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Codefellas is a Wired web series starring John Hodgman and Emily Heller.


"When Topple met Winters"Edit

Episode 1
Henry Topple: Also we faked the Apollo moon landing. But don't tell Kubrick! He still thinks we filmed on the Moon.

"Meet Big Data"Edit

Episode 2
Nicole Winters: Computers are more powerful than Boggle...

Topple: These e-mails you analyzed. How do you have time to read all these e-mails? There's millions of them! Are you a witch?
Winters: The computer does it.
Topple: Oh, right. Of course! Line 10: read e-mail. Line 20: go to 10. End of line. I get it.

"The AntiSocial Network"Edit

Episode 4
Topple: I doff my fedora to this Facebook! It's the smartest way to keep people dumb since we started fluoridating the water.

"25 Reasons the NSA Should Hire Buzzfeed Staffers"Edit

Episode 7
Topple: Lists! It's the only way young people read these days! Or so I've read in a 'charticle'."

"How to Kill Your Boss"Edit

Episode 8
Topple: Have you heard of this? This I looked at it yesterday. They should call it

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