Contagion (film)

2011 film directed by Steven Soderbergh

Contagion is a 2011 film about healthcare professionals, government officials and everyday people who find themselves in the midst of a worldwide epidemic as the CDC works to find a cure.

Directed by Steven Soderbergh. Written by Scott Z. Burns.
Nothing spreads like fear.  taglines

Dr. Ellis Cheever

  • Someone doesn't have to weaponize the bird flu. The birds are doing that.
  • We're working very hard to find out where this virus came from. To treat it and to vaccinate against it if we can. We don't know all of that yet, we just don't know. What we do know, is that in order to become sick you have to first come in contact with a sick person or something that they touched. In order to get scared, all you have to do is to come in contact with a rumor, or the television or the internet. I think what Mr. Krumwiede is uh... is spreading, is far more dangerous than the disease.
  • You know where this comes from, shaking hands? It was a way of showing a stranger you weren't carrying a weapon in the old days. You offered your empty right hand to show that you meant no harm.

Dr. Erin Mears

  • The average person touches their face 2- or 3000 times a day. Three to five times every waking minute. In between, we're touching doorknobs water fountains, elevator buttons and each other. Those things become fomites.
  • How fast it multiplies depends on a variety of factors. The incubation period, how long a person is contagious. Sometimes people can be contagious without even having symptoms.

Dr. Ally Hextall

  • Somewhere in the world, the wrong pig met up with the wrong bat.

Alan Krumwiede

  • It's a bad day to be a rhesus monkey.
  • [about the virus] Godzilla, King Kong, Frankenstein all in one.


  • Dr. Ian Sussman: [Disparagingly to Alan] Blogging is not writing. It's just graffiti with punctuation.
  • Jory Emhoff: [Rhetorically] Why can't they invent a shot that keeps time from passing?


Minnesota Medical Examiner: [performing an autopsy on one of the early victims] Well, the sulci are obliterated. Let's look at the base. [pause] Oh, my God.
Assistant Medical Examiner: Do you want me to take a sample...
Minnesota Medical Examiner: I want you to move away from the table.
Assistant Medical Examiner: Should I call someone...
Minnesota Medical Examiner: Call everyone.

Dr. Ellis Cheever: How are you?
Dr. Erin Mears: It's good, we just finished setting up the...
Dr. Ellis Cheever: I didn't ask what you're doing, Erin, I asked how you are. So... how are you?

Dave: My wife makes me take off my clothes in the garage. Then she leaves out a bucket of warm water and some soap. And then she douses everything in hand sanitizer after I leave. I mean, she's overreacting, right?
Dr. Erin Mears: Not really. And stop touching your face, Dave.

Dr. Ellis Cheever: When was the last time you ate something that didn't come from a vending machine?
Dr. Erin Mears: [Hesitantly] Taco Bell.

First Haz-Mat: [Putting a body in a mass grave] When did we run out of body bags?
Second Haz-Mat: Two days ago.


  • Nothing spreads like fear.
  • Don't talk to anyone. Don't touch anyone.
  • No one is immune to fear.



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