.

Joey: [to Dawson] What I have to say, you're not going to like, so I'll say it quickly. I hope one day that I'll be able to forgive my father for all of this, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive myself, but I know that I will never forgive you. See, Dawson, there are certain circumstances that love can not overcome and from now on... I don't want to know you.