Sexual slang

set of linguistic terms and phrases used to refer to sexual organs, processes and activities
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Sexual slang is a set of linguistic terms and phrases used to refer to sexual organs, processes, and activities; they are generally considered colloquial rather than formal or medical, and some may be seen as impolite or improper.






  • Heinz Hummer: I am Heinz Hummer. I'm the gigolo with the most below. Okay? I can give you a Filthy Lopez like you never had before. I could give you a Cambodian Creamsicle... that will make you scream all night. Okay? But not now because I'm busy. So leave me alone, bitch.


  • And while you're visiting you're going to have to be able to hang with the guys and roll with the punches. The donkey punches, that is. And the dirty Sanchez. And just about every other dirty phrase and nickname ever invented.
  • Put succinctly, the question is this: How does a generation with absolute knowledge of felching, donkey punching, and the dirty sanchez maintain healthy sex lives?
  • The donkey punch is one of the most unique euphemisms of our time. It falls into the class of theoretical euphemisms that are infrequent, impractical, and violent. The almost purely theoretical nature of the donkey punch makes it one of the most informative euphemisms about contemporary American society.
  • Obviously dudes are way better at talking about sex—from Shakespeare, creator of the word “undress,” to the first dude who said “donkey punch.”
  • It’s never too early for a father to teach his son about sex. So as soon as your boy can talk, make certain he knows how to say, and appropriately use, the phrases "doggy-style," "donkey punch," and "popping her cherry."
    • Clay Travis, Deadly Hippos (2008). Man: The Book. Citadel. p. 138. ISBN 0806528710. 
  • Though tempting, never combine the Donkey Punch with the Eiffel Tower.
    • Dirty Sanchez (2009). Dirty Sanchez's Guide to Buck Nasty Sex: Cincinnati Bow Tie, Donkey Punch, Rusty Trombone, Hot Carl, Rodeo, Strawberry Shortcake. Amorata Press. p. 40. ISBN 1569757941. 


  • I wish there was a set doctrine per bar, nametags on every gal that said her availability: / Hot to trot / Smart and skanky / Proficient in the donkey punch

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