D'amore si vive

1984 film by Silvano Agosti

'D'amore si vive (translates: We live on love) is an Italian film documentary released from C.E.1984; directed by Silvano Agosti; produced by Franco Piavoli.


  • It seemed impossible to me that such a thing could fit into a hole that was non-existent to me. [...] I didn't feel like it, I wasn't aware of it. I kept asking the gynecologist if I had this vagina, if I had this opening. [...] I couldn't understand the mystery of menstruation, where they came from, I don't know... (Woman #2)
  • I've always had this relationship for a long time... this bad relationship with my body and soul and this terrible fear of sex and this terror of impurity that had been instilled in me since I was a child. [...] I have always had close to me, in an enveloping (and murky way) [...], priests who have always inculcated in me this idea of chastity. Chastity, impurity, impurity, and chastity. Continually. These priests followed me. They also often came to my house, they were friends of my parents. They were very concerned about my spiritual life. On the contrary, it seemed to me that they almost wanted to cultivate in me a chosen, particular creature, like this. They wanted to take care of my soul a lot, but by caring for my soul they made me live my body in a schizophrenic way as if it were a shell to be forgotten. (Woman #2)
  • This taboo of the body and sex, even though I have partly overcome it, has remained with me through the relationship I have with water. The constant need to be in the water, to wash myself. The constant need to be close to rivers and lakes... Especially at the rivers. This need also to feel the water, to feel that it washes, that it passes, that it is clean... (Woman #2)
  • [Addressed to the interviewer] Do you know that I am the daughter of a priest? (Woman #2)
  • That you feel pleasure, that you feel good, that you feel love, that you feel... In short, you try everything. That is, you think things out of the ordinary when you make love. (Frank) [about what is a sexual intercourse]
  • While I was jerking off something came out... like whipped cream. No, just kidding. It's [sic] stuff, isn't it? It's white. Well, no white, greyish, right? [...] It was soft, wasn't it? Namely... It was solid, kind of solid. No? Like lava. Do you know lava? Put the lava, white. So when this stuff came out, I felt pleasure. And I went to look in a book and it explained that it was the semen of the man. That is, that with that seed there you can fertilize a woman, etcetera, etcetera... And then I was proud, wasn't I? Because a nine-year-old, there's a few, eh, let the seed come soon. (Frank)
  • Interviewer: What would you like grown-ups to say to children?
    : We kids? That we are like them.
  • Frank: The adult has the car, he has the love, he has the girlfriend... It has it all... Well, it has the weapons. And we must have them [...] Because you see males with guns shooting like that. On the other hand, if you make them understand, they keep the weapons for collection - even real ones! - and they fire New Year's Eve one shot at a time, and that's it.

Interviewer: On the other hand, the grown-ups kill themselves.
Frank: Like that war there [...] between England and Fiorentina Argentina. A war... stupid. For two islands... for two islands. Falklands War I would have done... one to you, and one to me. [a bee comes by to annoy him] And go fuck you, bee. No? But even yesterday. Two airplanes... of jets that cost three milier. But I don't spend it on jets, I spend it on making the good life... I spend three billion on living the good life and not on waging war.
Interviewer: And what kind of good life would you have with three billion?
Frank: Well, I'd buy a house in the country... with a swimming pool. I come home from work, with my girlfriend we go to the pool. And we're there. Until seven o'clock. Then we come into the house, we shower together, we wash together. That is, she washes me to me, I wash her to her. Afterwards we eat, watch TV, and go to bed. And in bed we make love.
Interviewer: That's the good life.
Frank: Huh?
: That's the good life.
Frank: Yes, for me, yes.
Interviewer: Me too.
Frank: I don't know about the others...

  • Interviewer: Listen and you... having lost your member... Have you had any changes?
    Gloria: No, I didn't lose it, eh!
    : You didn't miss it...?
    Gloria: No! I had it removed. I didn't miss it. [...]
    : Didn't it alter you from a hormonal, physiological point of view?
    Gloria: No. No, nothing. No. [...] I feel better, I immediately felt better.
  • Interviewer: And you love yourself?
    Gloria: Me?
    Interviewer: Yes.
    Gloria: Well, for what I am, no. I wanted to be a woman, yes. They are not as certain that they accept this state... On the other hand, I accept it, but anyway if I hadn't been it would have been better. Because it creates so many problems...
    : That is?
    Glory: From a social point of view, let's say.
  • We are, for example, transsexuals. That is, we are born... women. From every point of view, mentally... all. And we would like to be women. [...] In my sexual relations I would never feel that I am active, that I am playing an active part. It's something that disgusts me, that I don't accept. The man who comes with me must consider and treat me as a woman. You understand? This is the real transsexual. And then there's the transvestite.... That at the beginning we were too, albeit with a different mentality. Anyway we did the transvestites... Those who want to remain transvestite, who are almost proud of their sex, that is the real transvestite. He is the homosexual who is more feminine than masculine. Then there's homosexual. The homosexual does not want to be a woman at all. He just likes to be like that. And let them accept it that way, as it should be. Then there is - a bit of a scabrous word, but it must be said - there is the pederast. The pederast who is a lover of children. And that's one thing that's not pretty. Which is not pretty. So what. You see, among all these things people [...] treat us with a definitive word: the pederast, or the homosexual or vulgarly, as they say, the ass... They put us all in the same bag. (Glory)
  • Lola: In my sexual intercourse I also desired God. Because he's part of me and I'm part of him. That desire I imagine as the Holy Spirit.
    : And the Madonna?
    : The final intercourse.
  • I'm not a woman and I don't want to be one. I'm not even a man, as specifically others are. We should find a terminology that suits us. Not even transsexual or hermaphrodite. We are little meteors falling to Earth. It's not that I want to be a rare beast or that I want to be an idol. We're flashes, beautiful. That the world exploits. There are those who castrate themselves, those who want to become women, to achieve a rational goal because society wants subdivisions. I think I'm one of the few who has remained who she is and who wants to live for who she is. Because I want to piss with my penis, not with an artificial vagina. (Lola) transgender

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