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Danny Phantom

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Danny Phantom is an American animated television series that was aired on Nickelodeon. The series follows a teenage boy who, after an accident with an unpredictable portal between the human world and the "Ghost Zone", becomes a human-ghost hybrid and takes on the task of saving his town (and the world) from subsequent ghost attacks using an evolving variety of supernatural powers.


Season OneEdit

Mystery MeatEdit

[The series begins with Jack Fenton instructing Danny, Sam and Tucker about ghost hunting]
Jack: So, Danny! You and your little friends want to hunt ghosts.
Danny: Ah, Ac-ac-actually Dad? I want to be an astronaut.
Sam: Sorry, Mr. Fenton. I was into ghosts, but they're so mainstream now. They're like cellphones.
Tucker: Waste these looks and all this charisma hunting ghosts? Criminal.
Jack: Well, if you do want to hunt ghosts, there are a few things you need to learn.

Danny: It's been a month since the accident and I barely have any control. If I don't watch it I go to geek to freak around here.
Tucker: Kind of what you're doing now.

Sam: Gee, Danny. Fighting meat monsters, flying through walls. You must bee exhausted.
Danny: Of course not. What gave you...that idea?

Parental BondingEdit

Sam: Oh, please. Paulina? Girls like her are a dime a dozen.
[Both Tucker and Danny pull out coins]
Danny: How much change you got?
Sam: Haha, very funny. Just remember, you can't judge a book by its cover.
Tucker: Well, there's only one way to find out. Go on, Danny. Go to that library and check out that book.
Danny: I-I can't. I get weak-kneed when I try to talk to cute girls.
Sam: [angrily] Oh, and you have absolutely no problems talking to me?

One of a KindEdit

[Jack Fenton tries his new Ghost Translator on Danny]

Danny Fenton: Um... Uh... Boo?
Ghost Translator: I am a ghost. Fear me.
Danny Fenton: [panics] Uh... I better get to school!
Ghost Translator: I better get to school. Fear me.

Maddie: Danny, look at you, I'm not sure I like this late night studying.
Danny: Mom, c'mon. We're just a bunch of kids. In the zoo. At night. Alone. [Everyone stares at him.] We'll be in my room.
Ghost Gabber: We'll be in my room. Fear me.
Jazz: [frustrated] Give me that! [hides Ghost Gabber under couch cushion]

Sam: [blocking Skulker from taking Danny back to entrap him in a cage for sport] "No" is right, Danny. Cages are wrong. How do you think Samson feels to be in a cage?!
Skulker: Uh-
Sam: He's a beautiful animal, and deserves to roam free!
Skulker: I-
Sam: -should be ashamed!

Attack of the Killer Garage SaleEdit

Tucker: [notices the haunted TV remote bought at Danny's garage sale is floating] I'm not schooled in the ways of the rich, but do all your remotes do that?
Sam: No. Well, my toaster does, but it's from Denmark.

Danny: [to Technus] Oh, no, you don't! You're not going to use the technology in this lab to take over the world!
Technus: What? [looks around room] That's a great idea! Have you ever considered tutoring?

Danny: [to Technus] Oh, no, you don't! You're not going to use that Portals XL upgrade to make yourself more powerful!
Technus: What? [sees upgrade disk] Another great idea! The heck with tutoring! You should be a teacher!

Splitting ImagesEdit

Poindexter: [in Danny's body and flying] Haha! [goes intangible] I'm doing it! [flies at Danny but phases through the wall beside him instead]
Danny: [in Poindexter's body] You may have my powers, but you sure don't know how to use 'em! ... 'Course, I don't know how to use 'em either but at least I know how not use 'em better than you do!

Box Ghost: I am no longer the Box Ghost! I am now... [Grabs Sam's mechanical frog] ...the Mechanical Frog Ghost! [Frog shorts out] Uh.... I changed my mind! I am once again the Box Ghost! And will have nothing to do with mechanical amphibians! [Disappears]
Danny: Now there's someone who knows exactly who he is.

Danny: [to Sam; trying prove who he is since he's in Poindexter's body] In second grade, Tucker threw up in your lunchbox, but he told you Ricky Marsh did it.
Sam: What?! I kicked him off the monkey bars for that! [faces Tucker, with a surprised/angry look] It was you?! [gasps]
Sam and Tucker: Danny?!

Box Ghost: [having Danny at his mercy] Tremble before the might of the Box Ghost, as you are devoured by- [pauses and reads the side of a box] -oh yeah... costumes and props from the Broadway classic, My Fair Lady! [hurls contents of box at Danny] Beware! [flees]
Sam: [about to start a presentation about freeing frogs from being dissected] Fellow students, something sick and disgusting is happening right right here in our school. And I'm about to show you what it is! [pulls up curtain, and Danny is shown slumped in a dress costume]
Tucker: Woo! Take it off! [Sam glares at him] No, seriously, you should take that off. That's weird.


Sam: [to Danny] Thanks to you, my "Save the Frogs" presentation was a total bust!
Tucker: And speaking of bust, did you see Danny in that bra? Puse is not your color, pal.

What You WantEdit

Danny: [Sardonically, after being trod on by football team] Fill in for the mascot. It'll be fun. You'll meet cheerleaders...

Paulina: [to Danny, as Sayonara Paulina] Hi, I'm Paulina. I'm cute, swell, and full of big-headed anime goodness!
Danny: Bye-bye, kitty!

Danny: [to the man in the flying car] Hey, slow down, Jeff Gordon! You're going over the speed limit! [looks down] And the height limit!

Mr. Lancer: [after an invisible Tucker pulls several pranks on him] Gulliver's Travels, I'm losing my mind! [Tucker, still invisible, pulls his pants down] And my pants!

Bitter ReunionsEdit

Maddie: [to Danny] You're constantly late getting home...
Jack: You're shrinking from your chores...
Maddie: Your grades are slipping...
Jack: You're shrinking from your chores...
Danny: You already said chores.
Jack: I know, but when you don't do 'em, I get stuck with 'em.

Vlad: I insist you stay.
Jack: Well... I don't know. We do have that really cool R.V.
Jazz: [feigns a sneeze] Let's stay here.
Danny: Smooth...

Vlad: [to Danny] My vultures were supposed to bring me the idiot but you'll do - Danny Phantom, right?
Danny: [surprised] know me?
Vlad: Of course I know you. You're that ghost boy who uses his powers for good. How quaint. Aren't you gonna try to shove me into your ridiculous thermos?
Danny: [increasingly scared] I...don't want to fight you?
Vlad: No. No, you don't. [attacks]

Danny: [about Jack] Okay, I'm officially mortified.
Harrie: What took so long?

Danny: The glowing blade is new.
Skulker: You like it? I've had some upgrades!

Danny: [trapped in a spectral neutralizer] Let me go!
Vlad: Why? So you can go back to stumbling through your adolescence, desperately trying to control your powers? Powers, by the way, that I've had for over 20 years. I have experience, my child. And the money and power from using my abilities for personal gain, you see. I could train you, teach you everything I know, and all you'd have to do is renounce your idiot father.
Danny: Dude, you are one seriously crazed-up fruit loop. That is never going to happen.
Vlad: Yes, well once your father is out of the way, we'll see how you feel.

[Vlad's trying to convince Danny to join his side.]
Danny: Forget it, man. Your money can't buy my mom, it can't buy the Packers, and it's not going to buy me!

Prisoners Of LoveEdit

Walker: [while welcoming Danny to prison] I am your judge, executioner, jury, executioner, jailer, and, if necessary, your executioner.
Danny: Uh, you said executioner three times.
Walker: I like that part of the job.

Danny: Great. My parents are splitting up, my sister's a basketcase, and I'm going to ghost jail. This may be the worst day of my life.
Skulker: Well, if it isn't the little whelp who got us locked up in this stinking place. Welcome home. [grins ferally]
Danny: This is the worst day of my life.
Box Ghost: I am the Box Ghost!!
Danny: Will you stop that?!

Walker: Guards! Guards!! What's going on down there!? Answer me!
Danny: [kicks Walker's office door open] How about saying "please"? Saying "please" is a rule.
Walker: [shocked] It is? [starts flipping through the thick rule book furiously]
Danny: [slams the book shut] Is now.

My Brother's KeeperEdit

Note: Jasmine discovers her younger brother's secret as a half-ghost.

Jazz: Is it always so cold in here?
Spectra: Of course. I find that cold temperatures keep the mind icy sharp! And don't you worry about the mess of an office, either. Stuff happens. No biggie. Right, Jasmine?
Jazz: It's Jazz. My friends call me Jazz.
Danny: Well, your brother calls you "fink"!
Jazz: Danny, I'm just trying to help. C'mon, we used to talk all the time.
Danny: Yeah, when I was eight and you weren't a fink!

Danny: [shivers] I can't believe my stupid sister convinced Lancer to make this my punishment. And can we turn up the heat in here? I can see my own breath!
Spectra: Wow, you do complain a lot. Well, your sister did say you could be a bit of a baby...
Danny: What?!
Spectra: Sweetie, it's not your fault she thinks you're a loser.
Danny: Wait, Jazz called me a loser, too?
Spectra: Hey, those are her issues. I'm not saying you're a loser, Danny. I think you're a great kid! [puts her hands on his shoulders]
Danny: Then why do I feel so miserable?
Spectra: You know what I think? You might be a mess, but mess is just the beginning of message! Now go out there and be a better you!

Danny: I can't believe Jazz told Spectra that she thinks I'm a loser.
Sam: Are you sure Jazz said that? That doesn't sound like Jazz to me.
Jazz: Hey, you guys. What doesn't sound like Jazz to you?
Danny: [scowls at Jazz]
Jazz: Still mad?
Danny: [sarcastically] Wow, you are the smart one!

Spectra: But we're gonna take that accident and make it an "acci-don't" and learn from it so it never happens again!
Mr. Lancer: [to Danny] You could learn a little bit about school spirit from Ms. Spectra here. When I was in school, I got the same advice. And look how I turned out!!
Spectra & Danny: [share an uncertain glance]

Dash: Where did you want to put these banners up, Ms... [sees Danny in a baby suit] Hey, guys, check it out! It's the Casper High Spirit Baby! [laughs along with other jocks]

Jazz: [to Sam and Tucker, after seeing Danny transform into a ghost] Did you see that?! Tell me I didn't see what I saw!
Tucker: It's not what you think, Jazz!
Sam: [shoves Tucker's ice cream into his mouth] Of course it's not what you think. Ghosts aren't real! Jazz, you sound like your father.

Bertrand: Well, that's enough damage for one afternoon. [transforms into his blob-like state and disappears through the ceiling]
Tucker: I sure hope they're insured.
Danny: Great, he got away again. Another ringing endorsement for the town's screw-up.

Bertrand: After we've destroyed everything, you up for a cappuccino?
Spectra: Oooh, that's a marvellous idea.
[Bertrand gets blasted by Danny]
Danny: I figured it out, finally. You feed on misery, don't you?
Spectra: I'm sorry. Can I help you?
Danny: No, I'm sure you can't. You can't help anyone except yourself.
[Spectra advances towards Danny but he flies out of the way and floats behind her]
Danny: You find out one thing that a kid's most afraid of--their future, their looks, their confidence...and you pick at it and pick at it while your snippy little ghost assistant feeds on it.
Bertrand: HEY!
Spectra: Very good. But I'm afraid you missed a few details.

[after Spectra grabs Danny]
Danny: Let go of me!
Spectra: Why would I do that? Your doubts, your misery, it's delicious! And the best part is, after that silly speech is over, and the last domino falls, and the sparklers vaporize the speaker, we'll leave you here to take the blame! And by the time I'm done with you, you'll be sure it was all your fault!
Danny: Man, I'm so tired of you dumping on me, and I'm so tired of dumping on myself. Jazz never did that, even when I was mad at her, and I won't let her DOWN!
[blasts Spectra and becomes free]

Shades of GrayEdit

Ghost Dog: [grabs the cafeteria lady in his mouth, causing her to scream]
Danny: [nervous] Nice pooch, easy. That lady isn't edible. And neither is anything she cooks!
Ghost Dog: [drops her and looks at Danny happily]
Danny: And neither am I! [goes intangible just before the Ghost Dog phases them both through the wall]
Cafeteria Lady: [glares before pulling out a tray of food covered in green goo] It's still good! Who wants seconds?

Sam: [to Danny] You're not much of a dog catcher.
Danny: Yeah, no kidding. Who let the dogs in? [Sam stares] See, the song is "Who Let The Dogs Out," but I said "Who Let the Dogs In." [Sam continues staring] I'll be right back. [dives under the table]
Sam: Bring some new jokes!

Danny: Sam, hide!
Sam: No time! [pushes Danny into the bushes]
Valerie: No escaping me now, ghost boy! [sees Danny and Sam kissing]
Sam: [shrieks] Do you mind?!
Valerie: Ah, gross, loser love! I always knew you two geeks would end up together. [flies off]
Sam: That sounded like Valerie. [looks at Danny, who is smiling] Uh, Danny? Danny? You didn't think it was a real kiss, did you?
Danny: [nervously] No! Why? Did you?
[Sam bites her lip. The scene cuts to the next day at school.]
Tucker: Wait! You guys kissed?
Danny and Sam: No! It was a fake-out make-out!
Tucker: But that still has the words "make" and "out" in it, right?

Danny: [about Tucker liking Valerie] Two-hundred seventy-nine girls in our school, and he's gotta have a crush on the one with the weapons and the grudge.

Fanning the FlamesEdit

Danny: "I don't get it Ember McLain comes out of nowhere and suddenly she's the biggest thing since mp3s! It's so..."
Sam: [annoyed] "Infuriating how mindless prepackaged corporate bubble gum is preventing true musical artists from being heard all from now & Bananas!?"
Danny: "I was gonna say weird or crazy, but this is so..."
Tucker: "Ember's not just about music. She is an expression of my unique individuality."
[Everyone in the school is wearing Ember's merchandise.]
Sam: [sarcastically] "Oh yeah, you're one of a kind. Every single one of you."

Danny: [annoyed at Sam] "I still don't see why we're not affected by Ember's music."
Sam: [to Danny] "Maybe because of your ghost powers and my..."
Danny: [to Sam] "Individuality or smart intelligence?"
Sam: [to Danny] "I was gonna say utter distaste for anything popular but, okay." [she blushes] "You really think I'm smart?"
[Danny blushes and smiles, his heart pounding as if he is embarrassed.]

Danny: [sees Tucker wearing an Ember wig] Tucker, you're starting to scare me. And I fight ghosts!
Tucker: It's an Ember thing. You wouldn't understand it.
Sam: Uh, you do realize she's an evil mind-controlling spirit from another dimension.
Tucker: Yeah, but you said the same thing about Paulina.
Danny: You know, he has a point.

[Danny and Sam are flying; Sam is staring at Danny and Danny notices]
Danny: Are you okay, Sam?
Sam: [snaps out of it and blushes; nervously] Oh... It's just really nice up here, that's all. Flying's nice. [Danny realizes what Sam is talking about and blushes.] [They suddenly hit a cardboard cutout of Ember and fall] "Falling stinks."

[Danny is hit with Ember's love spell]
Sam: Wait. I know that look. That's that same longing, puppy dog stare you give Paulina.
Danny: Who's Paulina?
Sam: That's a pleasant side effect.

Teacher Of The YearEdit

Technus: So what exactly is the point of this 'skill' contest?
Tucker: To defeat all foes, get to Level 13, and retrieve the 7 Silver Keys to the Apocalypse.
Technus: And what happens after that?
Tucker: Gain ultimate power of the World Wide Web!
Technus: Very well. Then I, Technus, shall use my ghost powers and new-found gaming prowess to win the game and spread my intellect to every machine in the world!! [pause] My... that was a long speech.
Tucker: What? Technus?
Technus: Bingo, booby! Game over!

Maddie: Get this straight, Danny. You're a Fenton. Fentons get "A"s, or in your father's case, "B" minuses.
Jack: [looking proud] Solid "B" minuses!
Maddie: Until you retake that test and pass it with flying colors, we are FORBIDDING access to all electronic devices.
Danny: [cell phone rings] It's Tucker.
Jack: [snatches Danny's phone] He's BUSY! [crushes Danny's phone]

Mr. Lancer: [shows Danny the picture of his "sister"] Now's the best time to say, "Gosh Mr. Lancer, I never realized being a teacher was so difficult."
Danny: I'm fourteen... I don't really care... [after Lancer walks away] Guess I can cross "teacher" off of my 'what I want to be when I grow up' list.


Maddie: [to Danny, in a serious tone] Were you spying on them?
Danny: All right, all right! I was spying on Jazz and I'm really...
Jack: [whispers] Good job.
Maddie: [whispers] Yeah, way to go, Danny. And if you see Jazz with that hooligan again, you let us know.
Jack and Maddie: [loudly] And don't do it again!
Jack: [whispers] But seriously, feel free to do it again.

Danny: She's not anybody's girl.
Jazz and Johnny: [in unison] Stop spying on us!
Danny: No! I won't. Anymore than you would if it were me. Come on, Jazz. Think like the brain surgeon you told me you wanted to be. Does this seem right?
Kitty: What's taking so long? Johnny, get me out of here!
Danny: Don't you think I am doing this because I have a reason?
Johnny: You know what, punk?
Jazz: Danny?
Johnny: We just had about enough of you.
Jazz: Hey! Hands off the little brother!
Johnny: Away!
Johnny: Then we do this the hard way. Shadow, shelf!

Jack: [about Johnny] He's on the run!
Maddie: And I've got the Fenton Anti-Creep Stick. Let's get him!
Jack: Sweetie, that's just a regular bat.
Maddie: Yep, but it's a bat with the word 'Fenton' on it. [jumps out the door]
Jack: Man, that's hot!

Public EnemiesEdit

[Bullet and some ghost cops are chasing an escapee from prison.]
Prisoner: You'll never take me alive, coppers!
Bullet: [deadpan] You're a ghost.
Prisoner: Well, you'll still never take me!

Sam: Oh man! I've never seen this many ghosts attacking at once.
Danny: I'm gonna need a bigger thermos.
[one of Walker's crew tackles Danny]
Tucker: And a paramedic!

Sam: A curfew?
Tucker: An escort?
Danny: Okay, who's the idiot security adviser who came up with these lame ideas?
[Jack & Maddie enter the room]
Jack: Fear not, young ones, we're here to make sure this school is prepared for any ghost emergencies.
Maddie: [on megaphone] You must be cautious, at any time one of these ectoplasmic malefactors - [spots Danny in the crowd] hi sweetie! [Danny ducks down and blushes] - could appear out of nowhere.
Danny: [to Sam & Tucker] Time to sit in the back where nobody can notice us?
Sam: Time to sit in the back where nobody can notice us.

[the trio is eating lunch inside a ghost shield provided by the Fenton RV]
Danny: [after his ghost sense goes off] Here, AGAIN?!
Tucker: But we're chewing like the wind in an anti-Ghost Zone. Where could the ghost be?
[the shield explodes and Wulf appears]
Sam: Survey says, behind us.

Sam: [to Tucker] Ask him what Walker's up to.
Tucker: [speaks Esperanto to Wulf]
Wulf: [responds back in Esperanto]
Tucker: [rocks back and forth in a casual manner] Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Sam: You have no idea what he's talking about.
Tucker: Nope, not a clue.

[Sam reaches to touch Wulf's collar. He snarls angrily at her.]
Tucker: He says not to touch that.
Sam: [sarcastically] Really? I must have missed the subtext.

[Wulf twitches in pain caused by the collar he's wearing]
Tucker: The collar! It's hurting him!
Sam: What did you think it was? A fashion accessory? We have to get it off.

[Danny's just figured out Walker's plan and been declared Public Enemy #1. Tucker hands him the Fenton Thermos.]
Tucker: You may need this.
Danny: Are you nuts? If I leave this house, I'm dead.
Sam: Danny, you have to do something. If you don't, who will?

Maddie: [to Danny, with Fenton Bazooka to his head, about to shoot] By the authority invested in me by the city of Amity Park, I sentence you back from once you came!
Danny: Oh man, I have got to start paying more attention in these fights.
Maddie: [finds note on Fenton Bazooka, reads it] "Honey, forgot to fully charge Fenton Bazooka. - Jack. P.S.: Can I have a cookie?"
Danny: With that, I bid you a fond farewell. [flies away]
Maddie: [waves fist] You haven't seen the last of me!
Danny: [out of earshot] Duh, I'll see you at dinner.

Fright KnightEdit

[Mr. Lancer catches Danny and Dash fighting in the halls]
Mr. Lancer: Grapes of Wrath! Break it up. Tell me why I shouldn't give you both of you a suspension for fighting on school ground?
Dash: Uh... because I'm a football star.
Mr. Lancer: True... Well, I still must at least pretend to be fair...

Maddie: [reading ghost detector] This ecto-storm is coming from the direction of 917 Maple Street.
Jack: 917 Maple, eh? I could have sworn it was coming from that big spooky house with the big, swirly cloud overhead.

Tucker: [thinks Danny is dressed up as Fright Knight] Pretty neat horse though. What's it made of, flaming bed sheets?
Fright Knight: Flaming bed sheets of death!!

Sam: [reading a spell from a book] To cease the Storm, to end the Fear, the sword must sheath in pumpkin near. Pumpkin near! Danny, you gotta put the sword back in a pumpkin!
Danny: A pumpkin? There are no pumpkins in the room. [short pause] No pumpkins in the room? It's Halloween, what am I, an idiot?

Maternal InstinctsEdit

[after Danny crashes into a wall]
Tucker: [imitating Danny] Hi, I'm Danny Fenton. Don't let the concussion and bruises fool you. I need more practice.
[Danny uses his ghost powers to make Tucker fall through the floor]
Sam: [surprised] Wow, it's quiet in here.

Maddie: And Jack? Try not to trash the house while I'm gone.
Jack: [sighs] Suck the house into a parallel dimension ONE TIME, and you just can't let it go, can you?

Vlad: Why, Maddie and Danny Fenton.
Maddie and Danny: Vlad Masters?!
Vlad: Oh, what a completely unexpected and totally unplanned surprise. [pulls gift baskets out of nowhere] Personalized gift baskets? [Maddie runs up and grabs them]
Danny: [suspiciously] You're up to something.
Vlad: Oh, you think? [to a hidden microphone] They're here, kill Jack.
Maddie: What was that?
Vlad: I said... Flapjacks! Mm-hm, pancakes. I have pancakes.

Danny: Bye Vlad! And as a lonely single man in your forties, might I suggest Internet dating? Or a cat!!
Vlad: Mark my words Maddie, no one says no to Vlad Masters! You will rue the day you spurned my affections! And I. Will. Not. Get. A. Cat!!

Danny: Great. At midnight I get my powers back, at 12:01 the belt zaps me, and at 12:02 Vlad tries to make-out with my mom. Those are gonna be the worst two minutes of my life.

Maddie: As much as I hate to say it, I'm afraid we're gonna have to go back to Vlad's.
Danny: But he's my archenemy! ...I mean ...he said all those horrible things about Dad!
Maddie: We both know he's a creep. But he's a creep with a phone and transportation. And pancakes!

Danny: Hey, uh... "Uncle" Vlad?
Vlad: Oh please, Daniel, don't try to butter me up! Especially when your powers are shorted out for another fifteen minutes! You're barely a threat to me with them. Without them, well, I wouldn't need fifteen seconds, would I?
Danny: How can you say that? You think my mom made the decision to come back on her own? We're a family. We both talked about it last night, and I want to stay here with you, too.
Vlad: Really? You don't mean....
Danny: Yes, I do. Come on! Give me a big hug... New Dad!
[Vlad walks over to Danny to hug him, but Danny quickly straps the Fenton Specter Deflector to his waist.]
Vlad: Ah! You little rat! You tricked me! You know what this will mean for you, don't you?
Danny: Oh yeah. [the clock strikes midnight and Danny transforms] A much fairer fight!

Danny: "Nice petting zoo, Plasmius," [Danny transforms] "Where's your lonely guy cat?"
Vlad: "Ah, there's that teen wit again." [pulls out the Plasmius Maximus and zaps Danny]
Danny: "What-what was that?"
Vlad: "Oh, I call it the Plasmius Maximus. It has just short-circuited your powers for the next three hours - that's midnight. I tell you this because I've seen your grades and I know you're bad at math. These are my latest experiments. What do you think? Oh, that's right - who cares what you think?! I will give you five minutes before I send my minions to destroy you. The clock's ticking, Danny, on you and your father. Run."
Danny: [runs away screaming]
Vlad: [after five seconds] "Get him." [the ghosts animals take off after Danny] "Five minutes, five seconds... Oh, apparently I'm bad at math too!"

Vlad: [to Maddie] I've been able to forgive Jack for a lot of things. Causing the accident that ruined my life, stealing you, the backwash incident...
Maddie: Whoa, whoa, back up. What was that?
Vlad: Causing the accident that ruined my life?
Maddie: No, no. After that.
Vlad: The backwash incident?
Maddie: [frustrated] No! In. The. Middle!
Vlad: Oh, the "stealing you" part? [sighs] You were always able to see right through me, Maddie.

Jack: [sees Jazz in her mom's spare Hazmat suit] Jazz? Why, look at you. You're the spitting image of your mother. I always knew this day would come. That why, years ago, I had this made! [Pulls out a hazmat suit identical to his own]
Jazz: [sarcastically] Nice.
Jack: Uh... Sorry about the size. I always thought you'd be swimming in my end of the gene pool. The end filled with ranch dressing, melted cheese and fudge. LOTS of fudge.

Lucky In LoveEdit

Danny: So, you think it's cool that I've got these powers?
Paulina: Cool? No. I think it's hot! See ya!
Danny: I'm hot? I'm hot?! I'm hot!!
Dash: [shoots Danny with water gun] That'll cool you off. By the way, this isn't water, if you catch my drift.

Danny: [after draining a pool with Johnny 13's shadow in it] Enjoy your trip to the sewers! Oh, and if you see Monday's meatloaf, say "Hi" for me.

[Johnny 13's shadow has just come out of a school water fountain]
Sam: So that's where the town's sewage goes. [knowing grin] I knew it.

[A-List guys start laughing at Paulina's terrible bowling skills]
Paulina: I'm so embarrassing myself. Danny, could you be an angel and give me a little invisible help?
Danny: But that's cheating. [Paulina kisses Danny on the cheek] ...Or creative point scoring! I'll be right back after you strike.

Sam: [to Kwan] I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm going to a Goth poetry reading tonight. It may not be your kind of thing but...?
Kwan: So...It's like a pity date?
Sam: Not a date, but plenty of pity.
Kwan: [cheerfully] Aw, sweet!

[Kwan and Sam are at a poetry reading.]
Goth: Darkness... eternal... I wait for your kiss. In the nothing, I see your bleak smile.
Kwan: Oh, cool, me next!
Sam: Oh, no.
Kwan: [on stage] And now, a little poem I like to call, "The Fluffy Clouds All Look Like Footballs."
[Everyone in the bookstore stares at him. The scene cuts to the manager throwing Sam and Kwan out.]
Manager: And stay out! [slams the door]
[Sam glares at Kwan, who grins sheepishly.]

[Johnny throws fake punches that Danny dodges with ease]
Danny: My turn! [hits Johnny really hard on the nose]
Johnny: [whispering] Hey, I thought this was a pretend fight!
Danny: Then "pretend" that didn't hurt! [punches him again]

Danny: [to Paulina who is no longer overshadowed by Kitty] Do you know who I am, by any chance?
Paulina: Yeah. You're that ghost boy who saved me. Twice, apparently. Inviso-Bill, right?
Danny: [scowls] I need a publicist.

Life LessonsEdit

[school bell rings]
Valerie: Later for you, punk!
Danny: I'll be waiting, creep!
[Valerie and Danny both change back into their normal states, run toward the same Health Sciences class, and bump into each other.]
Valerie: Watch it, punk!
Danny: You watch it, creep!
Mrs. Testlaff: Fenton! Gray! Congratulations, you two stragglers are paired up for a special week-long health sciences project. I now pronounce you man, wife, and child.
[Mrs. Testlaff hands Danny the flour sack.]
Danny: I am so not kissing the bride!
Valerie: What makes you think you can?!

Skulker: Hmm, I'm going to need the right bait to lure those two back to battle.
[Skulker's cage full of freaky ghosts appears]
Skulker: [studying the cage's inhabitants] Too scaly, too frightening, you I plan on feasting on for dinner... Yes, you'll do. [pulls out the Box Ghost]
Box Ghost: I am the Box Ghost! You have- [promptly muzzled]

Tucker: Oh my gosh, the other babies! Gotta go! [kisses flour sack] Bye! [kisses Sam] [pause] Uh...
Sam: That never happened.
Tucker: Ya got that right. Daddy's gotta run!
Sam: Don't forget to pick up milk!

The Million-Dollar GhostEdit

Mr. Lancer: [to Jack, who just ripped his clothes off with Fenton Peeler, thinking he was a ghost] I can't give you detention, but someone named Fenton is staying after school.
Jack & Jazz: [pretend to check their watches] Whoa, look at the time! [they both run away, leaving Danny there]

Danny: [to Sam and Tucker] My dad looked like a total fool. Did you see the way those ghost hunters were laughing at him? How embarrassing! We're all gonna have to live with my dad's goof-ups for the rest of our lives. [pause; Sam clears her throat] He's right behind me, isn't he?
Jack: [sadly] Yes, he is. If anyone needs me, I'll be upstairs, doing something wrong. [walks back up the stairs dejectedly]
Tucker: [to Danny] Nice. You wanna go make your mom cry?

Jack: [sets Danny free from the Fenton Weasel] Ghost kid, you gotta help me save my family. If you do, I'll set you free.
Danny: Um, you just did. [Jack smacks his forehead] [to himself] Good thing my dad's a lousy negotiator.

Jack: Watch out for that hacky- [gets splattered by hackysack] -sack. [to Danny Phantom] Just so you know, I don't enjoy helping you.
Danny: Then don't! I can handle these idiots, go save our family! I mean, yours...your family...not mine.

Jack: [to Vlad] I may be a goof, I may mess up, but when my family's in danger, the gloves are off! [notices he's wearing the Fenton Ghost Gloves] Well...technically they're on, but you get the idea!

Control FreaksEdit

Danny: Where are you going? School's this way.
Sam: The Circus Gothica train pulled into town last last night - I'm cutting first period to watch the opening ceremony at the train station.
Danny: [reprimandingly] Sam...
Sam: Take it easy, Tucker's got first period free. He's covering for me!
[Scene changes to Tucker in Sam's clothes, putting on a wig and lipstick]
Tucker: This is so wrong. [looks at money] But you make it right!

Principal Ishiyama: [To the Fentons and the Mansons] Some might call this little act of rebellion, "a cry for attention." But I call it, "a cry for detention!" Ha, ha, ha! Isn't that clever?
Sam: [angrily] Nice job, Danny! Maybe I should’ve cried, “Hey, it’s Inviso-Bill”!
Danny: I’m sorry! I don’t know what came over me back there...
Jack: [to Danny] Bad judgment, that’s what! Next time think before you act! [wrist ectoplasmic goo launcher accidentally misfires and splatters goo all over Sam’s parents]
Mrs. Manson: Obviously, the apple doesn't fall far from the overbearing, orange jumpsuited tree!
Jack: You got a problem with jumpsuits?!
Maddie: Jack, let me handle this... You got a problem with jumpsuits?!
Mrs. Manson: [ignores them] Samantha... I forbid from seeing this boy, or any of your other troubled friends!
Sam: My friends are perfectly normal!
[Lancer opens the door, and a still dressed-up Tucker walks in]
Principal Ishiyama: [stares for a moment, then facepalms] This is so wrong!

[the kids are serving detention with Mr. Lancer]
Sam: [looks at her Circus Gothica ticket] I wanted to experience something horrific and unimaginable. [looks up at Mr. Lancer clipping his toenails] This isn't what I had in mind.

[under mind control, Danny starts to walk out of detention and Mr. Lancer catches him]
Mr. Lancer: And just where do you think you're going, Mr. Fenton?
[Danny smirks, then overshadows Mr. Lancer]
Danny: [as Lancer] Unleash your dark side at Circus Gothica! [walks to the janitor's closet, and locks Mr. Lancer in there]
Mr. Lancer: Cask of Amontillado! [bangs on door] Let me out! Let me out!
Sam: Danny, what are you doing? We're in too much trouble as it is!
Danny: [mind controlled] No such thing as "too much trouble"! Unleash your dark side at Circus Gothica! [phases through wall]
Tucker: [to Sam] Man, we better follow him!
Sam: [ironically] Oh, no! But that would mean skipping detention and going to the circus! [Tucker stares at her strangely] Hello, irony? [grabs Tucker and they leave]

[Danny, under Freakshow's control, cuts the wire Sam's standing on. She falls and screams. Seeing Sam in danger, Danny briefly regains his free will and rescues her]
Sam: [catching her breath] Danny! Don't scare me like that!
Danny: [going back under Freakshow's control] How should I scare you?

[Mr. and Mrs. Manson catch Sam and Tucker at Circus Gothica]
Mrs. Manson: Sam?! Shouldn't you be in detention?
Sam: Um... Lancer let us out?
[cut to Mr. Lancer locked in the janitor's closet.]
Mr. Lancer: Let me out!

Sam: How ironic is it that I'm stuck under house arrest while my parents go to a free Circus Gothica show?
Tucker: Only slightly less ironic than the fact that they were right about it being evil?

[Sam sneaks out of her house, but is caught by her grandmother]
Sam's Grandmother: And just where do you think you're going, dear?
Sam: You don't understand, Grandma; My friend is in trouble, and if I don't do something right away-!
Sam's Grandmother: You know, I had a wild side when I was your age. [pulls out a photograph album]
Sam: [confused] Why are you showing me this?
Sam's Grandmother: Who knows? Maybe I'm old and babbling... Or maybe you should sneak out and help your friend while I'm lost in my memories... [Sam smiles, kisses her forehead, and runs off] This is so wrong... [takes off her cardigan revealing one of Sam's shirts, and puts on a wig] But I dig it!

[Sam and Tucker are standing on a bridge with the Circus Gothica train passing beneath them.]
Sam: C'mon, we have to jump!
Tucker: Are you crazy?! I can't jump!
Sam: And I can't abandon Danny! [they jump onto the train] Plus, I'll never hear the end of it if my parents learn they're right about him being evil.

Mr. Manson: We owe you Fentons a debt of gratitude, and an apology!
Jack: Save it for the big sale, Thriston! We need to bust out of this tent!
Mr. Manson: Leave it to us!
Mrs. Manson: If it's one thing we Mansons know how to do, it's whip an angry mob of parents into a frenzy!
[scene cuts to the tent bursting from hundreds of people]

Sam: Well, it's the crystal ball, or your friend, Danny. Your choice! [almost falls off the train, then gets thrown off] I didn't mean that to be so literal! [screams as she falls]
Tucker: Sam! No!
Danny: Sam? [finally comes to his senses] Sam!
[Danny dives after Sam, letting go of the crystal ball and catching Sam in his arms. The crystal ball hits the ground and breaks, permanently freeing Danny from its influence.]
Sam: [coming to] Danny! Are you okay?
Danny: I think so. It's all a blur. I did some bad stuff, didn't I?
Sam: [gently] Nothing you can't fix.

[Danny and the other ghosts turn on Freakshow.]
Freakshow: [nervously] Um, when I called you my minions, it was really a term of endearment. Like, "I love my minions". [smiles innocently]

[Danny, Sam and Tucker finally defeated Freakshow and Jack, Maddie and Mr. and Mrs. Manson are proud]
Jack: Nick work, kids! You caught that weirdo Goth punk thief red-handed!
Mrs. Manson: I'm just happy you're all safe.
Mr. Manson: They're more than safe, they're heroes.
Maddie: We're so proud of you!
[cut to Sam's house]
All: [yelling] But you're all still grounded!
Sam's Grandmother: Grounded, schmounded! This is cruel and unusual punishment!
Sam: [shown to be wearing a pink floral dress] I know... But it was the only way I could convince to lift their restraining order on Danny.
Danny: At least Freakshow's in custody and the stolen goods were returned.
Tucker: So why do I feel like we're forgetting something...?
[cut to Lancer still locked in the janitor's closet]
Mr. Lancer: Waiting for Godot, is anybody out there?! [crying] This is so wrong!
Janitor: [Comes in] See you Monday.
[the janitor leaves and closes the door behind him and Mr. Lancer continues to pound on the door]

Season TwoEdit

Memory BlankEdit

Tucker: Good job beating the big cow, Danny.
Danny: Yeah, well it hasn't stopped Sam from busting my chops about "Cruelty to Unliving Plastic Animals".
Sam: I had to choose between fake cows and evil trucks. The cow won.

Danny and Tucker: Pretty please with those dark licorice sprinkles and the black frosting you like with those little gummy bats on top?

[Sam just saved Danny from Terminatra using the Spector Deflector and is helping him out of a fountain.]
Danny: Nice save! Although to be fair, I probably wouldn't have needed it if it weren't for you in the first place.
[the Spector Deflector glows and zaps Danny. He screams and falls back in the fountain.]
Sam: Uh, excuse me? I save your butt, and you're giving me grief?!
Danny: Welcome to my world, remember? [gestures, sarcastically] We should make the menu Recyclo-Vegetarian! We should let the gorilla out. We should sell all of your dad's stuff at a garage sale! [crosses arms]
Sam: Anything else you wanna blame me for? World hunger? The Ice Age? Puberty?!

[Jack sees Danny kissing Sam.]
Danny: [whispers to Sam] I call that a fakeout makeout.
Sam: [blushes] Yeah, I know.
Jack: [to Danny] You're in a lot of trouble, mister! [to Sam] And who the heck are you?
Sam: Uh...I'm Paulina?
Jack: Then Danny Fenton is never, ever, allowed to see you, Paulina.
[Sam smiles]

Mr. Lancer: Thousands of meteors will be visible in the skies of Amity Park this Friday. People tend to wish upon these falling stars without realizing that at the speeds they're falling, [dramatically] they could drill through your tiny skulls like they were wet toilet paper!

Sam: Danny, use your ghost ray! You can fire a ghost ray out of your hand!
Danny: [concentrating] Ghost ray, ghost ray... [butt begins to glow green] Well, that can't be right! But it'll have to do! [fires ghost ray out of butt]

Tucker: [being chased by a monster truck] Ahhh!!!
[truck turns back to normal]
Tucker: Yes!
[truck disappears]
Tucker: NO!!!

Doctor's DisordersEdit

Danny: Phew, what is that smell?
Tucker: This? [shows Danny a spray-can] It's my new all-over body spray. I made it myself. I call it "Foley" by Tucker Foley. [sprays some on himself] It combines with your natural odor to create a sweet manly scent, that smells different to everyone who sniffs it.
Danny: Tuck, you smell like a sweaty cookie.

Tucker: [from outside the hospital] Spooky hospital. Ghosts guarding the joint. Still, no sign that Danny's in any real danger yet.
Danny: [from inside the hospital] Let me go!
Tucker: Still, technically not a cry for help.
Danny: HELP!!
Tucker: Well, not a cry for me.
Danny: [desperately] TUCKER!!!
Tucker: Ah, dang...

Pirate RadioEdit

Danny: Mom, Dad! I really wanna use the emergency op-center to start a radio station!
[silence as Danny looks around and finds no one]
Sam: That's a yes!

[after the ghost pirates steal the ghost shield generator]
Youngblood: Fall back, me hearties. We got da...What's the word?
Parrot: Booty.
Youngblood: Ha, you said booty! [laughs]

[The ghost pirates have kidnapped adults all over Amity Park personally]
Paulina: Hey, they got my parents!
Dash: Mine too!
Kwan: Cool! Party at Dash's house!
Paulina: Like, what is wrong with you?! [pushes Kwan over]

Danny: [using a megaphone] Listen up, people! If you want your parents back, you're gonna have to follow my lead.
Dash: Why should we follow you, Fen-toad?
Danny: [sarcastic] You're right, Dash. Let's follow the other kid who comes from a family of ghost hunters and knows how to work all their gear. [Dash looks away slightly, doesn't respond] No takers? Alright then, [raises right arm and fist] who's with me?
[All other students cheer]

Dash: [fighting ghost pirates back-to-back with Danny] You're one brave geek, Fenton. When I'm wailing on you tomorrow, I'll be wailing on a hero. But I will be wailing on you.

[after being freed from Ember's spell which made them exercise]
Jack: Why do I suddenly feel like I have buns of steel?
Maddie: At last!!! I mean, I love you just the way you are. [hugs Jack]
Jazz: Ew!

Parrot: [attempts and fails to get past the ghost shield] Let me out of here! Let me out!
Youngblood: Actually, it'd be more like, [piratey voice] "Ahoy, matey! I'm marooned on this island."
Parrot: [glares at him] Oh, shut your gob you twit!

Reign StormEdit

Sam: You realize you're playing with fire.
Danny: Well, sometimes I have to use my powers for the greater good. [points to Dash]
Dash: [opens his locker and gets half-covered in toilet paper] Whoa!
Tucker: [amused] And come on! How good was that?
Sam: Niiice...Using your powers to stuff toilet paper into a locker. He's gonna find out it's you.
Danny: Have you seen his grades? [in unison with Tucker] Never gonna happen!
Dash: [notices the toilet paper has Jack's face on it] Hey! This is Fenton Wipe!
Sam: "Never" is Karma's doorbell. Ding-dong! It's for you.

[Danny and Valerie head into an alleyway, attempting to hide behind a dumpster, but see that Sam is already there. Sam points to Danny]
Danny: Hiding from Dash.
[Sam points to Valerie]
Valerie: Hiding from Nathan. You?
[Sam points off-screen. The camera cuts to a shot of Sam's mother holding a large pink and yellow dress outside the alleyway.]
Mrs. Manson: Sammikins, at least try it on!

Sam: [about Valerie] So, what's up with this? Why are you helping her all of a sudden?
Danny: Oh, she hid me from Dash earlier today. I'm just returning the favour.
Sam: Well, be careful. The last thing you'd want to do is invite your archenemy into your own house.
[they open the door, Danny gasps as he sees Vlad there]
Vlad: Ah, hel-LO, Daniel!
Sam: Too late.

Danny: [to Vlad, after he blasts a skeleton away] You're helping me? What do you want, my mom's cell number?
Vlad: No! But, ooh, if you wanted to give me her number....

Valerie: Hey, Danny.
Danny: Hey, Val.
Tucker: "Hey, Val"? Isn't that the same Val that's usually on a jet sled trying to paste Danny?
Sam: Yep. And apparently next week, we're having cookies with Skulker!

Ember: [to the kids in the music store] Hey kids. Here's a new ditty I call... GET OUT OF MY NEW HOME!
[she sends an energy blast that breaks all the windows and the kids run out, screaming]
Random Kid: She rocks!

[various ghosts have attacked Danny and he's fallen to the ground in human form, and Sam rushes to his side]
Sam: You okay? [Danny shoots her a dirty look] Sorry. Standard question.

Sam: [drinking tea] I'm getting worried. We haven't seen Danny or Valerie for hours.
Jack: Ah, they're fine. They've been up in Danny's room. Alone. For hours.
[Sam drops the teacup and it shatters.]

Skulker: Now, go, defeat him, so I will be free to hunt you another day.
Danny: [to Ember] Guy really knows how to motivate ya....

Danny: I don't understand....
Vlad: What? That I used two fourteen year old pawns to turn a knight and topple a king? It's chess, Daniel. Of course you don't understand. But then, you never really did.

Tucker: Dude, you can't blame yourself for this. It's not your fault.
Danny: Maybe not. But it is my responsibility.

Pariah Dark: You can't possibly win.
Danny: I don't have to win. I just have to make sure you lose!

Danny: [referring to all the ghosts] How did they cram all of you inside the Specter Speeder?
Ember: Hey, you ever been inside your stupid thermos? Compared to that, it was the Taj Mahal in there!

Identity CrisisEdit

Danny: [going through his ghost files with Sam and Tucker] Okay, Ember: Ghost Zone. Skulker: Ghost Zone. Box Ghost... [in unison with Tucker and Sam] Who cares.
Box Ghost: [pops his head out of the Fenton Portal] Hey! I have feelings too you know! [the Fenton Portal shuts him out]

Technus: [has taken over the Fenton RV and an electronics store. attaches TV to the RV] Hmm, plasma screen, [attaches speakers] surround sound, [attaches unknown appliance with a receiver dish] I don't know what this thing does... [attracts more TVs and remotes] Ooo, these are on sale!

Technus 2.0: Behold, the new Technus 2.0! Now with pop-up blocker! [pulls Danny up towards him with a tractor beam.]
Danny: Sounds like the same old Technus to me. Whaddaya say you shout out your plan and we get this thing over with?
Technus 2.0: Technus 2.0 does not reveal his secrets! [crosses arms] Go on, try me.
Danny: Uh, boxers or briefs?
Technus 2.0: [gets in his face] None of your business! [smug look] See?

Fun Danny: [on a roller coaster] Oh, man, this is the life. I wish I could stay on this ride, like, forever.
[all of the rides in the fair suddenly stop as the sky darkens]
Sam: And you may just get your wish.
Tucker: Why couldn't you wish for super models?
Super Danny: Did someone say, "super"?!
Sam: Ah, somebody kill me.

The Fenton MenaceEdit

Jazz: See? This toxic home environment is making him a nervous wreck! [Danny's eye twitches]
Jazz: He needs a normal family outing! One that has nothing to do with ghosts!
Danny: Will you stop talking about me like I'm not here?! [invisible Youngblood pokes Danny] AND WILL YOU STOP POKING ME?!
Maddie: I don't know, Jazz, honey. Sure Danny seems a little high-strung but I'm sure it's nothing we can't work out here...
[Youngblood pokes Danny again]
Danny: Back off, punk! [snatches an ecto-gun and fires it all around the lab]
Jack & Maddie & Jazz: [find cover behind piles of boxes]
Maddie: [to Jazz] I'll get the sleeping bags.
Jack: And I'll get that ghost hunting equipment! [Maddie and Jazz gives him disapproving glares] And by ghost hunting equipment, I mean..Uhh...The other sleeping bags!

Jazz: [grabs Danny's arm] And where do you think you're going?
Danny: Wherever I want. What are you, the hall monitor now?
Jazz: I'm your hall monitor, Danny. And there's no place you can go that I can't follow.
Danny: Really?
[Danny walks into the boy's room and shuts the door on Jazz's face]
Jazz: Except there.

Maddie: Who's up for a game of "I Spy"? I spy with my little eyes something beginning with... C!
Jack: Cola, chaffing, cattleprod...
Danny: Cowboy?
Jazz: Where do you see a cowboy?
Danny: Duh, he's riding right next to us!...At seventy miles an hour? Oh no not again.

The Ultimate EnemyEdit

[Danny is about to open the envelope and look at the test answers. He's suddenly interrupted by the appearance of SkulkTech 9.9]
Sam and Tucker: Whew! [unenthusiastically] I mean, oh no. A ghost.

[Danny's at his house trying to study for the C.A.T. test with Jazz in the room. He suddenly senses a ghost.]
Danny: [quietly, to himself] Aw, man! A ghost? Here? [loudly, to Jazz] Now get out of my room!
Jazz: We're in the kitchen. [sees ghost behind Danny] But if that's your attitude, I don't want to see you or anything you do in here for the next several minutes! [rushes out]

Clockwork: [to Danny, Tucker, and Sam] I sent him back to his own time. Or rather, forward to his own time. You see, to me time moves backward and forward and... Oh, why am I bothering? You're only 14.

Future Box Ghost: Well, well, well. [Danny turns to see the Future Box Ghost] All this time we've planning on how we take the fight to you. And here you are, wrapped up like a present.
Danny: Box Ghost?
Future Box Ghost: Beware...[shoots Danny with a blast of blue energy into Future Ember]
Danny: [after bumping into Future Ember] Ember? You look...
Future Ember: Like I went to seed right after you destroyed my vocal cords WITH THAT GHOSTLY WAIL OF YOURS?!
Danny: I was gonna say 'statuesque,' but uh...[smiles innocently]

[Dark Danny has revealed his true form to Jazz]
Jazz: You're not Danny. That's why the Booo-merang wasn't homing in on your ecto-signature. You're not Danny!
Dark Danny: I was, but I grew out of it. The Danny you know is floating helplessly in the Ghost Zone ten years in the future.
Jazz: He'll escape! He'll beat you!
Dark Danny: How? Is the answer: A. the Fenton Portal? Destroyed it. B. the only remaining portal? The one that my idiot cheesehead archenemy has? As soon as I find it, that's going too.
Jazz: Cheesehead? Vlad Masters? He's your archenemy?
Dark Danny: [continues] Is it: C. you? No. You can't stop me from cheating on the C.A.T. and solidifying my future, so it must be D... [blasts Jazz away with a plasma blast] None of the above.
[Jazz faints; Dark Danny transforms into Danny, takes the C.A.T. answers form, and reads the answers. A smile lights up his face]
Dark Danny: Well, what do you know? The answer to the first question is "D"! [evil laugh]

Danny: [after KOing future versions of his foes with a Ghostly Wail and detransforming] Whoa... [looks at them] My voice is changing... great, [transforms back] now I'm going through Evil Puberty. Everywhere I go my evil future is smacking me in the face! [hit on the back of the head with the Booo-merang] OWW!

Jack: Where is he? Where's our son?
Maddie: What have you done to our boy?!
Dark Danny: [laughing] Ha, ha, ha! I am your boy!
Maddie: What?!?
Dark Danny: What kind of parents were you anyway? The world's leading ghost experts, and you couldn't even figure out that your own son was half-ghost!
Jack: [to Maddie] For the record, I blame you.

Dark Danny: What makes you think you can change my past?
Danny: Because I promised my family!
Dark Danny: Aha ha, ha, ha! Oh, you are such a child! You promised?
Danny: Yes! I...PROMISED!!
[Danny uses his Ghostly Wail on Dark Danny.]
Dark Danny: Oh! That power! Oh, it's not possible! I don't get that power until ten years from now!
Danny: I guess... the future isn't as set in stone as you think it is. [roars again]

Observant 1: He has the answers to the test.
Observant 2: He's clearly going to cheat.
Observant 1: He has your time medallion.
Observant 2: He has your time medallion.
Clockwork: You said that twice.

Dark Danny: [to Tucker and Sam] You know, if I had an ounce of humanity left in me, this would be a very touching little reunion, but of course I surrendered my human half a long time ago.

Future Vlad: [telling how Dark Danny came into existence] If it's any consolation, they went so quickly. They felt no pain. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for you, Daniel. With nowhere else to go, you came to me, the only person on the planet who could possibly hope to understand your situation. All you wanted was to make the hurt go away. I honored your wishes... no more painful human emotions to drag you down. Sadly, that freed you up to rip the ghost out of me. And when my evil ghost half mixed with yours, my evil side overwhelmed you.
Danny: What happened to my human self?
Future Vlad: Some things, my boy, are better left unsaid. If any good came out of this, it's that ten years without ghost powers gave me the chance to see what a fool I'd been.
Danny: Maybe that's all anybody needs. A second chance.

[Danny sits on the steps of Casper High; Jazz comes over to him]
Danny: So how long have you known?
Jazz: About the test? For days, but I'm really proud of you for not cheating.
Danny: Not that. [Danny holds up Jazz's tattered note and torn piece of her headband] Your headband, your note with your handwriting.
Jazz: What that? [chuckles nervously and blushes] I didn't write that. And there must be dozens of headbands.
Danny: [looking unconvinced] Jazz...
Jazz: [sits down beside Danny] Since the Spectra thing. I didn't want to tell you until you wanted to tell me. It's your secret.
Danny: Well, it's our secret now.
[They hug]
Jazz: Don't think this means I'll stop being meddling and overprotective.
Danny: I wouldn't have it any other way.

The Fright Before ChristmasEdit

Lance Thunder: [mumbling] Can't believe I quit acting to work in this place. [to newscaster] There's chaos here, Bill. [ghostly Christmas trees surround him; he panicks] Not the face! Not the face!

Danny: [to the ghosts] I'm trapped in this story. The guy's off his nut.
Skulker: He ought to know better.
Box Ghost: Let's go kick his butt!

[Danny shoves an orange into Walker's mouth, hoping to end the ghost fight]
Ghost Writer: [typing] Young Danny thought quickly and picked up an orange. He threw it at Walker who... [stops typing and thinks; angrily] Aw, crud! Nothing rhymes with orange!

Danny: And that's when I thought, maybe this is the moral--
In the same way my folks love their old Christmas quarrel,
Everyone celebrates in the way of their choosing.
I was so busy whining, I started abusing
The ones I loved most and I ruined their cheer.
I'll try to be better come Christmas next year.
Sam: Uh, nice sentiment, but what are you, a greeting card?
Tucker: Yeah. Why you talking in rhyhme?
Jazz: Such a dork.
Danny: We're not talking in rhyme? [excited] We're not talking in rhyme!!

Secret WeaponsEdit

[the gang sees Skulker fly by]
Tucker: Skulker?! He's hunting you again?!
Jazz: Again?! As in more than once?
Danny: Jazz, take it easy. There's a rhythm to these things. Ghosts attack, we exchange witty banter, I kick ghost butt, and we all go home having learned a valuable lesson about honesty, or some such nonsense.
Jazz: [jotting down on a memo pad] Attack, banter, kick butt, lesson, got it. [beat] So, why is he not attacking?
Danny: What?! [Sees Skulker flying away] No attack? He's ignoring me?!

Danny: [watches Skulker tear through the lab equipment in the basement] And here I thought you weren't hunting me.
Skulker: Where is the Ecto-Converter?
Danny: See, that's more like it. You make demands, I ignore them.

[Jazz walks in the janitor closet holding her laptop with Danny's personal ghost files on it.]
Danny: Where did you get this?!
Jazz: From your computer.
Danny: You hacked into my personal ghost files?! And how did you get the password?!
Sam, Tucker, and Jazz: It's Paulina Fenton.
Sam: Seriously Danny, it's not that hard to figure it out.
Jazz: How come you never told me Vlad Masters has ghost powers? And he has a thing for Mom?!
Danny: Because it's none of your business! (while he closes the laptop where Jazz is holding)
Sam: [sneaking out of the closet with Tucker] If you don't mind, we'll be over there, doing the "glad I'm an only child" dance.
Jazz: Danny, calm down!
Danny: Calm down? How can I calm down with you constantly butting your nose in where it doesn't belong?
Jazz: I was just trying to help (then her face was downed scared)
Danny: No one ask you to help, Because your'e a lousy ghost hunter, (while people are listening in a closet) an overbearing sister, and an annoying, obnoxious know-it-all who has no respect for her brother's privacy", so stop helping (they gasped and Jazz began running crying out of a closet and the people looking mad at Danny)

Tucker: Do you want us to talk to Jazz?
Danny: I'm perfectly capable of talking to my own sister!
Sam: ...Which is why you're hiding from her. In a broom closet.
Danny: No, I'm not!!
Jazz: Danny, you in there?
Danny: Hide me! [jumps into a trash can]

Jazz: [crying at Vlad's doorstep] Oh... Uncle Vlad... [sniffs] I've run away from home. My father's an idiot, my brother hates me, and I wanna stay here with you. [sobs]
Vlad: Wait, what was that?
Jazz: I've run away from home?
Vlad: N-no, after that.
Jazz: My brother hates me?
Vlad: No, in the middle!
Jazz: My father's an idiot?
Vlad: That's the one! Come to Uncle Vlad! [happily escorts her inside]

Danny: Were about to going to fight, but were going to need a little convincing (The Big Hand then punches Danny and get's Electrocuted and fells down)
Jazz: That's for Humiliating me in front of a whole school.
Danny: Alright, I deserve that and I'm sorry, your'e just trying to help, but please just follow my lead". (then punches Danny and get's electrocuted again then when falling punching Danny again also, and running fast, but then when she tries to catch him began stopping her by taking her suit and throws it down the ground. While she's stuck his hand's are on the glass)
Danny: Well you listen to me for once, in your life.

Flirting With DisasterEdit

Tucker: [about his PDA] It's picking up Technus! Something in his new upgrade is making my PDA all wonky.
Sam: Like at the mall... And the lab... And the ferris wheel! He's pushing Danny and Valerie together! [Tucker laughs] [unimpressed] If you're done, we have to tell Danny.
Tucker: [giggling and speaking] You wanna tell Danny that Technus is playing matchmaker? How do you think he's gonna react to that?
[Scene changes to the next day with Danny laughing]
Sam: [annoyed] Are you done yet?
Danny: No. [keeps laughing] Okay, now I'm done. You're trying to tell me that Technus is trying to hook me up? Come on! Technus hates emotions!
Sam: And hello? He's using yours against you.
Tucker: Dim lights, stalled ferris wheel - You think the universe wants you two to be together?
[Valerie is shown hiding in the bushes]
Danny: Well, maybe, but... I don't know... I might.
[Sam and Valerie gasp]
Tucker: Uh...really? Because Tech...
Sam: [sees Valerie hiding] Uh... Technically because we just want you to be happy! If you like her we'll just have to make space for her at our table. [eye twitches]
Danny: Speaking of Valerie I was suppose to meet her before class. [Danny walks away and Valerie shows up]
Valerie: Did you mean that?
Sam: Um...uh...yeah, sure. If Danny likes you and you like Danny, the least we can do is give you a chance. [Valerie hugs Sam] Human contact...crushing Goth...indifference....

[Valerie proving that the one in the ghost hunting suit wasn't her]
Damon: That could've been you!
Valerie: No, because it never was me.
Damon: I'm sorry I didn't believe you. You did do a good job protecting your friend. I guess I can let it go this time.
Valerie: You're only saying that because the suit's destroyed.
Damon: Bingo.

Jack: Danny! Word on the street has it that you've got a girlfriend! [to Sam and Tucker] Can you two leave so I can have a totally awkward "father and son"-chat?
Sam and Tucker: [run off] Gone and gone!
[Scene cuts to Jack and Danny eating Ice cream in the kitchen.]
Danny: Does it have to be awkward?
Jack: Yep! I'm gonna give you some fatherly advice. Then I am going to say something that makes you cringe and run out of the room in embarrassment!
Danny: Check. Advice, first?
Jack: Alright... If you really like this girl, Danny, you should let her know and give her something... Like this! [puts a ring on the table]
Danny: [surprised] A class ring?
Jack: A girlfriend's not a girlfriend until you give her a class ring, Danny. It also says, "I think you could be the girl I fight ghosts with"! [beat] At least it did with your mom - I don't know how appropriate that is for you...
Danny: [laughs] You'd be surprised. I can give her this?
Jack: Only if she's special. I'm sure Sam'll love it!
Danny: [alarmed] It's not for Sam!
Jack: [laughs, unconvinced] Of course, it's not! You guys are just friends! [leans in slightly] I even had it engraved! [Danny looks at the ring, and sure enough, Sam's name is engraved on the inside] See, that was the embarrassing thing. Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time for pie! [holds up a pie, Danny walks off] Clueless...

Sam: [sees Valerie following Danny into the sky] Uh...Danny. Danny. Come in, stay alert. You have company.
Danny: Company? What kind of company?
Sam: It's your girlfriend.
Danny: She's not my girlfriend until I give her the ring.
Tucker: What is this? 1955?

Micro ManagementEdit

Danny: [after Dash asks where they should hide on Jack's indoor mini-golf course] Have you seen him play golf? The only safe place is the hole!
[Danny and Dash hurry into the hole, as golf balls whiz past them.]
Dash: Man! Is everyone in this family bad at sports?

Dash: We did it! What do you think we just benched? Proportionally?
Danny: I don't know, dude. I'm not that good at math.
Skulker: And soon, you will not be that good at breathing either.

Beauty MarkedEdit

Tucker: What's wrong with beauty pageants?
Sam: Other than the fact that they turn girls into shallow doormats and boys into drooling idiots? Everything.
Tucker: But it's got a swimsuit competition!

Dora: Our princess must appeal to the masses, so she shall be chosen by a common boy. Someone average and bland. [as she passes Dash, Kwan, and Mikey, respectively] Too popular... too athletic... too nerdy... [to Tucker] Too-
Tucker: Handsome? Smart? In-telligent?
Dora: Annoying.

Paulina: [to Danny] I baked some cookies for you.
Star: I did your math homework.
Danny: Now, ladies. You can't influence the judge with cookies and - [sees the papers Star is holding] Whoa! Is this homework done all the way through next semester?
Star: Mm-hmm.
Danny: This pleases me. [Dash grabs him and holds him in the air]
Dash: Hey, Fen-toid! It's only been two hours and I'm already tired of you hogging all the hotties! [Danny snaps his fingers, Paulina kicks Dash, making him drop Danny] Ow! Aah!
Crowd of angry girls: Get him! [Girls chase Dash away]

Lancer: [singing] A happy princess is sweet and pure, with hair of gold and teeth of white. Her soft complexion is pure perfection with never a pimple in sight. [stops singing] [points at girl behind him] Except for her!

Sam: Hi, my name's Sam Manson and my happy princess talent is... goth haiku. Despair without end! [whispers to Danny] Dora's a ghost! Utter blackness, nothingness. [whispers again] Dora's a ghost! [loudly] Dora is a ghost!
Danny: So that's your big statement? Dora's a ghost? I mean, what does that have to do with... wait, Dora is a ghost!

King TuckEdit

Sam: [with Tucker's campaign] You're just going about this the wrong way, Tucker.
Danny: Yeah, your campaign is all about victory through technology and the triumph of machine over man. It's kinda creepy.
Sam: So we changed your lame official campaign platform. [hands Tucker a list with the new ideas]
Tucker: [reading] Graffiti art classes? Rage against the PTA meetings? Mini-skirt Fridays? Okay, that's good.
Danny: Yeah, that was mine.

[as Paulina & Star are scrubbing his feet]
Tucker: Henceforth, all in the realm shall eat nothing but meat, and all citizens must wear red berrets. (to the girls) Including you, handmaidens.
Star: [whispering to Paulina] He's clearly under a spell.
Paulina: [seething to Star] I don't care if he's under some spell. He dies for this! [snapping at Tucker] Haven't you heard of nail clippers?!

Masters Of All TimeEdit

[Jack and Maddie see Vlad, Sam, and Tucker's ecto-acne]
Maddie: There's only one place that treats ecto-acne!
Danny: [hopefully] Please say hospital, please say hospital... [scene shifts to FentonWorks in quarantine] [disappointed] Why didn't she just say hospital?

Maddie Masters: You despicable, lying piece of...cheese! I've wasted the best years of my life with you!
Vlad Masters: Now, Maddie, I may be a lying piece of cheese, but I'm still your husband.
Maddie Masters: [grabs Vlad and lifts him up] Then consider this an annulment! [throws him into the Ghost Zone; ghosts begin to surround him]
Vlad: Oh, hello. Did I mention how much I love ghosts? [ghosts close in on him, and he screams] No!

Vlad: I knew you'd come through, Daniel. All it took was the proper motivation. Of course, I'm still weak beyond measure, so... bygones?
[Danny grins mischievously at him, next scene shows Vlad screaming as Danny knocks him into the air]
Danny: [casually] Bygones.

Reality TripEdit

Freakshow: What do you want?
Guy in White #1: Your knowledge of ghostly items. Anything you care to tell us about this? [presses button revealing metal arm and the three reality gems]
Freakshow: The Reality Gauntlet! Never heard of it.

Sam: Which reminds me, how did you convince my parents to let me spend an entire summer with your parents?
[Danny smiles and thinks back to scene with Sam's parents in their house; Danny overshadows Sam's mom]
Danny as Sam's mom: You know, I think the Fentons are wonderful. I think we should let Sam take a cross-country trip with them!
[Danny moves and overshadows Sam's dad]
Danny as Sam's Dad: And I agree with you. Let's never speak of this again.
[back to present]
Danny: Uh, let's just say I finally got under their skin.

Paulina:[as Danny is shooting Lydia's tattoos away one by one] HE LOVES ME! He loves me not. HE LOVES ME! [she beams at him]

[after Danny and his friends are pulled into the locker room by Dash, Paulina, and others.]
Danny: You're... helping me?
Dash: Well, duh! You've only been helping us for, like, ever!
Paulina: [kissing Danny on the cheek] "Paulina Fenton." Hee, I finally wrapped my mind around it!
Sam: Okay, I'm feeling relieved and nauseated at the same time.

Sam's dad: [to Jack; after Danny's secret is revealed] YOU!
Jack: YOU! [Sam's dad & Jack face off and start glaring at each other.]
Sam's dad: We were watching "Extreme Nanny Makeover", when we found out YOUR son was a ghost!
Jack: Why are you yelling at us?! YOUR spooky-yooky bat daughter HAS to be behind this!
Tucker's dad: [steps in] Now fellas, it's okay to point fingers as long as nobody's pointing them at my son.
Maddie: [exasperatedly] Okay! Maybe Danny IS the ghost boy. But it's not as though our ghost activities have ever put YOUR families in any danger!
[the ground begins to quake; Lydia's ghost tattoos come into the Fenton Works' kitchen and surround everyone; they glare at Jack.]
Jack: [shrugs] Until now.

[Danny turns the Fenton Rocket invisible]
Guy in White 1: We've lost visual contact. Activate White Fang tracking device.
Guy in White 2: White Fang?
Guy in White 1: I don't name this stuff.

[Danny, Sam, and Tucker arrive at Goth-apalooza, only to find the place overrun with ultra-cute decorations and teddy bears.]
Teddy Bears: WE LOVE YOU!!
Sam: Destroy them, Danny! Find the gem that did this AND TEAR THE STUFFING OUT OF EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!!
Danny: Somehow, I don't think that'll be necessary... May I have the Gem of Form?
Teddy Bears: Say the magic word!
Sam: Die?
Danny: Please?

Freakshow: Ladies and gentlemen! Freaks of all ages! May I direct your attention to the center ring! Where Danny Phantom, aka, Danny Fenton will attempt to rescue his friends and family from a ghastly doom of my own construction!

[the families of Danny, Sam, and Tucker are locked up in train cages]
Sam's dad: [to Tucker's dad] This is Fenton's fault, pass it down.
Tucker's dad: [to Jack] This is Fenton's fault, pass it down.
Jack: [to Maddie] This is...[realizes who he's talking about] HEY! Wait a minute!

[Freakshow and Lydia have escaped the Guys in White.]
Freakshow: What should we do with our newfound freedom? Dinner? Movie? Make myself ringmaster of all reality? [laughs hysterically]

Double Cross My HeartEdit

Skulker: [having just captured a small ghost] The element of surprise, a hunter's best friend. [Is attacked by the Guys in White] And the hunted's worst enemy!

Operative O: [to Mr. Lancer] The Purpleback Gorilla research we traced goes back to an assignment YOU set back a while ago.
Mr. Lancer: And what makes you think I want to cooperate with the feds?
Operative K: Because ghosts pose a constant threat to your student body.
Operative O: And because we're with the government and have access to your tax records...
Mr. Lancer: What do you want to know and how fast do you want to know it?

Mr. Lancer: Ah... the perfect way to spend lunch; Shakespeare by the pool, and dry white toast!
[the pool explodes]
Mr. Lancer: Hunt for Red October!

Sam: [about Gregor] Ugh, he's not my boyfriend. I dumped as soon as I found out you were right about him being a phony. Apparently, that is the only way a guy could like me.
Tucker: That's not true.
Danny: That's totally not true! There's a million reasons a boy could like you. I mean... you're smart, you're fun, you're cool, you're pretty-- [stops abruptly after catching himself; Sam blushes] Why am I still talking? I am such a spaz. Still friends?
Sam: Pssh. The best.

Danny: [After being hunted by Guys In White] Could this week get any worse? [spots Sam and Gregor coming out of the mall]
Gregor: Wait, Sam. There's something I must tell you right here and now.
Sam: Okay, what?
Gregor: You have little tiny strand of spaghetti hanging from your lip. Right here. [kisses Sam]
Danny: Okay. Now, it's officially worse.

Gregor: Danny, I wish to talk to you. If you're done talking to yourself.
Danny: Uh... ha, oh uh, he... Sure Gregor. What's up?
Gregor: I am not blind. You do not like me...
Danny: Gregor, that's not...
Gregor: Eh, let me finish. You do not like me because you want to protect your friend Sam. And I respect this.
Danny: It's not just that.
Gregor: You like her more than just friends?
Danny: Well...
Gregor: You hesitate. Which means you're unsure. I am not, and I'm going to ask her out.

Danny: Close... but I lost 'em!
Operative O: Guess again, kiddo!
[the Guys in White appear near him with guns blazing.]
Danny: What's the matter with you two?! I'm not doing anything! Why can't you just leave me alone?!
Operative K: A prepubescent specter operating freely? Unacceptable!
Danny: Hey! I have totally hit puberty! [reaches into his shirt and pulls out a white chest hair] See?! That's totally a chest hair.

Kindred SpiritsEdit

Danny: [after Vlad attacks him numerous times] Aren't you at least gonna make some stupid crack about my father? Or a lame come-on about my mom?
Vlad: No, dear boy. "Funny Joke Around Vlad" isn't here today! [attacks him again]

Danny: I've said it before and I'll say it again. You really are one seriously crazed-up fruitloop.
Vlad: A fruitloop would not have been able to make his first million with a series of invisible burglaries! A fruitloop would never have thought to overshadow enough millionaires to become one of the richest men on the planet! I AM NOT A FRUTTLOOP!! And I am not a villain. All I ever wanted...was love.

Mr. Lancer: [unhappy] [coming from the door of the cafeteria] Manson! Foley! Can you tell me why you're not still in the cafeteria?
Tucker: [referring to Danny] We have to help him!
Sam: [out loud to Mr. Lancer, and quickly faking an excuse to Mr. Lancer] Why are we not in the cafeteria? [pause] Umm...Because we're meeting Danny, and totally ditching school.
Tucker: And there's nothing you can do about it...old man.
Mr. Lancer: [angry] Old man?! [Tucker and Sam start running away and Mr. Lancer tries to catch them] You two are in a world of trouble! [his hip cracks] Ow! My hip.

Jack: [hears the phone ringing] Maddie can you get that phone please!
Maddie: I can't believe Danny, Tucker, and Sam are not at school! [Maddie picks up the phone] Hello, Mr. Lancer. [Maddie shocked to hear about Tucker and Sam's behavior by Mr. Lancer] (gasp) They'd what?!

Jack: [angry and yelling] Sam! Tucker! Get out of that thing!
Sam: [shouting] What?! I couldn't hear you over the roar of the rockets! [leans back into the Specter Speeder; to Tucker] Could you activate the roar of the rockets please?! [Tucker activates the roar of the rockets and they drive out of the Fenton Household]
Jack: [angry and yelling] You two kids are in a world of trouble!

Jack, Maddie, and Mr. Lancer: [to Danny, Sam and Tucker] YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!!
Jack: Skipping school, stealing and wrecking the Specter Speeder!
Mr. Lancer: Calling me "old man!"
Maddie: Tucker, Sam, when I call your parents, you are going to be grounded... [Maddie pauses - she has been overshadowed by Dani] but there's no need to call their parents, really. Right?
Everyone except Maddie: What?!
Mr. Lancer: Just wait a minute! [Mr. Lancer pauses - he has also been overshadowed by Dani] No, she's right. I mean, you can always build a better and more cool version of your... ship thing. Right?
Jack: Hey, that's true! I'm gonna start building a cooler ship thing right now! [He runs to his lab. Everyone else looks at each other, confused.]

Season ThreeEdit

Eye for an EyeEdit

Infinite RealmsEdit

Danny: [determined look] Okay,'ve looked evil in the face, and defeated it time and can do this! [unfolds a map and looks at it confusedly; traces his finger along the map] We turn left at Skulker's island and right at Walker's jail. Or, is it a left at Walker's jail and a right at Skulker's island...?
Sam: Um, are we ever going home, or are we still playing "Lost in the Ghost Zone"?
Danny: We're not lost! My expertly drawn map tells me exactly where we are. [points] We just hook a u-turn around this swirling vortex of infinite pain, and we're home. Oh, wait, that's a...thumbprint.

Danny: If we're gonna become a better ghost-fighting team, we need to know the enemy's territory inside and out so we, uh, don't get lost.

Tucker: Now I've missed my 4:05 feeding! [clutches at Sam, dramatically] If I don't make it...tell my PDA, I love her. [lays down against Sam] The cell phone meant nothing to me.

Vlad: [channel surfing] Ah, let's see. Shopping with pyschopaths, [changes the channel, screen shows animated Michael Jackson surrounded by cops] embarrassing celebrity arrests...[changes it again; screen goes snowy before depicting the outside of FentonWorks] Ah, illegally spying on the Fenton family, my favorite!

Billy: Mom, are you sure there are no ghosts under my bed?
Billy's Mom: Of course not, Billy. Remember what President Roosevelt said: "We have nothing to be afraid of but fear itself."
Danny: [phases through the bed] Actually, it was: "Nothing to FEAR but fear itself."
[Billy and Billy's Mom scream in fright. Danny, Sam and Tucker exit out of the portal before it closes on them.]
Sam: Great, we just scarred a child for life.
Danny: I just wanted to make sure she didn't mess up the one historical quote I actually remember!

Sam: [on Tucker being forced to eat blood blossoms to save Danny] I'm curious to see how a body that's never eaten any roughage reacts when thirty pounds of it is suddenly introduced.
Tucker: Don't get your hopes up, Sam. We Foleys can handle anything. [unpleasant stomach noises] And we'll talk about it more right after I hit a restroom.

Girls' Night OutEdit

Jazz: One of us is going to have to dress up like a boy.
Jazz, Maddie: [look at Sam]
Sam: Oh, come on! This is because I wear boots, right?

Danny: [to Skulker, who is on the head of a giant lake monster] New pet, or is this the girlfriend I've been hearing so much about?

Jack: [pulls Skulker's true form out of the armor's head] Too small, better throw it back. [tosses Skulker to Danny, who sucks him up into the Fenton Thermos]

Torrent of TerrorEdit

Vlad: [getting cold feet after Vortex confronts him] Ahh... I just wanted to introduce a friend of mine. Danny, Vortex. Vortex, Danny. Bye! [flies away]
Danny: [sarcastically] My hero.

Tucker: Look on the bright side Danny; until we get back he's going to have to cater to your very whim and desire.
Sam: Yeah, he wouldn't want to make you angry.
[they smirk at Vlad who looks back slightly worried]
Danny: This pleases me.

Jack: [finishes welding the Emergency Op Center back onto the roof] Locked down tighter than a drum. This baby won't be going anywhere for a while. [thrown back as the Op Center detaches as the Fenton Blimp and flies off] Note to self: never tighten any drums.

Auto-Jack: This is Auto-Jack saying, "Chicks dig guys who fly!"

Forever PhantomEdit

Amorpho: How dare that fuzzy wuzzy steal my headline!

Amorpho: [disguised as Danny Fenton] Underling! You cannot defeat Amorpho!
Danny: Amorpho? I know clowns with scarier names!

Danny: I can't change back to Danny Fenton! Me and the other Danny were fighting and we ran into my dad's Ecto-Stoppo-Power-ofier, and I think it's taking away our ghost powers.
Tucker: Does your dad ever invent anything that doesn't mess you up?
Sam: Or without a dorky name?
Danny: I can't go home, I can't go to school, I can't even walk around in public without getting mobbed. What am I gonna do?
Tucker: [swipes the partially-eaten Jack Fenton Toast from Danny's hand and takes a bite] For starters, get some jam. This is awful dry.

Urban JungleEdit

Jack: Get your filthy roots off my town, you horticultural horror! [To Maddie] Thanks for writing down the word "horticulture" sweetface.
Maddie: I didn't want you to mispronounce it during the battle cry, hon. First impressions are very important.
Jack: And you married me anyway.

[Undergrowth's "mind vines" are taking control of the people]
Jack: I don't see what the big deal is. [a vine tries to get into Jack's head] [to the vine] Nope, that's not it. [vine tries a different spot] Nope, not there either. [vine roots into Jack's ear] [just before he gets controlled] Ah! Now you've got it! [under vine's control] Mmm! Chlorophyll!

Queen Sam: Stay, Danny. Stay and rule with me.
Danny: [shivering] I always thought you ruled Sam. Just... not like this. I'll b-b-be back. [Sam looks touched by this] And I'll save you. And everyone! [Sam suddenly goes under the plant's control again and attacks Danny who flees] I PROMISE!

Frostbite: [after Danny freezes most of the audience] Great. We're not gonna sell any snacks now.

Queen Sam: Join us Danny, the growth is family.
Danny: Already got one thanks, and I'm still working the bugs out of it.

Danny: As the duly deputized protector of Amity Park, it is my sincere hope that you’ve enjoyed your butt-kicking experience!

Undergrowth: Perhaps one day you'll see that this is what nature intended all along. Mankind is merely a temporary weed in the garden of life, a weed which can be removed.

Danny: [flies to the sky] Better to be in the sky than on the ground - no such thing as flying plants.
Undergrowth: [extends tallness by growing] I AM EVERYWHERE!

Sam: [looks at the ice crystal Danny gave her] What's this for?
Danny: I'm... glad you're okay.

Queen Sam: The children need to be cared for.
Danny: WHAT?!? You won't even babysit your cousins!

Livin' LargeEdit

Sam: Super. Now you can die happy.

Jack: Well, if it isn't my heroes, the Guys in White!
Maddie: [annoyed] I'm surprised you rang the bell. Don't you usually knock down a wall or crash through the ceiling?
[Operatives O and K put away their guns]
Operative O: Sorry, habit.
Operative K: [clears throat and reads from card] The government is sorry about the past... misunderstandings.
Operative O: Like labeling you a crackpot, Fenton. That was... [reads from card] wrong of us.
Operative K: The government now admits that you Fentons are, uh, well, [reads from card] geniuses.
Jack: Well it's about doggone time!
Maddie: Oh, Jack, finally! Government approval of our work!
Operative K: About that work. The government has authorized us to buy it lock, stock, and barrel.
Jack: Ha! Don't be ridiculous. [gestures] I've poured my heart, soul, and life's blood into this laboratory, and you can't put a price on that! FentonWorks is not for sale!
Operative O: [unfolds and shows Jack a giant check]
Jack: Wow, that's a lotta zeroes! [produces a keyring] It's all yours!
Maddie: [angry] Jack, you can't sell our home! [handed the check; reads it] Wow, that's a lotta zeroes! We'll be out by noon tomorrow!

[Vlad has just found out that he and Jack are now neighbors.]
Jack: I see cozy backyard barbeques in our future!
Vlad: Yes, of course, that sounds fun. [quietly] Akin to sticking hot needles in my-
Maddie: [cutting him off] Jack! [comes out of the house] You won't believe it! I got lost - in my walk-in closet! I finally got a ride out on my automated shoe rack. Oh, hello Vlad! [scoffs] We're neighbors?
Vlad: [happy now] Indeed, I forgot for a moment that you would be moving in with Jack. I'll pop by later and drop off a "Welcome to the Block" bundt cake.
Jack & Maddie: [excited] Ooooo!

Boxed Up FuryEdit

Box Ghost: [reading the rewards on wanted posters for Wulf, Vortex, and Undergrowth] One million for an overgrown dog?! Two million for an overgrown cloud?! Three million for an overgrown FICUS?! Chump change, for those ghosts pale in comparison to me, the Box Ghost! Imagine the value of a ghost that terrorizes with corrogated cardboard and the occasional roll of bubble wrap! [as his head flies up and spins] It must make their heads SPIN! [unfolds a crumpled wanted poster of himself that was thrown at him, the reward only $2.50 or best offer] Not wanted?! [tears up the poster] This is an outrage! Do I not inspire fear and loathing?! [brain pops out]
Random Ghosts: [laugh at him]

Box Ghost: Behold! The Lunchbox of Fear! [opens it, a spooky thermos comes out]
Danny: [catches it] Hey, bringing your own thermos to our battles, now? You know, you could save us time by showing up already inside it.
Box Ghost: And now... taste your multi-grain DOOM!
[Lunchbox of Fear shoots out hundreds of sandwiches that rain down on everyone]
Lady: Look! That caterer brought free lunch for everyone!
Crowd: [cheers and picks the sandwiches up]
Box Ghost: No! I am no caterer! My sandwiches are very high in calories! They will totally clog your arteries!
Sam: [scoffs] In like, forty years!
Box Ghost: Yeah? So? It is a SLOW death!
[Danny and Tucker start eating their sandwiches.]
Box Ghost: [confused] Wait, what are you doing?
Danny: Tasting our doom. And, I gotta tell ya, it's a little dry.
Tucker: You wouldn't happen to have any "Spicy Mustard of Doom", would ya?

Lady: [as shoes rain down] Hey everyone! The catering shoe salesman is giving out free samples!
Box Ghost: I am NOT a catering shoe salesman! You are supposed to tremble as my menacing footwear pinches your feet like nobody's business!
Lady 2: [unimpressed, holds up a purple shoe] Do you have these in an "8"?


Danny: So what's the big deal about people's dreams?
Nocturne: Asked the Ghost Boy who dreams of the Goth girl.
Danny: Oh, man... that was... private...

The Slaw of MadnessEdit

Danny: If I live for another 1,000 years nothing's going to beat the Slaw-hut brand Coleslaw.

Danny: Give me Coleslaw.
Danny: I'm a ghost.

Tucker: Danny! The 'Slaw. It's... It's Ecoplasm!
Danny: I've been eating.. ghosts?
Sam: Yuk.

Claw of the WildEdit

Sign: [reads "Camp Skull and Crossbones on beautiful Lake Eerie"]
Tucker: Creepy with two "e"s all right. In fact, this may qualify for three.
Sam: C'mon, you guys! There's nothing scary about this place!
Mr. Lancer: Hello pioneers! [walks out of the mess hall with Miss Tetslaff]
[Star, Mikey, Lester, Dash, Paulina, and Kwan gasp dramatically.]
Danny: Mr. Lancer? Miss Tetslaff? What are you doing here?
Students: [quietly, hopeful] Please say "just passing through," please say "just passing through"...
Mr. Lancer: Children, relax! For the next eight weeks, we're not your teachers!
[The students sigh in relief.]
Miss Tetslaff: Better! We're your counselors!

Mikey: Before I burst into tears at the thought of my lost summer, can you tell us where the bathrooms are?
Miss Tetslaff: There aren't any.
[Mikey, Lester, Danny, Sam, Tucker, and another girl gasp dramatically.]
Mr. Lancer: Call of the Wild!
Miss Tetslaff: Suck it up, Lancer! You're in the wilderness! [holds up a roll of toilet paper] All the world's your bathroom!

Kwan: I heard this camp is haunted.
Dash: Me too. They say there's a monster in the woods at Lake Eerie.
Paulina: And two in the lake!
Students: [nervous babbling]
Danny: [sarcastic] Just what we need, amateur ghost stories.
Miss Tetslaff: [blows whistle] Pipe down, campers. This camp is definitely not haunted!
Mikey: [screams] There's a ghost monster in the woods, AND IT TOOK LESTER!!

Danny: At least the monster is gone.
Dash: [screams and runs into the mess hall] The monster ate Kwan!
Tucker: At least the monster got to eat.
Danny: Dash, that's impossible! He...probably just...wandered off to use the bathroom.
Dash: Nah-uh! You don't know Kwan's amazing bladder. He can hold it for-
Sam: [as she gets up and walks way] Uh, please don't finish that sentence until I'm safely out of the building.
Tucker: Please don't finish that sentence at all, dude.

Danny: Don't worry, Sam. We'll find everyone.
Sam: I know, but...Tucker...out there with a monster. Or worse, out there with a monster and Dash and Kwan!
Danny: Come on! You know I'd never let anything happen to either of you. I couldn't imagine my life without you. [Sam blinks at this] Or Tucker. [Sam smiles and blushes] [A shadow darts from one tree to another, causing them to gasp.] Stay here. [stands up] Wake up Wulf.
Sam: Be careful, I couldn't imagine my life without you either. [Danny raises his eyebrows, and she blushes again] Or Tucker.
[Danny smiles]

Ghost Cop: Out past curfew, Ghost Boy? Isn't that against the rules?
Danny: Walker's goons. [produces a pair of energy balls] I was wondering when you'd show up.
Ghost Cop 2: Relax, kid. We aren't here to do any harm.
Ghost Cop: [blasts Danny, knocking him to the ground]
Ghost Cop 2: Well, maybe just a little.

Sam: [after taking down several ghost cops with her Fenton Wrist Ray] I am loving this Wrist Ray! It's the perfect accessory... of pain!

Sam: [Sees Wulf with his tongue stuck to a frozen Walker] Ferocious? Yes. Smart? Not so much.

Sam: I'm impressed.
Danny: [flexes his muscles] With my strength?
Sam: That you knew what "reversed polarity" was.


Danielle: I gotta get to Danny, fast! [takes off, but flying much slower than normal] Or slow, slow's good... [slows down even more, looking worn out; in a sarcastic tone] Or slower, even slower's better...

[Vlad has just asked Valerie to hunt "Dani Phantom", but she misheard him.]
Valerie: Danny Phantom? That guy's been an intangible pain in my butt for a long time.
Vlad: Oh no, sorry my dear. Not Danny Phantom, [turns around a computer monitor depicting Danielle] Dani Phantom, with an "i". A girl ghost.
Valerie: [unimpressed] You're kidding, there's a girl called Dani Phantom? Huh, these ghosts gotta come up with more original names.

Vlad: It will be so nice to get my little girl back. [evil laughter] [his cat Maddie hisses at Vlad while giving him a nasty look.] Oh relax, Maddie, you're still my favorite. [rubs her under her chin to soothe her]

[Valerie has chased Danielle into a condemned building]
Valerie: Listen, kid, I know you're in here. [switches on helmet light] And I know something evil is hunting you.
Danielle: [hiding behind a table; quietly] Yeah, no kidding!

[Danielle has just saved Valerie by phasing them through falling debris and flying outside, but was seen transforming]
Valerie: [backs away] You''re a girl AND a ghost?
Danielle: And you're welcome.

Danny: [after helping his parents recapture a ghost in the lab] Uh, any objections to me getting far, far away from here?
Maddie: Good idea, Danny! Best you avoid any unnecessary contamination.
Danny: Or embarrassment. Thanks! [leaves]

[Valerie is holding Danielle hostage]
Danielle: Let me go!
Valerie: Not on your afterlife, ghost girl!
Danielle: [looks at her dissolving hands] That's exactly what I'm afraid of!

Danny: [using a Fenton Phone] I've got this one, guys.
Tucker: [to Sam] Did we just get blown off?
Sam: Pretty massively.
Tucker: Wanna pig out at Nasty Burger and put it on Danny's tab?
Sam: Absolutely.

Valerie: I don't hate you, Danny. It's because of you that I'm the most powerful ghost hunter in Amity Park.
Danny: [annoyed] Hey! What about the Fentons?
Valerie: [amused] Are you kidding? They couldn't catch a ghost if it was living under their own roof.
Danny: ...True.

Danny: Valerie, you don't wanna do this.
Valerie: [brandishing a taser] No, you don't want me to do this.
Danny: Well, yeah...

Valerie: You don't think it's a little dangerous flying into the lab of a family of ghost hunters?
[the camera pans to show Jack pressed tightly against the top of a full, glass containment chamber by ghost mass]
Danny: Something tells me we' okay.
[Danny grabs the Ecto-Dejector and takes Valerie outside. He presses the Fenton Flush lever, causing the contained ghosts to be flushed into the Ghost Zone. He flies away while invisible. Jack falls to the bottom, looks around, and grins.]
Jack: He-he-hey! Am I good or what? [cheesy grin]

Vlad: I'll go welcome our guests. [flies past the Maddie hologram, then turns back to face her] And I'm sorry dear, but I can't have them see you either. [pushes button]
Maddie Hologram: See you tonight for tea and cookies! [disappears]
Vlad: Until then, there's work to be done. [flies off]

Valerie: Vlad Masters is Vlad Plasmius?! Phantom was right all along...And all this time I've been doing all his dirty work! Well, not anymore. [sly voice] Better watch out, Vlad, 'cause one of the ghosts I'm huntin' now, is you!

Phantom PlanetEdit

Danny: It's good to be back where things are normal.
Jack: [recklessly driving the Fenton RV down the street] Attention Amity Park! The Fentons are on patrol! Rest assured the streets are safe! [front tire runs over a rock, causing the RV to skid] AOH! [RV collides with a fire hydrant, which flies off causing a geyser] Uh, city water supply A-OK!
Tucker: Yep, normal.

Technus: [just blew up the front of an electronics store; laughs evilly and holds up a shopping bag] Nothing like a lazy day of shopping, [holds up a coffee cup] lattes, and terrorizing minimum wage workers. [to a frightened cashier] Boo.
Cashier: [runs away screaming]

Technus: [picks up three DVDs; to store worker] Well, look on the bright side: at least I'm not downloading them illegally.
Danny: [appears and punches Technus away] Next register, Cyber-Jerk!

[Technus has just fused various computer parts with a car and turned it into a mecha.]
Technus: Behold, Ghost Twerp! The perfect combination of technology past and present: the Car-puter! It will drive you, to your DOOM! HAHA!

Danny: [knocked into a building by the Car-puter's expandable engine] Great, my first car accident and I'm not even driving yet.

Tucker: Did he just do what I think he just did?
Jazz: You mean step back into the Fenton Portal, remove his ghost powers, and revert his DNA profile back to that of a normal human?
Tucker: I was gonna say, "Go Un-Ghost", but that works too.

Danny: [on deliberately losing his powers] Why is everyone but me bummed about this? Danny Phantom's not needed anymore! From now on, Danny Fenton is just a nice, normal kid from a nice, normal family. Now, let's go get Mom and Dad outta jail.

Vlad: [has just realized he can't touch the asteroid or go home] Jack, you have to help me. You wouldn't turn your back on an old friend, would you?
Jack: An old friend? No. You? Yes! [fires the rocket's jets, leaving Vlad behind]

[After the Specter Speeder passes through a ghost portal in front of a mouth on a Nasty Burger billboard.]
Tucker: Now I know how my chili fries feel!

Jazz: [looking at the inside of the Ghost Zone in amazement] Uh, I don't believe-!
Danny: [annoyed] Believe it, Jazz. Welcome to the Ghost Zone. Sort of a "Ghosts R' Us".
Tucker: But the shelves are empty. Where the heck is everybody?

Danny: [to Skulker and random ghosts] Well gang, there's good news and bad news. The good news? My powers are back. Bad news? My powers are BACK! [uses the Ghost Wail on them]

Tucker: [as the gang's leaving the Ghost Zone] If we went in through the billboard's mouth, I don't wanna know where we're comin' out!

Danny: By the way, where do Mom and Dad think Danny Fenton is right now, anyway?
Jazz: With them. I redressed the Tuckbot 9000 to make it look and act like you. They'll never know the difference.
[Scene changes to Jack and Maddie driving separate helicopters.]
Jack: Nothing like saving the world with your old man, eh Danny?
Tuckbot 9000: [still sounding like a robotic Tucker] Comment does not compute.
Jack: Your voice is changing already? [sadly] Man, they grow up so fast!

Sam: [gives the "Wes" ring to a confused Danny] It's... the ring you were going to give Valerie. You asked me to hold it, remember? [turns it right-side up so it reads "Sam"] Something tells me it was really meant for me. Take it with you, but promise to bring it back. [covers Danny's hands with hers] If you promise, then... then I know I'll see you again.
Danny: If we make it through this-
Sam: When we make it through this.
Danny: Right. When we make it through this, uh, I have a few things I need to talk to you about.
Sam: I think I'd be willing to listen. And no matter how this thing ends, this whole ride we've been on together, I wouldn't change it for the world. [takes his hands in hers again] Not. One. Bit.
Danny: [grips her arms] Me neither. I-
[Sam kisses him on the cheek. Danny puts a hand under her chin and they share a long, heartfelt kiss. They smile at each other when it ends.]
Danny: Wow. Remind me to save the world more often.
Sam: Go. [Smiles]

Vlad: Actually being a free roaming space nomad isn't that bad. At least it's quiet and I... [suddenly gets hit by the disasteroid]

[Final lines of the series. Danny and Sam are flying romantically over Amity Park and the statue dedicated to Danny.]
Sam: Cool statue. Personally, I would've used recycled materials, but, you know, that's just me.
[She and Danny smile at each other as they fly into the full moon, ending the series.]


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