Cops & Robbersons

1994 film by Michael Ritchie

Cops & Robbersons is a 1994 family-comedy film in which a counterfeiter with a habit of "eliminating" the competition moves in next door to the Robbersons. Two cops move in with the Robbersons for a stakeout.

Directed by Michael Ritchie. Written by Bernie Somers.

Jake StoneEdit

  • Don't ever throw a cat on me again.


Norman: Do you know what smoking does to you? It stunts your growth, it yellows your teeth and blackens your lungs. Is that what you want? To be a yellow-toothed midget with lung cancer?
Kevin: I'm keeping my options open.

Jake: You arrested a waiter?
Norman: Jake, he was rude.
Jake: Norman, you can't arrest people for being rude. If you could, all of New York City would be on Death Row.


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