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Dawson's Creek

American teen drama television series

Dawson's Creek (19982003) is an American television series, that aired on The WB, about four friends in a small coastal town that help each other cope with adolescence and beyond.

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6
Pilot The Kiss Like a Virgin Coming Home The Bostonians The Kids Are Alright
Crossroads Homecoming Failing Down The Lost Weekend The Song Remains the Same
Dance Alternate Lifestyles None of the Above Two Gentlemen of Capeside Capeside Revisited The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest
Tamara's Return Home Movies Future Tense The Long Goodbye Instant Karma!
The Kiss Full Moon Rising Indian Summer A Family Way Use Your Disillusion The Impostors
The Dance Secrets and Lies Great Xpectations High Anxiety Living Dead Girl
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The Reluctant Hero Guess Who's Coming to Dinner The Unusual Suspects Hotel New Hampshire Spiderwebs
Hurricane The Election Four to Tango Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Four Scary Stories Everything Put Together Falls Apart
High Risk Behavior First Encounters of the Close Kind Self Reliance Appetite for Destruction Merry Mayhem
Baby Sex She Wrote Barefoot at Capefest The Tao of Dawson Something Wild Day Out of Days
Uncharted Waters A Weekend in the Country The Te of Pacey Sleeping Arrangements All the Right Moves
Detention His Leading Lady Northern Lights Hopeless Something Wilder Rock Bottom
To Be Or Not To Be... Valentine's Day Massacre A Winter's Tale Guerilla Filmmaking Clean and Sober
Boyfriend ...That Is the Question Crime and Punishment Four Stories Downtown Crossing Castaways
Be Careful What You Wish For To Green, With Love Mind Games In a Lonely Place That Was Then
Roadtrip Psychic Friends Cinderella Story Admissions Highway To Hell Sex and Violence
A Perfect Wedding Neverland Eastern Standard Time Cigarette Burns Love Bites
Double Date Rest in Peace Stolen Kisses Late 100 Light Years From Home Lovelines
Reunited The Longest Day Coda Separate Ways Catch-22
The Scare Ch...Ch...Ch...Changes Show Me Love Separation Anxiety After Hours Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road
Beauty Contest Parental Discretion Advised The Anti-Prom The Graduate The Abby Joey Potter and Capeside Redemption
Decisions True Love Coda Swan Song All Good Things...
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Season 1Edit

Pilot (aka Emotions in Motion)Edit

Joey: I just don't think it's a good idea for me to sleep over anymore, you know?
Dawson: No, I don't know. C'mon, You've been sleeping over since you were seven. It's Saturday night.
Joey: Things change, Dawson. Evolve.
Dawson: What are you talking about?
Joey: Sleeping in the same bed was fine when we were kids, but we're fifteen now.
Dawson: Yeah.
Joey: We start high school Monday?
Dawson: Yeah.
Joey: And I have breasts!
Dawson: What?
Joey: And you have genitalia!
Dawson: I've always had genitalia.
Joey: But there's more of it.
Dawson: How do you know?
Joey: Long fingers. I gotta go.

Pacey: [about Jen] You think she's a virgin? Wanna nail her?
Dawson: We just met!
Pacey: And a wasted moment it was. I mean greater men would be nailing right now, you know what I mean?
Dawson: Tact, Pacey, look it up.

Dawson: See, I believe that all the mysteries of the universe, all the answers to life's questions, can be found in a Spielberg film. See, it's a theory I've been working on. You see, whenever I have a problem, all I have to do is look to the right Spielberg movie and the answer's revealed.
Jen: Have you ever heard of a twelve-step program?
Dawson: Wit! We like that around here.

Jen: Hey Joey, I love your lipstick. What shade is that?
Joey: Wicked Red. Uh, Jen, I love your hair color. What number is that?
Dawson: You'll have to excuse Joey. She was born in a barn.
Jen: That's okay. Uh, Joey, I just do highlights.
Joey: So, uh, Jen, are you a virgin?
Dawson: That's mature!
Joey: Well 'cause Dawson's a virgin and two virgins really make for a clumsy first encounter don't you think?
Dawson: You're going to die
Joey: I just thought I'd help, you know, cut to the chase.
Jen: No, it's okay, Dawson. Yes, I am a virgin. How about you, Joey?
Joey: Please, years ago. Trucker named Bubba.

Pacey: It's a crock. The truth is you're a well put together, knockout of a woman who's feeling a little insecure about hitting forty. So when a young, virile boy, such as myself flirts with you, you enjoy it. You entice it. You fantasize about what it would be like to be with that young boy on the verge of manhood. 'Cause it helps you stay feeling attractive. Makes the aging process a little more bearable. Well, let me tell you something. You blew it, lady. Because I'm the best sex you'll never have.
Ms. Jacobs: You're wrong about one thing, Pacey. You're not a boy.

Dance (aka Dirty Dancing)Edit

Joey: [to Dawson, about Jen] I'm not suggesting leather straps and Crisco, just a kiss.

Dawson: Do me a favor? If I get like this again, and I'm sure I will before this adolescent growth process is over... Next time just chain me to my bed and wait for my moment of clarity to come.
Joey: Can I use leather straps?
Dawson: Not until you explain the Crisco!

Jen: See, the kiss is just the end result. It's not what's important. It's all about desire and wanting.

Dawson: Joey, you're going to have kiss him.
Joey: I cannot and will not kiss that cretin.
Dawson: It's a movie. You're playing a character, it's not Pacey you're kissing.
Joey: So he's a sea serpent from the deep, cite the difference.

Jen: [to Joey] You have nice breasts. I mean, don't get the wrong idea, I'm completely hetero. I'm just commenting girl to girl. You have a really nice body.

The Kiss (aka A Prelude to a Kiss)Edit

Joey: You mean, you haven't even kissed that girl?
Dawson: It's not about the kiss, Joey. It's about the journey, creating a sustaining magic.
Joey: Does Jen fall for this warped movie logic?
Dawson: It's not warped. It's romance.
Joey: It's old, Dawson. Just kiss her, will you? Take the elevator to the next floor and get off, it's time.
Dawson: It's not that simple Joey. It's about creating the perfect moment. And it has to be planned with the right music and dialogue.
Joey: You can't storyboard a kiss.
Dawson: Sure you can.
Joey: It's not reality, Dawson. These movies that you're watching are false images that don't exist outside the city limits of Hollywood.
Dawson: Not true. They're images grounded in the reality of imagination.
Joey: Did you just pull that one out of your butt, or what?
Dawson: Everybody thinks that movies are fantasy, but they don't have to be. From Here to Eternity, you can have that. You just have to create it. That moment on the beach could be yours. You could be Deborah Kerr.
Joey: Mm, sand in my crotch, heaven.
Dawson: You know, it's attitudes like yours that prevent storyboard romances from happening. You're way too cynical.

Joey: [to Pacey] And what do you want?
Pacey: Actually something a little sexy would be good, I gotta a maybe sorta date this evening.
Joey: Hmm, who's the lucky farm animal tonight?
Pacey: Ahh, what's that, what's that stuff that makes a woman horny?
Joey: Your polar opposite?
Dawson: You mean oysters.
Pacey: Right, oysters. A dozen oysters, Joey, pack 'em up.

Joey: Well, I'm a Pisces, I'm into body piercings, and men with tattoos.
Anderson: Are you here with your parents? Are you guys on a boat?
Joey: Actually, we brought the chauffeur. Mother hates to sail. She doesn't like the sun. She burns easy.
Anderson: What about you?
Joey: I wear lotion.
Anderson: No, I mean, do you like to sail?
Joey: Why do you ask?
Anderson: I'm taking a survey. Because I want you to come sailing with me, tomorrow.
Joey: I can't.
Anderson: Come on. I'll show you my tattoo.
Joey: Gap ad has a tattoo?
Anderson: If you come sailing you'll find out.

Pacey: Could it be? Joey's finally noticing the opposite sex!
Joey: Shut up!
Pacey: Uh, excuse me, young man! This woman here thinks you're very attractive!
Joey: [Trying to shut him up] You butt plug!
Pacey: Forget it, Joey. Guys off yachts don't go for waitresses. Huh?
Joey: I'm going to kill you. One night in your sleep, a slit throat maybe or a screwdriver to your temple. Be ready.

Tamara: Go home, Pacey. You need to find a girl your own age. Not some insane middle-aged woman.
Pacey: Please, Tamara.
Tamara: Please, no buts. This can't go one second further, it's beyond wrong. You have to understand that.
Pacey: You keep saying how it's wrong. And maybe it is. But just to set the record straight, I'm a firm believer that sometimes it's right to do the wrong thing.

Discovery (aka Carnal Knowledge)Edit

Dawson: [about Jen] Oh god, she's perfect.
Joey: Perfect? Dawson, you disappoint me.
Dawson: Those eyes, that hair..
Joey: Well, I grant you that the girl has certain physical attributes but nothing so original or mysterious to warrant perfection.
Dawson: Okay, easy.
Joey: I mean, a face like that leaves nothing to the imagination. The well-maintained good looks of an upper-middle class New Yorker. There's no mystery there. I can see her entire future in that pose.
Dawson: Really?
Joey: Yeah. In three years her above-average SAT scores will grant her admission into a small liberal arts college somewhere in New England where she'll major history before returning to Manhattan to marry a bond trader she meets some Saturday afternoon at America's cup watching party. Within a year they move to suburban Connecticut, refurbish an old farm house, and raise three neurotically perfect children.
Dawson: You've put quite a bit of thought into this.
Joey: Not really. It's just so obvious.
Dawson: Well, to be honest, I think I prefer to let Jen surprise me, okay?
Joey: Suit yourself. I'm just trying to save you some time.

Grams: Oh, Jennifer, you exasperate me. Everything I say isn't meant as criticism.
Jen: No, I know. Some of it's meant as judgment.

Jen: Why are you so surprised every time I jump at the chance to spend time with you?
Dawson: I don't know. Natural skepticism perhaps?
Jen: Well, get over it. Not everything in life has to be so complicated.

Joey: Sorry, kitchen's closed.
Jen: Well, if you can stand the shock, I actually came to see you. I need some advice.
Joey: And in what field do you consider me an expert in?
Jen: Dawson Leery.
Joey: You know, I'm sort of busy here with these receipts and locking up. Maybe we could do this another time.
Jen: I told him I wasn't a virgin.
Joey: I think I have a minute.
Jen: It's just that he seemed so disappointed in me, which of course made me angry and now I don't know where we are.
Joey: Well, let me tell you about Dawson. Granted he's articulate for his age but he's not exactly mature. He's the classic only child. He pouts when things don't go his way and he only sees things in black and white. Anything else confuses him.
Jen: Yeah.
Joey: And when it comes to women...there are popes who have had more experience. I mean the guy was a shrimp until last summer. To say his sex life is limited is the understatement of the decade. It's barren. A desert. I don't envy what you have to deal with, believe me.
Jen: You're not trying to scare me off, are you?
Joey: No. I'm just trying to say that every guy that grows up to be one of the good ones...he was probably a dweeb with girls when he was 15, too.
Jen: So what would you do?
Joey: Same as you. I'd get hurt, mad, confused, ask people for advice, maybe the wrong people, and then I'd wait.
Jen: For what?
Joey: For him to grow up, come around, everything.
Jen: And how long does that take?
Joey: Don't go by me. I'd probably be stupid enough to wait forever.
Jen: Mind a little company?

Joey: Hanging out with all your friends?
Dawson: Yep. That's why you weren't invited.
Joey: Phasers on stun, I come in peace. You're going to screw it up, you know?
Dawson: What?
Joey: Jen. She came and talked to me. I told her sit tight, he'll be back...
Dawson: Thanks. Appreciate it, Joey.
Joey: I explained to her that it's just displaced anger and you're just mad at your mom and dad.
Dawson: I'm mad at the world, Joey. I'm a teenager.

Hurricane (aka Blown Away)Edit

Gail: [on TV] Well, Bob, it looks like tomorrow would be a good day just to stay in bed.
Bob: You've got that right, Gail.
Dawson: God, could they be any more obvious? So, Gail, what are your current views on the situation in Bosnia? Will you be jumping my bones after the broadcast?

Dawson: Look, maybe you better go, Joey. My verbal vomit's out of control today.
Joey: I know what you're going through Dawson. You're struggling to find answers. You want to know why she's cheating but it's all perception, Dawson. Let me just offer the one ounce of wisdom I can bring to this table. You know instead of asking why your mother's doing all these horrible things, may I suggest that you get down on your knees and thank God that you have a mother!
Dawson: Joey...
Joey: Sorry, Dawson, I forgot for a second. This isn't about me.

Joey: You know, it's just an ego thing. I mean, "How could there possibly have been anyone before me, you know, how can I measure up?"
Jen: Is he really that trite?
Joey: I'm sure there's a measuring tape sitting in his bathroom right now.
Jen: What do you think it's marked up at?
Joey: What do you mean?
Jen: Oh come on, do you think Dawson's got a pistol or a rifle?
Joey: How would I know?
Jen: Oh, come on.
Jen: Well I guess I'm no longer the virgin queen of Dawson Leery's handheld fantasies.
Joey: Yeah I think Dawson's having a life-defining turning point in his life right now.
Jen: Aren't we all?
Joey: You know, taking into consideration his height, weight, feet and hand size, I'd say he's slightly above average.
Jen: Oh, so you have thought about it.

Grams: Mr. Ryan used to say, "If you want the rainbow, you've got to put up with a lot of rain."
Dawson: So you know, too?
Grams: I used to be a big fan of motion pictures. Frank Capra, It's a Wonderful Life, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Pocketful of Miracles. Simple desires fulfilled, aspirations realized.
Dawson: Fears of abandonment turned into fantasy spectacles of security and joy. Frank Capra and Steven Spielberg were often compared for their thematic content.
Grams: What I like most about those movies is the fact that no matter how far off the pedestal the character fell they always got a second chance. Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts the Lord has given us with it comes understanding.
Dawson: Same way rain brings a rainbow.
Grams: From what I've seen of you so far, you better buy yourself a good umbrella.

Jen: I'm leaving, Dawson, um, but before I go there's--
Dawson: But, Jen, I'm--
Jen: No, no, hear me out, Dawson, please. Okay? Because this seems to be the day of truths, and I'm taking my turn. I lost my virginity when I was 12 to some older guy who got me drunk, I don't really remember his name but after the first pregnancy scare I went on the pill, and I used condoms most of the time, some of the times, I don't know, it's kind of blurry. I was really drinking a lot and having blackouts and stuff, um. I was sexualized way too young, and I don't wish that on anybody. I mean, sex at such a young age, more often than not, is a bad idea. I finally got caught having sex in my parents' bed. Daddy's little girl fornicating right before his very eyes. He still can't look me in the face but then again he shipped me 200 miles away so he wouldn't have to, but Dawson I'm not that girl anymore. I never really was, and I'm not that white-as-snow image you've got either, I'm somewhere in between and I'm just, I'm just trying to figure it out.
Dawson: Jen. It's not you. It's my own stupid hangups. My parents have this raging sex life and I just, I secretly used it as their measure of happiness.
Jen: Well, sex doesn't equal happiness.
Dawson: Yeah, I know. I know that now.
Jen: I'm sorry about lying to you, but I can't apologize for my past. I mean, I've learned from it, I'm a better person, it's gotten me here. And this is my chance to start over. It's my chance and it would be really nice if you'd be a part of that.
Dawson: On one condition?
Jen: What?
Dawson: That you'll have me, Jen, because my behavior has been unredeemable and I don't deserve someone as impassionate and open and honest and beautiful as you are. [They hug] Take 2?
Jen: Mm-hmm.

Baby (aka Look Who's Talking)Edit

Bodie: Good morning sweetheart. And how are we feeling this morning?
Bessie: Well, if you're nauseous and swollen and irritable also, I'd say we're feeling exactly the same way.
Bodie: Look at the bright side. Your due date's the 22nd. In less than a week this will all be over.
Bessie: A week?! This can not last another week. It's inhumane. I don't sleep anymore, my legs are fat, my back is killing me, I feel like retching 23 hours a day... Did you know the average gestation period for the fruit bat is 2 months... 2 months, that's fair, that's reasonable. Why can't I give birth to a fruit bat?
Joey: Because we're about 80% sure you're human.
Bessie: Do you still live here?
Joey: Unfortunately.

Joey: Hey, jailbait.
Pacey: Feel free to keep on walking. I won't think you're rude.
Joey: Look, despite first impressions, I'm not here to bust on you. I don't know if the rumors are true or exaggerated. Or if this is one of your bizarre attempts to appear more attractive to the senior girls. But I just wanted to say I know what you must be going through, and...
Pacey: [laughs] No. I really doubt you know what I'm going through.
Joey: Well let me see. People stare at you when you walk down the hall, we've seen that. They whisper behind your back. You suddenly overhear your name in a conversation of strangers. And pretty soon a justifiable paranoia sets in and whether they are or not, you are convinced that everyone is talking about you. Imagine if you had done something even worse.
Pacey: Like what?
Joey: Like sharing a house with your pregnant unwed sister and her black boyfriend, while your father serves time on a drug conviction. Imagine that, Pacey. We actually have something in common... Providing gossip for the small-minded townsfolk. And unfortunately for you, you're tonight's top story.
Pacey: Great. So, what do I do now?
Joey: Same thing I did... You pray like hell for a better story to come along.

Jen: Gram's way of dealing with my point of view is pretending that it doesn't exist. Which, of course, infuriates me. It causes me to speak emotionally rather than rationally, and I become rude and defensive, and I...I give her even more of a reason to dismiss my viewpoints. Its like we're locked in this awful vicious cycle.
Dawson: Well, I don't know. You gotta do something. You just can't ignore her for three years until you go away to college.
Jen: I can't? Oh, there goes plan A.

Bessie: [grabs the phone] Listen, you sorry ass civil servant. This is the mother-to-be talking. Maybe I'm not in the tax bracket that guarantees a prompt response to medical distress, but I have a shoe full of amniotic fluid, my pelvis is beating like a rumba band, and I'm in real danger of having my first-born child delivered by two high school students. So, why don't you stop making excuses, get off your oversized backside and get us an ambulance before my fetus enters college?
Joey: Terrific. I'm sure they will be right on their way.

Pacey: Look I don't mean any disrespect here. But, if you'll just give me a second, I'll have you all home for dinner. OK? Look, I know the origin of these rumors has been traced to me. And, ah I guess that would make sense. 'Cause look at me, here I am a C+ student, who sits in the back of Ms. Jacobs English class everyday, daydreaming about the same thing. About, what it would be like to be... a little bit better looking, a little more sophisticated and about 15 years older. 'Cause, then and only then, could Ms. Jacobs possibly look at me as anything other than just another one of her students. And, only then, could this rumor stand any chance of being true. Ah, I mean, don't get me wrong, I am flattered with the seriousness that you took these allegations, but you know personally I'd just chalked them up to adolescent fantasy. I kind of expected you guys to do the same.
Superintendent Stevens: Correct me if I'm wrong Mr. Witter, but for the record, are you saying you deny the aforementioned allegations?
Pacey: Yeah, for the record, sir. And for anywhere else you want to put it. Ms. Jacobs is my English teacher and to my great disappointment absolutely nothing else.

Detention (aka The Breakfast Club)Edit

Joey: You can't stand the idea that if a girl is choosing between two guys, she may not choose the romantic doofus who woos her with flowers and cheesy poems, you know? She just might choose the guy with the faster car or the bigger bicep or... the bigger joystick.
Dawson: Bigger joystick?
Joey: Yes.
Dawson: First of all, girls are attracted to romance more than anything.
Joey: Keep hope alive there.

Dawson: This is so Breakfast Club.
Jen: Breakfast Club?
Dawson: Yeah that John Hughes movie where the five kids are stuck in detention all day.
Joey: Yeah at first they hate each other and then they become really, really good friends.
Jen: Oh yeah that movie stunk. Whatever happened to those actors?
Dawson: Anthony Michael Hall developed some weird thyroid condition, Molly Ringwald lost her gawky teen ingenue appeal, and the rest are languishing somewhere in TV obscurity.
Pacey: No way! Emilio Estevez! He was in those Duck movies, remember? God, those were classics, so funny....[pause] What?

Abby: I'm so bored.
Pacey: Well, where's your ecstasy Abby? You and I can just go on down to the boy's locker room and you know...
Abby: I don't have any left and if I did I wouldn't waste it on Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.
Pacey: What? You're not going to let Rudolph join in any of your perverted reindeer games?
Abby: Hey now there's an idea, games. We could all play a game.
Pacey: Really? What do you want to play? Pin the tail on the ho-bag?

Pacey: So do you think you can stop throwing basketballs at my face now, Dawson? I think it's glaringly obvious that I'm not going to steal your girlfriend. I mean, at least you have a girlfriend. I've got nothing left.
Abby: You have your hand.

Jen: Hey Dawson. I like you.
Dawson: Yeah but it's not enough that you like me. I want you to want me.
Jen: You're like a God to me Dawson, and I don't even believe in God. I mean, this school hasn't exactly welcomed me with open arms. It seems like everybody here hates me and I don't know why. If it's because I'm from New York, or because I'm different. It seems like my life here is just one big detention that I can't escape, but then, I think about you. And about how I've met a guy who's so romantic, and so caring, and who I like, and who I want so much. Dawson it's because of you that I get through the bad days. And if you think I want you to be some big, varsity sex stud then you're crazy.
Dawson: I understand that you want to take things slow, I do. And I don't want to rush you. I don't want to be that guy. But I'm human, I have hormones. And to say that I've never thought about having sex with you, I'd be lying. The thought crosses my mind. About a thousand times a day.
Jen: Well just a thousand? That's nothing.

Boyfriend (aka Escape From New York)Edit

Pacey: How do I look?
Joey: Like a before picture in an ad for geek remover.

Pacey: Look, Joey, I've never really taken a particular interest in your life because, frankly, your life has never been particularly interesting.

Gale: When are you going to stop punishing me?
Mitch: When I can get rid of the vision of my naked wife playing hide the...when it stops hurting.

Cliff: Hey, I'm looking for Jen. You don't know where she is this period do you?
Dawson: No, I don't. Sorry.
Cliff: Well, give her a message, will you? Tell her I'm having a barbecue at my house this Saturday and I'd love it if she can make it. Hey, what the hell. Why don't you come too?
Dawson: Cool. Sounds great.
Cliff: I don't know if you can help me with it. Jen doesn't have a boyfriend, does she?
Dawson: Uh, yeah. She does. Me.
Cliff: Really?
Dawson: Yeah.
Cliff: That's terrific, man.

Pacey: [referring to Joey] Oh, Dawson, my fine, oblivious friend. One of these days, you're gonna have to take a gigantic fact-check my friend, all right. She didn't mistake you for anybody, okay. This girl is head-in-the-clouds, one hundred percent, ass-backwards in love with you, all right?

Roadtrip (aka In the Company of Men)Edit

Jen: [to Joey] The truth is, ever since Dawson and I broke up you have been scared to death.

Pacey: Finally. Dawson's evil twin. This has been a much anticipated pleasure.

Joey: [to Jen] I mean Dawson was probably the first decent guy you've ever even gone out with and look what you did. You drove him into the arms of a prostitute.

Joey: [about Dawson] Yeah. I can wait.

Pacey: You're a regular Richie Cunningham. Billy, he's the Fonz.
Dawson: Congratulations, that makes you Potsie.

Double Date (aka Modern Romance)Edit

Pacey: Who's it gonna be? Is it Jen, or is it Joey? Do you like the blonde, or do you like the brunette? These questions are not gonna go away, Dawson. It's time that you provide some answers.

Pacey: [to a teacher, about Joey] You never told me I was gonna be working with a repressed, control freak.
Joey: [to a teacher, about Pacey] Yeah, and you never said my grade was dependent upon some remedial underachiever.

Pacey: You know, it's amazing, personality like yours and you still can't get any dates.
Joey: Even more amazing, personality like yours and you can.

Pacey: You know, a lot of people would consider you a very lucky woman.
Joey: And many people would consider you a very deluded man.

Joey: What? What's that smile of yours? Is it because I look ridiculous?
Pacey: No
Joey: Or is it that my misfortune amuses you? Or maybe it's because you like putting me in the most awkward situations and watching me squirm Pacey.
Pacey: No it's nothing like that. I was just thinking to myself that when you loosen up you're not half bad to be around... bordering on fun even.
Joey: [looks confused and then smiles] Home, Jeeves!
Pacey: Yes, Miss Daisy.

The Scare (aka Friday the 13th)Edit

Jen: [to Cliff] You know, I think my Grams has the hots for you. You interested?

Ursula: You know, love is a complicated bitch.

Pacey: [to Joey] You're gonna go to your grave pining away for your best friend. A guy who's so oblivious, he doesn't have a clue that you lust after him morning, noon, and night.

Pacey: Can you watch the car, Jo?
Joey: Why?
Pacey: Well... I can't really turn it off. I mean, I can, but it's a hassle, you know, because I don't have the keys.
Joey: Oh, yeah. I forget. You stole it.
Pacey: Hey, you borrow from family. You never steal.

Dawson: [describing his relationship with Jen] The characters were flawed and uninspired. The love scenes were amateurish, to say the least. And the ending was definitely not happy. It wasn't even tragic. It just ended.

Beauty Contest (aka Pretty Woman)Edit

Joey: [to Dawson] I want you to look at me and see the person you've always known and realize that what we have is so much more incredible than just some passing physical attraction...

Gale: [to Pacey] Honey, fair and beauty pageants aren't exactly synonymous.

Dawson: If Joey and I got together... It'd be just a little incestuous.

Pacey: You know, maybe I could be like one of those guys that warms up the girls before they go on stage.
Joey: It's not a porno, Pacey.

MC: Pacey Witter has changed his program. Instead of a magical act he will perform a dramatic interpretation.
Pacey: [in a Scottish accent] Well, I'm not William Wallace. But I am Pacey Witter.
Dawson: [from offstage] Pacey Witter's seven feet tall.
Pacey: So they say. So they say. And they say that this Pacey Witter is a dangerous man who slaughters Capeside residents by the dozen with his bare hands. And if he were here he would destroy those who would judge him with sparks from his eyes and wits from his ass.
[Audience laughs]
Pacey: Well, I am Pacey Witter. But who of you are in the position to judge me? Is it you, sir? And what sorts of human beings tolerate being judged? Well judgement stops today. And that which condones me, seems to own me. And I am willing to betray the trappings of my dysfunctional life for one chance, just one chance, to stand in front of my fellow countrymen and tell them that you may take my life, but you will never take my freedom!!! Thank you and goodnight.

Decisions (aka Breaking Away)Edit

Joey: Cliffhanger? Come on, Dawson. You of all people should know that a cliffhanger is merely a manipulative TV standard designed to improve ratings.
Dawson: No, a cliffhanger's purpose is to keep people interested. Keep them guessing what's going to happen in future episodes.
Joey: But just like in our own lives, they are so predictable. I mean, the producers put the characters in some contrived situation hoping that the audience will think something is going to change, but, you know what? It never does. Back to the same way it was before your so-called cliffhanger. It's boring Dawson.
Dawson: Well, what if this time it's different? What if this time in the cliffhanger something changes? You wouldn't want to miss that, would ya?
Joey: It still sounds like one big tease to me Dawson.

Joey: I mean, I don't know. France is so far away. I mean, I won't know anybody, I don't speak the language, plus I don't think I could spend a year in any country that worships Mickey Rourke.

Mr. Potter: Dawson wait please. Tell me about her. Tell me about my daughter.
Dawson: What do you want to know?
Mr.Potter: Anything, everything.
Dawson: She's great. I mean, she's smart, she's beautiful, she's funny, she's a big ol' scaredy cat. If you creep up from behind her she'll jump out of her skin. It's pretty amusing. She's honest. She always calls them just like she sees them. You can always count on getting the truth from Joey even if the truth hurts. She's stubborn. We fight a lot. She can be so frustrating sometimes. But she's a really, really, good friend. I know her to a fault. She believes in me. And I'm a dreamer so it's so good to have somebody like that in my life. If she goes away, I don't know what I'm going to do. I mean, she's my best friend, you know? She's more than that. She's everything.

Joey: Hi. I don't really know what I'm doing here. That's not true. Um, look, I came here tonight to say, I came here to tell you that you messed up. You really messed up. And not because you broke the law or you got caught or that you left me without a father. You messed up because you don't know me. I'm your daughter and you don't know me at all. So I guess I just came to say that I'm alright. I turned out pretty good. And I'm going to be okay, no help from you. And um I just have one question. Do you love me?
Mr. Potter: More than you'd ever know. And I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Joey: Do you think about me?
Mr. Potter: Sweetheart, all day long, everyday, every hour, every minute.
Joey: Do you really love me, though? Because I'm 15 years old and I go through every day of my life thinking that nobody loves me.
Mr. Potter: Well nothing could be further from the truth. And I'm not the only one. Dawson Leery. He loves you Joey. He's never told you?
Joey: Never.
Mr. Potter: Well, he does. I know it.
Joey: How?
Mr. Potter: Because he looks at you the same way your mother used to look at me. And you love him...Have you told him? You have to tell him Joey. Don't make my mistake. Don't wait til someone you love is eaten with cancer and wasting away while you hold back...
Joey: I love you Dad.
Mr. Potter: I love you.

Joey: We're just friends. That's all.
Dawson: Joey, c'mon you know that's not true.
Joey: So what are we Dawson? You know, I am so tired of the way we relate to one another. We spend all of our time analyzing our sad little adolescent lives.
Dawson: I know we know too many big words. But it's a good thing to analyze.
Joey: But it doesn't get us anywhere. It doesn't move us forward. We're in the same place we were 3 months ago. It's time to grow up Dawson.
Dawson: I know, Joey. We can. We are growing up.
Joey: No we're not. Everyday is the same. We watch a movie, preferably a Spielberg film, find the appropriate life correlation and then we pat ourselves on the back for being so clever. You know, as much as our perception is right on, our honesty is severely lacking Dawson.
Dawson: There is something lacking.
Joey: And the reason I came here tonight is because we need to move on. Look, we're not kids anymore. And I'm not gonna do this anymore. And I just thought you should know, so...
Dawson: So, are you going to France?
Joey: Ah, the inevitable cliffhanger. Am I going to France?

Season 2Edit

The KissEdit

Pacey: You know I can't believe this. After years of gratuitous self-examination, you finally did it, you acted. I mean, I thought you and Joey were going to draw out this 'will they-won't they' drama for at least another couple of years. Sam and Diane didn't get together for at least 4 seasons and Mulder and Scully...they haven't even kissed! If you and Joey can get across this romantic checkmate thing you've been in for GOD knows how many years...anything is possible!

Joey: Me not going to and me talking dirty in the halls...I mean, do you think we're making some massive, monumental mistake? I mean, things have always been so complicated between...
Dawson: I think we'll be fine. I mean granted we'll be entering some uncharted boy/girl territory but I honestly think regardless of how complicated things are on a day to day basis, we'll be fine. We'll concentrate on the simple stuff.
Joey: Like what?
Dawson: Like a date.
Joey: A date?
Dawson: Mm-hm.
Joey: You and me on a date?
Dawson: Yep.
Joey: I don't know Dawson. I was gonna watch TV. I hear Luke Perry is returning to 90210.

Bessie: Oh, the first date. This will be interesting. Hey, what's wrong?
Joey: I don't know it just seems weird. I mean, Dawson and I on a date? Doesn't that seem weird to you?
Bessie: Well was it weird when you kissed?
Joey: No, that felt pretty right. But the thing is, it hasn't happened since then and it was yesterday.
Bessie: Well, that's not unusual, because the way I see it, the second kiss, it's always tougher than the first one.
Joey: We actually kissed more than once that night.
Bessie: Yeah, but it only counts as one and that first's the passionate one. It's the one filled by desire and attraction, and all of that, but the second kiss is rational. You got time to worry, and over analyze and most women....they prefer that first kiss, but I'm partial to the second one because it's about something more. You'll get that second kiss Joey and when you do it'll be great. It'll be real. It'll be meaningful.

Dawson: I'm really glad we've already bypassed the end of the evening "Will she kiss me?" drama. So, um, it should pretty much me smooth sailing from here on out.
Joey: Yeah, but now you have to endure the agony of "Well, I've already kissed her so should we just check into a motel and go at it like porn stars?" anxiety.
Dawson: I, um, I think I can handle that.
Joey: Good because I know a good motel.

Joey: Do you want to know why I didn't go to France? 'Cause I wanted to so badly. I mean, in France I could have started over, you know. I wouldn't be Joey the waitress, or Joey the daughter of a convict, or Joey half of the "will they/won't they" couple of the century. I didn't go to France because it just seemed like the easy way out, you know? The easiest escape from my life, which in spite of a few highlights is pretty pathetic. But I didn't want to take that easy way out, Dawson. It just seemed like sticking around here would only make me stronger. Then there was you too. Dawson Leery, who finally got a clue. But I have to tell you Dawson, as complicated our friendship was, it doesn't even compare to how complicated whatever you and I have here is bound to be.
Dawson: Really? What you and I have may never be simple...but that doesn't mean that we're not going to be scorching. Besides, who's to say that you can't have some of France right here in Capeside, hum? Here we are along the river Seine, a tour of the il de la city, the favorite spot of lovers and friends. And from here we also have a view of the magnificent structure that we simplists here in Capeside like to call....ze swingset. Granted, It's no Eiffel Tower, but it's all we got. But don't forget about the other francophile opportunities in town. French fries.
Joey: French toast.
Dawson: French doors.
[They kiss]
Joey: French kiss. The second kiss, the rational one. The one that requires thought.


Pacey: I've got a big case of the Molly Ringwald syndrome.

Joey: [Talking about what she wrote in her diary] The truth is, Dawson, I've had these feelings for you, for so long. And some days, it would just make me so mad, at me and us. And I had to take it somewhere and unleash it. And it was my way of coping.

Dawson: I forgot Pacey's birthday. I'm his best friend, and I forgot his sixteenth birthday.
Joey: Is he alright?
Dawson: No. He's really hurt, angry, not speaking to me. And I'm all to blame.
Joey: Sorry Dawson.
Dawson: Yeah, I pretty much suck.

Jen: Oh hell.
Grams: Don't swear dear. God is listening.
Jen: If he's listening, then he should realize that you're allowed to say it if it's heard on Network TV.

Pacey: So what? I mean at least she didn't tell you that the sight of you gives her dry heaves or that you're a self-centered, self-absorbed, selfish...
Dawson: Yeah, but she obviously has opinions about me that she hasn't been honest about. She said I was a..a talentless dreamer with no cinematic future.
Pacey: Okay, no offense, Dawson, but I don't think anybody cares.
Dawson: I care. And Pacey I could honestly use some advice here.
Pacey: Oh, you want some advice? How about this? Your life is not that interesting.
Dawson: What?
Pacey: You know I am so sick and tired of hearing about you and Joey's boring little mini dramas I'm going to start tearing out my fingernails for relief. Get over yourself, Dawson! Deal.

Alternate LifestylesEdit

[Pacey and Andie are married for a school project]
Andie: I want a divorce.
Pacey: Granted. You know what, we split the cash. You can have the kids. I'll keep the car.
Andie: That is so typical, doesn't it sicken you that you're living up to the most common and base of male stereotypes? You don't care about your wife and kids; all you care about is this overpriced absurd piece of metal.
Pacey: Hey, it's got passenger side airbags! Look, I want a Viper, end of story.

Pacey: This is just one assignment. Its not like your flunking out of school.
Andie: Yeah, I know that. But you get behind by one day, and then you're always struggling to catch up. And you become more and more confused, and then the next thing you know, you're out on the streets drunk and pulling around a shopping cart.
Pacey: Andie, you're rich. Rich people don't end up on the street. They end up in Florida.

Pacey: Is Andie on any kind of special medication? Because she just went psycho on me.
Jack: Why, what'd you do?
Pacey: Oh, nothing. I just called her a spoiled princess.
Jack: Andie, a spoiled princess? I don't think anything could be further from the truth.
Pacey: Oh, come on. Are you telling me your family's not totally loaded?
Jack: You think I work here for kicks?

Abby: I can't believe I'm friends with someone who only has eyes for Dawson Leery.
Jen: Guilty as charged.
Abby: Please, you're making me eww. [Jen smirks] Jen, look at me. I have three words for you. Make it happen.
Jen: Abby...
Abby: No, don't Abby me. Make it happen.

Tamara's ReturnEdit

Pacey: Listen, I know it's over. It has to be, but I just need to know... Do you miss, um, teaching.
Ms. Jacobs: Yes. Very much.
Pacey: Good, because I miss you teaching. Very much.

Pacey: Hey, I've got nothing going on now. So how about we go for a walk around town together.
Andie: Yeah, what's the joke?
Pacey: No joke, I've got no plans. And believe it or not, but I'd rather spend my time with you, than than flying solo. So pinch yourself, its your lucky day. You in?
Andie: Well yeah, I might as well.
Pacey: Unless you've had your heart set on watching Dumbo.
Andie: Nah, I've seen it about 700 times. You're not gonna throw me in front of a bus are you?
Pacey: Thats not such a bad idea McPhee.

Joey: Jack, ever since we hired you, its been nothing but a slapstick comedy. I mean you break dishes, you misplace orders, and you fall all over yourself.
Jack: Why don't you just terminate me, if I'm such an incompetent moron?
Joey: We don't want to terminate you Jack. Its just... [pauses] Alright, you can open. Bessie will be relieved and it will be like a test run. But [pauses] just don't set the kitchen on fire.
Jack: Well, thanks for that unqualified vote of confidence.

Joey: You've been everything to me. And I have been your sidekick, your confidant, your other half for so long and that's how our relationship works. And it's a nice place for you, but for me it's scary. Cause I realized that aside from you, I don't have anything. My entire life is attatched to you.

Full Moon RisingEdit

Jack: What other time in your life are we gonna be exposed to so many walks of life? People who randomly cross your path, telling you their stories, hopes, dreams.
Joey: Ways to blame us for their food being cold, not enough clams in their chowder.
Jack: Why are you so angry.
Joey: It's just the full moon, it's got me freaked.
Jack: Not just tonight. All the time.

Pacey: Have you ever noticed how the most interesting thing about a porn film is the title? I mean think about it. You've got your Sperminator, Romancing The Bone.
Andie: I don't know why they try to be so clever. I mean they should all have the same title, "Woman Pacey will never do."
Pacey: Ouch. You know McPhee, all this verbal sparring we're doing is getting a little dangerous, so we should just go on a date before someone gets hurt.
Andie: Forget it.
Pacey: Oh come on, you know you want to.
Andie: Well, maybe if I was asked politely.
Pacey: OK. Andie, would you like to go on a date with me tonight?
Andie: [Shrugs her shoulders] OK.
Pacey: Well, don't sound so enthusiastic.

Abby: Look, let's never let a guy come between us again. Men will come and go, but you and I are kindred spirits. We're rebels bonded by the common need to break out of this small town abyss.
Jen: Okay, are you sure you're okay with this whole guy thing?
Abby: Absolutely.
Jen: Good, because I've been dying to tell someone. I've got a date with Vincent.
Abby: You bitch!
Jen: What?
Abby: After everything I've done for you, how could you steal him from me?
Jen: Are you out of your mind? He doesn't even know that you exist, Abby. (
[Jen begins to walk away and Abby starts following her]
Abby: You might want to stop and pick up some condoms. You're in the big leagues now, babe. I mean that guy probably has illegitimate kids scattered up and down the eastern seaboard.
Jen: Shut up, Abby.
Abby: Yeah, he probably likes it kinky. After all, you are the girl from New York City, right?
Jen: I'm warning you, back off!
Abby: Yeah, old Vince probably knows an easy lay when he sees one!
[Enraged, Jen suddenly turns and slaps Abby hard across her face, almost knocking her down]
Jen: Don't you ever talk to me again, ever!

Grams: I do not know what to do about you, child!
Jen: Please, don't preach to me right now.
Grams: No, there'll be no talk about God. You leave him out of it. This is between you and me. What I witnessed tonight is something I never want to see again!
Jen: I had the situation under control. You don't have to get upset at me.
Grams: I am not upset, I am sick! I will not allow you to slide back into your reprehensible, New York behavior. Not while you're under my care. You will not disrespect me.
Jen: Wait a minute, I...
Grams: No, you wait a minute, Jennifer! This behavior will not be tolerated. You will treat me with respect, and you will act like a lady. You will not degrade yourself, not under my roof, and not in my lifetime! Have you no respect for yourself?

Abby: I cannot believe you would hit me. Me! You're my best friend!
Jen: Best friend? Abby, need I remind you that in the past two days, you have called me a bitch, a slut, and a loser?
Abby: Yeah. But I would never physically hit you.
Jen: You're warped! Why don't you just go home?
Abby: Why? Is the dork from the docks comin' a callin'?

The DanceEdit

Andie: You guys are a bunch of cynics, you know that? I mean, what kind of high school memories will you have if all you did in high school was bitch and moan about everything?
Joey: Bitching memories.
Dawson: Moaning memories.

Jack: [to Joey] You don't blame me for kissing you, you blame yourself for kissing me back. ...

Pacey: Dawson, turn the movie back on. I want to know who is responsible for Kevin Bacon's roguish devil-may-care hairdo.

Pacey: [about Andie] Oh my God, we're hanging out with Marcia Brady.
Joey: For so long, all I've thought about was you, all I dreamed about was you...
Dawson: What happened?
Joey: I got my dream, and now I don't have anything else.

The All-NighterEdit

Jen: [to Joey] You know, I used to think that it was our mutual feelings for Dawson that kept us apart. I never really considered the fact that maybe you were just a bitch.

Pacey: Alrighty. [reading] Question number one, "Have you ever been intimately aroused by a relative?" So, it's a southern test, huh?

Andie: Why do you insist on undermining me at every opportunity you get?
Pacey: Think of how boring the alternative is.

Chris: Jen, is there a particular reason why you're not receptive to my wily charms?
Jen: Other than the fact that you emit them regularly to any skirt within a 6-mile radius?
Chris: Actually, I have a car so it's more like the tri-state area. [Jen smiles] Ah-ha! A smile. Mission accomplished.

Joey: The two times I fell in love Dawson, they were both with you. The first time I fell was for my friend, the boy down the creek, the one I grew up with. And the second was after you kissed me. I fell in love all over again. Just because we aren't together doesn't change my feelings for you.

The Reluctant HeroEdit

Pacey: Hm-mm. You're an endangered species, my friend. Last of a dying breed, and this movie is killing you softly with its song.

Jen: [to Dawson] How's this for irony? Bad girl throws up on the white picket fence.

The ElectionEdit

Pacey: No one is gonna laugh at you Andie, everybody comes from a dysfunctional family. It's the 90's, the only happy families are in TV syndication.

Chris: I'm gonna go kiss some babes.
Abby: It's babies, you moron.
Chris: My way's more fun.

High Risk BehaviorEdit

Dawson: Alright, I'm sorry if my confidence and convictions discombobulate you.
Pacey: Discombobulate, how many syllables is that?

Pacey: [to Dawson] Only you could take your virginal insecurities and fear of deflowerment and turn them into risky, edgy behavior.

Dawson: [notices her drawing of a naked man] I see you've graduated from fruit bowls.
Joey: We're doing life-sketching...nude're supposed to see the human form, a mass of lines and shadows.
Dawson: Really?
Joey: I'm working on it.
Dawson: And he does poses for you?
Joey: Yeah.
Dawson: Don't you find that uncomfortable? Just sitting in a room with some guy completely in the buff right in front of you?
Joey: No..
Dawson: Does he like talk or anything?
Joey: Oh, yeah. He sings, tells jokes, does a little softshoe. No, he doesn't talk, Dawson. He's a model. He sits there. He just takes breaks every now and then.
Dawson: And Little Joey Potter doesn't blush?
Joey: No.
Dawson: Not even a little?
Joey: Maybe a little...
Dawson: [raises eyebrows] Just a little?
Joey: [Smiles, embarrassed] Okay, I've broken 12 pencils.
[Dawson laughs]
Joey: But it's getting better. You'd be surprised, I'm changing. I'm not Little Joey Potter anymore.
Dawson: No, you're certainly not.

Sex She WroteEdit

Joey: [about sex] Dawson, it's not about the perfect place or the perfect timing, it's about the perfect person.

Dawson: You are definitely a mystery.
Joey: I like the way you see me.

Abby: Jen, it's written all over your post-coital glowing finally wooed the wonder-boy into the dark side, so was it worth all the pining, all the feeling that you weren't good enough?

Jen: [to Abby] I don't know where you come from or just who has the misfortune of being responsible for your existence, but you're a lying manipulative and cruel person and the fact that you are only 16 years old makes me feel more sorry for you than any of the people in this room whose lives you're so intent on're pathetic.

Andie: It's okay to be scared, Pacey. I mean, the world is a scary, scary place. Pacey, I don't want you to be scared of me.
Pacey: How can I not be, Andie? You're the one who's opening up this whole life for me and I'm just afraid that...
Andie: What?
Pacey: I'm afraid because you're the single most important being to ever grace my existence. Andie, I am falling hopelessly in love with you.

Uncharted WatersEdit

Pacey: This sucks, dad.
John Witter: Lots of things in life suck, Pacey! That's why it's my job to prepare a loser like you for that inevitability.

Dawson: Pacey how could you forget to tell me that Jack was coming with us? Come on, I need some preparation time before facing my adversary who stole Joey away from...
Pacey: [Interrupting] You know what? Screw you, Dawson! This world does not always revolve around you. We can't all be the fair-haired embodiment of perfection. Not all of us have wunderkind and genius attached to their names. Some of us, like my father and myself, are just simple-minded folk trying to make it through the day without breaking something.

[Pacey has just won a first place trophy for catching a large blue marlin fish]
John Witter: Well, be proud of yourself. Enjoy this moment. A loser like you probably won't have many more like it.
[John Witter walks off as Pacey angrily sits and Dawson walks over having heard everything]
Pacey: Do you have any idea how many times I set myself for that line, over and over and over again? I just can't stop myself from just trying to get one qualified, "good job, son", out of that bastard. He must be right. I really must be a simpleton.
Dawson: I know it's not the same, but there are other people in your life who recognize and respect your talent and intelligence. One of them is standing right in front of you. The other one is probably sitting in her bedroom having a perky coronary in anticipation from your return from sea.

[The girls are watching a porno video found in Dawson's room]
Abby: You are aware that where this tape begins, Dawson finished?
Andie: Finished what?
Jen: Shaking hands with the unemployed.
Joey: Boxing the bald-headed bishop.
Abby: Test-firing the missile.
Andie: All right, I get your point, guys.

Pacey: [to his drunk, passed out father] So I guess this is as good a time as any to have that father/son talk. [Imitating his father] So, How you doing in school, Pacey? [Himself] Well, actually dad, I'm doing alright. You know, I'm really turning things around. Turns out I'm pretty smart. Maybe I'm college bound. [His father] Good man, Pacey, I always knew you'd turn out to be something. How the ladies treating you? [Himself] Well, I met this woman. [His father] Is she cute? [Himself] Cute? Man, Andie's beautiful. She's smart, she's funny. Tell you, this girls really something special, dad. Whatever reason, she seems to think I'm pretty special, why can't you see that? Hmm? What can't you see me? When did you give up on me, when I was five? Hmm, ten, twelve? I'm sixteen years old, dad! And I'm here and I'm not perfect, dad, but I try so hard for you! [Starts to cry] I just...[Sobs] And it's your job! It is your job to love me, no matter who I am or what I become! Because you're my father '[Sobs]'re my dad. [Sobs more] You're supposed to love me, you son of bitch. I can't do this by myself.

His Leading LadyEdit

Pacey: You know, I think I forgot to mention that I'm actually the charter member of the Andie Mcphee fan club and as a matter of policy our adulation never waivers, through the good times...or the bad.

Jen: Hey! Being a good boy?
Ty: Always.
Jen: I'm disappointed.

Jen: Ty, is there a problem?
Ty: Jen, I would like to say that this accident could have been avoided, but with you standing nearby, I lose all ability to concentrate on the job at hand.
Jen: Down boy.

Dawson: You recognize Devon from art class?
Joey: Oh, yeah. The clothes threw me at first but you know...

To Be Or Not To Be...Edit

Jack: [His Poem] Today. Today was a day. The world got smaller, darker. I grew more afraid. Not of what I am but of what... I grew more afraid. Not of what I am but of what I could be. I loosen my collar to take a breath. My eyes fade. And I see... Him. The image of perfection. His frame strong. His lips smooth. And I keep thinking. What am I so scared of... I wish I could escape the pain, but these thoughts invade my head. Bound to my memory, they're like shackles of guilt. Oh God, please set me free...

Pacey: [To Mr. Peterson] What is it about you that gets off on tormenting your students? Because let me tell you, they may all live in fear of you, but I don't. I see you and your miserable scare tactics for what they really are; the misguided lashings of a bitter, lonely old man who only feels good when someone else in the room feels worse.

Pacey: This isn't fair.
Mr. Peterson: Fairness is overrated.

Pacey: I want to say that I am more ashamed of what I did in that classroom yesterday than I have ever done in my life. It was flat wrong and I have no case here. And I'm sorry, for the event. But not now, not ever, will I ever be apologetic for its intention. Every day, we, the students of Capeside, come to a place where you guys are in charge. You tell us when to arrive, when to leave, when to move rooms, when to eat. You tell us when we're doing well, when we need to be doing better and we never ever question it because we're afraid to. To question it is to go against the belief that the entire system is built upon, the belief that you guys know what's right, and I'm not afraid to tell you that what happened in that classroom yesterday was not right. To make a student cry, to embarrass him, to strip him of his dignity in front of the entire class is not right. While I do respect the system I do not respect men like you, Mr. Peterson. I don't, I can't, and I never will.

...That Is The QuestionEdit

Dawson: Here I am single, sandwiched in-between two women who both dumped me. I am pathetic.
Jen: Hey, look at me, I'm dating a bible thumping hypocrite, okay?
Joey: Hey, my boyfriend may be gay.

Grams: [To Ty] If Jack is gay, he doesn't need your judgment, young man. The Lord above will be the one to judge him as he will judge all of us. What he needs from you and me and everyone else in this world is love and tolerance. If anything, that boy must feel scared and alone and it will take the understanding of his fellow man to help him through. Let's save judgment for someone much more experienced than you.

Andie: Um, it's just that, I molded you into this person who I thought you should be. I did it to my father too. I thought it was what I needed. You know, I place this unfair burden on people just so they can save me from myself. But I realize that I don't need a knight in shining armor, what I need is a partner. Someone who I can be proud to love and who's proud to love me back in spite of all my faults.'s you, You're the one Pacey. I'm really sorry.
Pacey: How come your apology was so much better than mine? I always lose to you Andie. [they kiss] You know, I take that back, I'm definitely the winner here.

Mr. McPhee: You are not gay.
Jack: Yes, I am! You know it. I see how you look at me, and I know you know. Think about the way that you treated me and the way that you treated Tim. Because he was the real son, and I was different. And as hard as you've tried to stamp it out and to ignore it, I have tried harder. I've tried harder than you, to be quiet, and to forget it, and to not bother my family with my problem. But I can't try anymore, because it hurts. I'm sorry Dad. Andie, I'm sorry. I don't want to be going through this, but I am.

Be Careful What You Wish ForEdit

Kelly: Oh my God! look...amazing.
Abby: Wow. It's like a transformation from John-boy to John-John, all in a sharp, dippity-do.
Jack: It's no big deal. I put a little gel in my hair. That's pretty much the extent of it.
Abby: I guess when you get gay, you get style. I wish I would have nabbed you one sexual preference ago.

Pacey: Whoa! Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend?
Andie: She's been here all along. Just trapped beneath the bondage of Gap clothing and a good-girl complex.

Dawson: [Singing the Blues] My name is Dawson Leery.
I'm feeling kind of weary.
Today is my birthday.
It all looks a little bleery.
The girl that I cared for,
Left me and ran away,
Straight into the arms of,
a guy that turned out to be gay!
I got the blues!
Yeah. Today I woke up feeling like I was born to lose.
Yeah I got the blues.
Somedays you're born to lose!
Here's my friend Andie, and she's going to sing you a song because she's got the blues.
Andie: [singing] My name is Andie.
And my brother's the one that's gay.
My other brother died.
And my daddy ran away!
But I'm still Andie.
And my boyfriend makes me randy.
His name is Pacey,
And my mom's gone completely crazy!
Yeah, I've got the blues!
Dawson: [singing] Oh, I've been restless, hopeless and confused.
This girl that I told you about;
she's been on the move.
She's at my surprise party where everyone I know is right now.
And when I show up late they're all gonna have a cow!
Yeah I got the blues.
I swear sometimes we were born to lose!
Andie: No, brother man, we got the blues!
Dawson & Andie: We got the blues!
Sometimes you, you were born to lose.
Ohhh yeah!

Dawson: [drunk] Time to make a wish, okay...let's make a wish. I wish..I wish that my mom never slept with her co-anchor. I wish that my father would stop talking about actually getting a job and go out and get one! I wish the two of you would stop your petty bickering and at least pretend to be the adults around here! I wish that my friend Pacey would just end this transformation of this A-student, do-gooder, all-around sanctamonious angel and would go back to what he does best which is make me feel good about my life when his is supposed to be worse. And then there's Jen Lindley with her drunkedness and her revolving boyfriends and her wild, wicked ways. I want to party with you! Ah, and then there's Jack McPhee. Jack McPhee who likes guys but doesn't mind stealing my girlfriend! Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, starring in his very own version of In & Out. He's in, he's out! He's in! He's out! In, out! Nice hair by the way. And then, of course, there's my Joey. My sweet, precious Joey. The only 16-year-old in the world that needed to find herself. But you know what? That's okay. I accept it. You need to find yourself, and I accept it. So Joey! Joey? [looking everywhere, under tables, around people] Excuse me? Where's my Joey? Joey! There she is! There's my Joey!

Dawson: God, I am so lonely. I'm 16 years old and I'm so hopelessly lonely.
Joey: Is that why you got drunk?
Dawson: Yeah...Jo, why did you break up with me and run straight to Jack?
Joey: Because he wasn't you. Look, it was never about looking for something better, Dawson. It was about looking for someone who wasn't so close to me. Where I could tell where I ended and he began. I mean, our lives have always been so intertwined that in many ways I feel like you partially invented me, Dawson. And that scares me so much. I need to find out if I can be a whole person without you. I need to find out if I can be a whole person....alone.
Dawson: Well, do it quickly, okay? Because....God, I love you.

Psychic FriendsEdit

Whit: Evelyn Ryan?... It's me... Whit, Whit Hubley.
Grams: Lord in heavens. I thought you were dead.
Jen: [under her breath] Great pick-up line.

Jen: Grams, I'm serious. I saw the look in his eyes. He was having impure thoughts about you.
Grams: Oh you stop it, you stop that talk right now.

A Perfect WeddingEdit

Joey: So, thank you.
Dawson: For what?
Joey: For being my friend, for understanding me better than anyone, and for putting up with me for the last 16 years...I love you.
Dawson: I love you, too.

Dawson: Joey... these past 3 years you have been so...unbelievably strong. I mean you've let the -- the petty gossip and judgments of this town roll right off you. Don't let them get to you now. Now is the time to dig in your heels and to show them you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, and you're not alone in this, you have your father now, you have a family again... and you will always have me.

Andie: Okay, I admit it, you're right, I'm a sucker for taffeta. The site of the little flower girl makes me weepy. I'm a wedding fanatic... there are you happy? Huh?

Pacey: You know, I wish I had money like these people. When somebody in my family gets married, you end up wearing polyester, they serve fish sticks for appetizers and the whole thing winds up in a drunken brawl.

[w:Jack McPhee|Jack]]: Hey guys, did uh, Joey talk to you yet?
Dawson: About what?
Jack: Well the Ice House is catering a wedding on Saturday and we need some extra hands, it's 60 bucks for the day.
Pacey: Sold! For 60 bucks I'd cater your ass.
Jack: [laughs] Well, that won't be necessary.

Rest in PeaceEdit

Joey: I just, um, I hope wherever she is, she's happy.
Dawson: She's happy. She's looking down on you...and she's very happy.

Andie: Um, there are people who give me comfort in my life. Um, when the going gets rough as it invariably does I can count on them as a shoulder to cry on. And they will pick me up when I fall and hold me in their arms as I cry, and tell me that everything is going to be alright. I am so thankful for these people they are priceless... But there's another group of people, just as important, and just as priceless. They are the people who challenge me, who push me to my breaking points, and who force me to muster courage I never thought I had. Abby Morgan was one of those people. In her own truth-telling way she gave me strength, I'm a stronger woman because of her, stronger than I ever thought that I could be. She gave me that gift. She's was one of a kind. There's no one like her and she will always hold a special spot in my heart.

Jen: Well then you obviously didn't know Abby too well, because Abby is probably down there with Beelzebub doing tequila shooters and laughing at all of us.

Andie: [In Abby's room] OK, dear diary that new girl Andie is such a...psycho?! How many ways can you tell a person you don't like them...What?! She just won't take a hint. God, and that boyfriend of her's is a...
[Pacey grabs the diary from her hands]
Pacey: Okay, you know what, I don't want to know, I don't want to hear it.

Pacey: Hey, what if Abby's mother saw us come in here together? She probably thinks I'm trying to get lucky in the middle of her daughter's memorial.


Pacey: Let's face it, guys, we are this far away from the Peach Pit.

Jen: You know what? I happen to agree with Joey. I mean, sure we've all grown to tolerate each other, but I still think we're a long shot off from 90210-land of best friends forever.

Pacey: You have to Andie, you have to choose, and I'm begging you from the bottom of my heart to please choose me... Open this door, come out here and choose me, please. You are so special and you give so much to everybody around you, and you know what Andie? I need you more than Tim does, so does Jack.
Andie: That's not true.
Pacey: Yes, it is. My life began when I met you Andie, and you never gave up on me so I'm not gonna give up on you. So, please, Andie, for the love of God, come out here and choose me, please.

Joey: Well I have to admit I am a little surprised that you are okay with this considering that it is our one month anniversary for whatever we are, or were, or are.
Dawson: Joey, we are boring, trite people okay? We're absolutely incapable of spontaneity. We do things like plan, and organize, and make reservations weeks in advance at top notch restaurants to celebrate one month anniversaries of whatever we are, or were...or are.

Pacey: Well, I think you look fantastic sweetheart you just don't look
Andie: Ha ha...keep digging. You're approaching China.


Dawson: Why is it that we're so ridiculously intent on pleasing the people who dislike us the most?

Dawson: [to Joey] Because I'm afraid okay? I'm afraid that I'm not enough for you and that I never will be alright? And if I do this that you're just going to realize that you've grown way beyond me and then I'm... I'm just going to lose you again.

Mr.McPhee: If I'd just been around more.
Jack: It wouldn't have made a difference. I'm gay for the same reasons that Tim wasn't. It just happened that way.
Mr.McPhee: But there are people who change, they go back.
Jack: I'm hardly the encyclopedia of the gay experience but, I'd wager to say that their change is skeptical.
Mr.McPhee: How do you know? Unless you try.
Jack: I don't want to try. Why do you want me to try?
Mr.McPhee: Because I can not understand why anyone would choose that kind of life.
Jack: I didn't choose it. The only thing I chose was to be happy. Look, I can't go back for you because slowly but surely I'd be going to sacrifice my happiness for yours because I want you to be proud of me. But not under your terms. It just, it won't work.

Jack: [to Jen] Look, I often wonder how my mom would act if she was aware of what was happening to me, if she was capable of comprehending it. I don't think she'd have a problem with it because my mom loves me for the best reason possible... no reason at all. Because that's the way our parents should love us Jen. Unconditionally. Sadly, most parents don't. But as much as it hurts... it's worse for them. It is worse to be incapable of loving than to not be loved.

Pacey: I don't want to say goodbye. I just want to look at you... I wish I had some eloquent parting words for you but... all I could think of was this. Thank you. Thank you for everything you've given to me. Thank you for forcing me be the man you made me. Just thank you. I am so grateful to you, Andie.
Andie: Oh, I don't want to let you go, Pacey.
Pacey: Just remember your promise okay? You and me, together again, happy, healthy and more in love than ever
Andie: I'll remember.
Pacey: Go get better McPhee, and then you hurry back to me.

Parental Discretion AdvisedEdit

John Witter: You have a test to get to. Don't screw up!
Pacey: Isn't there any positive words you can ever say to me?
John Witter: I'm positive that you will not screw up!

John Witter: [about Joey's father] That bastard was lying to me. He's in it up to his neck and he knows it.
Pacey: Come on, you don't even know if this has anything to do with him.
John Witter: A random arson incident in the middle of Capeside? Let's consider the chances of that, Pacey. If God hadn't blessed ya with my good looks, I wouldn't know whose son you were. Why don't you drive yourself home before you make another embarrassing comment?
Pacey: I think I'll walk.
John Witter: As if I care.
Pacey: Nobody assumed you did, Pop.
John Witter: You'll have to excuse my son, boys. His girlfriend moves away and all of a sudden it's his time of the month.
Pacey: Screw you, okay?
[Mr. Witter grabs his arm and Pacey quickly removes it]
Pacey: Get your hands off me, you don't touch me again, ever!
John Witter: Finally my boy gets a pair, and all it took was getting his heart broke by some little girl with a few screws loose.
[Pacey throws a punch at Mr. Witter]
Pacey: Andie did more for my life in six months than you did in sixteen years you rotten son of a bitch. So If you wanna make fun of me? You wanna bust on me? That's fine. But you so much as make one more even slightly disparaging comment about the women I love, and I swear to God, you're gonna be policing this town from a hospital bed. You understand me? And one more thing, even if Mr. Potter was involved in all this, he's still 10 times the father you ever were!

Jen: I have three conditions.
Grams: What are they?
Jen: One - that we address the reality of why this didn't work out before. I know I made some mistakes. But even on my best behavior I never felt that I was comfortable living here with you. I never felt I was good enough.
Grams: Oh, Jennifer.
Jen: Two - I need you to acknowledge that I've been through a lot in my life, more than most girls my age, and what I need is your support, not your judgement. Especially not His judgement.
Grams: Okay, I think I can manage that.
Jen: What you need to understand, Grams, I don't need a legal guardian to be able to survive and I can handle a lot more than you think. But what I want is to live here with you. I want a family. I want us to take care of each other and I don't want to be alone anymore.
Grams: Neither do I. [They hug] Was there a third?
Jen: Yes. There's somebody else who doesn't want to be alone anymore either.
[She motions towards Jack]
Grams: Well, I've been meaning to clear out your grandfather's room for awhile.

Joey: [to Dawson] What I have to say, you're not going to like, so I'll say it quickly. I hope one day that I'll be able to forgive my father for all of this, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive myself, but I know that I will never forgive you. See, Dawson, there are certain circumstances that love can not overcome and from now on... I don't want to know you.

Season 3Edit

Like a VirginEdit

Eve: Listen, Dawson, anything that's worth anything is scary. Or dangerous in one way or another.

Dawson: Do you have a fever or something?
Eve: Oh, that's just me. My temperature. I run a few degrees hot.

Joey: [to Dawson] So you love me... You just don't want me.

Pacey: [to Joey] It's the damndest thing. I just got into Dawson's rowboat and it magically drifted towards your dock.

Pacey: Ahoy there, anyone ashore?
Joey: What are you doing here?
Pacey: It's the damnedest thing, I just got into to Dawson's row boat and it magically drifted toward your dock.
Joey: Yeah, well magically drift any closer and I'll kill you.
Pacey: You know, I almost believed that. [Jumps up to join her on the dock]
Joey: [After a pause between the two as they looked at each other] He told you didn't he? Didn't he?
Pacey: Well, what do you think?
Joey: I think I hate you both.
Pacey: Well, then you're really going to hate me when you hear what I have to say....he did the right thing. The two of you need to be apart right now.
Joey: How would you know what I need?
Pacey: know you're probably right. How could I possibly know what it's like to let somebody go, right? How hard it is to let someone go. The pain of knowing that even though the two of you are right for each other, that doesn't necessarily mean that you're right for each other right now. What would I know about that, right? How could I possibly know that sometimes it just makes you want to scream, hit somebody, or sit out at the end of a dock and cry...
Joey: Of all the people to see me like this, it had to be you.
Pacey: Well, you know it's a new year and who knows...[leans in close to her] you and I might even become friends
Joey: Pacey...[Looks at him] I'm upset enough as it is. [Pacey laughs]
Pacey: [Puts arm around her] Come here, Potter .
[Pacey kisses Joey's forehead]


Eve: I'm just a girl, standing in a janitor's closet, asking you to kiss her.

Joey: You think every Joey has a Dawson and every Dawson has a Joey?
Dawson: I hope so...for their sake.

[Dawson is standing in the aisle looking at the wide variety of condoms]
Male Customer: Yeah...these days [puts his arm over Dawson's shoulders] you got your ribbed, your non-ribbed, your lubricated, your non-lubricated, your thin, your ultrathin, sheep skin, extra sensitive, nonoxynol-9 and... glow-in-the-dark.
Male Customer 2: Glow in the darks don't work.
Male Customer 1: No kidding?
Male Customer 2: No, you gotta hold 'em up to the light for 20 minutes, who's got time for that?
[woman customer walks up]
Woman Customer: And if you really want to blow her mind try the Brown Betty.
[they all grab a pack and walk away]
Dawson: This is not happening.

Joey: Pacey, you probably don't want to hear this right now, and I'm sure you don't want to hear it from me, but you have to talk to her.
Pacey: No, not right now. I couldn't even look at her right now.
Joey: You have to, Pacey. You have to hear her out.
Pacey: Why? What's the difference, Joey, huh? No matter what she says the ending's still the same. She slept with somebody else.
Joey: You think that just because the two of you were together what she did hurts more? It doesn't. There's no difference, Pacey, I mean... Look, she's sixteen years old and so are you. We talk like we know what's going on, but we don't. We don't have any idea. Look, we're really young and we're gonna screw up a lot! You know, we're going to keep changing our minds and … and sometimes even our hearts. And through all of that, the only real thing we can offer each other is forgiveness. And I couldn't do that. Or at least I did it too late. Don't let yourself get so angry that you stop loving because one day you wake up from that anger and the person you love will be gone

Jen: Worse. They're even starting to dress like me. It's like they're genetically predisposed to having absolutely no identity.
Jack: Yeah, that's the blonde gene.
Jen: Not funny.

None of the AboveEdit

Andie: Don't worry, Pacey. This isn't going to be one of those horribly awkward, hope-boy-didn't-mean-all those-hurtful-things-he-said-during-the-break-up-moment.
Pacey: Well that's a relief 'cuz I sure don't wanna play the guy-feels-guilty-about-breakup-even-though-it-was-girl-who-had-an-affair-with-the-mental-patient-scene.

Dawson: Someone gave it to me.
Joey: A certain someone with blond locks and a name that rimes with Steve?
Pacey: [Laughs] She's good, I like that girl, she's good. [Nudges Dawson with his elbow]
Joey: Once again, Dawson Leery proves the groin is mightier than the brain.

Joey: I bet when she offered you that test you didn't fire one ethical comment her way, did you?... It's just your friends who have to sit here and... and suffer through the Dawson Leery morality play, bleached blond ho-bags willing to put out need not audition.

Dawson: No, I wanted to consult the people I thought I trusted to determine what the best thing was to do. I never thought anyone would be so weak or so self motivated to actually swipe it.
Pacey: Weak and self motivated, huh? Now which one of those two colorful adjectives would i be?
Dawson: You are who you are, Pacey.
Pacey: Yes I am, Dawson. And so are you. [Pokes him in the chest] You, Dawson Leery are a self-righteous, son of a bitch who cares more about his rose colored defunct 1950's belief system then the people who fail to live up to it, huh?!
Dawson: Interesting choice of words coming from a smug, cold-hearted son of a bitch who just dumped his girlfriend after she begged and pleaded for an ounce of sympathy.
Pacey: At least I didn't send her father to prison.
Dawson: No, you just made her go crazy. [Pacey punches him in the eye. Dawson turns around punches Pacey on the lip, sending Pacey to the ground]
Pacey: Ah...[Joey comes out from the building to see what's going on]
Joey: What happened? Dawson, what are you doing? [She goes to Pacey, leaning down and holding his arm]
Pacey: It's my fault, I'm sorry.
Joey: Dawson, this has got to stop! [to Pacey] Are you okay?

Joey: Hey, brought you a Pepsi.
Pacey: No thanks, I'm not thirsty.
Joey: It's for your lip, moron. I'm out of ice.
Pacey: I can't believe he thought I'd take that-
Joey: So what, Pacey
Pacey: I thought if I'd earned anyone's respect, it was his. I mean, if the guy who knows you better than anybody on earth thinks you're a loser, then maybe...
Joey: Then maybe you are one? Come on, I mean I thought you were a loser for years but you never believed me. [They smile at each other]
Pacey: It's know when does a person start believing the general consensus about themselves?
Joey: When it's right. [They pause and look at each other]
Pacey: Do me a favor?
Joey: Hmm?
Pacey: Can you tell your friend Dawson that I'm innocent? I mean, he'll believe you.
Joey: No, my friend? Look he's your friend too. And you know as well as I do that he's somewhere right now sulking over the gravity of his wrongful accusation.
Pacey: Well good, let him stew in his own pride for a while.
Joey: Now we're all guilty of that.
Pacey: Hey, I'd never accuse him of cheating.
Joey: Yeah, well I'm pretty sure he'd never take the first swing at you.
Pacey: He started that whole thing!
Joey: I'm not getting into this.
Pacey: Okay, so tell me.
Joey: What?
Pacey: What do you think happened to that test?
Joey: I don't know. And to be honest, I don't want to know. I mean there are certain things in life you're just...better off not knowing. And things that you wish you never knew, never asked and...never saw.
Pacey: Okay, so tell me honestly...does it look that bad?
Joey: On your face, any reconstructive surgery whatsoever, is a definite improvement. [Pacey gives her a look, she smiles and laughs]

Home MoviesEdit

Joey: For a minute, I thought you'd been possessed by these school spirit creatures from the planet Overzealous.
Pacey: Not quite yet, but I am thinking about making a run for it before the pods hatch. What do you say Scully?

Jen: What are you auctioning off?
Cheerleader #2: Well, the winner gets to ride in on the Minuteman Mule, at the end of the game.
Cheerleader #1: And receive a kiss from the head cheerleader.
Jen: Oh, no they don't!
Cheerleader #1: Now Jenny...
Jen: Jen! OK, it's Jen. You know this whole thing just started as a bad joke, and excuse to get out of biology but you see what it's turned into? I have pranced around this entire school at pep rallies without even knowing what the hell pep is. I have listened to prate and paddle about car washes, dance-athons and dog-sitting until I think I'm going to puke up my homemade spirit cookie.
Cheerleader #1: Jenny!
Jen: And despite the itch I am getting on my ass from this polyester molest-me skirt, I've done it all with a smile of my face. But you know what ladies? The smile has gone. I'm sorry, but there is no way that I'm going to be sold off like some harem girl to the highest bidder. Everyone has a limit, and I've reached mine. I quit!

Joey: Why didn't we just drive?
Pacey: Because, Potter, on occasion my pop actually likes to use his car.
Joey: So I risk my future to cut class so I could stand in line at the post office and then traipse five miles through the wilderness carrying some stupid package?
Pacey: Oh, God. You know, did you ever stop to think about how much hormonally charged energy you waste on these quick quips and the biting banter? Your life would be considerably more productive if you would just take some more, ah… oh, what is that? More, ah… action! If you took more action.
Joey: Oh, what, like voluntary manslaughter?
Pacey: Well how 'bout sticking out your thumb, huh?
Joey: Oh yeah? And what else? Maybe hike up my skirt, pout my lips, strike some sexy pose for some horndog trucker? Stick out your own thumb you sexist toad.
Pacey: I am not a sexist, I am a pragmatist. OK? You ever seen The Sure Thing? That movie elegantly portrays one of life's simple truths-that a female standing on the side of a road, even one with a perpetual scowl like yourself, has a better chance of flagging down a car than a guy.
Joey: Since I'm the only one here with an opposable thumb, I guess it's up to me to use it.
Pacey: [a car approaches] And here's your chance. [He jumps over some bushes]
[Joey sticks her thumb out as a car approaches. It slows down and comes to a stop, to Joey's surprise]
Joey: [leaning into the window] Hi...
Principal Green: Today is your lucky day Miss Potter, need a ride back to school?

Pacey: [showing her an old boat] Isn't she beautiful?
Joey: Yeah, in a Titanic, post-iceberg sort of way. Where did you get this?
Pacey: A friend of my brother's, he works down at the marina. He rescued her after the last hurricane. The guy who owned it didn't want her any more, so I convinced him to sell it to me for like, two hundred bucks. When I finish with this boat it is going to be sheer perfection. Look at that.
Joey: Pacey, do you know how much money and time it will take to even get this boat to float?
Pacey: Yeah. Not a minute more or less than as long as it takes me. You watch, Potter, in a couple of months I'll be sailing this baby around the world.
Joey: I hate to break it to you Captain Stubing, but you can't sail around the world in a twenty foot boat.
Pacey: Sure I can.
Joey: Where are you going to put the supplies?
Pacey: Hey, the USS Minnow was no bigger than this, and they found room for all of Mr. Howell's money, all the professor's tools, all of Ginger's clothes...(Joey starts to go up the ladder) And where do you think you're going?
Joey: (She smiles and steps down to the ground, then holds up her hand) Permission to come aboard?
Pacey: (Smiles and holds out his hand) Permission granted. (He takes her hand and helps her up the ladder to the boat)

Mitch: The night you were born I cried like a baby.
Dawson: Did you really? I didn't know that.
Mitch: I think I cried for 24 hours straight. Holding you, so small in my arms, I never knew I could love anything so much, so fast. So utterly. Part of me was terrified. Raising a son is more a matter of faith than most people know.
Dawson: So's being one.
Mitch: You're right. I think I realized something today.
Dawson: What?
Mitch: That my job as a father, isn't to give you the whole picture, because the truth is, I can't see it myself. My job is to try and help. And every now and then, fit a piece of the puzzle.
Dawson: You have helped me dad.
Mitch: I hope so. But your future, your expectations… they belong to you. Don't let anybody stand in the way. Not even me.
Dawson: You always pushed me to be my own person. To think for myself. I just did what you taught me.

Indian SummerEdit

Pacey: Dawson, not all of us are as immune to the law of sex as you are. I mean, not all of us would opt for the warm and fuzzy emotional connections over those of, let's say a more physical nature, you know what I mean? Most of us are just big dumb guys happy to sell our souls for the slimmest chance, of gettin' some.

Jack: You can't tell me there's someone else you'd rather be star gazing with?
Jen: OK, you got me. Matt Damon.
Jack: Yeah right.
Jen: What, you don't approve? OK, I'll have to go with Ben Affleck then. Well, he has that scruffy, indie-cred appeal. Well?
Jack: No comment. Besides, I was talking more about the realm of say, possible… Henry, for instance?
Jen: The freshman?
Jack: Yeah, the guy who paid 500 bucks just to kiss you? You gotta admit, that's kind of sweet.
Jen: Jack, Jack, Jack, my naive little pet, it's the sweet ones that you have to watch out for. They'll run over you like a Mack truck.
Jack: Well Henry's harmless. Besides, he worships you.
Jen: He's a teenage boy. He'll worship anything in a Wonderbra.

Henry: [about Jen] You see. You see what happens to me, why I can't ask her out? She gets within three feet of me and it's like my hard drive crashes. I go pre-verbal. Probably if I asked her out, I'd hurl all over her like that little kid from Southpark.

Henry: You… you're awesome. You look awesome, you smell awesome, everything about you is awesome. I… I just wanted you to know that.
Jen: Good to know.

Jen: Jack, I've had lovers, I've had boyfriends, but what I've never had is a boy who was first and last a friend. Who wasn't secretly trying to get in my pants, or wouldn't walk away from me the second I said I didn't want to sleep with him. Who liked me… for me. Unless you've recently decided to be bisexual? You know, I think you setting me up was a lot more about you than it was me.
Jack: Come on, give me a break. I do not have a secret crush on Henry Parker.
Jen: Neither do I, but that's not what I'm talking about. I mean that… maybe it's you who's lonely for the relationship.
Jack: Well maybe I am. But this isn't exactly New York where gay kids are tripping over each other coming out of the closet. This is Capeside, gay population: one. It's me. I'm it.
Jen: Jack, you're going to have a love life. You're going to have a fantastic love life. It's gonna be awesome, and terrifying, and, and when it happens it's going to change your whole life.
Jack: Yeah, it's easy for you to say.
Jen: I know it is. You have to have faith that sometimes things happen when they're least expected.

Secrets and LiesEdit

Jen: [to Henry] Do you know how much is going to happen to you in the next two years if you do them right? You're heart is going to swell and break a hundred times before you turn 16.

Andie: I slept with another guy six months ago! I knew it was wrong when I did it. I keep trying to tell you this and make you understand it. How many times do I have to say it?
Pacey: Andie, If you wanted to sleep with him, if even just for a second, then maybe it wasn't wrong.
Andie: It was...
Pacey: Maybe. Maybe that was just your heart's way of telling you that I'm not the one. 'Cause that's what my heart's telling me right now... it's telling me that you're not the one.

Joey: [to Rob] Didn't you read the sign? No known sex offenders within 200 yards of my property!

Pacey: Really? Yeah, Potter, do yourself a favor. Don't ever go into politics, okay? You're consistently incapable of lying with a straight face.

Jen: They voted for me because I'm blonde and I fill out my sweater,
Dawson: That too, but I think when... you know, when kids voted for you, they voted for an outsider, you know? Provocateur, messiah to lead them from the mainstream.

Escape from Witch IslandEdit

Jen: I say witch is just a buzzword. For a girl who happens to follow her completely healthy, totally natural urges, and explore her sexuality. But see, you can't do that in school in the swingin' 1690's without getting the good townsfolk all up in arms. So what do these puritanical, impotent creeps do? Instead of reaching for the Viagra, they brand these girls as witches, they send them off to this godforsaken island to die a horrible solitary death.
Joey: Well, lucky for you, Jen... I mean, we live in a world where you can follow your natural urges without fear of persecution.
Jen: You're right. I would've been so burned at the stake by now.

Dawson: If he did meet somebody else and forgot about her than obviously they were never meant to be in the first place. See my point?
Joey: Could you be any more naive?
Dawson: Could you be any more cynical?
Jen: Could you be any more irritating?

Dawson: Hey, once upon a time, you yourself told me that some love stories never end. What happened to that girl?
Joey: She offered herself to the boy she loved. The boy she thought loved her back. And he rejected her.

Pacey: [about having sex] Well, alright then. Okay. [pause] Did you want to do it right now?
Jen: Umm, do you?
Pacey: I'm kinda tired, actually.
Jen: Oh, fine. Roswell's on in five minutes anyway. You just let me know when you want to do it and I'll do it.

Jen: I've got to say, Blair Witch didn't do it for me. I wasn't remotely scared, that girl was irritating beyond measure and i had to run to the snack bar in dire need of dramamine.
Joey: I was scared...
Pacey: That's no surprise there, Potter, after all you are quite the skittish kitten.

Guess Who's Coming to DinnerEdit

[Pacey and Jen are grocery shopping for Grams' thanksgiving feast]
Pacey: When I suggested that we hook up today, this is not exactly what I had in mind.
Jen: Believe me, I know, but unfortunatly, Grams' Thanksgiving feast takes precedence over our burgeoning sex life.
Pacey: Correct me if I'm wrong, but we don't actually have a sex life yet, do we?
Jen: What, and you think that that's my fault?
Pacey: Yeah, i do actually think that that's your fault.
Jen: I'm sorry, Pacey. I just find it difficult to watch you paw at me with...[giggles]
Pacey: Foreplay is no laughing matter. How do you expect a guy to do his best work in the face of scorn and derision?
Jen: It's just that we're friends, right? And seeing as how we are friends, but now we're friends that... it's just gonna take time getting used to it. Although maybe we could find a moment later?
Pacey: I can't. I think I have to go to my parents' for Thanksgiving.
Jen: Okay.
Pacey: I'm sorry. I have to. I figure it's the right thing to do seeing as they brought me into the world and all.
Jen: You sound so excited.
Pacey: Well it's such a joyous occasion. Just imagine the Witter women slaving over a hot stove all afternoon just to be told the Butterball is too dry, by a guy sitting on his derrière, getting drunk and watching football.
Jen: Well, despite the creamed onions, gotta love Grams for offering an alternative.
Pacey: You do. Speaking of, you know, you never told me who else is coming.
Jen: Don't worry, Pacey. Andie politely declined the invite.
Pacey: Hey I wasn't going there.
Jen: Please. I think that she's making dinner for Jack and her dad tonight.
Pacey: Sounds nice. It's good for her to have family at Thanksgiving.
Jen: Come here [she pulls him close]
Pacey: [smelling her hair and rubbing her back] Good lord, you smell good. [Jen chuckles] What was that? [she starts laughing] Oh, come on!
Jen: I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

Joey: We're all strangers to our parents. I mean, they love us but they don't really know us. And sometimes, before we get a chance to know them, they're gone.

Pacey: [to Dawson] For what it's worth, as a guy who has just gone through this himself, what just happened to you is a defining moment. When you come to see your parents as human beings, with their own problems, it is, oddly, kind of liberating. And when you realize they're way more messed up than you are, it's not worth your time or energy to go on despising them for it.

Four to TangoEdit

Jen: [after making out with Pacey] Nothing?
Pacey: Nothing, you?
Jen: Nothing, God Pacey this is weird.
Pacey: It's the damnedest thing. How are we supposed to have some lurid, purely sexual affair when every time we get together...?
Jen: There's no sexual tension.
Pacey: Nada.
Jen: Zilch.

Pacey: It seems to me that under the previous regimes in my life, every time I was studying, I was given a reward.
Joey: I offered you Chex Mix.
Pacey: And I'm not talkin' about Chex Mix. I'm talking about Tamara, and I'm talking about Andie. Let's just say that those 2 ladies, they trained me to equate studying with...
Joey: With what?
Pacey: Sex. I equate studying with sex, sex with studying. Now I get the studying, but no sex, you understand? So it's a little hard to get motivated these days.
Joey: So what you're saying is you're merely the innocent victim in some behavioral psychology experiment gone horribly awry.
Pacey: Yeah.
Joey: And you're desperately in need of some able-bodied female to help you provoke those pre-conditioned Pavlovian homework responses?
Pacey: Yes.
Joey: That is the worst pick-up line I have ever heard, Pacey.

Pacey: And what pray tell, are you two doing here?
Jen: Just enjoying the fine art of ball room dancing.
Penny: [Walking up] Didn't I say you two would be naturals? Much better than these two and they've been here all week. But you used to date, didn't you?
Jen: Uh...look, not right now, okay?
Penny: I'm right, aren't I? You dated, it didn't work out. But then you got past all your issues and now you actually trust each other, right? See, you can see that in the dancing. You can see, that the trust is there. Now these two on the other hand...[Points out Pacey and Joey dancing] Whole different story. I mean, look at them. Look at their..their form, look at the tension in their arms...
Pacey: Okay is there some sort of problem here?
Penny: What did I say about rib cages touching?
Joey: No, sorry.
Pacey: It's just not going to happen, alright?
Penny: Right...see what I mean? See the hostility, the way they're weary with each other, not to mention the constant bickering and name calling. Now these two clearly are in the early stages of some screwball mating ritual.
Pacey: What?
Joey: [Scoffs] Okay, you've got it all wrong, lady.
Penny: Really? I do?
Pacey: Oh, completely.
Joey: Actually, you could not be more wrong.
Penny: Okay. There's enough sexual tension here to power a KISS reunion tour. I can't remember the last time I saw dancing this bad....true...
Dawson: Wait a minute, you think that just because they can't dance that they're...?
Penny: Well, it's this theory that I've developed based on years of experience...if people dance that badly, then they're usually hot for each other...the dancing doesn't lie.

Dawson: Okay, so... Do you want to just tell me what's going on?
Pacey: It's not what you think, Dawson, not even close.
Dawson: How do you know what I think?
Pacey: Well, because man it's written all over your face, okay? Yes, me and Joey have been spending a lot of time together recently, because we've been here trying to learn how to ballroom dance and then she's teaching me a little trigonometry. You know what's much more interesting to me is that out of all the possible blond and brunette combinations, of women you and I both know, the first one that popped into your mind is Joey, now why is that, do you think?
Dawson: Pacey, you're not going to get out of this by attempting to psychoanalyze me.
Pacey: I'm just asking a simple question. I mean, Dawson, you and Joey...she's not your girlfriend anymore.
Dawson: Right, she's not.
Pacey:: then why are we having this conversation? See where I'm going with this? I mean, you're the same guy who told me a couple weeks ago that the two of you just needed to go your separate ways.
Dawson: Yeah, we do need to go our separate ways, it just never occurred to me that...
Pacey: That what? That she would actually go her separate way too...or perhaps it didn't occur to you that her separate way would include a stop over at me, is that what it is? God, man, this is the way it always is with you, you talk and talk but you don't listen to yourself. I mean, you say you're over her, but you're not. They're just words. They don't mean anything to you.
Dawson: You don't know what you're talking about.
Pacey: [Scoffs and turns and gestures over at Joey, who is dancing with an old man] Look at that girl, Dawson. Just take a good look, she's a freaking goddess, man, how long did you think it was going to be before some guy comes along and is interested in her, I mean really dude, and when that happens, what are you going to do?
Dawson: I-I'm just going to take it all as it comes.
Pacey: You're going to take is at it comes, hombre, well perhaps you should start figuring out right now, because the guy that comes along is not going to be your best friend and he's not going to ask for your permission, the guy that comes along is going to take one look at that woman and just cut right in on ya.
Dawson: What are you hiding, Pacey?
Pacey: What?
Dawson: Because all this analysis on my love life doesn't change the fact that you haven't answered my original question, why did I find that condom?
Pacey: Why do I bother? [Turns around and walks away]

Jen: You went to Joey for advice about us?
Pacey: Yeah. I know, not so smart, huh?
Jen: Smart or not smart, it's just...funny, you went to her.
Pacey: Well, I wouldn't say that I went to her. I mean, she just kind of happened to be there, we were studying.
Jen: Can I ask you something, Pacey? What is it about her?
Pacey: Huh?
Jen: She's obviously got something that makes boys and emotional turmoil just flock to her.
Pacey: Come again?
Jen: Come on, Dawson's the same way. Whatever small problem got to him he went straight to Joey.
Pacey: So who else would you have me talk to? I can't exactly go to Andie with something like this, so I guess I'm supposed to commune with deputy Doug then?
Jen: Dawson. Why couldn't you just go to Dawson?
Pacey: [Chuckles] What?
Jen: Unless, of course you now feel uncomfortable talking to him about your sex like considering...
Pacey: Considering what?
Jen: That your current girl Friday used to be his.
Pacey: [scoffs] Okay, now correct me if I'm wrong, but Dawson Leery didn't actually know about you and I till, what? Two minutes ago.
Jen: I'm not talking about us.
Pacey: What, Joey? This has nothing to do with Joey!
Jen: Pacey, I saw the way you overreacted to Dawson, I saw the way that Joey overreacted to us. I know you're having trouble in math these days, but it doesn't take Einstein to get the sum total of these two overreactions.
Pacey: You're gonna have to explain this one to me, because I've gotta be missing something here, you're talking about Joey Potter, right, the one who can't walk into the same room with me without gagging, huh? That Joey Potter. There is nothing going on between us!
Jen: No, Pacey there's nothing between us!

First Encounters of the Close KindEdit

Barefoot at CapefestEdit

Jen: That was beautiful. It was more than beautiful, it was awesome. I didn't know you could sing.
Henry: I think we've established there's a lot you don't know about me.
Jen: Henry, wait for me.
Henry: Why?
Jen: Because I wanted to talk to you.
Henry: You can't keep doing this to me.
Jen: Doing what?
Henry: You can't keep trying to be my friend, and then pushing me away every time my feelings start to scare you.
Jen: Okay, I admit it. I miss you. I miss the goofy way you used to look at me with all that passion and intensity. It made me feel like I was actually worth the fuss.
Henry: Everyday I thought about you, and dreamed about you. Every time I saw you, I lost myself. Do you even know what that's like? Do you?
Jen: No.
Henry: Then you can't know what it's like to have that person not feel the same way back. I'm sorry you miss the way I looked at you, but I don't miss the way you never looked at me.

A Weekend in the CountryEdit

Pacey: Let me tell you kiddies we are looking good, looking good!
Joey: What canary did you swallow?

Dawson: If you could try to look welcoming, that would be great. Anxiety doesn't really fit in with this whole homey, "come stay with us" thing we're looking for.
Joey: Dawson, I do toilets, I do windows. I draw the line at faux perkiness.

Mitch: I think, if I were Joey and Bessie, I would consider myself very lucky to have you in my life.
Pacey: Why? Everything and everybody that I touch, I screw up, alright, you're aware of the Midas touch, right? You've heard of that? Okay, well the Midas touch, whatever that is, I've got the opposite.
Mitch: Don't be so sure. I mean, look at you, you're still at it, you haven't given up. Pace, instead of..dwelling on everything that's gone wrong this of what you've contributed. I mean you've put a lot of selfless work into this place, right? Now that's the real question. Listen, that goes to the heart of who Pacey Witter is.
Pacey: What?
Mitch: What makes you care so much?

Northern LightsEdit

Pacey: It's not too late to bail, okay? Believe me.
Joey: Why would I want to do that, Pacey?
Pacey: Because, this guy's an operator, okay? I can tell, I mean the first thing he's going to do when he comes through that door, is he's going to pay you some lame compliment about how incredible you look tonight [Looks her up and down, noticing himself how incredible she does look.]
Joey: Pacey...
Pacey: I'm looking out for you!

Pacey: So, what, you going to see this guy again?
Joey: I don't know. I mean, what's the point? I mean, he's older than me and he's..and he's smarter than me. And he lives far away, a very not insignificant problem seeing as I can't even drive yet, and...and how could I ever feel about him the way I..
Pacey: ...Feel about about Dawson.
Joey: No, I was...actually going to say felt.
Pacey: You want to know something Miss Josephine Potter? I think the world just may surprise you yet. I mean you fall in love, and it doesn't work out, you think it will never happen, but it does, believe me it does, in the strangest of places.

Valentine's Day MassacreEdit

Pacey: [about to take a a Jell-O shot] Well, thank you, Mr. Cosby.

Doug: You were in a rare form tonight
Pacey: How bad do I suck, huh?
Doug: So what seems to be the problem?
Pacey: [shakes his head]) There is no problem, Dougie
Doug: Oh, come on Pacey, I found you hanging from a tree getting completely wasted, what is it a girl or something?
Pacey: What?
Doug: Okay, so it's a girl....who is she?
Pacey: You know what, Dougie, it's really not that important, okay?
Doug: Okay.
Pacey: I'll tell you something, though. She is really really annoying.
Doug: Yeah?
Pacey: Yeah, I mean this girl is amazing. There is not a single subject on the face of the planet that she doesn't have an opinion about. It's mind-boggling.
Doug: Wow, that certainly sounds like a nightmare.
Pacey: Wha-no, it's not quite like that, Doug, I mean you've got to understand...the girl's really smart so she's usually right and when she argues it comes from this really beautiful, pure place, so how can you fight against that? Especially when you're smart ass like me.
Doug: Is she pretty?
Pacey: Yeah, she is pretty. She is very very pretty. She's actually the kind of pretty that gives you butterflies, you know what I mean?
Doug: Ah, yeah...never lose the butterflies.
Pacey: What?
Doug: You maybe ask what sucks most about getting older. Somewhere along the line you just...lost the the question is little brother, what are you going to do about it?
Pacey: Do?
Doug: Yeah, do. As in do something. Take action.
Pacey: No, I don't think you're really properly grasping the gravity of this situation, Dougie. You see if I was to actually do something about this, there is the strong possibility that the sun would cease to shine, that the tides would cease to rise. In fact, I'm betting there's a pretty good chance that the very earth would crack open and Capeside would become home to a huge hell mouth, that would spew forth endless hoards of monsters and demons that would choke the denizens of this city, making them fall to their knees and PRAY for a return to the days before...I took action. That's really what we're talking about here.

Pacey: What I said last night was way out of line...and yes I was drunk, but more to the point I was just plain wrong and I wanted you to know that I was really sorry.
Joey: Well...I was worried about you too, Pacey.
Pacey: Me?...Why?
Joey: Well...because, I mean Satan himself could lead Dawson into the fiery pits of hell and he would still come out with his moral code firmly intact, but you....maybe I think that nobody's worrying about you right now.
Pacey: So then, what you're really saying is, given the highly dysfunctional nature of our relationship, this is actually how you express concern for me?
Joey: You gotta learn to read between the banter, Pacey.
Pacey: Right...[long pause]
Joey:, are we all finished here?
Pacey: No, actually, um...there's something else.
Joey: Something else?
Pacey:'s just something I've been meaning to tell you...uh...look, uh...Joey...[They give each other cute looks]'re lingering on your clutch, okay? I know you think you're just easing into the gear,'s not a good idea, you know, maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow, but soon you're going to do a lot of damage to your transmission, so...what I was thinking was that if you wanted to, I could show you.
Joey: Now?
Pacey: Yeah. [they smile at each other]
Joey: Okay, Pacey.

Crime and PunishmentEdit

Doug: You will keep the CD collection in alphabetical order, by last name, not first. Do you understand?
Pacey: Oh yeah, definitely. But I don't see the need for me to dip into your diva collection any time too soon.
Doug: Oh, I think you'd be surprised at how a tortured and passion female voice can sooth an Achy Breaky Heart.
Pacey: My heart is just fine, thank you very much.
Doug: Oh, sure it is little brother, sure it is.
Pacey: Look, Doug, if you're referring to our brief jail house conversation, you can just chalk it up to drunken rambling.
Doug: Well, there won't be any of that on my watch. And I won't have any moping around like a love sick puppy, either. By the way, are you any good at decoupage?
Pacey: Oh god, help me.

Caufield: What do you want?
Pacey: I want you to apologize. And then I want you to turn yourself in and I want you to do it before the day is done.
Caufield: And why would I do that?
Pacey: Because this time you just happened to mess with someone I care about.

Pacey: Yes, Dawson. You know, looking out for you. Think back with me, way back, you know like the beginning of the school year. Dawson Leery returns from the big city a changed man, determined to sever ties with girl across the creek, so he asks trusted friend to look after said girl turning the delicate transitional period. Trusted friend of course he obliges and now trusted friend gets his head handed to him on a platter.
Joey: So you guys just traded me off like some sort of baseball card? Is that what this is about?
Pacey: What?
Joey: Us. You and me. I-I thought that...
Pacey: You thought what?
Joey: I guess i thought something else, Pacey.

Pacey: So, are you going to thank me?
Joey: For what?
Pacey: Well, for all manner of things. Like defending your honor, bucking the system-
Joey: Tilting at windmills while in the throws of a misguided hero complex?
Pacey: Well yeah, that too. [They pause and smile at each other])
Joey: Pacey, if I was going to thank you for anything it would be for being yourself and you know, not caring what anybody else thinks and for knowing in your heart what's right and wrong and...and for being here this year...when I needed you the most.
Pacey: You're welcome. [Pauses and picks up a can of paint] So you want to help?
Joey: One condition.
Pacey: Sure, name it.
Joey: Be honest. The only reason you've been hanging out with simply because Dawson told you to?
Pacey: Yep, that's the only reason.
Joey: need to get a life.

To Green, With LoveEdit

Jen: Hey, Pacey! I think you've got that one covered. Hurricane won't take it know it might make you feel better if you talk about it.
Pacey: Talk about what?
Jen: About what's bothering you.
Pacey: There's nothing bothering me.
Jen: [Laughs]' Fine
Pacey: Fine. I'm fine. [Pause] Okay, so I do kind of have a problem.
Jen: Yeah, I noticed.
Pacey: It's that obvious, huh?
Jen: Yeah, it's becoming so.
Pacey: Do you think it would be at all possible to...I don't know, pretend that it wasn't that obvious.
Jen: Well, only if we...pretend to have a conversation about it.
Pacey: You really want to make me do that? [Pause], lets just say for the sake of argument that I had gotten myself into an impossible situation. That I had...hypothetically speaking, fallen for or was in the process of falling for the worst possible person I could fall for. What would you tell me to do?
Jen: I guess I would tell you that...impossible situations are only made better by doing something about them.
Pacey: So I should just go and declare myself to her so that she can laugh in my face? That's a great idea.
Jen: How do you know that's how she would react?
Pacey: Well I have it on pretty good authority that my rough charms don't really register on her rarefied romantic pallet. I mean lets face it, I've got Ducky written all over me.
Jen: Ducky?
Pacey: Yeah. Ducky, Molly Ringwald's best friend from Pretty in Pink. The guy who definitely doesn't get the girl.
Jen: Yes, but he makes the girl feel good about herself. He does...he stands by her through innumerable fashion emergencies, he even humiliates himself by lip syncing in a public place and he takes her to the prom.
Pacey: Where she promptly dumps him for another guy. [Laughs]
Jen: Alright, the question is, Pace, this...girl, that you have developed impossible feelings for, are you going to stand by her in a very Ducky like fashion or are you going to let hurt feelings and pride prevent you from being the friend you so innocently purport yourself to be.
Pacey: [pause] I guess it just hurts, that's all.
Jen: Well that just means that it isn't pretend anymore.

Joey: You bought me a wall?
Pacey: Not bought. Rented. And this thing didn't come cheap either. It cost me a hundred bucks.
Joey: You bought me a wall?!
Pacey: You said that already. Look, it's a limited time offer, so you should get cracking.
Joey: Pacey, did you fail to notice the size of this thing?
Pacey: Well I just thought your next endeavor should be bigger and better than your last one. It's important that you keep on growing both as a person and as an artist. Now I also got you this [holds up a can of paint] and I know it's not going to cover the whole thing, but as the saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Joey: Well I'm going to need your help on this one.
Pacey: Ha, no no no no, not this time, you're on your own this time, sister. [starts to walk away]
Joey: Pacey, you're unbelievable, I mean as soon as I think I've got you all figured out, you go and you do something so...outrageous that...completely challenges me in a way that no one else would even think of case I don't say it enough...thank you.
Pacey: It's about time, Potter. It's about time. [Turns and walks away, then looks back at her once before leaving]

Cinderella StoryEdit

Pacey: So you're a smartass? Guess that's why they put us together. People think I'm a smartass too.
Buzz: But when they get to know you they discover that under the gruff exterior lies a vulnerable beating heart. Get real. I'm not like the kids on "Seventh Heaven" and I'm not like you, Pissy.
Pacey: Pacey.
Buzz: Whatever, Pissy.

Buzz: So, who's the girl?
Pacey: What girl?
Buzz: The one you named your boat after
Pacey: True Love isn't a person, it's an idea. An unattainable idea.
Buzz: Who's the unattainable girl?
Pacey: Man, you just love getting under my skin, don't you?
Buzz: Have you kissed her?
Pacey: I told you, there's no girl.
Buzz: And why don't you just kiss her?
Pacey: Why don't you just shut your mouth?
Buzz: You have no problem taking a swing at a guy, but you can't tell a girl how you feel about her. Man, you're pathetic.

Buzz: [referring to Joey] Is she a hottie?
Pacey: I'm not gonna answer that.
Buzz: C'mon, I'm nine. I got years before I even get near it. Least you can do is cough up a description.
Pacey: She's so beautiful that when you look at her your knees tremble, your heart melts, and you know, without reservation, that there is order and meaning to the universe.
Buzz: She's a hottie.
Pacey: Oh, yeah.

Joey: I'm not meant to. Isn't that obvious by now?
Pacey: Because you're sixteen and alone? Come on.
Joey: Because I'm sixteen and in my entire life there's only been two people that have ever really known me. Dawson and-
Pacey: -- This A.J. didn't know you. I don't care how you felt about him. He didn't know you, Joey. Because if he did, he never would have walked away.
Joey: I was gonna say you, Pacey.
Pacey: Okay. [Pulls over to the side of the road]
Joey: Have you totally lost it?
Pacey: Not totally, not yet. [He and Joey get out of the car and meet at the front] Alright, what did you mean by that?
Joey: About what?
Pacey: About me knowing you better than anybody else.
Joey: Exactly what I said, Pacey. You know me, okay? In a way that nobody else besides Dawson ever has, so-
Pacey: We're not talking about Dawson right now, we're talking about me, I mean you can't keep on doing this to me, Potter!
Joey: Doing what? What, so I count on you, I tell you secrets and then suddenly-
Pacey: And you call me in the middle of the night to pick you up...why?
Joey: Well I'm sorry that I called, I thought that I-
Pacey: I'm not mad that you called me. I just want to know why you called me.
Joey: You were the first person that I thought of, Pacey.
Pacey: And what does that mean, Jo?
Joey: It means...I guess means that I can talk to you and that you're there for me.
Pacey: Don't you ever get tired of talking?
Joey: No-
Pacey: Well I get tired of talking
Joey: No, I don't get tired, what
Pacey: I don't want to talk anymore
Joey: What are you trying to say, Pacey, why are we standing-
Pacey: Jo, I don't want to-
Joey: I don't-
[Pacey cuts her off by kissing her]

Joey: Why do I feel like I fell asleep on the train and woke up the protagonist in a Kafka story?


[Pacey is kissing Joey on the side of the road. Pacey pulls back, holding her face lightly. Joey stares at him for a second, then raises her hands and hits him on the chest, pushing him backward]
Joey: Are you insane! How could you do that? How could you take some...simple declaration of friendship as an invitation to just maul me, Pacey! [Pushes him back again] Answer me! How-what were you thinking! [Hits him back once more] What!
Pacey: What, I don't know, god it-it-it-it was an impulse.
Joey: [Hits him backward again] An impulse!
Pacey: Yes! An impulse, uh, you know sudden, momentary and believe me, fleeting.
Joey: Do you have any idea the monumental implications of that meaningless little impulse! The ripple effect that it could create on our small, but fragile universe! You can't...
Pacey: You're right, Potter, forgive me for thinking a kiss is just a kiss.
Joey: Well, it's true...a kiss is not just a kiss! Not between you and me and you know why!....Dawson! Remember? I mean, he factors into this little...hormonal meltdown!
Pacey: Meltdown?
Joey: Yeah!
Pacey: I just had a meltdown? Forgive me if I don't think this is the worst tragedy in the history of human kind, that Pacey Witter in a moment of...impulsive, compulsive, hormone induced insanity would have the nerve to kiss Joey Potter! And you let me do it. You did, you let me do it! So what? Now I guess the world starts to unravel? Well excuse me while I get in the car! [He walks past her toward the car. Joey scoffs and starts walking the other way. Pacey notices she isn't following and turns around, seeing her walk away] Would you get in the car, Potter!
Joey: No! [Pacey, frustrated, put his hand on his head and gets in the car. He starts and drives it until he catches up with her]
Pacey: Would you just get in the car, Potter, please?
Joey: No.
Pacey: I didn't even mean to do it! You know, this is me, Pacey, act first, think later, okay and now that I'm getting a chance to think about it...I take it all back, okay, so get in the car.
Joey: No.
Pacey: Jo, it's at least another six miles to your house, it is freezing cold outside and if you don't get in I'm just going to do this the whole way there, so would you get in, please? [Joey pauses as she thinks and then reluctantly gets into the car, slamming the car door and sitting angrily in her seat and looking out the window]
Pacey: So I guess I'm to take from your angry silence you're not speaking to me anymore?
Joey: Nope.
Pacey: Great! Great, and how long do you plan on keeping that up?
Joey: How does indefinitely sound?
Pacey: Fine.
Joey: Fine.
Pacey: Fine.
Joey: Fine.

Pacey: Hey.
Joey: Hey.
Buzz: Hey.
Pacey: Just a second...[to Buzz] Listen, if you'll give us two minutes, I'll give you ten sodas and a box of sugar, what do you say?
Buzz: Done!
Pacey: There you go [Gives him money. Buzz runs off] Hey...
Joey: Hey again.
[Both speak at the same time]
Pacey: So I just want to say-
Joey: About the other night-
[They stop and smile]
Joey: You go first.
Pacey: Well, uh...I just...I wanted to...I just wanted to say that, uh...I'm sorry. I mean all that stuff about disaster and Dawson and the ripple effect in our universe, it-it was all right, I mean, what I did, that was just monumentally stupid, I don't know what I was thinking, so...I just wanted you to know that it was an impulse, plain and simple, one that has left my body permanently...promise.
Joey: That's okay, Pacey, I mean...I totally overreacted, I mean something isn't a big deal unless you let it be and..and know it's not a big deal...why get so upset? I mean it-it obviously meant nothing...right?
Pacey: Right...right because what I did was a mistake
Joey: Right.
Pacey: Right, well um, I guess that puts us back to just being friends [He holds out his hand, and fakes a smile]
Joey: [Takes his hand] Definitely. [She fakes a smile too]
Pacey: Great. [pause] Uh, alright, well, uh...yeah, I should probably get going, once that kid gets all that sugar in out, he's a little terror, you know, probably have to chase him back home, it's two miles, not pretty.
Joey: Well then I...I guess I'll see you later, Pacey.
Pacey: Yeah, I'll see you later, Joey.

Buzz: Is that her?
Pacey: Who?
Buzz: The girl
Pacey: What girl?
Buzz: The girl you want to kiss, stupid! The one you're in loovvve with
Pacey: Nope.

Stolen KissesEdit

Gwen: [to Joey] Something tells me that when you kiss a boy, it's not a mistake.

Pacey: Well... it's the history, it's killing me. How can a guy compete when the two of you have your own karaoke routine?
Joey: Pacey, you're not supposed to compete. We're supposed to have our own hist -- I didn't mean that.
Pacey: Well, what did you mean?
Joey: I don't even know anymore, Pacey
Pacey: Well, you know this little arrangement we've got going between us?
Joey: Yes.
Pacey: Well it sucks! It sucks up one side and down the other. It's weird, it's uncomfortable and I hate every single second of it.
Joey: Really?
Pacey: Yes
Joey: Then why did you come here, Pacey?
Pacey: You know, for a bright girl, you can be really daft sometimes. Why did you think I came here? I came here to be with you! It's as simple as that. When you like somebody, proximity is a good thing, regardless of how they feel about you... or don't. As the case may be.
Joey: Look, I felt it.
Pacey: What?
Joey: This morning...your arm brushed up against me in bed and...and I felt it.
Pacey: How did it feel?
Joey: [Smiles] Made me feel alive.
[long pause]
Pacey: OK. Joey, I'm going to kiss you now.
Joey: You can't.
Pacey: Look Jo, you can't say something like that to me and expect me not to kiss you. So that's exactly what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna kiss you in about ten seconds and if you don't want me to kiss you... well, if you don't want me to, then I guess you're just gonna have to stop me... Ten. [He takes her face in his hands and kisses her]

[Joey walks over to Pacey in front of a fire and sits down on the log next to him]
Pacey: You don't have to worry, I'm not going to kiss you again, Joey. [Long pause] What's going on here?
Joey: [shakes her head] I don't know.
Pacey: Don't you think I deserve a better answer than that after all this?
Joey: Pacey, believe me, I've been trying to get you out of my head. I've tried to pretend that this is just some bizarre hormonal glitch, but it's not working.
Pacey: Do you really want it to work?
Joey: I tried to tell him.
Pacey: Really?
Joey: Yes!
Pacey: What happened?
Joey: Well...I couldn't really find the words, Pacey, which I know is odd, considering the sheer volume of words spoken throughout the course of our relationship, but this-
Pacey: Well, what would you have said to him?
Joey: I don't know...
Pacey: I don't believe you.
Joey: [Stands up] Pacey, I don't have any answers right now, okay, can't you understand that?
Pacey: The only reason that you don't have answers is because you've been too scared to ask yourself the right questions.
Joey: What are you talking about?
Pacey: Look, I know how I feel! You know how I feel! That much is obvious by now, but during this whole process we've managed to miss the point, because the point is not how I feel, it's how you how do you feel?
Joey: Awful! That's how I feel, Pacey, I feel awful!
Pacey: So do I. When I was kissing you tonight, I don't think that I've ever felt better and worse at one time in my entire life. I mean, the very idea that Dawson or Andie would find out about us is killing is tearing me up on the inside to have these feelings for you, but I can't get rid of them! I just-I can't keep on kissing you, Jo
Joey: What do you mean?
Pacey: I mean just that. I can't keep on kissing you, alright? I've done it twice now. I can't always be the one who's initiating this, I can't be the one who's always giving you the answers. [Pause] Look at me, Joey.
Joey: I can't.
Pacey: Please? [She sniffs and looks up at him] If you felt... even one shred... of what I feel for you... then we wouldn't be standing here having this conversation. [He walks past her]
Joey: [She grabs his hand as he's leaving] Pacey...[pause. They kiss]

The Longest DayEdit

[Pacey and Joey are kissing]
Joey: Come on, lets go Pacey [They kiss again and Pacey picks her up and puts her on the counter] It's your boat we're planning on christening
Pacey: I own a boat? [They kiss]
Joey: No, we have to stop doing this, it's wrong.
Pacey: Yes, deadly [He kisses her neck]
Joey: Pacey...look, we've been in denial all weak [They intertwine their fingers together] I mean, when we're around other people we act as if nothing's changed, but the minute we're alone, it turns into this. [She kisses him]
Pacey: This what?
Joey: Well this...embarrassing gropefest.
Pacey: Yeah, I guess this is kind of embarrassing, huh? Especially for you, given how much you protested. [He kisses her]
Joey: I did not protest.
Pacey: You did too. [They kiss again] Wait...[Pulls back from the kiss] Wait wait wait...
Joey: What?
Pacey: We gotta tell him, Jo, we do, we gotta tell him as soon as possible, because the longer we wait, Jo, the worse it gets
Joey: I know, Pacey. I've tried, I've tried plenty of times.
Pacey: Every time I see the guy now, I just feel like...
Joey: Look, you don't have to bother filling in the expletive, okay? I mean, this isn't exactly the easiest thing I've ever had to do, Pacey. Telling Dawson that while he wasn't looking I developed this bizarre, gravitational pull towards his best friend and I can't stop thinking about him or wanting to be near him or wanting to kiss him all the time. [she grabs his face and kisses him. They kiss for a moment and then pull back]
Pacey: I'll do it.
Joey: What?
Pacey: I'll tell him
Joey: No, I can't let you do that. Its-this is my responsibility
Pacey: Jo, it's not your responsibility. I'm the one that started this, remember. I'm the one that got you into this situation and frankly the only way I want to save my friendship with Dawson, is to be completely honest with him, so I gotta do this. All I need is one day. Just one day.
Joey: [Nods] One day.
Pacey: Yes, one day.

Pacey: So we're agreed? [He kisses her. Then she leans in for another kiss and he obliges. Then Joey nods]
Joey: Agreed.
Pacey: Okay. [He smiles and then he kisses her]
Joey: Pacey...
Pacey: What?
Joey: You go first...I'll catch up with you later. [They look at each other then kiss each other once more]

Dawson: I thought I heard something out here.
Joey: Dawson, uh...we were just-
Dawson: Having an argument, obviously...what about? [Long pause]
Pacey: Us, Dawson. [They look at each other then back at Dawson] We were arguing about us. Me and Joey, there's an us here now. I'm sorry man, we didn't want to tell you this way.
Dawson: You didn't tell me.
Joey: You know, don't you?
Dawson: Yeah, I know...[Pause] So were you planning on telling me or was this just going to be a secret fling?
Joey: Look, it's not like that.
Dawson: Then how was it, Joey? 'Cause Jen was a little short on details.
Joey: She told you?
Dawson: Well, she thought I knew. I mean, I had to be pretty freaking stupid not to know, that the two people I trusted most in the world were lying to me. [Pause] So are you...are you bored, or are you confused, or just malicious?
Pacey: Hey, look, I started this thing, okay? If you're going to get angry at someone, get angry at me, It's my-
Dawson: I don't think you're in any position to talk about what's fair. You were my best friend.
Pacey: I still am.
Dawson: I'm finding that a little hard to process right now.
Pacey: It's the truth, Dawson.
Dawson: So I guess it's safe to assume that friendship doesn't come above sex on your list of personal priorities.
Pacey: This has nothing to do with sex.
Dawson: Oh, what are you, in love? Is that what this is? [Pacey pauses and looks at Joey] Oh god, don't look-don't look at her, alright? Don' know what, Pacey, I feel sorry for you, because when all of this is over, you're really going to need your friends and you're not going to have any, not a single one.

Joey: Look, I didn't intend for this to happen, Dawson-
Dawson: Joey, what you intended does not provide me any solace. What? Do-do you love him? Are you-are you-do you just want to sleep with him?
Joey: No, how could you say that! I-
Dawson: Because it's what he's going to expect.
Joey: We're not together, Dawson. And we haven't been for a long time, almost a whole year has gone-
Dawson: Is-is this punishment?
Joey: No, I'm not punishing you!
Dawson: Because I didn't want to get back together with you?
Joey: No, why would you think I would do that-
Dawson: Then Joey, why? Why? Joey, because I-you keep on saying that you need to go find yourself. Is-is this what you've been looking for the whole time? Is Pacey what you've been looking for?
Joey: No!
Dawson: Then explain it to me, explain to me how two people who can barely stand to be in the same room with each other end up outside my window arguing about the future of their relationship.
Joey: I can't, okay. I can't explain it, it happened. [Pause] Everything between you and me is so complicated.
Dawson: Jo...God...if things between us are complicated it's because you made them that way, okay? And you think that whatever was wrong when you with me is magically going to get better when you're with him?
Joey: I don't know, Dawson. I don't know, okay. I just know that I...I need him.
Dawson: Do you need him like you need me? [Pause] Joey, it's a simple question, do you need him like you need me?
Joey: Look, you can't do that Dawson. You can't. Those two things have nothing to do with each other and you know that the way I feel about him is completely separate from the way I feel about you and our friendship.
Dawson: Friendship? Joey, right now we don't have a friendship.
Joey: What?
Dawson: We don't have a friendship right now-
Joey: What?!
Dawson: As of this moment we do not have a friendship.
Joey: That is not fair!
Dawson: You can't have both of us! You can't have him as your boyfriend and me as your consolation prize, you're going to have to make a choice.
Joey: No. [shakes her head]
Dawson: And I'll tell you right now, that if you choose him, I'm not going to be around to pick up all the pieces when it all falls apart. This ruins everything! There's no going back.
Joey: Okay...What do you want me to say, Dawson? What-tell me what you want me to say, what do you want to here?!
Dawson: I don't want you to say anything, I want you to leave.

Pacey: I don't know. I think I see some stormy weather ahead.
Joey: Pacey...
Pacey: It's over, isn't it?
Joey: It has to be.
Pacey: Maybe you should be the first one to go this time.

Show Me LoveEdit

Pacey: What are you trying to prove?
Dawson: Just trying to help Joey.
Pacey: [Under his breath in a disbelieving tone] Just trying to help Joey. Look, man, why don't you just take a swing at me? I mean, honestly, just take a poke, get it over with, save us both a lot of time and trouble. Wouldn't involve our friends.
Dawson: [Scoffs] Or family.
Pacey: Do you think that by indulging yourself in this James Dean meets Grease Lightning fantasy that you're actually going to prove that you're a better man than I am?
Dawson: I don't have to prove that. You made that clear when you moved in on Joey.
Pacey: For the very last time, Dawson. I made a mistake. [Pause] I thought you of all people would understand falling for Joey Potter.
Dawson: [Laughs rudely] Are you delusional enough to believe that you actually have something real with Joey?
Pacey: Well if I do, it's because of our own free will.
Dawson: Do you really think that a couple confused weeks means anything compared to the lifetime that we've had?
Pacey: And do you actually think that you could possibly hold onto that beautiful woman with some sort of selfish ultimatum?
Dawson: Answer my question Pacey, do you really think that you can compete with history?
Pacey: Some history. 15 years of watching PG movies in your bedroom followed by another year and a half of pretending to be grown up only to drop each other at the first sign of crisis. That's your history? Come on, man...and you call this woman your soul mate?
Dawson: Yes, I do and you knew that and you went after her anyway.
Pacey: Right after you rejected her.
Dawson: Oh, so she was vulnerable. Perfect for you, 'cause you're only interested in girls you can save or screw, right Pace? [Pacey just stares at Dawson and walks away]

Dawson: We won!
Joey: No you didn't, Dawson, you lost.
Dawson: What?
Joey: If you knew a little more about sailing, you would know that you got disqualified for- [Pacey walks up]
Pacey: For nearly killing me!
Dawson: What, I got disqualified?
Joey: Yes!
Pacey; Oh, I've got a couple more words for what you are!
Dawson: Okay, let's not forget who started this, Pacey! You're the one who said you want to-
Joey: Okay, stop! The both of you, stop this. I'm not some damn trophy.
Pacey: No, Jo...[Turns to Dawson] Let's not forget who started this, okay. Let's not forget who pushed me towards Joey Potter in the first place, it was you!
Dawson: Pushed you?
Pacey: Yes, it was you! Because you couldn't be bothered-
Dawson: Because I didn't want to get hurt again, Pacey, I still had feelings for her, I still loved her! I-i still love her [He looks at Joey. Pause as Pacey scoffs and shakes his head]
Joey: I-I hate this. I hate all of this! God, I hate you for kissing me and forcing me to figure out what it all means, Pacey! And I hate you, Dawson, for forcing me to make a choice between our friendship and what I might have had with him. And I hate myself, I mean, I wish we could go back to the way it was, I wish I could take it all back, but I can't. Nothing is worth going through all of this. No one person is worth this. Neither one of you and especially not me.

The Anti-PromEdit

Dawson: I’m well aware of the Potter neuroses.
Joey: I prefer to think of them as quirks.

Joey: I just want everything back to the way it was, you know? All of us friends again and... and me not caught in the middle.
Jack: Well if you want things to get back to the way they were, you have to set the example. Dawson and Pacey, those two just aren't gonna to do it themselves right now.

Andie: I hate the stupid prom... stupid prom can kiss my ass.

Andie: Have you told her how you feel?
Pacey: Andie, she already knows how I feel.
Andie: I mean, have you really told her, Pacey? You can't just leave without letting her know. I mean, that's not like you. You--you don't just stand and let things happen, and you don't run away, either. You have to tell her that you love her, and you have to try to get her back, because if you don't, I promise you, you will regret it.

[Joey walks over to Pacey sitting at a table]
Joey: I've been meaning to ask you something all night, Pacey. [He turns around to look at her. She takes his hand] Would you like to dance with me?
Pacey: [pause] Yes. [They stand up and go to the dance floor and start dancing] How come this feels so right?
Joey: Maybe it was those dance lessons. [They smile at each other and Andie finds them dancing, her features becoming sad]
Pacey: [talking about her diamond earrings] Where'd you get those. They're not you.
Joey: Why because I'm some poor tomboy or because Dawson gave them to me?
Pacey: Neither. See this? [He holds up her wrist with a bracelet on it] This is you. It's not showy or gaudy. It's just simple, elegant, beautiful.
Joey: It's my mom's bracelet.
Pacey: I know.
Joey: How do you know?
Pacey: Well, because you told me, six months ago. You were wearing that blue sweater with the snowflakes, that you have. We were walking down the hallways at school, I was annoying you as per usual and you said "Look Pacey I just found my mother's bracelet this morning, so why don't you cut me some slack."
Joey: You remember that?
Pacey: I remember everything. [They begin to dance cheek to cheek]

True LoveEdit

Jen: This is some alternate reality where our intellects are sharper, our quips are wittier and our hearts, are repeatedly broken while faintly in the background some soon to be out of date contempo pop music plays.

Joey: But Dawson, I want us to still be friends and I want to know that you don't hate me and...
Dawson: They're only words, Joey, they're just words. 'Cause after you're done dispensing your pleasantries you're gonna turn around and you're gonna walk away from me, aren't you?

Joey: You're so much of my life, Dawson. I mean, your house is my house and your family is my family and there's not a single significant event I've experienced that you haven't experienced with me and I was so afraid of losing that, but, that wasn't the choice, and if I thought that there was a chance that you would forgive me, I may have chosen differently... and you deserve to know that.

Dawson: [to Joey, about Pacey] You want him. You want him like I want you. You love him, like I love you. The only difference is he loves you back, the same way... and you deserve that, OK? And I'm not gonna be the one who stands in the way of you getting that... You're free, you can do whatever you want.

Joey: I think I'm in love with you.
Pacey: You think, or you know?
Joey: I know. I've known it since the moment you kissed me and maybe even before that. And... [exhales] … scary as it is, I don't want to deny it any more, Pacey. I don't want to run from it, and I don't want to let it run from me.

Season 4Edit

Coming HomeEdit

Pacey: Just what would we be missing from the land of poorly scripted melodramas, huh? Recycled plot lines, tiresome self-realizations. You throw in the occasional downward spiral of a dear friend, and maybe a baby here and a death there and all you've really got is a recipe for some soul sucking, mind numbing ennui, and I for one could skip it.

Joey: I would like to offer it to you as a...
Dawson: Please don't say symbol.
Joey: As an emblematic artifact representing the foundation of... of a new friendship.

Gretchen: Doug wakes me up every morning at 7 dust-bustering the kitchen. It's like living with Felix Unger on crack.

Joey: Pacey... I wanted to see Dawson tonight, not because for four months of my life he was my boyfriend, but because for the better part of my life he was my friend. And as my friend, I hurt him deeply, and living with that fact has caused me no small amount of guilt over the past three months. So, yes, I have been preoccupied, and it has made my mind wander, but... my heart? That's a fixed point. Three months riding the open waters couldn't shake it; I'll be damned if I let your insecurities shake it. My heart never left this boat. It's never left you. As far as I can see it's not going to anytime soon.

Joey: Ah, seafood, great change of pace, Pace.

Failing DownEdit

Pacey: [to Gretchen] I'm gonna sabatoge it, huh? Hmm, me-thinks you've been watching a little too much Oprah.

Pacey: Charming? It's like something out of Better Homes and Crap.

Pacey: Good lord woman, you really are a fickle mistress, you know that? I mean without kissing, what do we really have left?
Joey: Precious little, we should probably break up.
Pacey: Yeah, well, we had a good run, huh?
Joey: Mm-hmm
[They kiss]

Drue: My father, who is a world class cretin, says stuff like that to the help all the time and I always think what an idiot, you know? I mean they're just going to go back in the kitchen and spit in his food...or worse even.
Joey: Fancy that, will you excuse me while I go check on your order.

Dawson: [to Jen] Take it from someone who spent the better part of last spring angry at the world, it's not worth it. I mean, it might numb the pain a little bit, but it's basically just a distraction. My point is: if you do it right, Jen, loving somebody is gonna hurt and the sooner you let yourself feel that, the sooner you'll be able to love again.

Two Gentlemen of CapesideEdit

Drue: Must be the Star Wars thing.
Dawson: Star Wars thing?
Drue: It's classic, you are obviously Luke to this Pacey guy's Han Solo. So you're the stuff of pre-teen daydreams, cute, smart, non-threatening. Which is great and all, but not for princess Joey here who is clearly smack dab in the middle of her bad boy phase.
Joey: And where do you fit in to this whole scenario Drue? Jabba the Hut, I think.

Grams: Jennifer, I'm not so old that I don't remember how important senior fall term is.
Jen: Old enough to call it fall term.

Drue: [cell phone rings while they are working on a project] Hello, hey gorgeous.
Dawson: Unbelievable.
Joey: Unacceptable. [grabs cell phone] Hello, gorgeous is it? Hi, yes, this is Drue's doctor and he's gonna have to get back to you when the syphilis clears up, ok? Bye-bye.

Mitch: [watching Joey and Pacey kiss] Just doesn't seem fair, does it?
Dawson: What's that?
Mitch: Well, you saved the day and you still don't get the girl. [pause] But maybe, just maybe, you got something more important.
Dawson: [sigh] How do you figure that?
Mitch: You have this moment. No matter where your life takes you, you can look back on this and know that you did a great thing. That's something that all the girls and all the things in the world can't replace.

Pacey: Look, I know that things between you and I are pretty much beyond repair right now. And, I wouldn't presume to be able to solve everything with a conversation 'cause that's just not the way it works. But, I've been wanting to tell you that I'm sorry Dawson. I'm really sorry for the way everything went down this spring. For my part in it, for the pain that it must have caused you. And, [sigh] I'm really sorry that I ruined our friendship, because I miss it, badly. And, uh, however far off it may be, I do look forward to the day when you and I might be friends until then.
Dawson: Until then.

Future TenseEdit

Gretchen: But you know what my teacher said was the most bogus line in Hollywood cinema?
Dawson: What?
Gretchen: "There's no place like home."
Dawson: The Wizard of Oz.

Joey: I wanna be with you, Pacey. I wanna stay and be with you.
Pacey: [sighs] Well if you wanna be with me, then staying here would be a really stupid idea, considering I don't plan to be here... I plan to be wherever you are.

Dawson: I'm just trying to figure out why someone who's about to reap the benefits of something she's worked for her entire life is trying to drown herself with some 80-proof fruit punch.

Drue: Witter, I knew you couldn't resist a party. I see you've brought the Grim Reaper.
Joey: Reaping for your mortal soul, that is if you have one.

Jen: Okay, first of all, he didn't dump me, I dumped him.
Drue: Technicality.
Jen: Second, this isn't a funk. It's my personality.
Drue: Harsh.

A Family WayEdit

Gretchen: Guys, Gale's been throwing up a lot, right?
Mitch: Yeah.
Gretchen: And she's still hungry and putting on some weight. She's tired all the time. Her back hurts. Irritability. Mood swings.
Dawson: Yeah.
Mitch: The worst. How'd you know?
Gretchen: Sounds to me like she'll be feeling a lot better in about nine months.

Pacey: I don't want to make you do anything that you're not ready to do.
Joey: No. Pacey, I get it. Just as long as you realize that if you do turn into some typical hormone filled silly ass boy and try to manipulate me again, you're out the door.

Joey: Pacey's not the problem. It's me. I mean, let's face it, the waiting just goes on and on. And at this point even I'm getting impatient. But for some reason, I just keep waiting.
Jen: Joey, let me ask you something. Are you sure that you really want to have sex?
Joey: Of course I want to have sex. But the question is, am I ready?

Dawson: You were the best mother that I know. And you were wrong if you think you've disappointed me at every turn, Mom. All you've done is made me proud. You're not afraid to make mistakes. And when to pick up and to keep going and keep trying new things. And I owe some much of who I am to you. To both of you. I used to idealize this perfect childhood. This perfect little house. And then you guys gave me something so much better. You gave me something real. And if I had to do it over again, I wouldn't change a thing. If you guys are even half the parents to your next kid that you were to me, he'd be the luckiest kid in all the world.

Bessie: You're a seventeen-year-old girl who doesn't understand the first thing about consequences and responsibility. You are not ready to have sex.
Joey: I am the oldest seventeen year old in Capeside, Bessie. My whole life is consequences and responsibility, okay?

Great XpectationsEdit

Drue: Hi there, we haven't met.
Gretchen: I don't have a problem with that.

Gretchen: Is it possible, even in the vaguest way, you're here because you think there's a chance something's happening between us?
Dawson: It think there is something happening between us. It's called friendship.

Joey: You know, Dawson... I think about it sometimes and wherever we go next, it's hard to imagine life without you.
Dawson: You did pretty well for three months.
Joey: I think you know what I mean.
Dawson: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Dawson: It's scary how things can turn so bad so fast.
Joey: It's scary how real everything's been this year, you know? Jen and Pacey in the storm. Andie tonight. Does make you kind of realize that one of us can go at any moment for the stupidest of reasons.

Joey: Gretchen, Dawson has this way of hanging on to things since he was like 12. You know, sure he outgrows them in their proper perspective. But that doesn't always mean that they're gone. Sometimes I think they're just waiting around for the right moment to come out again... and maybe if he thinks there's the slightest chance...
Gretchen: Do you know what I think? If Dawson is waiting for some childhood crush to come around, he's not waiting on me.

You Had Me at GoodbyeEdit

Pacey: I think what we're going to miss about you the most, McPhee, is your overwhelming optimism. Your ardent believe that everything in the world is wonderful until proven crap.

Pacey: I reacted like Pacey.
Joey: You know who that guy you reacted like is going to be in 10 years, Pace? The person who knows me best. Dawson knows my past. My future lies with you. Think about it, you know you didn't even like me three years ago.

Mr. Brooks: As you take on years Mr. Leery, you'll come to realize that you don't always lose people from your life by choice. Sometimes it just happens when you make the wrong ones.

Pacey: Maybe not all friendships have to be saved. You know, maybe we're just meant to spend a certain part of our lives with certain people and then move on. Isn't that what this whole year is suppose to be about? Moving on?
Andie: Pacey, we can move on without moving away from each other.

Andie: Pacey, Joey, Dawson. You guys are so lucky. Do you have any idea how rare it is to have friends that you've known your entire life? So please don't underestimate that. Because in the end you always go back to the people that were there in the beginning. And in the beginning, there was the three of you.

The Unusual SuspectsEdit

Pacey: Do you think it's possible that someday I could convince you that maybe I'm the type of person you could trust again?
Dawson: I would like to believe that it is.

Pacey: When you told me you'd never be able to trust me again, that was probably among the top 5 worst moments of my life.
Dawson: When I walked out on my back porch and saw you and Joey, that was my worst. Number 1 with a bullet.

Doug: Pacey, I think that you're a daring original. I think you have a talent for flying in the face of conventionality. And I think that you were born to break the rules, not enforce them. And you know what? I actually admire that in you. I really do.

Dawson: Today when I was going through your things I found your high school year book. Underneath your picture, the caption said that your life's ambition was to become a Hollywood filmmaker. Pretty striking coincidence given that I've had the exact same dream for as long as I can remember.
Mr. Brooks: Good for you.
Dawson: Scared the hell out of me. Cause I don't ever want to be like you. I don't ever want to be the kind of person who pushes everything and everyone away from him. I don't want to be alone. And I know that you don't want to be alone, either. You can't get rid of me, Mr. Brooks.

[Joey runs into Drue who's just been suspended from school after being framed for a prank]
Drue: Hey, Potter. Send a message to the boys for me. Tell them that I admire the brilliance of their design. No, wait. Just tell them that I said "touché."
Joey: Which boys? Who are you talking about?
[Drue is suddenly being forcibly escorted from the school building]
Joey: Drue, what's going on? What happened?
Drue: Karma... finally caught up with me.

Kiss Kiss Bang BangEdit

Gretchen: You sound like a guy who just broke up with this girl. And he's happy he broke up with her; at least he says he is. And he goes on and on about how much better off he is without her. But the thing is, he can't stop talking about her. Everything comes back to this girl. You love this girl, Dawson.
Dawson: And that, oddly enough, has not kept her from breaking my heart time and time again.

Pacey: Jo, this world, it is opening its doors to you. And when you step through, you are going to be such an amazing part of all this. And wherever you chose to go, you're doing them a favor. Not the other way around.

Joey: I know that I don't fit in...
Mr. Kubeck: Joey, you didn't blow it. Your academic record stands on it's own. You're a stunningly bright young lady and no one is grading you on your social skills. Be that as it may, you couldn't ask for a better character witness than that boyfriend of yours. Seriously. He just talked the dean's ear off all about you. How you changed him. How you helped him. How he couldn't imagine a better life than one with you by his side. It's a rare gift to have someone say such things about you.

Dawson: I think I'm ready to make a movie again.
Mr. Brooks: Oh, crisis of faith over. I'll alert the media.
Dawson: Now, laugh all you want.
Mr. Brooks: I intend to. Now what is this picture of yours going to be about?
Dawson: You.
Mr. Brooks: Excuse me? Say that again into my good ear, would you?
Dawson: My mov... my picture is going to be about you. Your life story. We'll talk later. Enjoy the party.

Pacey: I just wanted these people to see you through my eyes for one night. To see this girl. This woman, who has more class and intelligence and beauty and grace then anyone else who's walking the face of the planet. Maybe things like this just come tumbling out of my mouth because I happen to be head over heels in love with you. But the really scary thing is, I think that they're true.

Self RelianceEdit

Pacey: Please, tell me the truth. Because it's certainly not about you and me. I haven't screwed up for at least a day or two.
Joey: No, you haven't. You never do. You are the perfect boyfriend. You win the perfect boyfriend contest. You beat Dawson. Is that what you want to hear, Pacey?

Gretchen: [about Joey being upset by seeing her and Dawson kissing] I think you should be understanding and sweet and kind.
Pacey: And if none of that works?
Gretchen: Force the issue. Be a world class jerk. You can do it, Pacey. I know you can. I have complete and total faith in you.

Dawson: [to Gretchen] I like you. And... that kiss meant more to me than just 'happy holidays'. And every thing I said the other day was a lie. Well, not a lie because I think I meant it at the time. But I was basically just trying to fool myself because I didn't want to screw up our friendship. I was going to let that fear stop me, but I don't want to, and I'm not going to. Because I don't want to learn that lesson at 17 or anytime for that matter. And you can tell me that you're too old, you can tell me that I'm too young, and you can tell me that I'm not over Joey, but nothing that you say is going to change the fact that I said it. And I'm really glad that I said it, because you're worth risking everything for.

Pacey: What do you see when you see the future?
Joey: Us. Me and you, Pace. We grew up together. You see, Dawson and I, we didn't grow up. We are in that house, in Dawson's bedroom, eternally having the same argument over and over again, in this endless cycle that goes on and on. And... I can't stop it. Because whenever I'm around him, I become 15.
Pacey: Well, if that's the problem, and believe me, this isn't easy for me to say, but... you have to talk to Dawson. And then would you please call me?

Dawson: Why ruin a perfectly good friendship?
Joey: Things don't always have to work that way. Look at us. Look at all that's happened. And we're friends. If we weren't, you wouldn't have... you wouldn't have given me this [Her early Christmas present, a picture of her and Pacey]. And I wouldn't be sitting here, telling you to do what your heart tells you to do. Truth is, Gretchen would be very lucky to have someone like you.

The Tao of DawsonEdit

Jack: Has it ever occurred to you, Dawson, that maybe they're not mistakes at all? Maybe this is exactly where you're supposed to be at this moment in time. With a girl that you wanted way before Joey Potter.

Mr. Brooks: [To Dawson] Make no mistake about it kid, God intends to kill us all. You'll find that you don't have to have your life dictated by the cosmos. You fall in love with the wrong woman. Tell fate to piss off if you don't like his plans for you. Sure there's heart ache to be had but it's small price to be paid for living and dying on your own terms.

Dawson: [in his letter to Gretchen, written when he was younger] Dear Gretchen, I really enjoyed talking to you in your room today. Try not to be nervous about starting high school. I know you're going to find people that understand you. There's something that I didn't get a chance to tell you. There's someone truly special in my life that I can't stop thinking about. She's unlike anyone I've ever met. Smart and funny and beautiful and just knowing that she's in my life has given me this constant fluttering that keeps me awake at night. When I think about who I can talk to about this, who will understand, the only person that comes to mind is you. And that's a problem because you are the one that I feel this way about. I think about you constantly, every little thing you do. The Elvis Costello sticker you put on your spiral notebook, the way your bangs have grown out every day now for 6 months until Monday when you were finally able to put it all in a ponytail. Today when you invited me to stay and talk to you after Pacey left, it occurred to me that you must think of me too. If I tried to tell anyone else, they would say that you and I are impossible, that our lives are too different, that we could never be right for each other. But we understand each other and we care about each other and years from now I believe that we still will. Your friend forever, love, Dawson.

Pacey: Dawson, you and I are friends. Friends. But sisters? Sisters are...
Dawson: Off-limits?
Pacey: Yes, sisters are off-limits. They're like mothers, only pretty.

Pacey: Do you "like" her "like" her, or just like her?
Dawson: Pacey this is Gretchen Witter we're talking about here, not Winnie Cooper.

The Te of PaceyEdit

Pacey: Any other day that I was to find you making out on the basement floor with Dawson of all people, I would probably freak out. And then we would have words. But not today. Today I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to think about it. In fact, I'd like to pretend it never even happen, cause frankly I got bigger problems on my mind.
Gretchen: Which are?
Pacey: A conversation that I'm supposed to have with Joey, that will impact the entire rest of our relationship.

Jen: You are very sneaky, you know that? You just turned around that entire conversation without ever having to admit that you were day dreaming about sex. I'm impressed.
Grams: [smiling] I've learned from the best.
Jen: Well, that's true.

Pacey: My family could give a crap about me or my birthday. This is just an excuse for my father to get a little bit drunker than usual, have some birthday cake, tell me I'm a disappointment and then pass out in his chair while watching When Animals Attack!.
Joey: Okay, so they're not perfect. Granted. But they're your family, Pace. Don't you get what that means? The least you can do is make a little bit of an effort.
Pacey: It doesn't matter what kind of effort I make. I'm still going to fail.

Pacey: You and I are just on opposite paths, Jo. On different roads. And we are heading further and further away from each other.
Joey: I don't think so. I think both roads lead back to the same place. Right here. You and me, Pace.

John Witter: Now, I never told this to anyone... and so help me I will hunt you down if you breath it to a soul. I got rejected the first time I applied to the police academy.
Pacey: You did?
John Witter: Yep. Let me tell you Pacey, it was devastating. The second time, I did get in. But I never told anyone, not even my father, your grandfather God rest his soul. Because I knew he'd beat the hell out of me, drunk or sober.
Pacey: I know I'm not college material, Pop. But I just really, really wanted to go.
John Witter: Look son, I know I've been hard on you about school. It's not because I think you're not good enough to go, or get in. Pacey, I don't know if it's the right thing for you. I don't know if it's ever been right for you. But ask me if I think you are meant to do great things... I might reply positive.


Gale: I am trying to protect you.
Dawson: From what? The dangers of having a good time with my girlfriend? Come on!
Gale: No, the dangers of getting hurt by a woman whom, as perfect a person as she seems right now, might actually be in a different place in her life.
Dawson: Mom, it's not like that with Gretchen.
Gale: Honey, I'm not so sure.
Dawson: Well I am. And you know what? It really doesn't matter what you think because it's my life and it's my relationship. If you want to express a little last minute maternal control, you're gonna have to wait for the next one to come along because I really don't want that from you right now.

Pacey: I'm offering a brother's opinion, okay, and, as your brother, I can firmly tell you... That is not a leaving-the-house kind of outfit. That's like the bottom layer of something that will become a leaving-the-house outfit when you put on a sweater or something.
Gretchen: This is a sweater.
Pacey: A sweater is a big, baggy, shapeless thing which hides the human form. They design them specifically for sisters on dates.

Gretchen: Yeah, me as Pacey's sister and her ever trusty barkeep, maybe. Me as Mrs. Robinson, maybe not.
Dawson: Come on, 3 years does not make you Mrs. Robinson.

Joey: I'm sorry, but I'm scared.
Pacey: Good! Do you think I'm not scared? I'm terrified, Jo! I have been fine with waiting. I have been too scared to sleep with you too soon. I don't want to do anything that is going to jeopardize the more amazing relationship that I've ever had. Jo, I am happy that you and I took the time to really fall in love with each other. But we're here now, Jo. This is 8 months and counting. So, I just... I want... I need for you to know that if our relationship is not going to be progressing on to that next level, it's not because of me.

Mr. Brooks: Picture's not half bad. [chuckles] And not just because it's about me either.
Dawson: We should make another one sometime.
Mr. Brooks: Any time kid... anytime.

A Winter's TaleEdit

Mr. Brooks Friend: Faith is believing in something when common sense tells you not to, Miracle on 34th Street. Arthur always believed that the best answers for life's questions could be found in the movies. Crazy idea, huh?

Joey: Really? Virtually topless female comes knocking on our door, asking if Pacey can come out to play, and you don't have any comment?
Pacey: Well, no matter what I say, you're just gonna take it wrong.

Pacey: Do you want to know what I'm scared of? 'Cause I'm not scared of whether or not we sleep together, if-- if and when you and I decide to do that, it will be right. What I am scared of is that little piece of your heart that will always belong to Dawson Leery. OK, I'm scared of that piece of your heart that always envisioned your first time being with him. I'm scared of that part of you that just doesn't want it to be me. That's what I'm scared of.

Jack: Did it ever occur to you that you're so caught up in trying to make the right choice that you've never stopped to consider the possibility that there may not be a right choice, or a wrong choice, just a bunch of choices?
Joey: Thanks Jack. That's helpful.
Jack: That's the point. You don't need help. There's nothing to figure out here. There's only what you feel.
Joey: What I feel is fear.
Jack: I'm not telling you to sleep with Pacey...
Joey: But...
Jack: All the really exciting things in life require more courage than we currently have. A deep breath and a leap. See Joey, the kind of fear you're talking about... sometimes it's how you know what's worthwhile.

Joey: Hey, Pace?
Pacey: Hmm?
Joey: Do you still have your wallet?
Pacey: I thought we were done talking about that.
Joey: We are.
Pacey: OK, you wanna throw it away?
Joey: I wanna throw the wrapper away.
Pacey: If this is about what I was --
Joey: -- Pacey, this is about how you carried my bag off the bus yesterday. This is about how when we go to the movies and you go and you buy popcorn you always make sure you bring back a napkin so I don't wipe all the grease on my jeans. And this is about how just last week when we were at miniature golf, you took all of the shots first so I would know the correct path.
Pacey: That was just --
Joey: -- You taught me how to drive. [Starts unbuttoning his shirt] And last year at prom, you knew that the bracelet I was wearing was my mom's. You kissed me first, sweetheart. The second time you counted to ten before doing it again just in case I wanted to stop you. [Takes off his shirt] You bought me a wall. [She takes his hand and kisses it]
Pacey: I didn't buy it so much as I --
Joey: -- We were alone on a boat for three months and you understood without a word why I wasn't ready. [She takes off his under shirt so his chest is bare] So you have to ask now why I am? Pace.....I'm gonna count to ten, and then I'm going to start kissing you. If you don’t want me to... then you’re just gonna have to stop me. [pause] Ten, my love. [He carries her to the bed]

Four StoriesEdit

Joey: Years from now when I look back, I'm really not going to remember the clumsy positioning or the morning after awkwardness or whether or not the experience itself meant the text book definition of great sex. I'll remember how sweet you were. How you took me to this brand new place. Pace, I'm glad I had sex. And I'm really glad that I had sex with you. [Pause] And now, I just want to go home...[She grabs his coat and pulls him toward her] So we can do it again. [They smile and kiss each other]

Pacey: [about Dawson] I do want to be able to have sex with my girlfriend whom I adore, without having to worry about the soap operatic repercussions of him finding out. Let me ask you one question, Jo. What would you say to him? You know, if he were here right now and he asked you, what would you tell him?
Joey: I would have to tell him the truth.

Pacey: Let's say that you were the type of person who enjoyed discussing your boyfriend's sexual prowess, what do you think you might say?
Joey: About what? About the prowess?
Pacey: Yeah, about the prowess.
Joey: You know, just when I think you're the antithesis of the typical male, there you are dragging your knuckles with the rest of my primates.

Dawson: Jo, you're not a bad friend. I don't get to say it much anymore, but... you're my best friend. You always were. No matter where you are, no matter where your life may take you, and no matter who you're with...
Joey: You'll always have a piece of my heart.
Dawson: Something like that.
Joey: Yeah. Doesn't have to be a huge piece.
Dawson: No, no, no, no. Not a huge piece. Just enough. You know, tiny piece.
Joey: A couple of years ago, if you would have asked me who the first person I was going to have sex with was, I would have answered unequivocally: Dawson Leery, that's who. The possibility of sleeping with anyone else hadn't even occurred to me. Especially not Pacey.
Dawson: So what are you saying, Jo?
Joey: No. I have not slept with Pacey.

Gretchen: You have no idea what you're doing, do you?
Dawson: No.
Gretchen: Good, keep it that way. Because the second you become aware of just how charming you are, you're going to use your powers for evil.

Mind GamesEdit

Joey: When we weren't having sex. And everything and every moment wasn't about sex.
Pacey: I don't know if that time ever really existed.
Joey: I guess you're right. Before, when we hadn't had sex, everything was about sex. Now that we've have had sex…
Pacey: Everything is still about sex. Do you think we're doing something wrong?
Joey: No. Do you?
Pacey: No.

Gretchen: Just promise me something.
Dawson: Anything.
Gretchen: That you'll always be as honest with me as you were last night. Cause that's the hardest part about having a relationship. It's so much harder than sex. And trusting someone is like this gigantic act of faith. You put it out there and you can never really be sure if you're gonna get it back. Sex... sex is just mechanical.

Dawson: I want to apologize.
Joey: For what?
Dawson: For that question I asked you a couple weeks ago. That very personal question. I should have never asked you. I don't know why I did. It was some masochistic side of me that I haven't explored yet. Probably the same side of me that's sabotaging my relationship with Gretchen.
Joey: You think you're sabotaging your relationship?
Dawson: Well, mentioning you every 30 seconds, I'm sure it doesn't help.

Gretchen: You lied to Dawson about you and Pacey having sex.
Joey: I made a decision, a very private decision about my life and I really don't want the whole world to know about that.
Gretchen: You really don't want Dawson to know about that.
Joey: It's the same thing.
Gretchen: No it's not, Joey. I don't want to be an ogre here, but lying to Dawson isn't going to solve anything. It's not fair to him and it's not fair to somebody who's trying to have a relationship with him.
Joey: Meaning you.

Pacey: You know, I don't think I like this turn that our relationship is taking here. You have no respect for my feelings, we never talk anymore.
[Joey keeps kissing him. He groans]
Joey: Pace, we spent 9 months talking. We've been doing this for two weeks.
[She goes back to kissing]
Pacey: But this still doesn't mean you get to treat me like a sex object.
Joey: Oh, I can tell you're all broken up about it.


Dawson: Worthington is what you want, right?
Joey: It doesn't matter what I want, Dawson.
Dawson: Yes or no?
Joey: Yes.
Dawson: Then I want you to have Mr. Brooks' money.
Joey: Dawson, are you insane? I can't.

Dawson: Joey, I... I've watched you go through so much pain in your life. I mean, even before your mom got sick and your dad...
Joey: Don't do this. Don't feel sorry for me, Dawson.
Dawson: I don't. That's not what this is about. Jo, all the pain I've watched you go through, I've never been able to fix it before. And this I can fix. All I need you to do is let me.

Dawson: What you felt the other night at the movie theater, that something was finally right between us... I felt that, too. And nothing will ever change that... not going to school on different coasts. Not meeting people who we're meant to love forever... nothing. And I want you to have this [Hands her an envelope with a check in it]
Joey: But, Dawson...
Dawson: I don't know how I feel about you sleeping with Pacey. I don't know how I'll feel tomorrow or next week or next year for that matter, but I'm absolutely certain that giving you this is the right thing to do. Because I'm certain about us... and what we mean to each other. And I think you are, too.

Pacey: It's not that I don't want you to be able to go off and realize your dreams, Joey, because I do. But for the first time, I just... I felt like it wasn't me that was holding you back from it.
Joey: Pacey, you've never held me back. You have to stop thinking like that.
Pacey: You know what? I could stop thinking like that if you'd just promise me one thing, that if the day ever comes, and it may come much sooner than either one of us thinks, but if that day ever comes where you did feel like I was holding you back... promise me that you'd cut me loose, yeah?
Joey: Pacey...
Pacey: Promise me that.
Joey: I won't promise you that. You're asking me to promise to let you go. I can't do that.

Joey: I'm still trying to process this whole college thing. You know, it's... kinda weird to get your dream.
Pacey: I know it. I say that every time I look at you.
Joey: You always do that. You change the subject.
Pacey: Joey, we're not talking about this today, because we're not talking about anything negative today, because today is your day to celebrate this most amazing accomplishment that you have worked so hard for.

Eastern Standard TimeEdit

Joey: How does it surprise you every day?
Mr. Lindley: Good question. A city like New York where everything's moving all the time at this constant driving pace, right? It's like a living organism breathing and changing, and over time your relationship to it becomes like this incredible romance, you know? At first, it's intoxicating, irresistible, and then slowly it becomes comfortable and safe. You have this cellular connection to it, as if you've known each other forever, like your oldest happiness, and sometimes you're on the outs, and sometimes you're making up, and every now and then you catch yourself in this transcendent moment where you think to yourself, "oh, my god, I'm madly in love with you, and I always will be." And I think that's when it surprises me.
Joey: Whoa, that's a good answer.

Gretchen: I want to make love to you so much. So much. And I really believe that that was why we came here, but it's not. I guess just as much as I want you and I love you, we're not gonna do this.
Dawson: Why not?
Gretchen: Because when we go there, it's not gonna be because you have something to prove to yourself. It's gonna be because we love each other, and because we're prepared to show each other what that really means.

Doug: [picking Pacey up at jail] You're not satisfied with being a moron and failure. You gotta add drunk to your list of credentials?
Pacey: [Gets angry and attacks Doug] What? This is it for me! [Doug tries to hold him off] This is my whole life right here! This is all I get.

Dawson: I still have my distortions and my delusions. I still think that everything should be perfect, and that Joey and I should have slept together for the first time. What I realized is that I gotta let go. You know, it's time. And there's so much ahead of me. I mean, there's college, there's... there's this new baby... and there's you.
Gretchen: So what are you saying?
Dawson: I'm in love with you, and I no longer remember what we're waiting for.
Gretchen: Neither do I.

Jen: You knew, didn't you? Oh, god, all this time. My life got uglier and messier, and then you sent me away. You... you made me feel ashamed. You... you punished me for all these things that were beyond my control. You saw me standing in the doorway. Ohh! And you never said anything. I wasn't...
Mr. Lindley: I didn't...
Jen: No. I don't need a confession from you. That's not why I came here. I don't need you to apologize to me for all the pain that you've caused me, and I don't have to forgive you. All I have to do is forgive myself for these things that I can't change. Good-bye, daddy.


Joey: [to Dawson] I want you to know something. Sex doesn't necessarily bring people closer together. It's just a magnifying glass. I mean, if there's a problem, it gets bigger. And if there's closeness... you get closer. As far as you and Gretchen are concerned, I mean... you guys are probably a lot closer than a lot of people who are having sex.

Dawson: Have you and Pacey talked about him being near Worthington next year?
Joey: [laughs] Uh, Pacey and I haven't really discussed the future too much lately.
Dawson: You should. It has a peculiar way of unexpectedly becoming the present.

Bessie: I really did want your life to be better than mine.
Joey: Bessie, you went first. You took on the full brunt of this storm. And you didn't do what others would have. You didn't run, you didn't cower, you created this warm, loving, safe place. And you raised a baby and a little sister. I hope I would have the strength and courage to... create a life for myself that's even remotely like yours.

Mitch: One night, you're standing in a dark room, exhausted, reaching for diapers and answers on a shelf you can't see, and this little person calls out to you. "Daddy." That's when you get it. You feel your heart expand in a way you never knew was possible, and you love this little person so much... that you actually ache. I can't explain it any better.

Joey: Pacey isn't on a fishing trip, is he?
Gretchen: Pacey got arrested for public drunkenness while you were in New York. Doug got the charges dropped, and then he took him camping to try to talk some sense into him.
Joey: Oh, my god.
Gretchen: This is an intense time. We're all planning our futures, trying to figure out what we're gonna do with the rest of our lives, but if we can't put all that aside and try to do everything possible to make Pacey's life easier right now, he might not have much of one.


Dawson: I was just gonna say, you know, given everything that's happened in the twelve months since last year's prom -- I'm glad we ended up here.
Joey: Me too, Dawson.
Dawson: God, we're so healthy, it makes me wanna puke.
Joey: I know. It is kinda sickening.

Gretchen: I'm at the prom, Pacey. I'm at the prom again. I mean, I graduated 4 years ago and I'm still here. You know, tonight for the first time, I didn't just feel older than Dawson, I felt old. Too old to be here. Too old to be doing what I'm doing.
Pacey: Want pathetic? How's this for pathetic... I'm technically still a junior. I'm not even supposed to be here.
Gretchen: A brother who's too young and a sister who's too old. We're quite the lot now Pacey.

Pacey: You know... last year... I felt like I could give you something that no one else could give you. I could give you that wall to paint your mural on. I could take you away on a sailboat for a summer. I could even give you that night in the ski lodge. But I don't feel like I have anything left to give you now, Jo. I guess I'm spent. I've become a man who hates himself so much he can't even look at his own reflection in the mirror, and I wish that I could tell you that being with you doesn't make that worse, but it does... because the more that you love me in spite of that, the angrier that I get at you... and the more that I stop loving you back.
Joey: How long have you felt this way?
Pacey: I don't know, but I know it's not right.

Pacey: Why don't you just tell me how you want me to act? 'Cause I can't win with you, Jo. If I act like I'm unhappy, you get angry with me. But if I act like I'm happy, you get angry with me.
Joey: Well, maybe you should stop acting and just talk to me.
Pacey: Maybe I just don't have anything left to say.

Pacey: You want me to take off the happy mask? Then happy mask is off. So, now answer me this one question Joey, why are you with me? Why are you with me? Cause I don't know why I'm still with you. I used to know, but now I don't anymore. What I do know, I feel like I'm Josephine Potter's little charity project. I feel like I'm the designated loser...
Joey: This isn't about me...
Pacey: No, it is about you. It's about you and how you make me feel when I'm with you! I feel like I'm stupid, I'm worthless, I'm never right! You know what I realize? It's not my fault! When I'm with you it's "poor Pacey, he didn't get into college," or "stupid Pacey forgot the limo, he ripped my dress, he messed up the corsage."
Joey: I told you I don't care about any of that.
Pacey: But I want you to care! I don't want you to accept it like it's supposed to be. We are not trapped on this boat. You and I are trapped in this relationship! I can't take it anymore Joey. When I'm with you, I feel like I'm nothing. That's why I flinch when you touch me. That's why I never touch you, why I never think about it. Because when I do, it just reminds me that I'm not good enough.
Joey: You done?
Pacey: No, I'm just getting started.
Joey: Well, you can stop right now. You can go to hell!
Pacey: You've spent your entire life trying to get out of Capeside, Joey, because you felt like you deserved better. Well, I am Capeside. That's why I didn't get out and you did, and you do deserve better. You deserve better than this place, and you deserve better than me.
Joey: You break my heart into a thousand pieces, and you say it's because I deserve better? Just... leave me alone.

Separation AnxietyEdit

Gretchen: Look, I just don't think you should go to the party tonight, Pace. I mean, even if you and Joey are supposed to be together, you both need to take some time apart to figure out what went wrong. Otherwise you're gonna wind up making the same mistakes all over again. Trust me. I know from whence I speak.
Pacey: Trust you? Miss pack-up-and-leave-town? Forgive me if you're not exactly my relationship role model right now.
Gretchen: I'm just trying to help, Pace. I don't want to see you getting hurt.
Pacey: Well, it's too late for that. I'm already hurt. And that's exactly the situation I'm trying to rectify. That's why I gotta go to this party, just to see what the gods have in store for me.

Pacey: Um, well... Kubelik wants me to work on his boat this summer. That's what the offer was about. It didn't have anything to do with going to Worthington.
Joey: Let's go.
Pacey: Uh, you know what? I think I'll go. But I think that you should stay here, Jo. I've been watching you in there. You've been... gliding from conversation to conversation with complete confidence and ease this time. I don't know if you remember the last Worthington party that you and I attended together, but... you were kind of a jumble of nerves. I guess I was kind of hoping that... you would need for me to be your savior again tonight. But... that's no longer the case. You don't need that now. Everything's different. I think that they're better this way. The only thing that remains the same is you're still the most beautiful girl in the room. This is... this is your life, and you should enjoy it.
Joey: How can I enjoy it without you?

[Dawson reads Gretchen's note in his yearbook]
Gretchen: "Dear Dawson... I've been thinking about what to say to you since I left your house yesterday. I thought about waiting for you to come to my door, saying this face to face, but I knew it would be too hard. I realize that, as much as I need to move on, you need to stay here. Your whole life is about to change in a way that will never be the same. You're opening a new chapter, and you have to give a proper good-bye to the old one. You don't want to miss these moments, even the sad ones, because you'll never get them back. So enjoy this time. Let it wash over you so that your memories of it are strong. Besides, I don't need to spend a month in a car to fall in love with you. I already am in love with you, even more than you know. So good-bye, Dawson Leery. Thank you for changing my life and opening my heart again. You'll never know how much it meant to me. Have a bitchin' summer. Love, Gretchen."

Joey: [sighs] Hey, Pace... I'm really sorry about dragging you to that party last night, and... bringing back all of those bad feelings.
Pacey: It's not your fault, Jo. None of this is your fault. You're not the reason that we broke up.
Joey: But I thought that you said...
Pacey: I know what I said. And I know how I said it, and it makes me sick to my stomach every time I think about it. Blaming you for my insecurities and... then making you feel guilty for all the things that you've accomplished, when you should feel nothing but proud. And I'm so proud of you.

[Mitch and Dawson have just finished watching his movie of Mr. Brooks]
Mitch: I can't get over how much he reminded me of you.
Dawson: I remind you of him?
Mitch: Well, that part where he talks about that girl? How she jumped over the counter, they went off to California together, they didn't even know each other? Who does that?
Dawson: Hitchhikers.
Mitch: Risk takers. Dreamers. People who understand that every once in a while, an opportunity presents itself. And whatever they decide to do in that moment will change the rest of their lives forever. Brooks could have told that girl to get lost. He could have gone off to California alone like he planned, but he didn't.
Dawson: No, he didn't.
Mitch: Because he knew. Very few men are lucky enough to actually see those moments, Dawson.

The GraduateEdit

Dawson: You know, on occasions like this, it's nice that we can dress up in polyester choir robes and stupid hats, sit in the sun for a couple of hours to mark the occasion. What fashion Einstein came up with this whole outfit? I mean, is this a hat you really want to be wearing the day you know people are going to be taking pictures?

Mr. Kasdan: Did you study for that final you so dramatically walked out on?
Pacey: I can categorically say that I studied my ass off, sir.
Mr. Kasdan: Care to prove it?
Pacey: You did hear everything that I had to say in class today, didn't you?
Mr. Kasdan: Oh, I did. You're not an idiot or a punch line. You are why I teach. Those honor students that turn your stomach... they don't need me. They're gonna forget me as soon as they walk out the door. But you...
Pacey: I have a funny feeling I'm gonna be telling this story for years to come.
Mr. Kasdan: And if that should turn out to be the case, please describe me as a strapping, handsome man, possessed of an immense charity and a great, great goodwill.
Pacey: I can do that.
Mr. Kasdan: [handing him a test] Mr. Witter, you have 45 minutes.

Pacey: Joey. I don't think there is a "we" anymore.
Joey: Look... look, Pace, I know it's over. I just want to be your friend. I want to help you.
Pacey: You want to know what the truth is, Jo? I still love you, and I probably will love you for a very long time. But I can't just be your buddy. 'Cause, as much as I enjoy the concept of being just friends, in reality, it's a bizarre form of torture, and I'm just not willing to participate in it. So, right now, what I want to do is just move on and get over you, and the only way for me to do that is to not be around you anymore.
Joey: And you can't see any time in the future when you and I could be friends?
Pacey: I don't want to think about the future.
Joey: I guess I should go.
Pacey: Look, Jo, I know that... I know coming over here couldn't have been easy for you.
Joey: Nothing seems easy anymore.

Pacey: I was thinking about tomorrow.
Joey: What about this tomorrowland? Does it look even remotely bright?
Pacey: It certainly didn't when it held the prospect of never seeing you again.
Joey: How is that any different from the here and now?
Pacey: I think I... I should probably go off and live my own life for a little while. That certainly doesn't mean that this is how I want it to end between us. So hypothetically speaking... if I were lucky enough one day to find myself owning a sailboat again, and I were to ask the woman that I love to go sailing with me... would she?
Joey: You wouldn't have to ask, Pace.

Joey: Principal Peskin, our families, my fellow graduates, I stand here before you aware of the similarities that we share. I know that you're feeling, outside of my incredible stage fright, the same things that I'm feeling-- pride and accomplishment, closure and regret, and a hopeful outlook on the future. But I don't think you need me to elaborate on those feelings. Instead I--I wanted to share something personal and tell you that... there are people in my life who are gone now, people I miss very much and people who I am haunted by in different ways, but whether we're separated by death or merely distance, I know that they're still with me because I keep them in my heart. The truth is, in time, that's all that we're going to be to each other anyway, this population of memories, some wonderful and endearing, some less so. But taken together, those memories help make us who we are and who we will be. So whether you're here with each other now or you're merely in each other's thoughts, remember each other on that road ahead. And I hope that no matter where your travels lead you in this life... you'll always take Capeside with you. Congratulations.


Joey: You know, I was just gonna... keep my mouth shut and let you go... but...[Sighs]... It's not me. That's some Merchant Ivory movie, you know, where people suffer in silence, and you're supposed to be so impressed by their restraint. Well... you know... sorry, but screw that. My best friend in the whole world is leaving tomorrow, and a big part of me wants him to stay... so I hope you don't hate me.
Dawson: I could never hate you, Joey... and not for lack of trying, either.
Joey: These past couple of years, it's been one big soap opera. I wouldn't take it back. I wouldn't... take any of it back, but... I'm glad that it's over. 'Cause I like the way things are now. My life being the cruel joke that it is, now that things are so nice... you're leaving.
Dawson: Jo... if I thought for one second it was the right thing to do, I would stay, but it's time to go. It's time for me to get out of this room, and it's time for you to discover who you are without us. This chapter's over, Jo. I can feel it.
Joey: [With tears running down her cheeks] Do you believe in magic? I never used to. I mean, how could I? 13, your mom dies. You hope against hope for--for magic, something to make it all better. It never comes, and, you know, you look to your father who's unable to overcome all of his tragic flaws. Well, no abracadabra there. And then there's Pacey. Well... any magic that was there, that ran out, didn't it? But, uh, then there's you. There's proof that someone out there is thinking of me... my friend who was with me always. It's pure magic. I guess this is pretty much just a long-winded way of saying that, um... I'm gonna miss you, Dawson.
Dawson: I'm gonna miss you, too, Joey.

Jen: [sighs] Come here. [They hug] Mm. Ok. Go. Get the Hell out of here. Walk across that lawn, have a great life, and don't ever call me again.
Dawson: What? So I can confirm your worst fears about men?
Jen: Yes, exactly. Oh, wait, I forgot. We never slept together.
Dawson: You got 5 minutes?
Jen: For you? Always.

Pacey: So how is she?
Dawson: She's, um... you know, she's doing the same thing you are, Pace. She's keepin' busy. (Sighs) She doesn't say much, but, um... you know, I get the feeling that she thinks about you every 10 seconds or so. I know she'd appreciate a call.
Pacey: Uh, you know, I just don't think that's a place I'm ready to go quite yet, Dawson.

Pacey: I just... I realized that you're the only person in Capeside that I actually regret not saying good-bye to, because, you know, for a long time there, Dawson, being your best friend was all I really cared about in my life. I just wanted you to hear from me that despite everything that's happened between us and the miles that may be between us right now, you know, I still think about the way things were.
Dawson: Back when we were just a couple dorks wondering if and when a girl would ever look our way?
Pacey: Ha, ha, well, speak for yourself, huh?
Dawson: [laughs] Yeah, Pace, I'm... I'm really glad you called, because the worst thing about not saying good-bye was I didn't get a chance to tell you something I wanted so badly to tell you.
Pacey: What's that?
Dawson: I'm proud of you, Pacey.
Pacey: Thanks, Dawson.
Dawson: Good luck out there.
Pacey: Yeah, you too.

Joey: So what was yours, by the way?
Dawson: What was my what?
Joey: Your all time most life altering moment?
Dawson: For all I know, it could be this one right now... saying good-bye to you.
[They start kissing]

Season 5Edit

The BostoniansEdit

Jack: Ooh. College guys are hot.
Jen: Give me the phone.
Jack: Why?
Jen: 'Cause I’m calling Tobey and telling him you said that.
Jack: I can look.
Jen: Yeah, but you cannot touch. I like Tobey. Tobey's good people.
Jack: Yeah, I like Tobey, too. It just so happens that we're kinda doomed to the loneliness of a long-distance relationship at the moment.
Jen: Well, that's still better than the loneliness of the no-distance relationship. That doesn't make any sense, does it?
Jack: No, no, it didn't. Look, you need to get some, and soon, all right, before you achieve born-again virgin status.
Jen: Jack.
Jack: What? Jen, I’m serious. It's been far too long. The last guy you were with was Henry. That means last year was a total wash for you.
Jen: Tell me about it.
Jack: You know you're a lot more fun when you're with a guy. Watching you twist yourself up into these little knots of anxiety, it's highly entertaining.
Jen: Thanks. That's good to know.

Jack: [to Joey] Can we count on you tonight or what?
Joey: I dunno. I mean, are we frat party kind of people? Is there any past evidence of us functioning well at these kinds of events?
Jack: Which is precisely why we should go. It’s a new year, guys, okay? I mean it. We need to spread our wings. Challenge any preconceived notions we had of college. And most important, to reinvent ourselves.
Joey: What got into him?
Jen: A cute boy invited him.

Todd: So what do you want to be when you grow up, Dawson?
Dawson: What else? A director.
Todd: Yeah? What are you doing about it?
Dawson: USC Film School.
Todd: Film school is for pussies. What are you really doing about it?
Dawson: I, uh… I made a documentary last year about A.I. Brooks.
Todd: Who?
Dawson: He was this pulp director from the 50s. It’s an amazing story, actually. I could show it to you.
Todd: No thanks.
Dawson: Okay.
Todd: Look, you’re what, like 18?
Dawson: Yeah.
Todd: Chances are, it’s bad. And if I take a look at it and it does indeed suck, than I have to come up with some sort of B.S. so you don’t feel bad. And if on the off chance it’s actually good, what do I need that for? Why would I want to be jealous of some 18 year old kid that makes better flicks than I do? Do you see my predicament?
Assistant: They’re ready for you, Todd.
Todd: Welcome to Hollywood, Dawson.

Dawson: Todd? What I said was “screw you”. You should be ashamed of yourself, man, and not because you treat people badly, cause a lot of people do that. You should be ashamed of yourself because you have an amazing privilege and you don’t even take it seriously. You get to make movies. You get to do this for a living and you don’t even appreciate it. This movie is probably gonna suck. I know that, you know that, and the entire crew knows that. And your next movie is probably gonna suck too. Somebody gave you the keys to the kingdom and you’re blowing it. I feel sorry for you. If I ever get here, I’m gonna do things a lot differently.
[People clap, until Todd turns and looks at them]
Todd: You’ve got balls, kid. Now get off my set. You’re fired.

Joey: [leaving a phone message for Dawson] Hey Dawson, it’s me, umm… I wanted to call you up. I’m at this party with Jack and Jen and my crazy roommate. Guess what? I’m having a pretty great time, but as great as it is, it’s not completely great and that’s because of you. You’re not here and I know that I said that it’s okay that you didn’t come this weekend but you know what? It’s not okay because I miss you. And there was this guy tonight and he was hitting on me or at least I think he was hitting on me. And he was perfectly nice and I blew him off and I’m not even sure why. But I’m pretty sure it was because of you. And… I’ve spent these past couple months acting like you were just going to show up outside my door one day, but you’re not. You are out there following your dreams which is what I want for you, Dawson. [someone knocks loudly] In a minute! [into the phone] Dawson, I think it’s time that I let you go. And it’s really hard for me to do because I know that there’s a part of me that will be in love with you for the rest of my life. But this whole running and place and day dreaming is just not healthy for either of us. So this is me cutting the cord, this is me doing what I should have done three months ago. Say goodbye, Dawson. Call me back. Bye.

The Lost WeekendEdit

Jen: He’s not going to call.
Jack: He’s calling.
Jen: He doesn’t even have my phone number.
Jack: He will get your number.
Jen: How?
Jack: Somehow. Why do you think we have had all these advances in information technology? They are all about helping people track down other people other people they are sexually attracted to. Jen, just trust me. Alright? The guy will find you, and when he does, just throw yourself at him immediately because you obviously want to.
Jen: Whether I want to or not, nice girls just don’t hurl themselves at boys, Jack. Society at large deems that slutty and self destructive.
Jack: That’s right. I forgot. You’re a slut. Only, you haven’t actually had sex with anybody the entire time I have known you. And if you look at the cold hard facts, I have kissed more guys than you have this past year.
Jen: Well…That’s not true.
Jack: I’ve kissed one. How many have you kissed?
Jen: One.
Jack: How many straight guys?
Jen: None.
[Jack shrugs his arms as to say he has proven his point]
Jen: This is the saddest competition ever.

Jen: I just have a hard time believing that same person who has Licensed to Ill, also has Volume 2 of the essential Dolly Parton collection.
Charlie: Give me that.
Jen: And why is it so important to you that I listen to this song?
Charlie: Because, once you hear Dolly Parton’s original 1974 recording of I’ll Always Love You, the song made popular and sucky on the Bodyguard soundtrack, you will truly and possibly for the first time in your entire life, know what it means not to suck. And at that point, your entire universe will turn upside down. Everything that used to seem normal to you, will suddenly seem right.
Jen: And that is a good thing?
Charlie: Of course it's a good thing. What is music for, if not to subvert all your expectations and blow your mind every once in a while?
Jen: Well, I thought that was what people were for.
Charlie: What?
Jen: Nothing, I, I just can’t believe you like country music.
Charlie: Well, I like all kinds of music, unlike you who’s obviously very cynical and very closed minded. It’s probably one of those upper middle class, heavy television, freaky batgirls that drive around town in their father’s old Volvo.
Jen: I came here from a small town, I like to knit, and I live with my grandmother.
Charlie: Works for me.

Dawson: Well, I went to go take the tour, turns out that Audrey is the tour guide.
Joey: Audrey is the tour guide?
Audrey: Yeah the pay sucks, but it allows me to combine two of my passions. Performing in front of a small audience, and getting strangers to fall in love with me.

Dawson: And what does matter?
Joey: You. That’s why I got upset this morning, Dawson. I had spent the entire weekend thinking that you had heard everything I had to say on that message and that you came anyway. That you understood me.
Dawson: Joey, as long that I live, I will never understand you. I mean, I had this fantastic weekend. Hanging out with you. Hanging out with my friends. Questions whether or not, I even wanted to go back to LA, and then I wake up this morning to find out that the girl that was so upset that I couldn’t come, could actually kiss me off in the waning hours of Friday night.

Joey: Dawson, I never said it was going to be easy.
Dawson: Then tell me one thing that you do know.
Joey: I know that I wanted you there. At the end of the day, when I got back to my room, I wanted you there.
Dawson: Why?
Joey: I don’t know why. I don’t know what I meant. I just know that I wanted you there.
Dawson: Joey, I am here. I’ve been here for two days, and only now are we finding a way to talk about stuff that really matters. Like why you left that message. All right? And you know, maybe that is the ending we are supposed to have. Maybe every other attraction that we feel each other is just, fear of moving on, fear of growing up.
Joey: Is that what you really think?
Dawson: I don’t know, but I do know that if I get on this plane, I am never going to find out. All right, because, we’re gonna, we’re gonna move on, we’re going to grow up, and four years from now we are going to wake up, and we are going to be complete strangers to each other. The only thing that I know for sure, it that I don’t want that to happen. Do you?

Capeside RevisitedEdit

Audrey: [to Joey, as Jen answers her phone] So do we like this Charlie?
Joey: We don't really know this Charlie. She seems to keep this Charlie pretty much to herself.
Audrey: I'm a little concerned. This is all sounding very Nine 1/2 Weeks to me. [Jen hangs up] Booty call?
Jen: Pretty much. Yeah.
Audrey: Oh! I knew it.
Joey: Are you gonna go?
Jen: I don't know. I could use the snuggles.
Audrey: See, that's what I miss most about not having a boyfriend-- the snuggling. It's better than sex. If only guys knew how easy it was to make us happy.
Joey: Yeah, but you know what? Even if they did know, they'd still screw it up. Snuggling to them is merely just a means to an end.
Jen: I mean, I've been seeing Charlie for a week, and the only thing that I really know about him is that his boxers are from The Gap.
Audrey: Well, there are worse things, you know?
Jen: Such as?
Audrey: Well, for instance, he could be a tighty-whitey guy.
Jen and Joey: Oh!
Jen: Oh, good point!
Joey: Ok. On that note... I'm gonna go to the bathroom, and when I get back, I'd like it very much if this week's episode of Sex and the City had come to an end.
Jen: Ok, Charlotte.

Dawson: Um... guys, USC is not for me. I want to drop out. I know this comes as a surprise to both of you, but I spent the whole summer in L.A., And I went to every single one of my classes, and the main thing that I learned about L.A. is that L.A. is just not where I want to be right now.
Gail: And Boston is?
Dawson: All my friends are in Boston.
Gail: Oh, honey. You'll make new friends in California. It just takes some time.
Dawson: Mom, it's more than that. It's more than that. I'm... I'm at a profound crossroads in my life, and I know that if I don't choose this path, I'm going to have significant regrets.
Gail: Hmm… Where would you live?
Dawson: Uh, with Jack and Jen at Grams'.
Gail: What would you do?
Dawson: Find a new school.
Gail: Oh, Dawson.
Dawson: Mom, I know I sound like a complete flake, but I promise you, I've given this a lot of thought.
Mitch: I've given this some thought myself, and I've decided... you're not dropping out.
Dawson: It doesn't work like that, dad.
Mitch: If you're going to stand here and talk to me about crossroads and paths so you can drop out of school and go crash on a sofa, then don't presume to talk to me like you're an adult.

Audrey: I have this theory about you. You want to hear it?
Joey: No.
Audrey: You love academia because of the rules, and you hate relationships because of the lack of them. Joey, no one's gonna grade you on how you handle this, you know? No one's gonna come along and tell you what's expected so you know how to succeed. Relationships are messy. That's their nature. They start messy, and they end messy, and if you ever want to have another relationship in your life, you better just stop worrying about the mess.

Gail: Did Joey ask you to stay in Boston?
Dawson: No.
Gail: Are you two…
Dawson: Together? No. It makes no logical sense. I know. The past few years of my life, I haven't done anything without a clear-cut objective. I've always been asking myself, "What's my goal? What am I trying to accomplish?" And my whole life, everybody's always been telling me to follow my heart. The irony is, now that I've finally figured out what that means, everybody's telling me I'm crazy if I do it.
Gail: No, honey. I'm not saying not to follow your heart, but... people change, Dawson. It's a fact. You, all of your friends, you're all gonna change. So if you are absolutely sure that you want to be with Joey, just make sure that you are not going to prevent either one of you from growing. And, sweetheart, I am not dismissing this beautiful idea of soul mates, but the reality of eternal coupling... well, quite frankly, it boils down to one thing... faith. So ask yourself this question-- is Joey the kind of person that you are willing to take a very big leap of faith for?

Joey: You can't see them very well, can you? At night, in the city.
Pacey: [Looks at her, surprised to see her. Then he smiles] What? The stars? Um, no you can't see them very well, but what the hell, I've seen them all before, right? [They pause and look at each other, then Joey smiles]
Joey: Me too.

The Long GoodbyeEdit

Mr. Brennan: I can't tell you how sorry I am for your loss, Dawson.
Dawson: Thank you, Mr. Brennan. I appreciate it.
Mr. Brennan: He was here, you know. That night. Your father.
Dawson: I know.
Mr. Brennan: I asked him about you. He said, uh, you were a royal pain in the ass.
Dawson: [Chuckles] That's me.
Mr. Brennan: He was proud, though. How do I know that, huh? Well, when I mentioned your name, his whole face just lit up. He said you were this brave kid, but he had no idea how you got to be that way. He said you had a romantic streak a mile long, and he said he was proud to know you. I'm sorry if that makes you sad, Dawson, but I figure if somebody says that about you, you ought to know it. Oh, don't forget your change. And be certain to convey my condolences to your mother, would you?
Dawson: Thank you. I will.

Gale: Honey, you don't have to be so strong all the time. You can fall to pieces just about any time you want. There's nothing to be ashamed of.
Dawson: I'm not ashamed. There's... everybody keeps on asking me, "How you doin'? How you feelin'?" Truth is, I don't feel anything. Not a thing. I'm numb. Which, to tell you the truth, is really not so bad.
Gale: Um, that's great... until it all comes crumbling down.
Dawson: Well... until then.

Joey: [to Gale] You know, growing up, spending that time with you guys... I think I was too little to really understand it, but I... I always knew there was something special about the way you guys looked at each other. Like you were in on this great little secret that the rest of us weren't privy to, and my parents never had that... not even in the best of times. I'm not gonna sit here and... and try to pretend to know what was going through his mind before he died, but... I know your husband loved you very much. [pause] You know, I know this probably doesn't mean much now, but he's not really gone, you know. 'Cause if ever there was someone who was an absolute reflection of his father, it's Dawson.

[At the place where Mitch was killed]
Dawson: What the hell are we doing here?
Pacey: I want to show you something. [Waiting for Dawson to get out of the car] Now according to my brother, your father was driving down the road here at about 45 mph, which is granted, a little bit above the speed limit, but not at all unusual for this stretch of road. At the same time, a man name Gary Peters was getting off work, driving down the road a little farther up, just around the bend. Gary Peters is a pretty average guy. 35 years old, wife, two kids, works as a baggage handler for Blue Star Airlines, and Gary had to pull a double shift that day and it must have been a real bitch, because when he came around that bend he was asleep at the wheel.
Dawson: Why are you doing this Pacey?
Pacey: Why? Because I want you to know that it was a man named Gary Peters who killed your father. A guy who should have known better than to get behind the wheel of a car, a guy who for the rest of his life will carry around the guilt of taking Mitch Leery away from his wife and two kids and I want you to know that that guy is not you. It's not you Dawson. Do not blame yourself for this. You want to grieve, go right ahead, be my guest, but do not for one single second think that this is your fault, because it is not your fault. You got your father for 18 years and that is a hell of a lot more than some people get and your father did one hell of a job Dawson. He made you into a man. He made you into a man that people care about and admire and respect and most importantly, love. So why am I doing this? I'm doing this because once upon a time, you and I were best friends and that means that whenever you need me, I'm here; anytime, anywhere, any place, forever. You understand that?
Dawson: We should get going.

Dawson: Mom, you ok?
Gale: Yeah, for the moment. [After long pause while staring at Lily] You wanna know what the worst part is?
Dawson: What?
Gale: She'll never even know he existed.
Dawson: Not if I have anything to do about it. She is going to hear about her daddy every chance I get.

Use Your DisillusionEdit

Joey: [written in a book she gave to Dawson] Dear Dawson, When something like this happens, you wanna reach out and grab the people around you, the ones who matter the most. The ones you take for granted all the time. And you want to take those people and hold onto them as tight as you can, tell them how precious they are to you, how knowing them makes your life better every single day that you're living it. Because when something like this happens, you realize how awful it would be if they didn't know, if they weren't aware of the profound effect they've had on your life. So, I want to take this moment to tell you that I love you, Dawson, and I'm here for you...Now, forever, and every day in between. Love, Joey.

Audrey: What are you so nervous about? It's just Dawson. You guys have like known each other since you were placenta.
Joey: Exactly. It's Dawson. My best friend in the entire world who needs me right now more than he probably ever has and that's a lot of pressure. You know, what if I mess up and I say all the wrong things and at the end of the day I'm not enough.

Dawson: Joey, thank you.
Joey: For what?
Dawson: For taking me in, getting me out. All evidence to the contrary, you really did make me feel better.

Audrey: You're not happy.
Joey: No, I am happy. That's the problem.
Audrey: Uh huh, because you're neurotic.
Joey: No, because I shouldn't be happy, I mean, my best friend in the entire world just left. I haven't seen him in almost a month and as soon as he walked out of the door, I felt relieved. How horrible is that?
Audrey: It's not horrible, that's honest.
Joey: Why do I feel so guilty?

Tobey: What is that?
Jen: What is what?
Tobey: That stupid fantasy you have where the guy who broke your heart suddenly realizes he's made the biggest mistake of his life and he finds you wherever you are. He comes running up to you and he says: 'I can't live without you. You are my entire universe and if you don't take me back right now, I will never love anyone again'... Where does this fantasy come from?
Jen: Movies, television, and that little place in your heart that harbors hope... He's going to regret this, you know?
Tobey: Yeah maybe. Maybe not. The thing is we tell ourselves that to make ourselves feel better, but the truth is somebody always gets hurt worse in every breakup. This time it's me. Hold on to that Charlie. He seems like he could be a good egg. [Tobey looks down the street once more] I really thought he'd come.

High AnxietyEdit

Dawson: The truth is, Jo, I don't know what to do with myself.
Joey: Dawson, your dad just died. You've every right to be feeling that way.
Dawson: You know why I came here this weekend? It was to see a shrink. Well, a grief specialist to be exact.
Joey: Well, how'd it go?
Dawson: Didn't. I flaked.

Joey: You know, Kay, um, I've sat here this entire meal and listened to you do nothing but cut down your daughter. And I don't know if you're just upset with her because she's not what you want her to be, or because she's 18 and you're not. Audrey may be dramatic, but at least she's never boring. And she may be interested in a lot of different things, but that just makes her well-rounded. And as far as discipline goes, she obviously has a great deal because no matter what you seem to say to her, she somehow manages to grin and bear it. As you can see, I don't really have that kind of discipline. Audrey, let's go. There's a party.

Dawson: Joey, for the past 15 minutes, I've been trying to figure out a way to tell you how sorry I am, and I just don't know how. It's like... English is all of a sudden my second language.
Joey: Aren't we beyond the need for formal apologies at this point? I mean, besides... you were such a jerk last night, I figure you're feeling all kinds of stupid.

Dawson: The last time I was here, everybody just walked on eggshells around me, so that just reminded me of everything.
Jen: Mmm, your life just seems to suck right now in ways that I can't imagine, but... everybody's trying their best, you know?
Dawson: Yeah, you're right. I'm a lucky guy. I've some pretty kick-ass friends.
Jen: Don't you forget it.

Dawson: Can I tell you something, even if it has the potential to make you sad? Joey, when I made the decision not to go back to L.A., all I could do was daydream about this one thing; kissing you. I was so looking forward to this day when it would finally feel right for you and me to give it another try, you know, and for the first time in forever it seemed possible. It seemed like just around the corner and then he died. It just went away. I was living in this fuzzy world of daydreams and I just got yanked out of it and I have no idea how to get back there. And what scares me the most is maybe I never will.
[Joey kisses Dawson]
Joey: You'll find your way back. In the meantime, I'll be daydreaming for the both of us.

Text, Lies and VideotapeEdit

Audrey: [to a camera] I know, great birthday present. I mean what 14-year-old wants to fend for themselves like an adult? But, I have to forgive her, I know that. 'Cause forgiving her is the only way I'm ever going to be good to anyone else. The part that is really terrifying is that I think that... I don't know, I'm like turning into her. I'm loud, shameless, bossy, and I freak people out sometimes. But I don't think I can change that. 'Cause even if I don't particularly like who I am, at least I know who that is. And even if I tried to change, who the hell knows who I'll be?
[Joey excitedly rises to her feet and turns off the tape]
Audrey: What? What's wrong?
Joey: Nothing's wrong. That's great, that's it. That's the one.
Audrey: But I'm just sitting there talking to myself.
Joey: Exactly.
Audrey: But isn't it kind of cheesy and vulnerable?
Joey: No, it's you. It's the real you. That girl in the video who's not afraid to look stupid, that's the real you. And for what it's worth, I met your mom and your're nothing like her.

Dawson: I seem to have won a film festival in Hooksett, New Hampshire. Which is... really bizarre because I never entered a film festival in Hooksett, New Hampshire.
Gale: No, but your father did. Yep. He wasn't very good with little details, but... he always believed in you.

Dawson: Am I just lying to myself?
Dr. Weir: Dawson, losing someone you love... losing them suddenly, with no logical explanation... the brain isn't set up to cope with something like that. And along the way, a few lies here and there... it's probably par for the course. The only problem is when you start convincing yourself that the lies are true.

Dawson: I think the worst part about it was that my mom didn't even seem to care. It was like she expected him to mess this thing up. Maybe that's why I got so mad.
Dr. Weir: So, you were mad?
Dawson: Yeah. Yeah, I was.
Dr. Weir: At your mother or at him for not signing it?
Dawson: At him. I can't be mad at him right now.
Dr. Weir: Sure you can. Wasn't your father mad at you? You told me he laid down the law, bought you a plane ticket.
Dawson: Yeah, I gave it right back to him.
Dr. Weir: And you had reasons for that.
Dawson: Well yeah, but he obviously had reasons for wanting me to go back to USC.
Dr. Weir: Yes, he did. And maybe he was wrong. If he were here and we could ask him, we would probably find out that all those reasons were more about him. His hopes, his expectations and just because he died doesn't mean that he gets to win the argument.
Dawson: When I remember that night, all I feel is furious.
Dr. Weir: That's ok. That's how you feel.
Dawson: So what do I do now?
Dr. Weir: What every 18 year old has to do, decide what to do with your own life.
Dawson: What if I don't know?
Dr. Weir: That's fine too. Although, personally, I think you do know.

Professor Wilder: Most people when they get to college feel really insecure. Seems like everybody around them knows so much more, so they race to catch up, they pretend to know things instead of slowing down to actually learn them, because they don't realize that the discomfort of uncertainty is the most precious part of the experience. If you can fee comfortable not knowing, you can learn anything, anything, and if not then you've stopped before you've begun.
Joey: Well for a while I was feeling insecure.
Professor Wilder: No!
Joey: And I just... I guess what I'm saying is, thanks for choosing me to be on this project.
Professor Wilder: Thank you for sticking with it.

Hotel New HampshireEdit

Charlie: Man, you have managed to land two of the most high maintenance women I have ever met. How did you do it?
Pacey: High maintenance is just another way of saying high quality.

Joey: You know, Jack. You grow up in this small town, you know? Thinking you have the most open mind and you're ready for anything. And then you finally hit the big city and, suddenly, there are still so many surprises, like, no matter how open you thought your mind was, there's still so much to learn in sometimes places you never would have even thought.
Jack: Yeah.
Joey: If a fraternity is what you need, we need to learn to accept that. I need to learn to be less extreme about it.

[After having had sex for the first time]
Jen: Look at you smiling.
Dawson: So that's what everyone's talking about.
Jen: That's it.
Dawson: Hmm... it wasn't... what I imagined.
Jen: It's not?
Dawson: No. Everyone always told me your first time is never as good as you'd imagine it to be. That was... every bit the fantasy.

Dawson: For the first time, I was finally able to appreciate what a great father he was and how lucky I was to have known him without feeling guilty. Without feeling like I let him down. I don't wanna jinx anything, but... I dare say I'm happy.

Jen: I just feel awkward and there's too much at stake for me to just let it slide.
Dawson: What do you mean?
Jen: I don't know. Part of me wishes that last night could just be, um, a beautiful memory and the other part of me knows that sex changes everything and I just don't want to loose our friendship.
Dawson: Ok. You're not going to loose my friendship. I promise. Ok and yes, sex does change things, but who says it has to be for the worst?
Jen: What does that mean?
Dawson: I don't know. I don't know. If I told you I knew where this was leading I'd be lying to you, because I don't. All I know is, it happened last night and it felt right. And if sex changes things, I say bring it on. I'm ready to explore that.
Jen: Ok, I'm in.

Four Scary StoriesEdit

Joey: Who's Karen?
Pacey: Do you really want to have that conversation now?
Joey: Uh, no. Sorry. Sugar high.

Pacey: What the whole world needs is a good old-fashioned urban legend.
Jack: Yeah, that's all we need... more predictable stories about a guy with a hook for an arm that kills the amorous couple.
Pacey: Hey, those stories exist for a reason, Jack.
Joey: Right, to discourage teenagers from drinking and having sex in the woods.

Joey: It was Halloween night. Audrey was walking with me to the library, which was, in itself, a sign of the apocalypse.

Audrey: I'm just seeking clarification here. Are you the most bookwormy, pathetic person alive?
Joey: Well, according to your party-till-you- drop-out standards, apparently.

Joey: Maybe I've just lost the will to scream.
Pacey: Oh, please. You were once and will forever remain the number one skittish kitten in my life.
[Joey gives him a look]
Pacey: It's not to worry. It's part of your charm.

Appetite for DestructionEdit

Pacey: So, Dawson... Dawson Leery!
Dawson: That's my name.
Pacey: Yep! Well, come on man.
Dawson: Come on what?
Pacey: Why, oh, why did you choose to take the lovely and talented Jen Lindley away for the weekend?
Jack: A woman even my tribe can't resist.
Pacey: And here you are not sharing the details?
Dawson: There's nothing to share.
Pacey: Really? So that's why you've been staring at the bathroom door like you wish you had telekinetic powers? Which means to me that either you are very, very concerned about Audrey's wardrobe or, perhaps, you're concerned about Joey?
Jack: You call me crazy but I don't think Joey's gonna mind a little kissing. Unless, of course, something more happened.
Pacey: Now, there's an interesting idea, but what more could have happened?
Dawson: Guys, I'm not gonna go over the bases with you.
Pacey: I didn't say bases, did you say bases?
Jack: Guys, we don't need details.
Dawson: Alright, I'll be right back.

Jack: He did!
Pacey: You think?!
Jack: Oh yeah, definitely did. Do you feel different?
Pacey: I do! I do, I feel...different. I mean here we have Dawson Leery walking amongst us, and I gotta tell ya, I'm a little worried he wasn't prepared - we didn't even get a chance to have the talk! do you know?
Jack: Mm. It's not so much him as it is her. I mean, as sick as this sounds, I know the look.
Pacey: Oh know, we almost did too.
Jack: I know, I know . . . come to think of it, we almost did once too.
Pacey: Hmm...What do you think it takes?
Jack: A virgin and a straight guy.
Pacey: Damn...

Jen: [about Joey] I don't know what I'm going to say to her.
Dawson: You don't have to say anything.
Jen: Are you proposing that we sneak around Dawson Leery? Because you know, I am that kind of girl.

Jen: Um, Joey. Just so you know, for whatever it's worth, and I don't know what that is... I just didn't, I didn't plan on this.
Joey: I never assumed that you did.
Jen: I know, I just... this boy has always been between us in one way or another and I feel like you and I were finally getting close and I would just... I would really hate for that to be negated by this development.
Joey: You know what? Everyone seems to be operating under this assumption tonight that we're all going to react a certain way to this and that that way is somehow going to be apocalyptic. I don't know how many different ways to say this, but I'm fine, really. You're a good person Jen. That's exactly what Dawson needs right now.

Dawson: Joey, it hurts to be around you... I see you even from across the room and it brings up a thousand memories. Not just of us, but of my entire life before. It's like I'm frozen in this place I can't bare to be. I care about you so much. As long as I can remember, everything's always come back to you and no matter what was happening between us even the thought of you was at least a constant comfort, but I can't go back. It just hurts. [pause] Something shifted when my father died; something was lost. And uh, part of me, the part of me that was still hopeful just thought that maybe you and I could be on hold and then all of a sudden this path that I was on, that seemed like such a great idea when I started it, just didn't make any sense. And the more I tried to stick to my routine, the harder it was to breath. And when Jen and I got out of town, it was like starting over.

Something WildEdit

Jen: [lying together in front of a fire] So when do you think the fun stops in a healthy relationship?
Dawson: I have no idea, but I think we're going to have a blast finding out.

Audrey: Tell me something. Does this sort of thing usually work with the ladies?
Pacey: What sort of thing?
Audrey: The 'if I'm this passionate about the sensual art of cooking, imagine how good I am in bed' thing?
Pacey: Mm hmm.
Audrey: Imagine how good you'd do if you actually trimmed your nails.

Audrey: That can't be the same girl that sleeps in my room! Who is that girl?!
Pacey: That is "other Joey."

Audrey: Come on, Joey. That guy is gorgeous.
Joey: Ok, he's gorgeous and... familiar.
Audrey: We have to plot some smart, subtle way for you to meet him.
Joey: How about I go up to him and say, "Aren't you Charlie, the guy who dicked over Jen?"
Audrey: That's Charlie? Charlie the jerk?
Joey: In the flesh.

Joey: So tell me. Does this sort of thing actually work?
Charlie: I wouldn't know. I'm not like the rest of these pre-epoch Neanderthals in this place.
Joey: No?
Charlie: I've never done this before.
Joey: Really?
Charlie: Yeah.
Joey: So, you must've used a different tact with Jen Lindley, huh?
Charlie: Hmm. Joey, the smart girl from Worthington.
Joey: Charlie, womanizer from Boston bay.

Sleeping ArrangementsEdit

Jen: You know how weird it is to live with somebody, to be with somebody who no matter what you do can always really see you? It's a little scary.
Dawson: Mm hmm, it's a lot scary. Does it help if I remind you how much I like what I see?

Joey: I got asked out today.
Audrey: [fakes a gasp] Of course, you said no.
Joey: Of course.
Audrey: Because you're long-suffering and insane and fixated on Dawson.
Joey: How dysfunctional do you think I am?
Audrey: About one lithium pill short of 'Girl Interrupted' status.

Audrey: You totally want me.
Pacey: Audrey, if you're attracted to me, you can just say so. We don't have to play all these childish games.
Audrey: Hmm, Pacey... you're really nice and everything. It's just that... I don't know. You're kind of... boring.

Grams: I like to think I've come a long way over the past few years with Jennifer's help. Once upon a time, I couldn't even say the word penis.
Dawson: You know what, it would... it would be fine by me if you never said it again.

Dawson: I'm not your other boyfriends. I'm not going to fight with you, I'm not going to lie to you, and I'm not going to cheat on you. I'm going to the movies. If you want to come with me it would be great, if not I'll see you when I get home. Because I will come home and I'm going to keep coming home no matter how hard you try and push me away. Now you can either take my word for it or you can keep on testing me, either way Jen, the results are going to be the same.

Something WilderEdit

Jen: If that's what the people want, if they want me to be nasty and sarcastic, I can do that. I just need something that's gonna take me there. Pacey, say something disgusting.
Pacey: Sure, would you prefer sexist or just downright vulgar? [Jen's cell phone rings]
Jen: Hold that thought. [Answers her phone] Hello. [in a sweet, childish voice] Hello, my little pumpkin.
Pacey: Oh, you are so fired.

Jen: If you had a relationship question, wouldn't you rather talk to somebody who was in a healthy, loving relationship?
Pacey: Hell no! I always prefer to get my advice from people who are far more dysfunctional than I am; that way I feel good about my life.

Jen: This is Jen Lindley, and I'm here to answer any questions that you may have concerning matters of the heart... or the groin.

Audrey: OK, my question of the day is this: Why do guys do anything to get your phone number, but once they have it, never use it properly? I mean, why do they only use it for a booty call? Oh, and footnote: where does the term "booty call" come from? I mean, if "booty" means "sex", why don't people ever say: "let's go have booty"?

Joey: It is painfully obvious that the only reason you don't like his book is because you think it's affecting your mojo with the ladies.
Elliott: Well, that shows how little you know me. I have no mojo to speak of.
Joey: I think you have a little.

Guerilla FilmmakingEdit

Pacey: [after he has mistaken his one night stand's name] Oh come on, sweetheart, don't leave angry. Or if you must, at least don't drive angry.
Rina: Have a nice life, Stacey.

Pacey: How do you do that thing?
Audrey: What thing?
Pacey: You smile and the whole world lights up.
Audrey: You're not my type. You're not my type.
Pacey: You already said that.
Audrey: I know. I'm just... convincing myself.
[they kiss]

Audrey: [to Joey] Our friendship is like the special-est thing that I've found since I came here. And what do I do? I step on it. I betray you. Why? Because I am weak when it comes to men.

Pacey: If something happened between me and Audrey, it would be a horrible, terrible, awful thing, right?
Joey: Pacey, you're an idiot.
Pacey: Ok. If one more person calls me an idiot, I'm really gonna start feeling bad about myself.
Joey: Don't you think I'd prefer you hooking up with someone amazing like Audrey rather than some random ditz who's name you can't even remember in the morning?

Joey: [to Audrey] I love you. [to Pacey] I love you. I love you both in the best, simplest way, and all I care about is that you guys are happy.
Audrey: You're like... giving us permission?
Joey: You don't need my permission. I'm giving you my blessing... for what it's worth.

Downtown CrossingEdit

Mugger: Are you a virgin?
Joey: [pause] Can you be any more of a dick right now?
Mugger: Yeah, I could shoot you.

Joey: My tenth birthday, my father takes me to the park, and if you knew Mike Potter, you'd know that was a pretty big deal. I mean, he never really had time for stuff like that... but he took me, and we played for hours... jungle gym, swings, everything... and I was so happy. He was so popular with the people, and... everyone seemed to know him, and... I was so proud to be his daughter. I mean, he was, like, the Mayor or something. It wasn't until years later that I realized he was dealing drugs to them.
Mugger: Heartwarming story. What's your point?
Joey: My point is... my dad did a lot of crappy stuff. I mean, this is the guy who cheated on my mom with a cocktail waitress while she was dying of cancer. He let me and my sister down time and time again, so many times and in so many ways, it became funny. But you know what? That day at the park... it still goes down in the books as my favorite day ever.

Mugger: Well, the point is, I love my wife. I love my daughter, but... I am who I am. Nothing's gonna change that. I mean, you wanna know why people do the things that they do. There is no why, sweetheart. They just do.
Joey: That's crap. If you really loved your daughter, if you really loved her, you wouldn't do those things.

Joey: Your daughter is, uh, really beautiful. It's a shame she has such a dickhead for a dad.
Mugger: Well, sounds like your dad was a bit of a dickhead, too. Look how well you turned out.
Joey: You don't know anything about me.
Mugger: True, but from what I can tell, you're pretty smart... and funny... and reasonably hot, and I imagine most of your friends like having you around... most of the time, when you're not smartin' off with that little mouth.

Sammy: Did my daddy do something bad to you?
Joey: [pause] No. He did something really nice for me.
Sammy: He did?
Joey: Yeah. I was crossing the street, and I wasn't paying any attention, and there was this car coming, and it was gonna hit me, but then your daddy came out and pushed me out of the way. He saved my life tonight.
Sammy: [Turns to her crying mother] Did you hear that, mama? Daddy's a hero.
[Grace kneels down and hugs her daughter]
Grace: [Mouths silently to Joey] Thank you.

In A Lonely PlaceEdit

Jen: Do you think that when, uh, when two people are in a relationship, that they should be passionate about the same things in order for it to work?
Dawson: No. Not as long as they're passionate about each other.
Jen: And we are. Right? We're passionate about each other.
Dawson: You're not having doubts about us, are you?

Audrey: [To Pacey] Happiness, it freaks me out.

Jack: [To Pacey] That's kind of the essence of Audrey, isn't it? I mean, she just zeros in on the one thing that you're slightly afraid of, and then she just does not take no for an answer. That's a good quality to have in a person.

Joey: So what is the best ending in all of literature? Don't say Ulysses. Everyone says Ulysses.
Professor Wilder: That's easy. Sentimental Education by Flaubert.
Joey: And what happens?
Professor Wilder: Nothing, really. Just two old friends sitting around remembering the best thing that never happened to them.
Joey: How do you remember something that never happened?
Professor Wilder: Fondly. You see, Flaubert believed that anticipation was the purest form of pleasure... and the most reliable. And that while the things that actually happen to you would invariable disappoint, the things that never happened to you would never dim. Never fade. They would always be engraved in your heart with a sort of sweet sadness.

Dawson: Would you believe she almost had an affair with her English professor?
Jen: Joey?
Dawson: Mm-hmm.
Jen: Joey Potter?
Dawson: Yeah.
Jen: Wow.

Highway To HellEdit

Pacey: So what is the name of this place we're going to, anyway?
Charlie: Uh, the 'Drunk and the Dead.'
Pacey: Oh, that sounds like a nice family joint.

Charlie: I think I dreamt this once.
Joey: What are you talking about?
Charlie: You, me, a big backseat.
Joey: This backseat has no implications.
Charlie: Hey, I didn't say that it did.
Joey: This is strictly business.
Charlie: All my backseat transactions are.

Audrey: Let's just enjoy this for what it is, a wacky road trip high jinx with a motley crew and their collective sexual tension.
Pacey: Throw in a bag of pork rinds, you got yourself a deal.

Pacey: [To Charlie] And I just got tired of hating you so intensely, but make no mistake if you do anything to hurt Joey, I will make you regret it for the rest of your waking days.

Dawson: Is it completely stupid for me to get clothes for my little sister for her birthday?
Jen: No, I think that it's great, you know. She's finally developing her own sense of style as opposed to that typical blatant nudity.

Cigarette BurnsEdit

Charlie: I was hoping that maybe you might let me sit next to you, and then, possibly, if I just sat there, then, maybe... whatever happened to make you like me, well, maybe it could happen again.
Joey: Don't get your hopes up.
Charlie: [chuckles] Too late.

Joey: You're thinking that I'm the most attractive and formidable woman you've ever been in the same room with. Though you're terrified of rejection, you like me and you want to take me out on a proper date.
Charlie: I do wanna ask you out. Very much. Very, very much. And, you know, you... [chuckles] you make me nervous.
Joey: I know I do.

Dawson: I've had this truly bizarre, life-altering year. I... I dropped out of USC to be with this girl who I've loved in one way or another for pretty much my whole life, and then my father died, which completely rocked my universe, and then I jumped headfirst into this really intense relationship with this other girl, and we just broke up, and--and the movie has nothing to do with any of these things, but in a way, it has to do with all of them.

Pacey: [after having sex] I am more glad. I am gladder. Gladdest. And I can't feel anything below my waist. Is that supposed to happen?
Audrey: Give me another hour, you'll be in a coma.
Pacey: [panting] Where... on Earth... did you learn how to do that?
Audrey: National Geographic.

Charlie: [to Joey] No, I was going to say that I want to take you into the bathroom and do ungodly things to you.

100 Light Years From HomeEdit

Pacey: So this is spring break, it doesn't really look like the brochures.
Audrey: Hey. I provided the house, you people we supposed to bring on the fun. There are some pizzas.
Joey: We could rent some movies...
Pacey: ...or play strip poker.
Audrey, Joey and Jen: NO!
Pacey: Come on, its not like I haven't seen you all naked before. Ok, ok. We'll rent movies.

Charlie: Look, I would be happy to stop calling. Just tell me where you are.
Joey: I'm in your dreams, Charlie Todd.
Charlie: See, now, wait a second. That sounded suspiciously like flirting to me.
Joey: Maybe... and this is what a dial tone sounds like. [Hangs up on him]

Joey: [Answering her phone] Hello?
Charlie: Hello gorgeous.
Joey: So, I was beginning to worry. You haven't called for 3 hours.
Charlie: Oh, so you do like my calling.
Joey: What do you want, exactly?
Charlie: Nothing, really. Just your address.
Joey: No problem. I'm at 359 No-Way-in-Hell Avenue on the corner of Get-Over-It and Main.

Joey: OK, so let me get this straight...
Dawson: Oh, no. Why do I feel a quasi-feminist rant coming on?
Joey: Shut up. So basically, spring break is hunting season, Florida is the forest, and girls are the target.

Jack: I said I was going out for the necessary provisions; that means beer and jello.

Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)Edit

[The girls are awakened by a sound outside their window]
Audrey: It sounds like a cat dying.
Joey: I think it's music.
[Charlie is outside playing guitar and singing]
Audrey: Could he be any cuter?
Joey: No, but he could be more in tune.
Audrey: Come on. This is so romantic. It's like that movie. It's like you make him want to be a better man.
Joey: Wouldn't it be better for society if I made him want to be a better guitar player?
Audrey: Ok, it is official. You are the queen of negativity. There'll be a crowning ceremony later in the day.

Joey: I'm the worst kind of person because I suck these boys into my web, and then I make them give up their dreams until they're left sad and dreamless and living in Boston.

Audrey: That sound you just heard? That was all the fun leaving the building.

Joey: The point is, I wasn't there for everyday of your life up until now and you weren't here for everyday of mine.
Charlie: This is supposed to be a good thing?
Joey: Living without the weight of eighteen years of expectations, yes it's a good thing.

Joey: I do not drool.
Charlie: a basset hound.
Joey: I do not drool and if you tell anyone I do, then I'll just mention how you moan in your sleep about your mom taking away your Barbie dolls.
Charlie: Ok, I didn't—
Joey: Only for about 20 minutes.
Charlie: In that case, I saw no drool.

After HoursEdit

Joey: I gotta tell you, Dawson. It's like the entire world has been coming at me tonight. Like, completely distracting me from what I've spent my entire life preparing for. I mean, it's like this night has been a metaphor for the whole semester and one big left turn. Not that it's been bad, because it hasn't, but it's just, if I don't get myself back on track, I could... [She looks over to see that he has fallen asleep] Dawson?

Amy: You are a passionate guy, Mr. Leery. The secret is out, and someday, you are gonna meet someone who drives you absolutely mad, who you are gonna fight with and laugh with and do totally insane things for. Someone who turns your life wildly upside down.
Dawson: [Sighs] I think I've already met that person.
Amy: Really? Why aren't you with her?
Dawson: Bad timing... I suppose.

Amy: Look at you, all Harrison Ford in Working Girl.
Dawson: I'd rather be him in Raiders.
Amy: Cuter in the former.
Dawson: Cooler in the latter.

Dawson: What makes a girl decide to spend the night with a guy she hardly knows?
Amy: The same things that make a guy want to. Of course, with girls, the deciding factor is usually the shoes.
Dawson: You decided to sleep with me because of my Skechers?
Amy: I could tell you were okay, safe, genuine, a kindred spirit.
Dawson: And Mr. Car Cover?
Amy: Loafers.

Jack: I think it's ok to get back to Grams'. She and Mr. Smalls have to be done practicing choir by now.
Pacey: You don't really believe that they asked you to leave so that they could rehearse "Jesus loves me" in private, do you?

The AbbyEdit

Dawson: [to his father at his grave] I lost my virginity. It was Jen. Believe that? After all that, it was Jen. I made a movie with a strange guy I met up at that film festival in Hooksett. And, uh... we got an agent. And now there's this guy in Hollywood who wants us to fly out there and work with him all summer. So I'll finally get to use that plane ticket that you bought me. I guess there's... some symmetry to that. The real thing I wanna talk to you about is, uh... Joey Potter. I mean, is it still ok after everything that's happened to believe that something perfect is possible? I want to be with her. I love her. Ok. (Sniffs) I'll talk to you later. Don't go anywhere.

Jen: I don't even know if I want to spend the whole summer with my parents. Maybe I'd rather spend it with you.
Jack: Look, we got time. All right, we got all the time in the world. We will have our adventures. I promise you. But this phone call has been 5 years coming. I mean, you gotta see it through, don't you?
Jen: I mean, why does my life have to stop and start at their convenience? I just feel like I'm doing really well right now... sort of. And if I dive back into that whole mess, I don't know what's gonna happen.

Jen: Whenever the subject of my parents comes up, I seem to have this really annoying habit of falling apart.

Mr. Devaney: What is going on here?
Pacey: You, sir, are witnessing a coup d'etat. [Pacey reaches into his pocket, pulls out a note, and reads as the rest of the staff enters] "It is my unfortunate duty as duly designated representative of the staff of Civilization to inform you that, in hiring Miss Alexandra Pearl as the manager of this restaurant, you have made a grievous error in judgment. In her short time here, she has demonstrated not only complete incompetence, but an--"
Alex: Stop it right now. Stop.
Pacey: Oh, I'm not finished yet. "Not only complete incompetence, but an utter disrespect for all of her employees. She's manipulative, vindictive, and cruel, and she has created an environment so hostile and unpleasant that we feel it is impossible for us to serve today's meal at a level representative of our abilities."
Mr. Devaney: lunch?
Pacey: On the contrary. I brought enough pizza for everybody.
[Pacey begins passing out the pizzas]
Alex: Mr. Devaney, everyone, Pacey Witter is a deeply disturbed and highly delusional young man who has become increasingly obsessed with me.
Pacey: That is a good move. Very clever.
Alex: It's okay, Pacey. This is clearly the result of some sort of a breakdown. Now, I can assure you that all of his statements are nothing more than the ramblings of a lunatic and in no way are indicative of the feelings of my otherwise amazing staff.
Trevor: Actually, they are indicative of the feelings of the rest of the staff... really indicative. Completely indicative.
Alex: Pacey, you're fired!
Pacey: Yeah. Reap the whirlwind, babe.

Jen: You know what? It may be a huge mistake, absolutely horrible. We may come back after a week. But so what? No matter what happens, for the rest of our lives, whenever Costa Rica comes up in casual conversation, we'll be able to say, "Good Old Costa? Yeah, I spent some time there."
Jack: How often does Costa Rica come up in casual conversation?
Jen: Hey! You tryin' to kill my buzz, man?

Swan SongEdit

Joey: When did you become the fatalist?
Dawson: Right about the same time I went to kiss you and you turn your head like you're on a bad blind date.
Joey: I was scared.
Dawson: Of what?
Joey: Of going backwards, of never growing up.

Joey: [To Dawson] If we really mean to each other what we say we mean to each other, then...there's nothing to worry about. Everything will work itself out, I guarantee it.

Joey: [To Dawson] I started this year thinking that I had to say good-bye to you, but I was wrong. Dawson, you're a huge part of my life... past, present, and future... and I have to start getting used to that because... you make my life better, not worse.

Dawson: Damn it. You have this annoying habit of making me not want to get on planes.
Joey: You're gonna get on this plane, Dawson, and you're gonna go make movies. 'Cause that's your dream, and you're gonna be good to everyone you meet along the way because that's who you are. And if you ever get lost, you remember.
Dawson: What?
Joey: I love you, too.

Pacey: [over the intercom] Audrey, it's me. Look, I don't know if you can hear me right now but if you can, please don't get on that plane, please. Or you know what, if you do get on that plane, its fine because all you’re gonna make me do is make me drive across country and hang out in front of your parent’s Beverly Hills mansion until you talk to me. Because I have to tell you that I am really, truly sorry for everything, and I’m sorry that I wasn’t completely truthful with you and I’m sorry for my predilection for the company of older women. It’s just that this has been a really strange year for me Audrey, because while the rest of you guys are off to in the whole college thing, I was just doing my best to stay afloat. And believe me, nobody is handing out road maps for the road less traveled, you just kinda got to get on and start driving. But ultimately, the only thing that I’m gonna take away from this year and the only thing that I’m gonna remember is you, because you are amazing Audrey. And you came along at the time when I thought all the big loves of my life are behind me, and you just rock my world. And I know that you and I don’t actually even know each other that well yet but, I’m sure that I could live without you, I’m just not sure that I want too, Audrey, so that’s it. Uh, that’s it. That’s my pitch. So, peace out everybody. Free the West Memphis Three.

Season 6Edit

The Kids Are AlrightEdit

Joey: You seem... different.
Dawson: Different how?
Joey: Just different. A good different... like living your dream agrees with you.

Joey: What are you doing?
Dawson: I was gonna ask you to dance.
Joey: Are you crazy?
Dawson: Yeah, but the offer still stands.

Jack: What do you know about selling stocks?
Pacey: Not a damn thing, but Audrey's father seems to think I'd be good at it. He told me I'm a natural born hustler and I should take advantage of it while I can.
Jack: Well, you got to admit, Pace, you do possess the appropriate degree of obnoxiousness for that particular vocation.

Dawson: You know what you were saying before, about how living my dream agrees with me? I've been thinking about that and I want you to know that I probably would not be living any dream at all if it weren't for you. I mean, more and more I keep on finding myself in these incredibly surreal situations and every time... I always kind of, in the back of my head just think, "what would Joey think if she could see me right now?" You know, I guess everyone has someone who challenges them and makes them shoot for something just beyond their reach. You're that person for me. So, yeah, maybe we didn't talk this summer, and who knows, maybe we'll find ourselves talking less and less as time goes on and life gets more and more in the way, but... I gotta say, Jo, I don't feel it. 'Cause you're with me everywhere I go. Happy birthday.
Joey: Thank you.

Joey: [voiceover] What Dawson said that night definitely rang true-- my life is waiting for me out there. I know it. And what's really cool is that I have absolutely no idea what to expect. But whatever it is... I'm ready for it. I'm excited. Bring it on.

The Song Remains the SameEdit

Dawson: Time's the enemy, right? Our enemy?
Joey: Mmm, you're not planning on turning into a pumpkin at midnight?
Dawson: No, but I am leaving tomorrow.
Joey: And then what?
Dawson: And then I come back.
Joey: Back to what, exactly?
Dawson: To us.

Joey: [the morning after they slept together] So we should probably stop and think about this. You know, about what it means. I mean, about how this will change... [Dawson kisse her] ...things.
Dawson: Maybe later.
[They begin to make out again]

Dawson: Every good thing that's happened in my life I've essentially managed to talk out of existence. I'm not going to do that this time.

Dawson: We didn't talk at all this summer, which was your choice as much as it was mine.
Joey: So I asked you to lie to me?
Dawson: Joey, you and I both know if either one of us had stopped and thought for even a second last night, then what we did never would have happened, and I for one am not sorry that it did. If you are, then that's... that's a completely separate argument. That's actually a much bigger deal than...
Joey: Dawson, you have a girlfriend! How is that not a big deal?
Dawson: Had a girlfriend, Joey. And, look, I'm willing to admit that the timing on this is far from perfect, but I'm sick of waiting for this so-called perfect timing that's obviously never gonna happen for us.
Joey: Oh, yeah, right. You know, it's... better to just get it over with and move on, you know? "Slept with Joey. Just... cross that off my list of things to do."
Dawson: You know that's not how I think.
Joey: How do I know that, Dawson? I haven't talked to you all summer. Apparently you've changed so much that you're willing...
Dawson: You really think I'd wanna sleep with you and not want it to mean more, Joey? You think I've been waiting all these years for us to have one night together and then go our separate ways?
Joey: Oh, I'm sorry you got sick of waiting, Dawson. I'm sorry that I wanted our first time to mean something more than just...
Dawson: It does mean more, Joey! It... I mean, it... it means everything to me. I... I don't know what it means to you.
Joey: Oh, you're saying that I wanted this to happen?
Dawson: No, 'cause that would involve you actually knowing what you want, which we both know is not likely to happen anytime this decade.
Joey: Oh, great, you know? Use something from when I was a child!
Dawson: You're still a child, Joey. You're still the same scared little girl who...
Joey: Who what? Who what, Dawson? Who broke your heart? God! Is the statute of limitations ever gonna end on that one? Ever?! Dawson, I'm sorry I don't have the same dreams I had when I was 15 years old, and I'm sorry that I moved on faster than you did, but you know what? Maybe not everything that happens to you is my fault! And maybe just because I want more from my life than...
Dawson: More than what? More than us? You don't know, do you? You've never known. The entire time I've known you, all you've wanted to do is escape. From me, from Capeside. I mean, you say that I'm the dreamer. I'm the one who doesn't wanna live in the real world. Well, I'm doing it, Joey. Right now. I'm living in the real world. It's you who wants the fantasy.
Joey: I want the fantasy?
Dawson: Yes.
Joey: Who lit the candles? Who bought the champagne?
Dawson: Who dumped who 4 years ago? Joey, I know what I want. I've always known what I want. Before we destroy whatever chance we might actually have at having a relationship, I'm asking you, please, stop and think about this. Is this really what you want? Is this... really the way that you want things to end between us?

Dawson: Why are you doing this, Joey?
Joey: We're doing this, Dawson. It's what we do. It's what we always do.
Dawson: Last night was real. Today was real. It's you, not me, who doesn't wanna deal with the realities of an adult relationship.
Joey: You're right.
Dawson: That's it? I'm right?
Joey: I want the fantasy. I want more than anything for us to be together. But not like this. Not screaming at the top of our lungs about things that happened 4 years ago.
Dawson: But if we can't argue like this and get past it, then...
Joey: Maybe there's nothing here worth saving. Maybe last night was just...
Dawson: Just what?
Joey: Just two old friends making a huge mistake.
Dawson: Wow. If that's the way you feel, then... then I... should go.

The Importance of Not Being Too EarnestEdit

Audrey: Oh, my god! You're still there, like a vegetable.
Joey: Writing a good e-mail is hard.
Audrey: Yes, especially when it is a huge mistake.
Joey: Shut up.
Audrey: Joey, I am serious. E-mail expression is the scourge of the modern age. The Internet has made it way too easy to express oneself. Ok, you have some fleeting thought. You send it. It lands with a thud in some unsuspecting person's mailbox. Said person then reads it, gets irked because you've recapped a conversation that you presumably already had. They fail to respond. You feel slighted. But if you must be one of these pathetic passive/aggressive e-mail types, far be it from me to stop you. What do you have so far?
Joey: Well... I had "Dear Dawson," and then I erased it.
Audrey: Why? I think that's a nice start.
Joey: I seemed cold.
Audrey: True. I mean, you did just nude-up with the guy. Oh, I'm sorry, or did you guys do it through a hole in a sheet because that's very Dawson and Joey to me.
Joey: Again, shut up.
Audrey: Sorry. Ok, so what do you want to say?
Joey: I don't know. I mean, I don't like the way things ended, and I want him to know that I care, but I also want to hold on to my righteous indignation.
Audrey: Obviously. Well, why don't you just pick up the phone and call him?
Joey: I'm afraid we'll just fall right back into our old patterns. Trust me. E-mail is a far safer alternative at the moment.
Audrey: Ok, if you must do this, then I say that you go for it. You know, be gooey and be embarrassing, but most of all, just be real, Joey. Say all of the things that you can't say to his face, the whole nine.
Joey: You're right. I better get to work. But...thank you, Audrey.
Audrey: No problem, sister Christian.

Rich: Witter!
Pacey: Rinaldi.
Rich: That's "sir" until you buy me flowers, Witter. Where have you been?
Pacey: I'm really sorry. I was just under the impression that I wasn't supposed to be here until 9:00.
Rich: Ahh, "supposed to." Well, that's cute. Are you supposed to dress yourself, or does your mommy actually want you to look like a pansy? Look around. You see these guys? Apparently, these gentlemen are free thinkers. Since you've yet to grow a pair, you get stuck with these. [Hands him a stack of folders]
Pacey: And what's all this?
Rich: That is a collection of about 30 cold days in hell: Rich guys sittin' on piles of money so high that their daughters eloped and sold their own babies on the black market just to put ramen on the table. We have never been able to sell them stock, and they will certainly never buy it from the tardy likes of you. You better get on the phone. We work on commission here. And the guys on your list don't know how dreamy you are, so I would work that blue collar charm full-throttle. Stop battin' your eyes at me.
Pacey: Is this some sort of punishment?
Rich: I'm just tryin' to get you to leave. I don't have enough desks.

Hetson: Ok, kiddies, knock back your Ritalin and settle down. You may recall, we were wrapping up a rather depraved discussion of Portnoy's Complaint last week. Sadly, we won't be dabbling in Roth's stream-of-consciousness sexual rivers much longer, but fate assigned us some additional reading last night via e-mail. I think you all got a copy, so why not? Let's discuss something you actually might've read. "Dear Dawson, I don't know where to begin."
Joey: Uh, professor Heston—
Hetson: Nobody likes a show-off, Potter. You don't reach a point for several paragraphs, so I'll skip ahead. "In the moment when we touched, maybe we went somewhere else that rose above all this, but then we landed, and I think maybe we crashed." [Class laughs] Why, when broaching the topic of sex, do so many writers try to write themselves out of it? Sexuality and all its dysfunctions are intrinsic to the human experience, maybe the one thing we can all relate to at the end of the day-- well, neurosis and the god thing aside. And the reason that Roth seduced us and Miss Morning After here didn't is that while Roth isn't afraid to get his hands quite literally dirty with rapid-fire sensual description, our e-mail author here distances herself from the act with vague metaphors. Can't be stream of consciousness if you're observing from the shores... right?
Joey: You know, maybe-- and this is just a shot in the dark-- she didn't mean to send it to the gossips at large. Maybe she's just trying to get some private closure, never dreamed she'd be subjected to the Oprah psychobabble of her life-lacking peers. Now, do you guys want something to eat, or should I just bring over a nice tray of bon-bons so you guys can hunker down and watch your stories?

Jen: Boston Bay is not a party school, Audrey.
Audrey: Spare me your lies, Jen. I am not going back to my evil den of higher learning. This is clearly where it's at.
Jack: Hey, the midday keggers get a little old after a few semesters, trust me. I tell you what, I'm gonna meet you guys in there. I'm gonna go talk to Professor Freeman.
Jen: Don't you think that's a tad Tracey Flick? He doesn't know who you are.
Jack: Sure he does. I've raised my hand and talked in class a lot of times. He's noticed. He has.
Jen: All right... swimfan. Somebody has got to talk to that boy about his love of the straights.
Audrey: Whatever. It's totally hot.

Hetson: Oh, it's so nice to see you, Potter. Hope our pesky class didn't interfere with your all-important e-mail schedule. Whip out another diatribe last night?
Joey: Actually, I did. I was hoping this was it. Did you guys not get it?
Hetson: Oh, this is actually a copy of the article that I assigned to follow up the reading. I know your mini-drama probably prevented you from even looking at the syllabus.
Joey: Well, most of yesterday consisted of eviscerating my personal life, and every other lesson is a rant composed of your dated theories. I'm sorry I'm late, professor Heston, but the first half of class is usually when you reveal how bitter you are, how moronic we are, and how literature is dead. Were you thinking of moving on to something slightly more stimulating today?
Hetson: Well, I-- I think we've been spending too much time together, Potter, if that's your attitude. I mean, I was thinking of teaching today, but I don't know if I've got a lot to offer, what with the tenure and the published articles and all. But if you all insist on being stimulated, why don't we discuss James Joyce’s description of the girl on the beach. I mean, I'm too hackneyed to illuminate the subject, but maybe you can shed some light.

Instant Karma!Edit

Eddie: This celebration of madness about people who aren't afraid, who take chances, people who really live. And I guess that I've always... wanted to be one of those people, you know?
[Joey kisses him]
Eddie: What was that?
Joey: Just following an impulse.
Eddie: I don't mind you kissing me if it's because you want to kiss me, not for revenge or to help you forget someone else. Whatever happened between you guys, you're gonna have to deal with it. Yourself. Just... just you.

Joey: Maybe it's the only way that we could finally stand on our own. You know, to... hurt each other so much that we have no choice but to let go. Maybe otherwise we never would.
Dawson: Yeah. Maybe.

Dawson: Do you think it would have worked out between us if I... if we hadn't... if things had been different?
Joey: I don't know. I mean, that's the thing with us. They never are, are they?

Dawson: I... think I'm going back to California. 'Cause I don't really work here anymore.
Joey: I'm sorry, Dawson.
Dawson: Things happen.

Jen: You know... what happened to Audrey tonight... it's happened to me before... more than once, and... to watch it... to watch her go through it was... just weird. Now you know what a mess I am.
C.J.: I don't think you're a mess.
Jen: Well, then you haven't been paying very close attention tonight.
C.J.: No. You know... Jen, you didn't do anything wrong tonight. And whatever mistakes you have in your past, they're over, and they've obviously made you a more empathetic and more compassionate person, and I don't think that's such a bad thing.

The ImpostorsEdit

Eddie: [to Joey] Look, Joey, I'm sorry I didn't turn out to be the person you thought I was, but you know what? Probably not too wise to invest that much in people you barely know.

Professor Freeman: Not everybody's willing to spend their lives being part of a despised minority.
Jack: Yeah. [Laughs] Well... that's true. But maybe you should ask yourself who's doin' the despising. You know, it's one thing to be some scared teenager, afraid of his... his friends, his family, afraid of what everybody he meets might think and say about him. You know, I can forgive that. Hell, I can expect that. But you, you're an adult. Ok, somebody's married to you. You're... you're ruining lives here on a much larger scale.

Professor Freeman: You have no idea, do you, of how much the world has changed?
Jack: Look, if the world's changed, it's because people are willing to stand up and be honest about things, not hide behind things that are easier.

Joey: [[to Eddie] Social conventions dictate that when something embarrassing happens, we all tacitly agree to never speak of them again. It's what keeps us going as a society. That...and alcohol.

Emma: If you let me do a little work on that t-shirt of yours. A few rips, a few tears. Do wonders for your tips.
Joey: My what?
Emma: Your tips. Your gratuities. [Laughs] What did you think I said?
Joey: Nothing!

Living Dead Girl (aka Halloweenie)Edit

Ego Tripping at the Gates of HellEdit


Jen: So, you're coming, right? I mean, if the band can overcome their complicated romantic entanglements and still be friends, the least that we can do is all get along for one night.
Audrey: All right, I am willing to grant that there is a certain karmic appropriateness to seeing one's ex-boyfriend for the first time at a No Doubt concert.
Jen: You're bending.
Audrey: I'm not bending.
Jen: Oh, come on, you know you want to. Empowered female. Incredible fashion sense.
Audrey: I suppose mojo Jojo will be attending.
Jen: Oh, come on, if you can-- if you can be with her in that tiny little dorm room of yours, you're going to be just fine in a crowd of 14,000 strangers.
Audrey: So she's bringing that guy, right?
Jen: Mm-hmm, but we don't have to sit next to them. We're using the gays as a barrier between the breeders and the bitter, single girls.

Jen: You're not going to regret this, I swear. You're here, you're not in a suit. This is good. This is very, very good. Where is everybody else?
Pacey: They're at the concession stand. Jack and Emma, and, uh... the guy and the guy's friend.
Jen: Yeah, well, his name is David, which you might want to remember. I think he's going to stick.
Pacey: What, you posses the psychic ability to see into the future of relationships now?
Jen: Yes, just not my own.

Pacey: Hey. I did call you, you know.
Audrey: I know. At least I figured that I shouldn't talk to you until I hated you a little less.
Pacey: Oh, well... how's that going for you?
Audrey: It's going, yeah. The problem is now I kind of hate myself, but, uh...
Pacey: Audrey, can we go talk a walk? Maybe talk someplace that's a little quieter and slightly more private before all the madness starts?
Audrey: [Chuckles] You really are an old man, aren't you?

Jack: So you really don't mind taking Audrey home?
David: Well, sure, I mind, but, you know, my inner drama queen respects her refusal to come out of the bathroom till Jen and Pacey leave.
Jack: Heh heh heh! Thanks, man. I just don't want to ditch Jen, you know. I mean, I don't think this evening turned out quite the way she planned.
David: Hmm. Yeah. I know the feeling.
Jack: So, we're, uh, not doing too well at this, are we?
David: Well, the hanging out has been good. But the dating? I think it's safe to say that when two gay guys go on a date, and each ends up going home with a hot blond girl, something's definitely not working.
Jack: Yeah.

[Dawson and Natasha are kissing outside the police station as Todd comes storming out]
Todd: Ok, shag wits, to the car! Let's go! Chop, bloody chop! Or am I gonna have to throw cold water on you both?
Dawson: I think he's mad.
Natasha: Real mad.
Todd: For the record, never let it be said that Todd Carr is a man who's not in love with being in love. I think both my movies and my life reflect my deep and abiding commitment to getting two good-looking young people together and having a bit of fun now and again. However... as leery here bloody well knows...
Dawson: You're also a man who's in love with sleep.
Todd: To the car. Now.

Everything Put Together Falls ApartEdit

Merry MayhemEdit

Natasha: Are you on your period right now, Dawson?

Joey: Audrey! Lay off.
Audrey: What's your problem, princess? I was sticking up for Joe Dirt over there.
Pacey: Oh, this isn't going to end well.
Audrey: Would you shut up, Pacey?
Pacey: You're out of line, Audrey.
Audrey: Of course I am. Anyone messes with the one that got away and you get all up on your high horse, don't you?
Jen: Audrey...
Audrey: Oh, excellent, another party heard from. What's your problem, Lindley?
Jen: I think you're the one with the problem.
Audrey: Oh! How devilishly clever of you, Jen. [Pause] Oh, honey, are you still upset that I shagged your dream boy, because I am sorry about that.
Jen: What are you even doing here?
Audrey: I missed my flight, bitch! Which is really, terribly unfortunate, because if you think that spending Christmas on Walton Mountain is my idea of a good time, than you all are about as high as I am right now.
Gail: Audrey? Why don't you go lie down?
Audrey: Oh, you know, thanks for that Gail, really, but I think I'm kinda just getting started here. Do any of you have have any idea how hypocritical this whole little gathering is? I mean, I'd be flying high on a pleasingly potent cocktail of vodka and painkillers and thank you, by the way, Gail, for the painkillers. But I seem to be seeing things a little clearer than-than any of you. Dawson. Pacey. You guys hate each other, don't you? You're never going to-to be able to mend this little rift that exists between the two of you, so-so why do you even bother with the charade? And Dawson and Joey. [Laughs] Here you are, both of you, all grown-up and so very pleased with yourselves and each with your little significant other by your side respectively and while I will give you that it does make for a pretty picture, the truth of the matter is that you guys finally slept together and you've never really dealt with it. And neither of you are going to be able to have a relationship with anyone else till you finally just deal with your crap once and for all. for you, Pacey, I'm really sorry that Audrey Hepburn next to you broke your heart all those years ago and has prevented you from ever fully committing to an adult relationship...but you know what? Just grow up.

Day Out of DaysEdit

Todd: [to Dawson] The absolute first thing you have to remember to do when you're on set, is take a picture of Natasha’s face, at the exact moment when she’s introduced to her new director, cause that’s something I bloody well have to see.

Professor Greg Hetson: Is it a girl thing?
Joey: No! It's a human being thing.

All the Right MovesEdit

Eddie: You’re going to have anything you want in this life, Joey.
Joey: I wanted you.
Eddie: No! You wanted that guy you met in English class and I’m not him.

Harley: Screw the formula. The formula can lick my lily-white ass.
Joey: Do you kiss your father with that mouth?
Harley: Ooh gross! Why would I kiss my father?

Rock BottomEdit

Clean and SoberEdit

Joey: Oh. I forgot. You're still not over me.
Pacey: [chuckles] Really?
Joey: Oh, remember? Christmas dinner from hell? That was one of Audrey's enlightened comments, you're still not over me.
Pacey: Right. Of course.
Joey: That must suck.
Pacey: Oh, it does. You have no idea the hardships I go through trying to maintain a friendship with a dream girl such as yourself. You have no idea.
Joey: Gets lonely?
Pacey: It does. I cry myself to sleep every night, but Jack and I cuddle. That eases the pain. He's very loving. [they both laugh]

Pacey: But I'm glad you had a good time, you deserved it. And you are a lovely and wise drunk, Miss Potter. [Pause. Then Pacey leans toward Joey] What you said earlier was right. I never did. How could I? Just look at you.
Joey: You know what else we never did? [After a pause, Joey kisses him then lays back down on the bed.] Your turn now. [Pacey smiles and kisses her forehead]
Pacey: Sweet Dreams, Joey.


Joey: What the hell is happening to my butt right now?
Pacey: That'll be the seat warmer, which comes standard on all your finer German automobiles.
Joey: Huh. My lower half thanks you for moving so far up the socio-economic ladder.

Pacey: Ok, let’s...just... take a little time out, because you and I... we're not actually having this conversation.
Joey: Oh, why? 'Cause you don't want to talk about sex with me?
Pacey: Ha! Do you want to talk about sex with me?
Joey: Well, no, but... I usually don't want to talk about sex with anybody.
Pacey: Thank you for proving my point. Now, if we could move on, I think our night will be much, much more pleasant.
Joey: After you tell me why you don't want to talk about sex with me.
Pacey: All right, one would think this would be obvious, but fine. Perhaps it has something to do with how calm and cool and non-judgmental you are about the whole thing.
Joey: Oh, you know what? I don't approve. Ok? There. I said it. And I refuse to sit here and pretend like this is all just fine, 'cause it's ridiculous.
Pacey: Do you hear yourself? You can't help it! This is why we don't talk about sex. It's actually the secret to our entire friendship.
Joey: You've lost me in your sea of pronouns.
Pacey: Well, ok. We are friends. Right?
Joey: Yes.
Pacey: So what is the secret to our long-lasting and angst-free friendship? What is the one thing that keeps it going year after year after year after year?
Joey: We suck at meeting new people.
Pacey: Wrong. We do not, under any circumstance, talk about sex. I may be having it, you may be thinking about having it, but we don't discuss it. That way we avoid the awkwardness, and in avoiding the awkwardness, we are able to maintain our friendship. You see, it's a preventative measure. I solved the problem before it even starts.
Joey: But, Pacey...if we're such good friends, why is there any awkwardness in the first place?
Pacey: Because not too long ago, we were more than just good friends, now, weren't we?
Joey: Yeah, but we're not anymore.
Pacey: But that doesn't matter. The damage is already done.
Joey: What, so as far as you're concerned, I slept with you, and then I took myself in and got revirginized?
Pacey: In my mind? Yes.
Joey: Ok, so basically what you're saying is that the only way you and I can continue being friends is if we lie to each other about our sex lives... if we take that whole giant aspect of our lives and just... pretend like it doesn't exist?
Pacey: Worked for you and Dawson.

Pacey: [on the televisions] Is this thing on? Ok, well...ahem.'s me... obviously. So if you could just step a little closer, and don't worry, I'm not gonna bite. I come in peace. and I... we're gonna be here for a while. For quite a while, it seems. So I think it would be best if we could come to some sort of truce. And to facilitate this truce, I'm willing to admit to you on camera that, yes, indeed, I am an ass, which you probably already know. Better than most people. And perhaps better than anyone on earth. But I digress. My proposal is this: That we leave the past in the past, which is where it belongs anyway, that we try and make the best out of this bad situation, and that we get comfortable. To wit--I bought you something. Well, I didn't really buy you something. Perhaps procured would be a better word, but...anyway, you get my point. It's down there on the counter. [She looks over and sees that he put a set of pajamas and slippers on the counter] I'm not so sure about the sizes anymore, 'cause it's been a while, but... we can always exchange it. And, if you accept my proposal, you will have at your disposal for a limited time only the ability to make me do one thing I really do not want to do. Which is not to say that you don't always have that ability, but I kinda figure that that's how this whole night from hell started. You were doing something for me that you really didn't want to do... which is what friends are for. Ok. Over and out.

Joey: [shaving Pacey] There. Hello, chin. You're back.
Pacey: [Chuckles] Well...I was never really gone.
Joey: You weren't?
Pacey: Mm-hmm.
Joey: It kinda seemed like it.
[Pacey kisses Joey]
Joey: What was that?
Pacey: I don't know. remember how you said you were willing to be surprised by the future?
Joey: Yeah.
Pacey: Surprise.
Joey: How come you don't seemed surprised?
Pacey: Well...maybe because I've... wanted to kiss you ever since I saw you in that outfit.
[She looks down at the pajamas she is wearing]
Pacey: No. Um... not that outfit. The one... uh...the prev-- well, I mean, not—
Joey: Wait, wait, wait. You were wanting to kiss me all night?
Pacey: Yes.
Joey: Even when you were yelling at me.
Pacey: Especially when I was yelling at you.
Joey: Even when you were flirting with that other girl?
Pacey: Yeah. Then, too.
Joey: So... is this... some sort of... recent new development in your life?
Pacey: Wanting to kiss you? No. It's sort of always there... like...white noise, or... the secret service or the threat of nuclear war, for that matter. Just somethin' you get used to.

Pacey: I got it. Seems a small price to pay for a dream come true.
Clerk: I certainly hope you found everything you were looking for today.
Pacey: Well...not everything, but we found what we needed, which, as I'm sure you know, is sometimes just as important. In a spiritual sense. 'Cause, you know, if you found everything that you needed today, what would be the point of waking up tomorrow and doing it all over again? It just wouldn't seem worth it.
Joey: Don't worry. He's on a one-day pass from the asylum. all fairness, I should let you know that I will be writing a letter to the home office about this.
Clerk: You will?
Joey: Yeah. Because this store... is perfect just the way it is. Don't change a thing.

That Was Then (aka Before and After)Edit

Dawson: Remember this feeling, George. Remember what it was like to make a film about something you loved, the confidence to do it your way, control your vision, keep it your own. I mean that's.....I miss that.
George: Yeah. You do sort of have the stink of a burnout talent on you.

Sex and ViolenceEdit

Pacey: And you're sure you'd be comfortable with the whole boss/secretary power relationship?
Joey: We both know who's boss here.

CJ: Look, if what you told me about your past is true, then I'm guessin' what I don't understand is why the creeps and the scumbags who treated you so poorly got the benefit of your sex drive. Whereas guys like me who actually treat you fairly well... we get ridiculed for wanting to have sex with you.
Jen: Wow. Kudos to you, C.J. That is the nicest way that anybody's ever called me a slut.

Larry Newman: Friends will come and friends will go, but I say... there's always room for a movie in which teenage girls take their clothes off.

Larry Newman: Which reminds me-- a minimum of 3 nude scenes, please? That's not including the scenes in the strip bar. I want this picture to be wall-to-wall boobs. Ok? This is gonna be a very good picture.

Pacey: Jo, how can you expect me to concentrate if you're around all day?
Joey: Am I really that much of a distraction, Pacey? I mean, my desk is outside of your office. You can't even see me.
Pacey: But I know you're there. And I would not have come as far as I have if you were 5 feet away from me all the time. I just wouldn’t. Trust me.
Joey: Really? And why is that?
Pacey: Ok, now you're just milkin' this for all it's worth, aren't you? Fine. [Sighs] I wouldn't have been able to concentrate because every time you're 5 feet away from me or 25 feet away from me, for that matter... there's really only one thing that I want to do.
Joey: Do tell.
[Pacey kisses her]

Love BitesEdit

Pacey: [on the phone] Hi. Is this Potter's House of Pain?
Joey: This is Mistress Potter speaking.

Pacey: Look, you like Harley, right?
Patrick: She has her strong points. Ok. I mean, as long as we're talking man to man, yeah, I like her. A lot.
Pacey: Well, good. Congratulations, man. 'Cause true feelings for a woman, that's about the best experience you're ever gonna have. I mean, it'll make you strong, it'll make you stupid, and it will definitely take you closer to being the man you want to be.

Patrick: Yeah, I don't know why I should be taking advice from you. Like you're some kind of Yoda when it comes to the chicks.
Pacey: Have you seen my date?
Patrick: Tell me more, Sensei.

Joey: Hey. Ooh.
Pacey: Yeah, I know. Kids today, huh?
Joey: That damn rap music.
Pacey: And those baggy pants. Even with the damage to my unsuspecting eardrum, I did think that tonight was quite nice. Quite nice.
Joey: Yes. Quite. Perfect. It was... it's been a perfect night....Pace? I can't do this.
Pacey: You can't do what?
Joey: Even when everything is perfect, being with you doesn't feel right, and I'm sorry. Look, everything tonight-- I mean, tonight was lovely and fun and... you've become this... I mean, this amazing man, but it doesn’t... I'm sorry. I don’t... I don't feel it. And I can't do this with you.
Pacey: Ok, Joey, just slow down for a second.
Joey: No, Pace, it’s... it's true and... I'm sorry.
Pacey: So what, you're scared. Right? You're scared. And so am I, believe me. And I'm scared because I don't know where this thing is going, Jo. As in, I think it could go anywhere. This could be it.
Joey: It won't be.
Pacey: How could you possibly know that? I mean, really. Last week, you're onboard, and now you're just psychically telling me that this could never be something great. You can't possibly know that, because we don't know that, Joey.
Joey: And I'm sorry. I know that this is such a horrible thing to say.
Pacey: But how? How could you know? And when did you make this decision, tonight? I mean, I thought tonight was going great.
Joey: It was. It was great.
Pacey: So then when? And don't tell me that you're not scared, because I know that you are. I mean, I've known you too long and seen you push away too many good things to let you push me away right now. My whole life, Joey, my whole life you have been the most beautiful thing in my orbit. And my feelings for you were what proved to me that I could be great. And those feelings were stronger and were wiser and more persistent and more resilient than anything else about me.
Joey: Pacey, stop.
Pacey: Jo—
Joey: Pacey!
Pacey: When I was afraid of everything, I was never afraid to love you and I could love you again. I could. I’m telling you, this could...
Joey: Pacey, no. Pacey, stop! Eddie came back. I'm sorry. He came back last night. He came to the bar—
Pacey: Oh. Okay.
Joey: Look, I'm sorry— [Pacey walks away]

Patrick: And as my fist was rocketing towards his neck, I was just, like, you know, Patrick, you're a lover, not a fighter.
Harley: That last part was pretty obvious. And as for the first part...
Patrick: You mean the lover part?
Harley: Not a chance.
Patrick: Oh. Well, I didn't mean it literally. Well, yeah, I did, but... you know, that's not the reason I'm at the dance with you. I'm at the dance with you because if I weren't, you'd be with some other guy, and that would kill me.
Harley: Because you like me?
Patrick: Yeah.
Harley: Nice speech. Pacey teach you that?
Patrick: Yeah. Yeah, that and how to unhook a bra with one hand.
Harley: Try it and you'll have one hand left.

Lovelines (aka The Eddie)Edit

C.J.: You excited about the hosting gig tonight?
Jen: Mm-hmm.
C.J.: Yeah? Who knows? You could become the next Ryan Seacrest. You could borrow one of his man-blouses.

Audrey: Want to make out?
Eddie: No.
Audrey: Good. That was your test, buddy. You break her heart again and I'm going to kill you. You got it?

Audrey: Oh, my god! Where is he?
Jen: Who?
Audrey: Who? Who? Oh, Jen, Jen. Sweet, sweet, Jen. Such an amusing facade, but it's of no use. You can't keep us apart. It's destiny, I tell you. Destiny. Jen, he was on my plane.
Adam Carolla: Ladies, put the claws back. No need to fight. Plenty of room on the Carolla coaster for everyone.
Jen: I'm afraid I won't meet the minimum-height requirement. It's nice to meet you. I got to go.
Adam Carolla: Well, what about you? You want to hop on board?
Audrey: I wasn't talking about you, doofus. I'm kind of looking for Dr. Drew.
Adam Carolla: Pinsky?
Audrey: Yes, yes! Do you know where he is?
Adam Carolla: That geezer's probably out casket shopping. He's old. He's an old man. He's old enough to be your grandfather. Whereas I, I'm just old enough to be your daddy. And plus, the guy's a bore. He's an amazing bore. He never stops talking about gonorrhea and hepatitis G. Believe me, I know. I have to share a hotel room with the guy. Cheap bastards.
Audrey: Oh, my god. You've shared a room with him? Tell me something. Have you seen him naked?
Adam Carolla: Yes. Yes, I have.

C.J.: Well, there's this, uh... girl that I have-- or had a relationship with.
Adam Carolla: She was a sex buddy?
C.J.: No, she, uh... she was a girlfriend, actually, and we were together for several months up until this morning, when she dumped me like a sack of rotten trash. No explanation, no warning, no nothing.
Dr. Drew: Were there any warning signs? Any problems in the relationship?
C.J.: No, none. Well... I did sleep with one of her friends.
Adam Carolla: But just one, right? Women don't--they don't mind that kind of stuff. Can't be that.
C.J.: But she knew about it and it was before we got together, so that doesn't really count, right?
Dr. Drew: Have you simply tried asking for an explanation?
C.J.: That's the thing. Every time I try to talk to her, she treats me like I'm Father Damien.
[They look at him strangely]
C.J.: He was a leper.
Adam Carolla: Oh, sure. The famous leper, Father Damien. Drew, you wrote your thesis on Father Damien, did you not? All right. Listen, I say run. I mean, this chick's a head case. She's going to take you down, I promise.
Jen: Thank you, Adam, for that astute insight, but if you don't mind me saying so, I think that C.J.'S problems here are really subordinate to those of the many members of this audience who have actually paid good money to listen to your vastly under qualified advice.
Adam Carolla: You're so lucky I don't know what "subordinate" means, honey.

Jen: Um...ok, why don't we go to Mandy behind the screen? Mandy, what's your question? Mandy?
Audrey: Oh. Hi. Sorry, no. Actually, my name is Audrey, and my question is specifically for Dr. Drew. Um, I'm about 5'7". I've got blond hair, blue eyes, great rack.
Jen: Audrey, question. Find it.
Audrey: Oh, right. Ok. Well, um... several months ago, I realized that I had a serious problem with alcohol. I had all these negative feelings about my life, and I was using alcohol as my escape. And in the process, I hurt a lot of people that were very close to me. And if it hadn't been for those very same people, I probably would not have gotten the professional help that I needed. So after spending several weeks in a rehab facility in southern California, um... I guess my question to you is this, Dr. Drew-- how would you like to go back to my dorm room and play a little game I like to call "dirty doctor and naughty nurse?"


Pacey: Good morning, gentlemen. I had sex with a beautiful woman last night. Now, this should not have happened. She was way out of my league, and I even like to think that I'm a fairly handsome guy, but I'm not that handsome, and I like to think that I'm pretty good in bed, but I'm not that good. How does something like that happen? I'll tell you. I'm 20 years old, and I am doing exactly what I was put on this earth to do. I am making money... hand over fist... faster than I know how to spend it. And let's tell the truth. You all came here today because you're trying to escape the miserable bottom-feeding existence that you've been living that has denied you what is rightfully yours. If you want this for yourselves, you can have it. But I'm here to tell you, you will get your asses kicked on a daily basis, but you will learn. And ultimately, you will do what you were put on this earth to do, which is make money. Now, if any of you are still interested in this proposition, be here 9 A.M. Sharp Monday morning. If you are late, do not come into my building. Turn around, go home, and prepare yourselves for a life in retail. I'll see you then.

Eddie: So what you're saying is that you want to do everything.
Joey: Yes! Yes. Well, everything within reason.
Eddie: Within reason?
Joey: Well, yeah, I mean, we should be somewhat practical about this.
Eddie: You want to be practical about running away together?
Joey: Well, Eddie, I mean, running away together isn't as easy as it looks on TV. I mean, believe me. I've done it before. And we're gonna get back in the fall. We're gonna be starting school. We're gonna be completely broke.
Eddie: So?
Joey: So that thought doesn't terrify you?
Eddie: No, not more than the thought of not spending the summer with you. Or not seeing your face the first time you see the Eiffel tower, or the London bridge, or the plaza San Marco in Venice. You know, it's not like either of us have any money now. I mean, we're broke. So what? We start over. Rebuild things from scratch.
Joey: With you in California and me here?
Eddie: And a whole lifetime's worth of memories. Things that'll never leave us no matter how broke we get.
Joey: Eddie... all I'm saying is that... running away together, no matter how romantic and magical it all seems at the time, it doesn't solve anything, ok? So whatever it is that you're running away from, whether it be circumstances or geography, you know, fate, another person, it's always gonna be there when you get back.
Eddie: Ok, so what would you suggest to solve these problems, Joey? I mean, what do you want to do? Just ignore the opportunities that come our way?
Joey: No! I'm just--I'm trying to be practical.
Eddie: Which means what, exactly?
Joey: Maybe we should just wait. You know, scale back a little.
Eddie: Scale back?
Joey: Yeah. Maybe work for a month or two and then go.
Eddie: Joey, we're gonna spend the rest of our lives working.
Joey: Yeah, and we have the entire summer to take this trip. Nobody said we have to go tomorrow.
Eddie: I do.
Joey: What?
Eddie: You don't-- you don't even really want to do this, do you?
Joey: Of course I want to do this.
Eddie: Yeah, but only on your terms.
Joey: Well, whose terms am I supposed to be doing this on, Eddie? I mean, if I'm gonna throw my life entirely off course for the chance—
Eddie: Oh, my god. What are you talking about? Throwing it off course? I'm not asking you to throw your life off course, Joey. I'm talking about a summer here. All I'm asking is that you take a leap. Come away with me.
Joey: Oh, like Saul Bellow or on the road? Eddie, those are just stories--poems. Little pieces of unreality that we're not meant to base our lives on. Eventually we always have to come back and deal with the real world.
Eddie: So what? What are you gonna do? You just wanna sit here for your entire life waiting and hoping for the world to come to you? Because the point of those stories, Joey, is that people's lives-- their real lives-- only begin when they step out into the world. And when you do that, when you meet it head on, maybe you change the world, maybe you don't, but the point is, is that it changes you. And that is what people mean when they talk about growing up.
Joey: So what? If I want to be with you, I'm supposed to just throw all of my previous life experience out the window? I'm supposed to just stop being who I am?
Eddie: Who you are, Joey, is not some scared little girl who's afraid to take a chances on anything, who's afraid to really love someone because of the risk or the pain. That does not define you as a person. Or maybe it does, you know? Maybe--maybe I'm crazy. Maybe you've just blinded me.
Joey: Are you done? You should probably find somewhere else to sleep tonight.

Jack: Do you think that I was just going out with David to prove something to myself?
Jen: Something about what?
Jack: Just to prove that I could do it, that I could be in a relationship. You know, have a boyfriend.
Jen: I don’t know. I mean, is that something that you feel like you needed to prove to yourself?
Jack: Yeah. Who wants to be that 35-year-old guy that's living alone and still going out to the bar scene trying to find the right person?
Jen: Give me a break. You're 20 years old. You're not even legally old enough to be in those bars, let alone haunt them with your sad, single self.
Jack: Yeah, that from the girl who was on a first-name basis with half the bouncers in New York.
Jen: Look, my point is is that I don't think that everybody meets the love of their life when they're a teenager. Or when they're 25. Or even when they're 35. But that doesn't mean that you stop looking and hoping. You know, 'cause you will meet that person, and when you do, I guess you know it.

Pacey: I just-- I want to ask you one thing before you go.
Rich: As long as it doesn't involve me holding you while you cry.
Pacey: I promise.
Rich: What is it, kid?
Pacey: Well, I was just wondering if maybe you could cover me? Loan me a little money?
Rich: You're kidding, right?
Pacey: No. I wish I was, but... you have no idea how hard it is for me to ask you for this, Rich, but a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago, he came to me and he wanted to double his money really fast. So I just put it all into Stepatech.
Rich: That was a stupid move, Pacey.
Pacey: But he wanted to pull out, and I told him not to, I told him to just trust me and ride the thing out, and this guy is my oldest and closest childhood friend. I cannot screw him like this, Rich.
Rich: It's already done, Pacey.
Pacey: No, I'm serious. All I want to do is give him back his initial investment. And then I'll pay you back with whatever interest you want.
Rich: What about you? What happened to your disposable income?
Pacey: I got nothing left. Everything I had was in Stepatech. I'm worth like, I don't know, 300 bucks right now.
Rich: You know, it's funny. You're so good at your job, you're so confident, I sometimes forget how young and stupid you are.
Pacey: Please, Rich, I need your help, not the speech right now, ok?
Rich: Oh, I think you do, actually. And I'm gonna say to you what you should have told your little friend in the first place. No.
Pacey: That's it? That's all you have to say to me? I come to you, embarrass myself, and you're just gonna say no?
Rich: Pretty much, yeah.
Pacey: You know, Rich, sometimes you're so good at your job I forget what an unfeeling prick you are.
Rich: You work for me. I'm your boss. You watch your tone.
Pacey: Ok, Rich, I'm just asking you for this one favor! Just one time!
Rich: I...don’ favors, Witter.
Pacey: Why not? 'Cause god forbid you have to drop the Gordon Gecko routine for a second? I mean, this would be so easy for you, man. Just help me out here!
Rich: Help you out?! I gave you a job, Witter! I gave you a chance to escape some bottom feeder existence, and every step of the way, you have been a holier-than-thou pain in the ass. So you tell me, why should I help you out? Take this pen. Take this pen, Witter, and write down today's date. Because from this day forward, you're going to amount to nothing. You are a failure and a loser, and you deserve everything that can-- uhh!
[Pacey hits him and they begin fighting]
Rich: It's all over, Pace. Don't worry... you're fired. That's what you wanted all along, anyway. Loser.

Eddie: [in a letter to Joey] Dear Joey, as you know, I'm not good at good-byes, but I guess that's what this is. A real one this time. Because as much as I thought I wanted us to be together, I guess what I want more is to be one of those people who lives every moment of his life without indecision and without regrets. Someone who dares to disturb the universe without a thought to the consequences. And you're not one of those people, at least not yet. Maybe you'll prove me wrong about that one day. I hope you do. But who knows? Maybe people can't change. Maybe we're doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again no matter how hard we try. I always hope for a happy ending. How crazy is that? Take care of yourself.

Goodbye, Yellow Brick RoadEdit

Dawson: I got 3 credit cards in the mail last week, maxed them out in, like, a day. Got lights, cameras, this awesome sound equipment. I'm going completely overboard, but I don't care. I'm talking a mile a minute. I haven't even asked you what brought you to Capeside.
Pacey: Man. Ha! Being in this room, it just takes me back to a whole other era. When the future was a clean slate for all of us, you know?
Dawson: Well, the room may have gone back in time, but I think you and I have moved ahead rather nicely. It's about all the obstacles we went through when we were kids. We both ended up doing exactly what we wanted to do.
Pacey: Well, there was that brief period of time I toyed with the idea of being a rodeo clown, but I guess this'll do. Heh heh.
Dawson: But you made something of yourself, Pace, and now you're making something out of me.

Pacey: So they told me you went away for a while.
Audrey: Let's not be awkward exes, Pacey. I was drying out in Malibu.
Pacey: Ok. Well, you look great, anyhow.
Audrey: Clean living, my friend. So, what happened to your job? I know you're not just taking a long lunch break. You're a little too hard-core for that.
Pacey: Well, I've been reassessing how I allocate my time.
Audrey: So you're drinking?
Pacey: I'm thinking about it.
Audrey: You're thinking about taking a tasty downward spiral? Oh, you'd better quit while you're ahead. You're not cut out for this.
Pacey: What are you talking about? I could spiral with the best of them. Speaking of... shouldn't you really avoid places like this?
Audrey: I, um, can't hide from my problems forever. It's kind of how I ended up in rehab in the first place, right?
Pacey: Well, that's brave of you. But you were always good like that.
Audrey: Yeah, well, I'll be your personal superhero, ok?
Pacey: Ok.
Audrey: Unless of course you want to spend the rest of your days hiding out in dives like this. What are you hiding from, Pacey?
Pacey: I'm hiding from the suit, because it's evil. Bad things happen when it's on. I allowed people to believe in me for a second, which was foolish, and now it's really coming back to bite them in the ass.
Audrey: You know what? This isn't you talking. This is your former self rearing its ugly head. Come on, Pacey. I know moments like these. One path is the harsh reality, and one path is the comfortably numb. But guess what? In the morning, when you're all sobered up, the problem's still gonna be there. Only, now it'll be like a big festering wound, and you'll just be the jerk who sat back and let it get worse.
Pacey: Well, thanks for not walking on eggshells around me.

Dawson: It's weird, huh? This room used to be the official meeting place where we'd discuss what happened that day. And now it's just a film set, and I don't even know what happened this year.
Joey: Yeah. I was kind of hoping I could just climb up the ladder and... magically fill in all the lost time.
Dawson: How's that working for you?
Joey: Not so easy.
Dawson: Yeah.
Joey: Maybe I was gone for too long.
Dawson: Well, we'll piece it together between the two of us then, right? The lost year of Dawson and Joey.
Joey: It wasn't easy.
Dawson: What wasn't?
Joey: Not talking to you. Maybe it seemed like it was. And I guess it just... became routine, just another thing that I didn't do. Well, like shooting heroin or driving drunk.
Dawson: Wow, I'm up there with the dangerous activities.
Joey: Or casual sex. Dawson, for so long, you were the only person in the whole world I wanted to be with. Then somehow you became my only one-night stand.
Dawson: I never meant for it to be like that.
Joey: I know. I know. Maybe being in this room makes it easier. Having it set up this way, you know, I'm so familiar, and... seems insane not to talk. And sometimes the hardest things to say are the things that... really matter.
Dawson: Hmm. Why do you think I've spent years trying to write an entire screenplay about you?
Joey: I read it in one sitting.
Dawson: Ok. I hope you don't think that I gave it to you so that you could just say all the obligatory nice things.
Joey: And why would I feel obligated?
Dawson: Exactly, because if I can't get an honest opinion from the girl who loathes me more than anyone else in the world, who can I trust, right?
Joey: You've always been this devilishly clever.
Dawson: Well... yeah. But... uh, I got--I got-- I wanted you to read it because... well, you're really the only person in the world who can tell me if I got it right this time.
Joey: You grew up, Dawson. You grew up. I always wanted to think that you were this hopeless dreamer and I was the adult that escaped. But I didn't escape anything, not really.
Dawson: Sure you did. You got out of Capeside. Wasn't that the original plan?
Joey: Couldn't escape myself, could I? You were right. So much of what I was fighting was growing up. And I figured out this past year that it's hard for me... to talk about sex, to talk about... getting close with someone. And maybe... I'm not supposed to lose myself. Now it's not part of the plan. But then again, I never thought that losing you was part of the plan, either.
Dawson: I think sometimes... you have to lose somebody completely before you can figure out what they really mean to you. I missed you, Jo.
Joey: You got it right this time, Dawson. I missed us.

Pacey: Man, and we were just gettin' back to be friends, too. It's such a shame to ruin that.
Dawson: What are you talking about? What would ruin it?
Pacey: Money. Money would ruin it.
Dawson: W-what happened?
Pacey: It's gone. Your money's gone, my money's gone, some guy on Long Island's money is gone—
Dawson: What--what do you mean gone? That was all the money that I had.
Pacey: I know it was, Dawson, and I honestly thought Stepatech was gonna take off, I swear to you.
Dawson: Right. Yeah, o-of course. Otherwise why would you blatantly ignore my request to sell the stock?
Pacey: Man, I was just tryin' to do the right thing.
Dawson: Ah, damn it, Pacey, this— You're always tryin' to do the right thing. You're always so eager to be the hero, you never quite see all the pieces of the puzzle.
Pacey: Dawson... you came to me with your dream because you thought I could help make something of it, and somehow this comes back yet again to the fact that I screwed you over?
Joey: Ok, you know what, you two? Let's just stick to the topic at hand. Ok, so we can just solve this problem by going inside and trying to get calm... and we'll talk about it.
Dawson: Joey, talking about this is not gonna solve anything.
Joey: What are you talking about?
Pacey: He means it's not about money. So fine then, let's just talk about what's really goin' on here.
Joey: You know what? I see no reason to drudge up baggage from the past just to fill in the moment, Pacey. I mean, let's remember something. This exchange between you and Dawson is purely a business exchange, and I think we need to remember to keep it at that.
Dawson: She's right. It is business between us, 'cause god knows we haven't been best friends in a long time, have we?
Pacey: No, we certainly have not.
Dawson: You wanna know why we're not friends, Pace? It's not because of what happened with Joey, even though that turned my world upside down. It's because from that day forward, I realized that you hadn't been my friend for... maybe quite some time, 'cause the second you made us competitors—
Pacey: That I made us competitors? No. No. Now--now you're rewriting history, Dawson.
Dawson: I remember when my best friend had a choice and chose to turn his back on me. If you'd ever stopped settin' us up against each other, you woulda realized that you and I are not that far apart.
Pacey: Ah, spare me the speech. You are not gonna convince me that our world’s... are anything alike. You're just upset because I broke outta mine.
Dawson: Broke out of yours? How? By putting on a suit and slavin' away at something that doesn't even interest you? You made money. Congratulations. You impressed us all.
Pacey: How dare you. You know nothing about me, man. I was good at my job.
Dawson: Then why am I broke?
Pacey: Because that's life! I didn't make that choice! I have lost, literally, everything! What do you want from me, man? Does this make you happy, that you're back on top now? I mean, you always liked it better when you were in charge, so is this what you wanted? Does this make it all right?
Dawson: You don't wanna know me, Pace. You wrote me off a long time ago.
Pacey: Really? Really? Back when we were the best of friends? When we were brothers? Was I just outta the house every time you tried to call me over the last 3 years?
Joey: Ok, can you guys just stop it? I can't stand here and listen to you guys do this anymore.
Pacey: I didn't mean to lose your money. I didn't know that that would happen. I'm sorry.
Dawson: Yeah, so am I. This-- this was just a big mistake from the beginning, I guess.

Joey: You ok, Pace?
Pacey: You don't have to do this.
Joey: Do what?
Pacey: Sit out here with me. I know you'd rather be in the house with Dawson, so why don't you just go and help him lick his wounds?
Joey: Things never change here, do they?
Pacey: No... because these are the roles we were destined to play.
Joey: No, Pace, these are the roles we chose to play. I mean, look at us, sitting out here on this dock in front of the same house we've been haunting for years. We're practically ghosts of our former selves, and honestly, I don't think anyone really remembers what they're mad about anymore.
Pacey: Mm, I wouldn't be so sure about that.
Joey: Pacey, if I wanted to go back into that house, I would've gone a long time ago. Don't you know me at all by now?
Pacey: Well, I don't want you sitting here feeling sorry for me.
Joey: I don't feel sorry for you. I feel for you, Pacey. God, can't you ever tell the difference?
Pacey: I don't know. [Sighs] I don't know, because you and I have had a very confusing run of things. Especially lately.
Joey: Ok. You know, and no matter how much I love you or how long I stay with you, you're only gonna remember the moments when I leave.
Pacey: Well, you gotta give me that much, because those are pretty much the most painful moments in my life.
Joey: That's because you ask for them, Pacey. I'm sorry. You do. Your whole life, you spend so much time expecting the worst that you don't even notice the moments when people are loving you, and, Pacey, people spend a lot of time loving you.
Pacey: Well... with all due respect, Jo, my best friend just walked away from me, but that's not even the worst of it. The worst thing is he hasn't even really known me for the last 3 years, so please, clarify that for me. How does that qualify me as a man with a support network?
Joey: Well, you have a person sitting right here, don't you? But of course, that's not enough. Not until you let it.
Pacey: In what world do I have you?
Joey: Look, just because I don't fit into that... place you want me to doesn't mean there's not a place for me, Pacey. Does it?
Pacey: Joey, this isn't your fight, anyway.
Joey: You're right. You're right. It's not my fight because it's been over for a really long time, Pacey. And it is up to you to make it right.
Pacey: I don't know how to make it right.
Joey: Well, you're gonna have to figure it out. You know, that's the thing about ghosts. They say that... they don't leave until they're at peace with what they left undone.

Joey Potter and Capeside RedemptionEdit

Joey: [voiceover] It’s true what they say. Time is an unreliable narrator. History gets rewritten in small ways with each passing day. I can’t swear this is exactly how it happened, but this is how it felt. Summer had brought us home, and we wasted no time assuming our roles in what had become an all-too-familiar scenario. Pacey had fallen from grace, Dawson’s dreams were dashed, and I was somehow in the middle of it all over again. The triangle we had all tried so hard to put to rest had come back to haunt us.

Pacey: Hey. Jo, come in. I'm finally starting to understand these soap operas. They're pretty good.
Joey: All right, dirt merchant. Put some pants on. You're coming with.
Pacey: Yeah. I don't think I'm going to be able to do that. The Young and the Restless is just about to come on. I gotta see how J.T. talks his way out of this one 'cause Colleen was about to kill him. I wouldn't miss that for all the pizza in Capeside. But, please, feel free. Pull up a seat. We got chips.
Joey: Pacey. This is pathetic.
Pacey: Well, yeah. Kind of comes with the territory. Now I'm not sure what you want me to do about it.
Joey: I want you to come with me. I want you to help me figure out how to get Dawson’s movie made on $10 and a dream.
Pacey: I'd just end up ruining the whole thing, and Dawson knows that, I know that, and in your heart of hearts you know that. I'm a dangerous man, a lethal weapon, so we're all better off if I just lay here on my couch, watching my stories.

Dawson: Cut, cut. Audrey, you're gonna have to take the robe off.
Audrey: You're kidding me.
Dawson: I thought we'd be in tight enough so we wouldn't see it, but it's right there.
Patrick: This is, like, my dream day.
Audrey: Ok, Dawson, what if I just show a little shoulder?
Dawson: Problem is, I need bare skin.
Jen: You need, like, spaghetti straps.
Joey: She's right. You have to have something to match the wardrobe Audrey would be wearing if Pacey junior hadn't walked into her chest with a jelly doughnut.
Dawson: We don't have an E.T.A. on that dress yet, do we?
Jack: Yes. Spin cycle. Your mom says it's gonna be about, uh, 20 minutes.
Patrick: Uh, excuse me. Is there any scenario in which she could just take off all her clothes? You know, at least for one take? Because then, you know, I feel like I could really give you an appropriate on-camera react—
[Joey grabs him by the ear.]
Patrick: Aah!
Joey: Can I have 5 minutes alone with this guy?
Patrick: You don't know how long I dreamed of hearing you say that.

Todd: [sits in the Director’s chair] Oh, my apologies, sir. Force of habit.
Dawson: No, stay there. Stay there. You bailed my ass out today.
Todd: That's right, you little bugger. My bloody dogs are barkin'.
Dawson: Makes you feel for the little people, doesn't it? Makes you wanna go back and apologize to every crew member you ever threw a hissy fit at, I bet.
Todd: Hell, no. Makes me wanna produce.

Joey: [voiceover] I used to be afraid of so many things...That I'd never grow up. That I'd be trapped in the same place for all eternity. That my dreams would forever be shy of my reach. It's true what they say. Time plays tricks on you. One day you're dreaming, the next your dream has become your reality. And now that this scared little girl no longer follows me wherever I go, I miss her. I do. 'Cause there are things I wanna tell her-- to relax, to lighten up, that it is all going to be ok. I want her to know that meeting people who like you, who understand you, who actually accept you for who you are, will become an increasingly rare occurrence. Jen, Jack, Audrey, Andie, Pacey, and Dawson. These people who contributed to who I am, they are with me wherever I go, and as history gets rewritten in small ways with each passing day, my love for them only grows. Because the truth is... it was the best of times. Mistakes were made, hearts were broken, harsh lessons learned, but all of that has receded into fond memory now. How does it happen? Why are we so quick to forget the bad and romanticize the good? Maybe it's because we need to believe that the time we spent together actually meant something, that we were there for each other in a time in our lives that defined us all, a time in our lives that we will never forget. I can't swear this is exactly how it happened. But this is how it felt.

All Good Things...Edit

Doug: Looks like somebody's in quite the hurry this morning.
Jack: Sheriff Doug, hey, look, I'm sorry. I'm late and I'm trying to get to class.
Doug: Well, I have no choice but to issue you a citation for doing 40 in a 25.
Jack: Look, I already have all these points against my license. You think maybe there's something I could do to...get you to look the other way.
Doug: May I remind you, Mr. McPhee, that attempting to bribe a public official is a serious offense?
Jack: Uh, you know, I was just hoping that maybe, um... I could appeal to your greater sense of compassion?
[Doug leans in and kisses him]
Doug: All right. Just this once, I'll let you go with a warning.
Jack: Thanks, honey.
Doug: No, no, never, never call me honey.
Jack: Dude, it's a deserted road. Chill.
Doug: Don't call me dude, either.
Jack: All right, tonight? Dinner later?
Doug: Yeah. I'll cook. My place.
Jack: Great. I'll bring the handcuffs. Kidding. I'll see you.
Doug: Yeah, I'll see you. Jack... slow down.
Jack: You got it.

Jack: Mr. Hampton... is there a problem?
Hampton: Do I have to keep reading?
Jack: Well, the poem's not finished.
Hampton: No offense, Mr. McPhee, but this is a poem by a guy about another guy. It's, like, a gay poem.
Jack: I wasn't aware that poems had sexual orientation. See, this gay poem and others like it actually got Whitman fired from his job. See, he was an outcast most of his life. But he didn't care. He loved his country. He loved the freedom that it stood for, and he celebrated the American spirit every chance that he got. And here we are 150 years later, and we're still laughing at him. Your assignment for this weekend is to find a way to say, through the conventions of poetry, what you are afraid to say. I want you guys to write about something that you're scared of. We're gonna read these things out loud on Monday to each other, so I would hope that you give the same courtesy to each other that you did not give to Mr. Whitman today. Have a good weekend.

Jen: So I just caught some of your act. Looks like Capeside finally hired a good teacher.
Jack: Good teachers are just traumatized students trying to erase whatever went wrong with their own high school experience.
Jen: Do you think that you could erase my memories while you're at it?
Jack: That would be a lifetime in a nunnery.

Joey: We’ve been through so much Dawson. So many good times and bad. When I loved you, you loved Jen. When you loved me, I needed to be on my own. So I left you for Jack. Then he realized he was gay.
Dawson: And then I convinced you to turn your dad in for trafficking cocaine said you’d never speak to me again.
Joey: But I did. I offered myself to you at that party, after you crashed your dad’s boat.
Dawson: And I refused...for some reason. And so you fell for Pacey.
Joey: And years passed... until finally here we are... saying, "I do." The way it should be... the only way it can be for star-crossed, ill-fated soul mates. So, I do.
Dawson: I do, too.
[Dawson wakes up]

Jen: What are you doing here? It's late. Doesn't this hospital have visitation hours?
Jack: I, uh... flirted with a nurse. I can be quite charming when I want to be.
Jen: What happens when she finds out you're gay?
Jack: It's a male nurse.
Jen: Cute?
Jack: Look, Jen... I would love nothing more than to engage in our patented, meaningless, good-humored Jack-Jen fag-hag banter, but... first I was kinda wondering, I mean, since you're lying here in this hospital bed and you're hooked up to all these machines... how come? How come you didn't tell me, 'cause I thought I was your best friend?
Jen: Because I didn't want you to be worried. I was already worrying enough. Because I thought that if I pretended it didn't exist, it would just go away. Because I like it. I like our... patented, meaningless fag-hag banter, and 'cause I was scared if I said it out loud, it would be true, because I was just-- I was just scared. 'Cause I was an idiot.
Jack: You are an idiot. I--I could've handled it. I could've helped you handle it.
Jen: Well, you will help me handle it. I need you.

...Must Come to an EndEdit

Jen: [on videotape] Hi, Amy, it's mom. Well, by the time you see this, I won't be here anymore, and I know how much that sucks, for both of us. So seeing as how I won't be around to thoroughly annoy you, I thought I would give you a little list of the things that I wish for you. Well, there's the obvious. An education. Family. Friends. And a life that is full of the unexpected. Be sure to make mistakes. Make a lot of them, because there's no better way to learn and to grow, all right? And, um, I want you to spend a lot of time at the ocean, because the ocean forces you to dream, and I insist that you, my girl, be a dreamer. God. I've never really believed in god. In fact, I've spent a lot of time and energy trying to disprove that god exists. But I hope that you are able to believe in god, because the thing that I've come to realize, sweetheart... is that it just doesn't matter if god exists or not. The important thing is for you to believe in something, because I promise you that that belief will keep you warm at night, and I want you to feel safe always. And then there's love. I want you to love to the tips of your fingers, and when you find that love, wherever you find it, whoever you choose, don't run away from it. But you don't have to chase after it either. You just be patient, and it'll come to you, I promise, and when you least expect it, like you, like spending the best year of my life with the sweetest and the smartest and the most beautiful baby girl in the world. You don't be afraid, sweetheart. And remember, to love means to live.

Dawson: Well, you know that list of hardest things to live through? You just got bumped again. Ah. I'm so out of touch, Jo. I've... I've wasted so much time living in my little Hollywood bubble even now, my mind's on my work. I hate to admit that. Show's calling every 5 seconds. The network wants a script, which I haven't finished yet, because I don't know how. I don't have an ending. I can't even think straight enough to write one.
Joey: Dawson, this is a time of extreme stress.
Dawson: It's not just that. When I saw Jen for the first time the other with Amy my first thought was, when did Jen have a baby? I forgot Jen had a baby. I forgot I knew that. What-- what's wrong with me?
Joey: You cannot feel guilty about that, Dawson. My office is calling every 5 seconds. It's--it's called life, and we just have to deal. Deal with—
Dawson: With what, though? It's not Shakespeare. I'm not writing Schindler's List. I don't even know why I care so much. I'm no Spielberg. The guy won't even take a meeting with me. Would he?
Joey: Stop it.
Dawson: She's dying. Jo, she's gonna die, and all I can think about is some frickin' ending to some stupid TV show. I keep thinking there's gonna be time for the rest of it, but it--it--it runs out.
Joey: Yes, it does.
Dawson: Nothing in my life feels real anymore. I've lost touch with my family, my friends, you... and you and me together is the only thing that ever made sense to me, and I forgot that... until I saw you, and then it came back, what we were, and we're not even together.
Joey: Do you not watch The Creek? We're together every Wednesday at 8:00. Dawson, you wrote a show about us.
Dawson: And that's the problem. I've turned my entire life into fiction. It's not even real life that I'm living anymore.
Joey: It is real, in the best way possible. Dawson, do you know how lucky you are? You're a writer. You get to live life twice. Who else can do that?

Jen: I mean, from the second that I stepped out of that cab and onto the Creek, I--I was the instigator, you know? The girl who caused problems and rocked the creek and upset the delicate emotional balance of Capeside, and--and I don't want Amy to be that person. I want her to belong. I feel like I never really did.
Jack: Jen you belong. You belong with me. Don't you get it? You're my soulmate. Amy's gonna know love. Every day of her life, she is gonna know how much her mother loved her. I'm gonna see to that.

Pacey: You're off the hook. I never really put much faith in all that "if you love someone set them free" crap, as evidenced by everything I've done in my life up to this very moment... but I am determined to be happy, Joey. Happy in this life... And I love you, I mean, I always, I have always, always loved you. But our timing has just never been right... and the way I figure it, time is no man's friend. So I have to get right with that and be happy, now. Because this is it, I mean, this is all that we get. If there is one thing I've learned from losing Jen, that's what I've learned.
Joey: Pacey, I—
Pacey: Actually, um, hold on. I'm not done yet. Because I also want for you to be happy. It's really important for me that you be happy. So I want you to be with someone, whether it be Dawson or New York guy or some man that you haven't even met yet. But I want you to be with someone who can be a part of the life that you want for yourself. I want you to be with someone who makes you feel like I feel when I'm with you. So, I guess the point to this long run-on sentence that's been the last 10 years of our lives... is just that the simple act of being in love with you is enough for me. So you're off the hook.
Joey: You know, for the record I, I don't wanna be let off the hook. Cause everything in my life that I've done has led me here, right now. And the last thing I want, need or deserve is to be let off somebody's hook.
Pacey: Please don't miss my point here...
Joey: And don't miss mine. Pacey, I love you, you know that. And it's very real. It's so real that it's kept me moving, mostly running from it, never ready for it… and I love Dawson, he's my soul mate. He's tied to my childhood... and it's a love that is pure and eternally innocent. I can't be let off the hook because I just might get the notion that it's ok to keep running.
Pacey: So then what exactly are you saying here?

Joey: Are you writing?
Dawson: No. The curse of an unwritten ending.
Joey: Oh. Make it a happy one, please. I can't take any more sad ones. Stay away from the life and death of it all.
Dawson: It's interesting how people use that expression-- life and death. As if to imply that life is the opposite of death, but birth is the opposite of death. Life... has no opposite.
Joey: I never thought of it that way.
Dawson: Well, leave it to me to over think it.
Joey: You are the writer.
Dawson: Yeah. This writer has decided it doesn't matter how it ends... because fiction is fiction, and for the first time, in a long time... My life is real. It doesn't matter who ends up with who. Because in some unearthly way... it's always gonna be you and me.
Joey: Soul mates.
Dawson: What we have goes beyond friendship, beyond lovers. It's forever.
Joey: Yes, it is. I love you, Dawson.
Dawson: I love you, too, Joey.


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