Daddy Day Camp

2007 film by Fred Savage

Daddy Day Camp is a 2007 American comedy film directed by Fred Savage. The film is a sequel to Daddy Day Care.

The summer is going to be in tents.


Charlie: Okay, this is it. Time to give them a summer they'll never forget.
[The bus crashes into the cabin]
Phil: They won't forget that.

Phil: I've got to drop the kids off at the school.
Juliette: We have a book?
Phil: Uh, new.

Lance: [berating Bobby J] You call that Canola? That was embarrassing. What're you, a moron?
Bobby J: Moron? You're the moron. [kicks his dad in the shin, and Lance falls into the wall's supports, making the wall collapse; condescendingly] Wall comin' down. [the wall lands on Canola's trophies and smashes them to bits; angrily] That's for telling everyone you're not my dad!


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